Dover Downs Sportsbook Review

Dover Downs has always been ahead of the curve with its great facilities and we will tell you why in our Dover Downs sportsbook review. Delaware has had legal sports betting for a long time, but there was no single-game wagering until recently. Thanks to changes in the legal sports betting industry, the Dover Downs sportsbook was able to launch and has become the busiest sportsbook in the state.

Dover Downs started taking bets in the middle of 2018. Dover Downs is the biggest facility that has a sportsbook available. It is so big that the Governor made an appearance at the venue when full-scale wagering was launched in the State of Delaware. With great food and a comfortable atmosphere, Dover Downs sportsbook is the place to be if you want to get into sports betting. As you read on, you will learn a little about the history of sports betting here and learn about how you can partake in sports betting at Dover Downs.

When Did Dover Downs Sportsbook Launch?

The William Hill Sportsbook at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino took its first bets on June 5th, 2018. In fact, it was the Governor who placed the first bet at the newly opened Dover Downs sportsbook. This was an exciting moment for everybody because Delaware was one of the few states that did have legal sports betting while the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in place. Although there have been sportsbooks for years, bookmakers were limited to accepting NFL parlay cards. But because Delaware had pre-existing laws that made sports betting legal, the state was able to offer single-game wagering just a month after PASPA was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Where Is The Dover Downs Sportsbook Located?

The Sportsbook in Dover Downs is easy to find. The sportsbook is located right next to Frankie’s Italian restaurant and is near the Colonnade. There is a bar located near the sportsbook, so you can enjoy a drink while looking at the oddsboards and watching the big game on TV. Here are the hours that the sportsbook is open at Dover Downs:

Monday: 11 a.m. – midnight

Tuesday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Thursday: 11 a.m. – midnight

Friday: 11 a.m. – midnight

Saturday: 10 a.m. – midnight

Sunday: 9 a.m. – midnight

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Dover Downs Sportsbook?

Even though the legal betting age is 18 to enjoy betting on horse races, you have to be 21 to take part in sports gambling. Being that the Dover Downs Race & Sportsbook offers both, you must be at least 21 years old to enter. Of course, patrons that just want to watch live racing or bet the ponies can do so in designated areas off the casino floor.

Does Dover Downs Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

You can enjoy single ticket sports betting at the Dover Downs sportsbook just like you can in Vegas. You can make straight bets, futures, teasers, prop bets, and round robin bets at Dover Downs. Bettors can enjoy betting on professional games or college games. Bet on international and US soccer, auto racing, football, baseball, golf, and basketball at the Dover Downs sportsbook. With the Capital Club rewards program, sports bettors that place a wager of $100 or more can get a $25 free play for the casino.

Mobile Wagering At Dover Downs Sportsbook

Mobile betting is indeed legal in the state of Delaware, but there is something that bettors should know. Even though it is legal, there are no state-licensed mobile betting available for you to use. That doesn’t mean you are completely out of options though. If you want to enjoy mobile betting, all you have to do is go to an online offshore sportsbook on your mobile device and you can place your sports bets that way. Just be aware that you cannot cash out at the facility because offshore sportsbooks are unrelated to it.

Live Betting At Dover Downs Sportsbook

Dover Downs sportsbook is proud to offer some of the best live betting experience you can have. Live betting allow you to place bets on ongoing games. So if you see as the game is moving forward and you think you know who is going to score next, you can go ahead and place a wager on it. Live bets are a fun way you can enjoy games in progress and potentially win more cash than you would have normally.

Are There Promotions For The Dover Downs Hotel And Casino?

The Dover Downs Hotel and Casino has a lot of promotions that are rotating on a monthly basis with a few that are always available. If you like to make bets during Tuesdays and Thursdays, then you can have fun with the Weekday Power Play. Five winners each half hour after 4:30pm and you will win $100 in free slot play and you will also get a free gift. If it’s your birth month and you are turning 30, 40, or 50, you will automatically receive $20 in free slot play plus a $25 complimentary food to the outlet of your choice. There are also plenty of monthly slot promotions as well so make sure you check out what the casino has to offer.

How Can I Sign Up For The Capital Club Card?

To be able to sign up for your Capital Club Card, you need to head to the Capital Club on the casino floor to sign up. You need to have a valid ID ready and you can be part of their mailing list so you can get special rewards and promotions. There are three tiers available and depending on which tier you are, you can get different rewards. You can get discounts at local merchants or you can simply exchange your points for cash. With over 2,300+ ways to build points with your Capital Club Card, you will be able to build up those points in no time.

Are There Parlay Bets At the Dover Downs Hotel And Casino Sportsbook?

You can definitely make parlay bets while you are at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino Sportsbook. Having the option to parlay your wagers is great. If you made bets on teams winning, then that means you must confident in some compacity that they are going to win. Instead of betting on them separately and winning a lower amount of money, you can parlay your bets and receive more winnings than you would have otherwise. Of course, if any of your wagers lose, then you lose the entire parlay. You can parlay up to eight teams while you are at this sportsbook.

Name: Dover Downs Sportsbook

Date Opened: 5-5-2018

Location: 1131 North Dupont Highway; Dover, Delaware

Phone: 302-674-4600

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Yes

Hours: 9AM – 11PM

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes

Horse Betting: Yes

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Dover Downs Sportsbook
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