Thursday, March 31, 2011

Washington DC Has a Special Welcome for LeBron James

On Monday night the LeBron James and the Miami Heat traveled to Cleveland Ohio to take on the Cavaliers. Typically James has elaborate entrances, and never misses a chance to put his name in the spotlight. However, on Monday night LeBron was unable to control his bodily functions and was forced to miss the announcement of the starting lineups.

Of course we all know the reason that LeBron chose to skip the starting lineups on Monday night. He wanted nothing to do with the hostile Cleveland fans who he abandoned nine months ago.

On Tuesday night the LeBron James and the Heat were back in action, this time in Washington DC. While a few years past this would be considered a rivalry game, things have since cooled. However, there is plenty of anti-LeBron sentiment in Washington DC. One broadcaster decided to take it upon himself to make sure that LeBron felt welcomed when he arrived in the District.

You may be able to skip introductions, but you can't avoid the wrath of the fans forever LeBron.


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