Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Daily Erin Andrews: Doug Flutie's Daughter is a Patriots Cheerleader

Doug Flutie is one of the most storied quarterbacks in football history. From his game winning Hail Mary toss while attending Boston College, to his exploits as a CFL quarterback, to his rise as a star in the NFL, and even his drop goal to end his career, Doug Flutie has done just about everything there is to do on a football field. Although the days of Doug Flutie running around a football field may be gone, the Flutie football legacy will live on. Flutie's 23 year old daughter Alexa Flutie was chosen as part of a 31 member squad for the 2011 New England Patriots cheerleaders. Before being an NFL cheerleader, Alexa Flutie was Miss. Massachusetts. Doug Flutie will join MLB manager Tony LaRusa who's daughter recently joined the Oakland Raiders cheerleader squad.

It appears that the Flutie legacy will continue in New England thanks to Alexa Flutie.


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