Tuesday, September 06, 2011

College Football Wrap Up: Who Wore it Worse?

The 2011 college football season opened up on Thursday night, and football fans around the country rejoiced as the season got underway.  Sure there were some great upsets, and exciting games this weekend (thank you Baylor). But the one topic that stole the show across the country was the uniform choices that some teams went with.  Thanks to Nike's affiliation with Oregon, we have gotten used to seeing the Ducks in some wacky uniforms.  Last season we saw the Nike-Pro Tech jerseys that teams like Virginia Tech, Boise State, and a few others wore.  This year we saw a few other teams, get into the mix, and man was it ugly.

White on white is never a good look

State pride is one thing, but those helmets are just bad

The jersey is not too bad from this angle

Those helmets look like they came out of a video game


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