Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox minor league catcher shared ‘technology central’ dorm room, college baseball field

New Boston Red Sox Genius Chris Sale played in Florida Gulf Coast University with Boston Little league catcher Tim Roberson.

Sale and Roberson played with golf, made jokes at one another’s cost and mastered video games, namely MLB The Display and Call of Duty.

“Our dorm room, we’d technology fundamental: a giant TV in living area with each video and circuit game console,” Roberson said.

“We played with our fair share of video games, that is for certain out in the living space,” Roberson added. “Then going through faculty, we essentially studied the exact same thing. We had the very same courses together. And exercise daily.”

Adding the 27-year-old Sale, that has made the All-Star group and finished in the top six at the AL Cy Young voting all the previous five seasons, instantly made Boston the first favorite to win the American League Pennant. Bovada published new World Series odds Dec. 7 and had Boston together with the greatest odds (11-to-2) from the AL.

Roberson, meanwhile, was at the Red Sox system since June 16, 2011 but he is relatively unknown among Boston fans.

Nevertheless, the 27-year-old Roberson understands Sale better than anybody else in the business.

Not only did they discuss a school dorm room and equally important in criminal justice, but Roberson also captured the newest Red Sox ace through the lefty’s early junior season when he made the 2010 Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Year. (Roberson played third base his initial couple of decades of school.)

“It was seriously like guys among girls,” Roberson said. “Men just had no chance in the plate.”

Roberson is anticipating a reunion with Sale throughout spring training. Sale became the first Florida Gulf Coast pupil athlete to have his number retired.

“To watch him about, it is likely to be a fantastic time,” Roberson said.

Red Sox utility infielder Josh Rutledge also played Sale in amateur ball. Both were teammates throughout 2009 here in Massachusetts at the prestigious Cape Cod League. They performed the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox.

“Back then he had of an overpowering fastball with a great deal of movement along with a excellent changeup,” Rutledge said. “He had not really even acquired his slider — and he was mowing them down.”

The 2 ballplayers never fulfilled until playing the exact same group in a two-game Florida High School All-Star event after senior year. They must know each other far better within the next 3 decades.

“Freshman year, it was somewhat rough for the two people adapting to school,” Roberson said. “There were a few moments in the autumn simply fixing, coming from high school to there. We sort of connected to each other a little bit”

Sale stays a faithful friend to many in Florida Gulf Coast. He hangs using a group of teammates and Sam Dickerson, who subsequently served as the baseball program’s student supervisor.

Sale also still functions out on campus throughout the offseason. He stays close with his school head coach, Dave Tollett.

“He loved to have fun and earn whatever he did pleasure,” Roberson said about Sale. “As it came to the day that he pitched, he had been locked in. But before the match, he’d joke around and have fun”

Teammates poked fun at Sale because of his lanky frame. Sale does not seem like he’s got a inch of body fat.

“We always utilized to joke that he can hide behind sticks,” Roberson said.

“He eats whatever he desires,” Roberson said. “He has always been that dimension. I really don’t think he has ever attained weight. He simply eats. He has attempted to (gain weight). It simply does not work like that. His metabolism is so rapid he burns off it. He ate like a regular man.”

Sale and Roberson frequently played golf together.

“This was something he loved to do was move to swing a golf club” Roberson said. He tried to say he can strike in school, which we laughed about.

Two specialists that will swing: David Price, Boston Red Sox lefty, also enjoys to take batting practice and struck games.

Seemingly, Sale’s short game in golf clubs is rather good, also.

“We’d go to supper. We’d go miniature golf and do things like this. … He had been great. I have never played regular golf with him I could see him being great at that, too.”

“Frankly, he was only dealing that entire summer,” Rutledge said.

“He is one of the guys that everyone wanted to own him in their company,” Rutledge added. “So we had a couple more men (scouts) out there at the least. Therefore it was trendy. It had been great for him. But in precisely the exact same time it had been great for everyone that played him for the opposing group, also, since they had been becoming looked at if folks were not there to view them”

Some people have contested Sale’s character since he cut on his group’s throwback jerseys last July. He did not wish to wear one since it was not distress to pitch . He had voiced his displeasure regarding the pajamas to the group before acting on it.

However, all attributes stories on Sale from Boston media outlets have shared a frequent theme from interviews by the individuals who know him well: great teammate, dominant thing, competition.

“He was humorous. He had been very, quite overpowering in that league,” Rutledge said. “It was certainly interesting to play with him back and to find out what he has developed into it has been pretty unbelievable.

“He has maintained his fastball and changeup working great good but he has developed a overpowering slider,” Rutledge. “Only from playing him afterward and then speaking with him within the days we have played in baseball, he is the exact same man. He has not changed any. It’ll be exciting. He is among these game-changing pitchers.”

Roberson added,”Chris is only a competitor and great human being.”

Roberson referred to grabbing Sale’s dominant junior season because of”pleasure”

“That year, it was just like he was unhittable. I believe he got hit maybe 1 match against Lipscomb (University). But every other beginning the entire calendar year, we knew going into the match we were going to win.

He headed the Atlantic-Sun Seminar in wins, ERA and strikeouts.

He punched out 10 or more batters nine days and he recorded two saves.

“There were a few times he struck out 15 in conference matches,” Roberson said. “It was rather unique. . . .Us in school, we understood Friday nights which we were going to win if it was against individuals in the nation.”

Sale struck out 10 and allowed only two runs in 8 innings in Clemson on May 1, then it was time to be a daddy, Roberson said.

“We beat Clemson Friday night and then had to depart early in the show and then reunite to West Palm to fulfill his spouse,” Roberson said. “And they had their boy throughout this season.

“On top of handling the pressure of doing well on the area — he needed to manage a lot of additional things you need to cooperate together: Your spouse. He balanced both and was able to perform exactly what he did. You know, the child’s special, for certain.”

Sale told The Chicago Tribune at 2011 about pitching and fatherhood,”I’d no option but to perform well. Two other individuals were based on me. … Sometimes people speak about things and girlfriends such as this as distractions and say’Do not bring what is happening off the area to the area.’ For me personally, it was great to deliver it to the area.”

Sale includes a 3.00 ERA and 1.07 WHIP at 228 key league outings, such as 148 begins. He’s dropped 10.1 strikeouts per nine innings in comparison to 2.1 walks.

Nothing strikes him concerning the tall southpaw that the White Sox took 13th complete in 2010.

“I understood what was about to prove to be,” Roberson said. “After he got shot that large (from the draft) — that everyone knew he was planning to go that large — but after that part went , you understood he was likely to create it finally and do exactly what he is doing today.”

“Finally” proven to be only 60 days.

“He loved to get a great time. When those lights obtained flicked on, it had been his time to move. He had been dialed in by the very first pitch to the final.”

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