Freddie Mitchell Accepts Pot Shipment from Fed Ex

Yes, you read that correctly.

In all honesty, you can’t make a number of the up stuff –it’s simply too damn funny.

Mitchell, that was able to pass by the name Fred-Ex, was arrested after registering to get a fedex package that came in his BBQ restaurant Thursday. Police say that the package was initially sent to Mitchell’s grandma’s house. She subsequently told that the shipping man the package needs to be on her grandson.

Mitchell contacted fed-ex and had them package to his restaurant, even”believing it needs to be provides ” Upon receiving the bundle Mitchell said he presumed the seven lb package was he had arranged.

Officials said a tuned dog sniffed the narcotics from the package and that’s the way the police were tipped away.

It ought to be understood that Mitchell isn’t under arrest right now, and even though he had been handcuffed by authorities, Freddie Mitchell wasn’t detained. Currently, he’s under evaluation.

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