William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Bettendorf Review

Sports betting in Iowa became official in 2019 and with it came the opening of many sportsbooks, including the William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Bettendorf. This review is designed to cover every aspect of the casino’s sportsbook operation, from the legality behind bringing sports betting to the state to mobile as well as live betting, and player promotions and bonuses. When Iowa was granted the ability to open sportsbooks, the casinos only had to pay a $45,000 licensing fee and send 6.75% of all revenue to the state in the form of a tax contribution.

The Isle Casino Bettendorf, which is owned and operated by Eldorado Resorts, completed these steps and partnered with William Hill to launch their sportsbook. This review of the William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Bettendorf will be all you need to understand the ins and outs of the industry as well as betting at this specific property. Be sure to read about the wagering types, as some restrictions do apply in the state, but overall, betting at Isle Casino is readily available and allows players to engage in one of the best gambling hobbies around: sports betting.

When Did The Isle Casino Bettendorf Sportsbook Launch?

Iowa became the 11th state to launch sports betting operations, as Governor Kim Reynolds signed IA SF 617 into law on May 13, 2019. This law allowed every casino within the state to apply for a sports betting license and lobby to restructure their venue to add in a sports betting area. The first bet at Isle Casino Bettendorf was made by Robert Gallagher, the mayor of Bettendorf, which was followed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening. On August 15, 2019, Gallagher placed the first wager and operations have been open ever since.

Where Is The William Hill Sportsbook at the Isle Casino Located?

The Isle gained approval from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to remodel their gaming floor. Where a handful of electronic games and slots used to be was remodeled into the sportsbook area. Here, you will find a dozen 55-inch TVs displaying the most up-to-date odds as well as eight 65-inch screens showing the games that those in the book are wagering on. Once you enter the casino from the main entrance, walk all the way back towards the Lone Wolf Bar. On the right, you will see the signs for William Hill Sportsbook. The hours of operation change depending on the event taking place within the book, but expect them to open at 10 am (8 am on weekends) and close around midnight or later.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Sportsbook Inside Isle Casino Bettendorf?

Betting at any Iowa casino or sportsbook requires players to be at least 21 years or older. When entering the venue, security will check your ID and there is no way around this requirement. If you attempt to use a fake ID, you will be met with a terrible afternoon, so we highly recommend to just wait if you are underage. Isle Casino Bettendorf takes underage gambling very seriously and will make no exceptions.

Does The William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Bettendorf Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

There are only a few restrictions when it comes to betting on sports at Isle Casino Bettendorf. The complete list of rules for the venue follow the guidelines set forth by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. At Isle Casino Bettendorf, bettors are able to engage in single-game, full-service betting action. This means gamblers can bet on one match, create a parlay, engage in futures action, and even undergo live betting. The only restrictions come in the form of collegiate betting. While betting on college teams is allowed, no action will be offered on in-game player prop bets for collegiate athletes from the local universities as well as their opponent at the time. These types of wagers will be made available for professional athletes though and other college players.

Mobile Wagering At The Isle Casino Bettendorf Sportsbook

Iowa approved mobile betting when they passed the measure to legalize sports betting in 2019. However, as a way to get bettors to visit the casinos, players must sign up and make their first deposit at the Isle Casino Bettendorf until the beginning of 2021. Once signed up, you will be able to log into your account from anywhere in the world to review the betting lines and check your account information; however, to place a wager, you must be physically located within the state. Your phone will be geolocated by the William Hill sports betting app to ensure you are where you say you are, so there is no way around this.

Live Betting On Sports At The Isle Casino Bettendorf Sportsbook

Live betting is permitted at all William Hill properties and the one at Isle Casino Bettendorf is no different. Again, you will not be able to place wagers on Iowa player prop bets, but a multitude of other options will exist. At Isle Casino Bettendorf, betting at the sportsbook will consist of live betting as well as in-play betting. While they are one in the same, live betting allows for action to be placed during commercial breaks and timeouts while in-play betting has betting odds constantly running. Thanks to mobile betting, live betting is made much easier, as you can wager from your phone and not have to wait in line, missing out on the exact live-action betting odds you were hoping for.

William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino FAQs

What Promotions Are Available For Isle Bettendorf Players?

Many promotions are available for gamblers at Isle Casino but none of them are geared towards the sportsbook, for now. Most of the promotions and bonuses are designed toward the slot machines, table games, but that shouldn’t stop you from participating in them. Each month the promotions are bound to change, but they always offer a jackpot that can be won by one person or shared within a group of winners. Regardless of the promotion that catches your eye, be sure to register for the One Club.

How Does The One Club Member Reward Program Work At Isle Bettendorf?

Registering for The One Club is extremely easy, as all you need is to visit the cashier cage and sign up for the free program. While the benefits have not extended to the sportsbook, you can receive exclusive offers such as free cruises, reduced food and merchandise prices, slot rebates, and other gaming enhancements. Even better, The One Club works at over two dozen other Eldorado properties in a handful of states.

How Does The William Hill Iowa Sportsbook Rewards Club Work?

Many sportsbooks do not offer a rewards program associated with the sportsbook, but Isle Casino Bettendorf isn’t most sportsbooks. Through William Hill, bettors can accrue points on any type of wager from a straight bet (1 point) and teasers (2 points) to parlay cards (5 points). Once you reach 1000 points, you receive $1 in free bets. The points only expire if you fail to make a wager within a 12-month timespan and signing up for the William Hill Sports Rewards Club  only requires a few bits of information.

What Is The Maximum Payout On Parlay Cards At Isle Bettendorf Sportsbook?

The sportsbook is operated by William Hill, which means any parlay that you submit will be limited just as ever William Hill property. In the list of rules link above, you will see that parlays are capped at +72000 for off the board parlays (rounded down to the nickel). Like most other sportsbooks, if one of the legs ends in a tie, that selection will be removed from the parlay and will not be considered a loss. Instead, the payout will reduce, as the parlay will have one less selection.

Name: William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Bettendorf

Date Opened: 08-15-2019

Location: 1777 Isle Pkwy, Bettendorf, IA 52722

Phone: (800) 843-4753

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Yes

Hours: Vary

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes