William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo Review

If you’re looking for an in-depth William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo review, you’ve come to the right place. As an Eldorado property, Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo comes backed by one of the strongest gambling companies in the industry. One step into the facility and you can see the prestige of Isle’s parent company throughout the building. That is why it only makes sense that they partnered with one of the most well-recognized names in the sports betting world, William Hill. The sportsbook at Isle Casino Waterloo comes fully loaded with all of the features you’d expect to see at a William Hill sportsbook in Las Vegas.

Although, there is no longer a need to travel across the country in order to bet on the Iowa Hawkeyes or the Iowa State Cyclones. Instead, Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo can provide that luxury. The sportsbook is also located only an hour away from Cedar Rapids, making it a perfect destination to spend a Sunday watching and betting on NFL games. If you can’t travel there, you are still able to use your phone to place wagers. We’ll discuss how that feature works as well as many other features throughout our William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo review.

When Did William Hills Sportsbook At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo Launch?

The William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo launched on August 15, 2019. The timing of the launch came very quick compared to many other states that have legalized gambling on sports. It was on May 13, 2019, that governor Kim Reynolds signed the sports betting bill IA SF 617 into law, and in only three short months, the Lottery commission was able to set regulations and approve operators in time for football season. The launch not only came for their retail sports wagering operations, but the William Hill sportsbook also launched a state-wide mobile app the same day as well.

Where Is The William Hill Sportsbook In Isle Casino Waterloo Located?

The William Hill Sportsbook is located on the Isle Casino Waterloo gaming floor. The area will cover what was once an extension of slot machines and electronic games. Now instead, visitors will find eight odds boards that measure 65 inches each. They will also find 15 55-inch viewing screens that add up to be a total of over 46 feet of viewing monitors to catch all the latest sports action. Seating will include both standard tables and high-top tables so you can count on an optimal viewing experience no matter where you find yourself. Bettors are able to place their wagers with a sportsbook writer and they also have the ability to do it themselves with a sports betting kiosk. Hours of the sportsbook vary depending on the day of the week and the sports schedule slated for that day.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Isle Casino William Hill Sportsbook?

The legal age to bet at the Isle Casino William Hill sportsbook is 21 years old or older. This is not a rule made up by the casino, rather this was part of the sports betting bill that was signed into law. Isle Casino strictly enforces this policy as stated in their house rules. Those that are under the required age are not even allowed to loiter around the sportsbook area. The 21-year-old age limit is standard for many states that legalize sports betting and it is also the required age to sign up and use the William Hill mobile app in Iowa.

Does William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Waterloo Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Yes, the William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Waterloo does in fact offer full-service sports betting. All of the famous wagering lines that were once reserved for casinos in Nevada is available at this casino. That means you can bet on the moneyline, bet on the spread, or even bet on the over/under for the next big sports matchup. You’ll even have access to other wagering types such as future bets, parlays, and even prop bets. However, you cannot make in-game prop bets on Iowa college athletes as per state law. Prop bets on professional and out-of-state athletes is still fair game. The sports available to place a bet on include NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, college football, college basketball, horse racing, MMA, boxing, and more.

Mobile Wagering At The Isle Casino Waterloo William Hill Sportsbook

One of the best features of mobile wagering at the Isle Casino Waterloo William Hill Sportsbook is that you are actually not tied down to the facility in order to use the app. As per state law, until January 1, 2021, you have to register to use the app in person at the casino. However, once you do register, you can use the app anywhere in the state of Iowa. All of the best lines for almost any sport you could want to bet on can be conveniently located right on your smartphone or tablet. It is also convenient to have even if you’re inside the Isle Casino William Sportsbook. You don’t have to get out of your seat in order to place a live bet, keeping you locked into the game and on top of any updated betting odds.

Live Betting At The William Hill Sportsbook In The Waterloo Isle Casino

There are few things as exciting as live betting at the William Hill Sportsbook in the Waterloo Isle Casino. While most sportsbook odds close once a game begins, the William Hill InPlay wagering menu allows you to put money down on the match as it unfolds in real-time. This opens up the door for dozens of opportunities to cash in on the game you’re interested in most. It also allows you to get the feel of a game before putting any money down. The one restriction you will have to remain aware of is that you will not be able to place in-game prop bets on any Iowa college athlete or any athlete playing against an Iowa school. That includes Iowa Hawkeye players and Iowa State Cyclone players. But, you will be able to place prop bets on any professional player and any out-of-state athlete not competing against an Iowa program.

William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo FAQs

What Type of Promotions Does The Waterloo Isle Casino Sportsbook Have?

The William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo does not have any sports betting promotions specifically, however, the casino itself has many promotions that can make your visit to the sportsbook all the more worth it. For example, visitors who come in on Sundays in August can play the casino’s Gameday Kiosk Game. Winners will be eligible for prizes such as gear from your favorite team, free-plays, TVs, plus food and drink discounts. One winner specifically will have their chance to score tickets to see whichever their favorite sports team is. These promotions are constantly updated so be sure to visit Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo online and search through their offers tab before visiting.

Is There A Players Card Offered At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo?

Yes, and that player’s card is known as the One Club. Rewards that come with being a member include free plays, hotel accommodations, dining, live entertainment, and other personalized offers. You get to keep your player’s card status for one full year after you attain it. The best part about becoming a member is that you can earn points by playing your favorite games at any Eldorado property. This includes the Isle Casino Hotel in Bettendorf, IA.

What Is The William Hill Iowa Sportsbook Rewards Club?

The William Hill Rewards Club in Iowa allows you to gain points for making sports bets in any of the Iowa Casinos that William Hill is affiliated with. It’s ideal for anyone who plans on going to Isle Casino Waterloo to regularly bet on sports. A straight bet is worth 1 point, a parlay/teaser bet is worth 2 points, and a parlay card is worth 5 points. Your points can be redeemed for real money sports bets and members will be eligible for special offers throughout the year. Signing up is free so there is really no reason not to join.

How Does Parlay Betting Work At The William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo?

Parlay betting at the William Hill Sportsbook at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo works just like many sports betting facilities across the country. The wager type itself involves combining multiple bets into one singular bet. If all your picks pan out the way you predicted then you earn a bigger payout. Alternatively, only one of your picks has to fail in order for you to lose the entire bet. At this specific William Hill Sportsbook, the off-the-board maximum money line parlay payoff limit is 720-1. Final calculation of any parlay bets are rounded down to the nickel and any bets involving moneyline wagers are determined using standard moneyline calculations.

Name: William Hill Sportsbook At Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo

Date Opened: 08-15-2019

Location: 777 Isle of Capri Blvd, Waterloo, IA 50701

Phone: (800) 843-4753

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Yes

Hours: Vary

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes