Is Greg Oden the Next Ralph Sampson?

Tuesday night, Oden chose the court for its very first time in his NBA career, and now you also must consider that the fans were so frustrated.

Allowed his stats weren’t striking: 0-for-4 from the area, two rebounds, a blocked shot, plus yet another turnover. Nevertheless, what Path Blazer fans need to get frustrated about is that Greg Oden injured himself throughout the summer season opener. That is correct, Oden got hurt . As of the moment, it’s unclear about how intense the injury into Oden’s feet is.

But in the event that you’re the Portland Trail Blazers, then you’ve got to get worried with the total health and wellbeing of the one-time No. 1 choice. Oden just played with one year of college basketball in Ohio State. Even up on returning into the courtroom, he had been limited in what he can perform. Oden missed his unique rookie season from the NBA after experiencing micro-fracture operation to repair a wounded knee. And he has yet another accident.

Even if it’s a small accident, it needs to function as proof Greg Oden can be really a fragile player and also his NBA career might possibly be cut short because of rash of injuries. When I had been part of this Trailblazers direction, I’d fret they just hailed another Ralph Sampson.

Ralph Sampson has been a 3 time National Player of the season at the University of Virginia and it’s widely considered among the greatest college basketball players . He had been found by the Houston Rockets and across with Hakeem the Dream, they united to develop a gigantic front-court together with just two footers. But too little magnitude and also a rash of foot harms will end Sampson’s livelihood before he made an effect on the group.

At the moment, Greg Oden generally seems to be on precisely the exact same course so many different enormous males turn disappointments. Iam not writing off him just yet, but I will be warning, but avoid being amazed it happens.

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