Kansas City Chiefs Hire Todd Haley As Head Coach

FOXSports.com has heard that the Chiefs given the career to Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley plus he’s accepted. They have been presently hoping to sort through provisions of a contract agreement.

Haley’s title has shrunk round the training carousel as the Arizona Cardinals made their major splash from the postseason this season.

Todd Haley is likely to soon be a wonderful inclusion to the Chiefs company. Haley might well be known for his fiery burst in the sidelines with disgruntled wide-out Anquan Boldin. There’s not any doubt the Todd Haley can be a very fierce competition and he’ll light a flame under what’s been an under achieving Kansas City Chiefs team.

But my sole concern with hiring Haley is which he can be too much of a competition for considered a head coach. It’s fine to function as on mind trainer whenever you might be a planner, but once you feel the top trainer it’s the work to develop into manager. Todd Haley will Need to tone down his temper Only a bit, particularly considering some of the characters on the Chiefs

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