MNF: Can Bosa And The 49ers End Russell Wilson’s MVP Season?

Russell Wilson could be the front runner to get the MVP with odds including +150 into +225.
Sanfrancisco — At the first of those 2 matches that the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers will perform each other, the Start of the struggle to the NFC West starts on Monday.

Both teams have just played two matches against divisional competitions to date (both 2-0) nevertheless end the growing season playing each other in Seattle. It’s not an idea that the branch can be lost or won on Monday Night Football, but it might undoubtedly put 1 team ahead of the positions.

The Niners will soon be in the home these times and also their defensive abilities are the potency of these team throughout the year.

It takes the following MVP operation from the MVP front runner from Russell Wilson to provide the 49ers the very first lack in this season.

But, Wilson gets got the accolades supporting him well to encourage the promise for a Seahawks’ success.

Wilson has faced that the NFL’s 3rd-highest anxiety speed in 2013 and generally seems to sweep off blitzes easily. His scrambling ability can continue to keep the Niners under control, or else they could have that the want to come after him even more of a vengeance.

Betting About Your Seahawks Along With Niners

Wilson could develop into the quarter back with the second-most wins within their eight years with a victory within the Niners on Monday Night Football. But the Niners are preferred by nearly a touch down (6 points) and the people currency is moving toward your hometeam.

Using an over/under of 4-7 points, bettors could look at taking the under from the divisional competition. Not just do the 49ers ordinary the second-most racing yards per game (171.1) however, Wilson has cared for the ball all year.

With the clock running and also a battle of field position up on us, this match up likely wont find anywhere near the total. But with all the fighting drama of the Seahawks defense, we could observe the alternative happen as well, which makes your choice even harder.

Whichever way a bettor is tilted, make sure you file your wagers with tune and time into the 8:15 p.m. EST kick on ESPN. Even people that pass up on the starting line will probably see loads of activity still around by doing legal live sports betting.

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