NFL Coaching News: Mike Leach to the Oakland Raiders?

Now was nothing short of fantastic with regards to NFL news. Matters are specially interesting here from the Washington D.C. area, where the Washington Redskins keep you busy throughout the off season. But this piece of news is different from the opposing aspect of the nation, all of the way in Oakland.
When it could have been a sudden move, it’d make a sense.

Present Raiders’ coach Tom Cable was under fire season, you start with an episode where he might or might not have violated the hands of his supporters throughout training camp. Combine this with a losing record and the revolving door at dusk, and also you have a guy who might possibly be on his way outside.

Back in Mike Leach, you have a guy who’s surrounded with controversy. His problems stem from handling kiddies at Texas Tech.

The Raiders have established from the past they are not scared to dive in the school rankings for a trainer. At Mike Leach, they receive yourself a unique guy, however quite a good football trainer. From this perspective, hiring Leach ought to really be quite a match made in paradise.

Let us only hope this pass joyful faculty trainer sidewalks a lot better than the previous person that made the jump into the NFL. Don’t forget Steve Spurrier’s NFL experimentation? Washington Redskin fans perform.

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