Legal NHL Betting

When the legal scope of sports betting in the United States changed, it left many wondering about their legal NHL betting options. Though only a few states have accepted laws supporting a legal sports betting industry, there are still many outlets and methods for betting on the most intense professional sport. By visiting a local sportsbook or using an offshore betting site, you will find that there is plenty of betting action on NHL game lines all throughout (and even after) the season.

With our help, you will be able to determine what is right for you when it comes to betting with a land-based sportsbook or using an offshore account. We will cover all of the betting styles that are associated with legal NHL betting as well as explain how to sign up with your chosen sportsbook. With even more information headed towards mobile and live betting, you will soon be the person everyone comes asking when they have questions about how to bet on the NHL. No matter the situation, at the end of this guide, we expect you to have figured out a betting strategy that works for you and be confident when looking to play the odds.

Is It Legal To Bet On NHL In All 50 States?

Sports betting is no longer federally illegal, thanks to the repeal of PASPA in May of 2018. With that said, there are only a dozen or so states that have legalized sports betting in their borders and have set regulations as well. It is expected that many more states will make sports betting legal. However, if your state is one of the ones that has made no legislative action, you still have the ability to use offshore betting sites to lay your money down on the NHL season.

With these sites, as long as they are located offshore and are licensed by their home country, you have nothing to worry about. There are no federal laws that make using these operators against the law, so feel free to check out as many as you wish. The most popular choices are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes, as they are legal in the majority of states. Be sure to check to the site’s terms and conditions to see if they refuse gamblers from your state.


The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

There are a variety of differences when it comes to land-based and online sportsbooks. Aside from the fact that one is in person and the other is by your computer or phone, the options they provide will change as well. Land-based sports betting is only available in select states that have approved measures for the industry. Each state is different and will have a different set of standard when trying to bet on the NHL. For example, one state may refuse your ability to select a local team or may not even provide a betting line due to the fact that it has been bombarded on one side by the local bettors.

For overseas online sportsbooks, there is very limited overhead and your wagering options, bonuses, and variety of betting lines on NHL games will drastically increase. Without any state regulations to look out for, these operators can provide you with everything you would want from your local sportsbook. Even better, you don’t have to drive to the book, fiddle with cash, and wait in line to place a bet. Here, you can just log in from your phone or computer and get started with your legal NHL betting no matter where you are. 

Signing Up At Legal NHL Betting Sites

Signing up at legal NHL betting sites is just as easy as signing up for a Spotify or Netflix account. All you have to do is create an account, fund your sportsbook balance, and get started. The offshore sportsbooks will require you to verify your information before they pay you, so we recommend getting those details situated as soon as you sign up. This way, you are not stuck waiting on your money, after you go through the verification process. Also, these sportsbooks are sure to keep your information secure, as they have been doing so for many years.

For sportsbooks that are licensed in-state, you may have to look into your state’s regulations. There are states that allow you to log in and get started from anywhere in the state, but you may be required to sign up at the physical sportsbook in other states. Some even take it a step further, only allowing you to fund your account in the casino or hosting facility. Either way, the convenience of offshore betting sites and the lack of restrictions you will face are much easier to deal with in the long run.

Shopping Lines On The NHL

One of the best conveniences of betting offshore is the ability to shop lines. In short, this is just scanning the online sports betting marketplace for the best available line, giving you the most profit or the least risk. While the lines will generally be similar, even the difference of (+105) and (+120) can seriously add up over time. Imagine if you successfully bet $200 every week on these odds. Would you rather have $10,920 or $12,480 at the end of the year?

Also, if you live in a state with legal sports betting, the offshore betting sites will instantly provide better odds. In a state like New Jersey, for example, many bettors are going to bet on the Devils, making the odds way less favorable at a local book. In the world of the internet, the offshore sportsbook is taking action from all over the world, which will not see the same line change as your local sportsbook.

Funding You Sportsbook Account

In land-based scenarios, each sportsbook and their hosting facility will be different in what methods of payment they accept. In general, cash is always king, as are casino chips that you may have from playing the table games earlier. If you are signing up for one of their online sportsbooks, you may be able to deposit with PayNearMe, PayPal, a credit/debit card, or a bank transfer. Remember that you may be required to visit the facility to fund your account.

For offshore legal NHL betting sites, there are many more options available. Not only may they accept credit cards, wire transfers, Money Orders, and cashier’s checks, they also will likely accept cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most popular way to fund your online sportsbook account, as the majority of legitimate sites will accept the coin; however, those who have Ethereum and Litecoin can also find sportsbooks that will process their transaction.

NHL Betting Bonuses

Whether you are a new member or a returning customer, the offshore NHL betting sites will provide plenty of bonus options to choose from. New members are always granted a welcoming bonus – a sort of thank you for joining their site. We recommend taking advantage of every new bonus, to help you shop lines from the start. Additionally, you may have the option to have every deposit matched at a certain level from the book or even have a free play when you use your mobile device. Be sure to scope out each site’s promotions before you sign up, as some have one time uses and you will want to take full advantage.

Common Betting Styles For NHL

Here, we will discuss the three main types of wagers you can lay down when betting on the NHL. Between the spread, the moneyline, and the over/under, you will find you are talented enough at one of them to do alright with. These are by far the easiest and most straight forward betting options around, as you have probably heard of them when watching sports coverage for a game. There are other options such as parlays, teasers, round robins, if bets, and more, but we don’t want to overwhelm you and will just stick to the basics.

Betting On The Spread In An NHL Game

puck-nhlUsed as a handicap, the spread is a number that reflects how much a team is favored by against their underdog opponent. While some games will have no spread and be a “pick-em”, the majority of NHL games will have a betting line on the spread. The favorite is indicated by a number with a minus (-) sign in front, while the underdog is represented by a plus sign (+).

– New Jersey Devils -1.5 (-110) vs Carolina Hurricanes +1.5 (-110).

In this example, the Devils are the favorite and must win by 2 or more goals for a successful wager to take place. For the Hurricanes, they must win the game or lose by 1 goal to win money for their bettor. In the event of the spread being a whole number and the final result is equal to that number, all money is refunded, as this is considered a “push”. The (-110) is the moneyline, which we will discuss below.

NHL Moneyline Betting

In a moneyline wager, there is no point spread. In fact, you are simply picking who will win the game, straight-up, with no handicap whatsoever. Seems easy, right? It is.

– Dallas Stars (+175) vs Colorado Avalanche (-200)

Here, the Avalanche are favored, as indicated by their (-200) odds. For the favorite, this number is a ratio which equates to how much money must be laid down, in order to win $100. Keep in mind you can wager as little or as much as you’d like, but for every $2 you bet in this scenario, you would profit $1. On the flip side, the Stars at (+175) represent their own ratio: how much money you would win by betting $100. Notice how the underdog allows you to bet less than what you would profit, which makes selecting the right underdog (and staying away from the wrong favorite) so profitable.

Choosing The Over/Under In NHL Betting

Just like picking a winner, with this method, you are simply picking if the actual goal amount will be higher or lower than the projected total. Like spread betting, there can be instances of a whole number resulting in a push, but the majority of over/unders will be halved.

– Washington Capitals vs Las Vegas Knights: o/u 5.5 (-110)

Making the selection is as simple as it can be, where betting the over would need 6 goals or more to be scored for a successful wager. If you took the under, only 5 goals or less could be scored for you to be a winner. If the majority of people are betting a certain way on the o/u, the odds may slightly shift from the general (-110) odds. In some case, you can see (-135) or (even) action if the line is about to adjust, as the books want to balance their betting intake.

Other Legal NHL Betting Options

If you are a true fan of the NHL or you just want to support a team along the way, consider looking taking a “futures” bet. In this style, you have such options such as picking a team to win their division, conference, or even the Stanley Cup. The odds are always changing, as each week’s progress modifies the payouts. From the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs into the preseason, through the regular season, and back into the playoffs, these wagers will be available for you. Just be sure to capitalize when the odds are right.

Another common style, most notably known in the Super Bowl, is prop betting. Whether you decide to do a propositional bet on a team or player, there will be dozens of options each game. Certain betting lines that will be included are how many saves a goalie will have, if a player will score a goal or even how much penalty time will be given. These and more provide excellent entertainment throughout the game, as you are watching your main bet play out along with the game.

Betting On The NHL From Your Phone

All states have certain restrictions when it comes to mobile wagering, mainly geofencing. While each state is different in their regulations, some may allow you to wager anywhere within the state, some may only allow you to wager if you’re on the casino’s property, and some may not permit it at all. With this constant uncertainty and oversight, it is much easier to use an offshore betting site. These sportsbooks all have a mobile betting section, where a mobile-optimized webpage will give you all of the support you need. Fund your account, put that money on the line, and request a payout – all of that can be done on your phone.

Live Betting On The NHL

Live betting gives you so many more options when you are looking to wager on the NHL. Instead of picking a line and waiting for the game to finish, you can take action into your own hands. With live betting, you can hedge your bets, double down, or even participate in a variety of bets that are specific to this moment’s actions: Choose to wager on the next goal scorer and you may find odds at +600 or more, choose to wager on the third period being the highest scoring one, or even choose to wager on the exact winning margin of either team. These are just a few of the hundreds of options you have, so be sure to check the live betting feature on your legal NHL betting site.