Legal Tennis Betting

While tennis has long been considered a “B-list” professional sport in the United States, it is a sleeping giant when it comes to sports betting. Tennis is wildly popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and with such popularity comes a tremendous amount of legal tennis betting. And as sports wagering expands rapidly across the US, interest in tennis – and interest in betting on tennis – is expanding, as well. Fans who never heard of the ATP or the WTA are tuning in in record number, and they’re learning that this 150-year-old sport has been so enduring for a reason – it’s actually really entertaining! Of course, avid bettors already knew that, and they know that it’s profitable, too.

In fact, tennis is the bread and butter for many professional bettors, as there are matches nearly year-round, and the field of competitors is generally more varied than the rosters in other sports. For high-volume bettors, tennis is especially good, and billions of dollars are wagered on the activity in the US alone. If you want to get started betting on tennis, there’s never been a better time to do so. Legal tennis betting is available in several states across the US, with more and more on the way. At sports betting lounges at US casinos and other land-based gambling venues, tennis usually won’t be prominently featured, due mostly to international time zone compatibilities. However, when it comes to US-based tournaments and big international contests, you’ll definitely be able to catch live tennis at your local book. Of course, if you haven’t yet got a local book or live in a state where domestic wagering isn’t yet legal, you can place your wagers on tennis at offshore sports betting sites. Regardless of where you bet on the game, however, if you do so responsibly and via a legal betting outlet, you’re guaranteed to come up aces!

Is It Legal To Wager On Tennis In The US?

Yes! You can legally wager on tennis via land-based sportsbooks or by using offshore sports betting websites. All the states in the US that have legalized sports wagering in the wake of the overturn of the federal PASPA ban support tennis betting. After the NFL, NBA, and NCAA football, tennis is arguably the most popular sport for bettors in the nation. That said, if you live somewhere that hasn’t yet legalized sports wagering or online sports betting domestically, you can also legally wager on tennis at offshore sportsbooks.

Offshore books are legal to use despite federal laws like the Wire Act and the UIGEA because they aren’t based on US soil, operating outside the purview of these laws. (The same goes for any state law that forbids unlicensed sportsbook operators from offering odds and lines within their borders.) And because no US governmental entity makes it unlawful for individuals to wager on sports via these venues, the entire voluntary transaction is 100% legal, safe, and secure. Just remember to always use trusted, reputable offshore tennis betting sites, and you’ll never have any problems.

Betting on the Grand Slam Tennis Majors

Like golf, tennis also has a Grand Slam. That is, professional tennis – both the ATP and the WTA – has four marquee events that comprise the sport’s annual major tournaments. Tennis betting, while vibrant pretty much all year, really ramps up during the majors, and all-time greats make their marks in these tournaments. All the big names you’re used to, from Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic to Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, and Maria Sharapova established their historical greatness by winning these tournaments – and winning bettors millions of dollars at the same time.

The following four tournaments comprise the tennis majors, or the Grand Slam events:

• Australian Open – mid/late January (Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia)
• French Open – late May/early June (Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France)
• Wimbledon – late June/early July (All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, London, England)
• US Open – late August/early September (USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York City, New York, USA)

Land-Based vs. Offshore Tennis Betting

Mostly, there is no difference in the odds boards between land-based and offshore tennis betting. Because of the international nature of the sport and its fan-base, it is rare that land-based US books would have heavily skewed odds for most tournaments. (This usually happens in more popular US-centric sports where a local sportsbook has to contend with a local crowd all betting on the home team, which forces the book to offer more expensive odds than you’d find elsewhere.) Of course, with legal sports betting in much of the New England area and in states like New Jersey and New York, you will sometimes find a local skew on major tennis events, like the US Open. Still, in general, your tennis betting odds will be similar no matter where you wager.

As a result, the only real difference between land-based US and offshore tennis betting is in the quantity of bets these venues will post on a daily or weekly basis. US books will usually only post the bigger names on their boards, while offshore books tend to have much deeper options on more contests. There’s also the convenience factor to consider, especially with a sport like tennis that is played all over the world. Not everyone can get to their local sportsbook at 7:00 AM to bet on a live tennis match, after all, and domestic online betting isn’t available in most states just yet. As a result, if you don’t live near a physical betting venue and don’t have access to a state-licensed online book, using offshore tennis betting sites over the Internet is going to offer you a much better gambling experience.

Shopping Lines At Legal Tennis Betting Sites

Shopping lines is critical for sports bettors who want to maximize their bankrolls, and it’s the best immediate advantage you can get, regardless of how skillful a bettor you are. Each bettor will have a different methodology about how (and how much) to wager, and sometimes it takes years to establish your M.O. However, shopping lines is something even the greenest beginner can do to see immediate positive returns. Also, shopping lines is much easier to do online than at land-based books, because you can compare prices more or less instantly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

To shop lines, it’s really as simple as it sounds, though you’ll need to have an account at several different offshore sportsbooks to make it a viable strategy. You’ll also need to have some money deposited into each of your different accounts so that you can wager on the best odds available whenever you see them, regardless of the site you’re using. In order to see the value of this, just consider the following hypothetical matchup: Let’s say one of your books has the Swiss Maestro as a +240 underdog against Rafa on clay, while another has him as a +450 dog. If you’re going to bet on Federer to upset Nadal, you might as go with the latter book, which pays out almost twice as much for the same exact wager. No sportsbook always has the best values for how you want to bet, and that’s why we recommend being an active member at a minimum of three different books for line-shopping purposes.

How To Bet On Tennis Matches

Betting on tennis is a similar process to wagering on most other sports. However, there are a few different specifics to be aware of, and these apply to sportsbooks at both land-based and offshore venues. These specifics are largely semantic and have direct analogs to other sports, but if you’re going to wager, knowing the right lingo is always a benefit. The following five tennis wager types are the most common that you’re likely to come across, but they’re by no means the only betting varieties out there. When it comes to tennis betting, the sky really is the limit.


Outright betting is just what it sounds like: You pick the player you think is going to win the tournament. That’s all there is to it. Because of the simplicity of outright tennis betting, it is the most popular wager in the sport.


Handicap tennis betting is what you’d recognize as spread betting in other sports. With this type of wager, you’re usually going to pick a player to win a match by a certain number of games or sets. Most of the time, handicap bets in tennis are based on set differential rather than game differential.


Match betting in tennis is also pretty self-explanatory. Here, you are betting on the winner of a single contest within a tournament. After outright betting, match betting is a particular favorite amongst tennis bettors.


This is a classic bet type in all sports. In tennis, the over/under (aka totals bet) requires you to wager on whether a match will go over or under a certain number of total games or sets.

Correct Score

Correct score betting simply asks you to pick the exact game or set score that will be posted by the players in a given match. If you pick Player A to win a set 6 games to 2, you can place that wager. These are hard to hit, so the payouts are always high if you do.

Mobile Tennis Betting Apps

Mobile tennis betting apps are available in a few states that have legalized online sports betting. These will be official apps made by the sportsbook operators in your state, and you’ll be able to download them from the App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone and Android phone, respectively. These will also work on your Apple and Android tablets, and they let you manage your financials, browse the odds boards, place wagers, and request withdrawals from your mobile device anywhere you have an Internet connection. However, please note that official state-licensed sports betting apps of this kind are geofenced in accordance with the Interstate Wire Act, so you can only use these apps to wager while physically in the state where they’re licensed to operate.

Offshore sportsbooks do not have official, native apps available from the Apple or Google app marketplaces. However, they have so-called “web apps,” and these allow you to effectively get an app-like experience without actually downloading and installing an actual app. Offshore books’ mobile betting interfaces are streamlined and optimized for iPhone and Android devices, and you access the mobile portal of your site simply by visiting the homepage from your mobile web browser. From there, you can do everything on your phone or tablet that you’d be able to via a desktop computer, and finding and placing your tennis bets is an easy process. In just a few taps and swipes, you can bet on all the tennis lines your book has to offer. Best of all, these sites are not geofenced, so you can travel anywhere in the US without losing your ability to place a timely wager.

Live Betting On Tennis

Live betting is available for most tennis matches, regardless of whether you use a land-based or offshore sportsbook. Land-based US books will typically have less live betting support for tennis, while offshore options will feature live lines on almost every matchup they offer. Nevertheless, the live betting itself works the same way via either.

Live betting on tennis is different than traditional pre-game tennis betting simply because it allows you to wager on the games, sets, and matches in real-time as each is playing out. For tennis live betting, odds are usually updated un between individual games during changes in service, giving bettors just a few seconds to review the boards and place their wagers. 

The benefit with live betting, of course, is that it allows you to make a mint if your pick falls behind early, earning longer, more valuable odds for the inevitable victory. Live betting also allows the savvy bettor to recover from poor pre-game bets. If you’re adept at watching the ebb and flow of a tennis match and getting in a groove, you can volley right along with the pros by live betting on their performances. What a racket!