Legal Wimbledon Betting

As the most popular tennis event is around the corner, bettors from all around the world are looking to entertain the idea of legal Wimbledon betting. The total purse for both the men and women exceeds $48.4 million this year, but don’t let the athletes be the only ones that strike it rich during the two-week event known as The Champions, Wimbledon. Legal sports betting options are available through a variety of ways on one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

Over 256 male and female tennis players come from all over the world, making this event one of the most exciting Grand Slam tennis tournaments around. The players are dressed in all white when on the court, giving the look of class and elegance at one of London, England’s biggest stages. The tournament consists of a single elimination bracket, of which the draw for the event occurs on Friday, June 28th at 5 AM EST. The seeds are announced two days prior and the defending champions, Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber, are ready to defend their title.

Can I Legally Bet On Wimbledon?

You have plenty of options when it comes to legally betting on The Championships, Wimbledon. The legal methods of sports betting in the US include land-based state-licensed sportsbooks, online platforms associated with licensed sportsbooks, and offshore gambling sites. All of these options come with their own benefits and disadvantages but still remain legal for all US gamblers. Some states may have laws in their books that say online gambling is against the law; however, this is focused on preventing unlicensed bookmaking from occurring, not from allowing bettors to take action on sporting events.


The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

Land-based and online sportsbooks differ in more than just being present in a book versus being on your computer or mobile device. When it comes to the licensed operators by the state, you will find that they offer futures bets on who will win Wimbledon and game/set lines for most matches. However, if you are a true tennis gambler or want to explore more betting options, you will need to sign up with an offshore sports betting site. Here, you will find prop bets and a variety of other options that are rarely found at in-state books.

One of the best benefits of using online books is the ability to shop lines. Finding the best deal will make your payout much greater, but is a definite challenge if you have to visit a handful of local books to do the same. Online books will also have more live betting options so you can stay tuned to the action from the first game to the last.

Legal Deposit Methods For Wimbledon Betting

If you are going to visit a land-based sportsbook, you will need to deposit with cash or casino chips. Some locations accept other options; however, it is very rare that anything other than the aforementioned currencies are welcomed. This is another benefit of the offshore sites, as then allow you to use credit cards, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), ACH, bank wire transfers, and more. Some of these have a processing period though, so be sure to make your deposit ahead of time so you won’t miss out betting on the opening week on Wimbledon. Check with the site of your choosing because each one is different in their methods as well as their timeframe.

How To Bet On Wimbledon

You have a few different options when it comes to betting on Wimbledon. You will find the same betting lines and odds that you would for any other ATP or WTA tournament but with plenty of more choices. The most common is selecting a winner as a futures bet but you are also welcomed with straight wagers such as spread betting, game betting, over/unders, moneyline wagering, and more.

Futures Betting On Wimbledon

The odds listed above are the example of futures betting. Here you are selecting a winner of the tournament. You can select your wager before the draw is released, before the tournament begins, and at nearly every bracket advancement during the tournament (with 128 players left, 64, 32 and so on.) The numbers next to the athlete’s name represent what is called the moneyline:

Novak Djokovic (+150)

In this example, betting on Djokovic would profit you 50% more than what you lay down. Think of the number next to a plus sign as the amount you would win if you were to lay $100 on the line. Keep in mind that this is just a ratio, where betting $0.25 or $1,000 is acceptable (as long as the book permits an amount that low or high).

Betting The Spreads At Wimbledon

One of the most common action types to take is spread betting for tennis. The two players going against each other will be given a handicap to create a more even playing field. In Wimbledon, men play a best-of-5-series while the women play a best-of-3. With this, you can wager on a player who is favored by 2.5, 1.5, 0.5, or as an underdog of those amounts. Note: the women will only go up to 1.5 as you can not win by three sets in a best-of-3 format.

Johanna Konta (-1.5) vs Belinda Bencic (+1.5)

The minus sign indicates who the favorite is, while the underdog is represented by the plus sign. In order for a bettor to be successful on Konta, she would need to beat Bencic 2-0. For bettors who took action on Bencic, they would win as long as Bencic won one set or won the match outright. You will never see a whole number when it comes to betting the spread, as bookmakers want everyone to be a winner or loser.

Game Betting On Tennis

Just like betting the spread, you can bet the number of games a player will win or lose by. This falls directly in line with everything listed above, as a bettor would win if their athlete of choice wins the match surpassing the projection (or breaking the projection if betting on the underdog).

Roger Federer -8 vs Nick Kyrgios +8

In order for Federer to win for his sports bettor, he would need to win the match and do so by 9 games or more (6-3, 6-3, 6-3 for example). The opposite is true for Kyrgios who can win the match outright or keep in closer than 8 games to win for his bettor. With game betting, the number may be whole. If the projection and final result are the same, all bets will be refunded and graded as a “push”.

Action On The Over/Under

This is very similar to the ones listed above but even simpler. Instead of claiming who will win, all you would have to do is bet whether you believe more or fewer games or sets will be played. Generally, sportsbooks won’t offer an over/under for set betting, but they may offer you the ability to select the exact number of sets played.

Venus Williams vs Simona Halep O/U 19.5 games

In this example, the dominant female tennis players are expected to play 19.5 games in the match. All you would have to do in this situation is take the under if you believe there will be fewer games played or take the over if you believe there will be more games played. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter who wins only how many games are played.

Moneyline Wagering On Wimbledon

If you think you know who will win a tennis match but are not sure by how many games or sets, then betting the moneyline is for you. With this method, the odds will be favorited toward the expected winner (indicated with a minus sign) and will offer a larger payout for the underdog (indicated by a plus sign).

Marin Cilic (-145) vs Kevin Anderson (+130)

Betting on Cilic would require a bettor to lay $145 down to profit $100. Conversely, betting $100 on Anderson would have the bettor profit $130 should their guess become true. The same rules apply for futures betting – this is just a ratio and doesn’t require you to lay that little or much down.

Mobile Betting On Wimbledon

One of the best benefits of sports betting is the ability to wager on your phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you are on your couch, in the car, or sitting at a restaurant, you will be able to access the mobile betting platform associated with offshore sites from anywhere. Here, you will find all of the betting lines and odds, deposit and withdrawal options, as well as a variety of resources to keep your account in check.

While some states have legalized mobile sports betting, it is definitely not created equal. Per a federal law known as the Wire Act, sportsbooks as restricted from accepting action form anyone who is not physically located within their state. They can determine this by geolocating the position of your phone and will prevent you from submitting your wager if you are outside of state lines. Offshore books do not have to follow this standard, as they can accept a player’s action from anywhere over the world.

Live Betting On Wimbledon

Live betting on Wimbledon is probably one of the best things ever created. Instead of making a bet and watching it unfold, you can hedge your bet as the action is unfolding, double-down on your original wager, or entertain yourself with a vast amount of betting options. With live betting, you will find opportunities to bet all of the aforementioned wager types plus a variety of prop bets such as a certain score of a game or set.

Attentiveness and quickness are imperative when it comes to live betting, as the odds can change drastically with one serve, missed serve, or point. For example, if a player had their serve broken from the first game, their odds to win set 1 may have started at +120 but jumped up to +240 after losing the first game. If they were to break serve for game 2, the odds would fall back down to around the original position.

Legal Wimbledon Betting FAQ’s

What does it mean to shop lines for Wimbledon?

If there is one thing you should pay attention to from this length Wimbledon betting guide, it is shopping lines. Just as you would for a car, sports betting allows players to discover the best prices for the same action. For example, Sloane Stevens is +1600 to win Wimbledon on a sports betting site known as MyBookie. However, on Bovada, she is listed at +1800 for the exact same wager.

Though this may not seem like a major difference, a bettor who lays $500 down would win $8,000 at MyBookie but would miss out on an additional $1,000 for not taking the action at Bovada. The action can spread even further, such as Ashleigh Barty’s odds to win Wimbledon 2019. On Bovada, she is +550 while at MyBookie she is +1000. Imagine missing out on nearly doubling your profit just because you didn’t do your research beforehand ($2,750 at Bovada vs $5,000 at MyBookie on the same $500 wager).

Are there any Wimbledon sportsbook bonuses available online?

Definitely. Offshore sports betting sites will offer a variety of welcoming bonuses as well as risk-free wagers if you place a bet on a prop bet or from your mobile device. Keep in mind that every site is different in what they offer so be sure to explore their promotions before making a deposit. Some sites will offer a 25% match on your first deposit while others will match your first deposit 100%. However, be sure to read all of the terms and conditions as well, as they explain the process for using free play, the expiration date (if any) to use the free play, and withdrawing rules within a certain timeframe. This is just another reason why offshore sites are much more valuable than the local books, as they will never give you extra money for coming to their venue.

How will I receive my payout when betting on Wimbledon?

So you made your bet and won, and now what, you want your money? Not to worry, the legitimate offshore gambling sites that are legal in the US and licensed by their home country have plenty of options when it comes to withdrawing. The most common amongst the site is Bitcoin, though not everyone has cryptocurrency. You can also receive a check by courier, bank wire transfer, or Money Order depending on the site you use. Like bonuses, the payouts are different amongst every site so check out their cashier pages to discover the timeline to receive your money, the fees associated with withdrawing (if any), and the minimum or maximum you are allowed to take at once.

Are there any fees associated with using my card to bet on Wimbledon?

Each site is different, but international sites will likely have a small fee. If you have a credit card that is approved for international use, you will not have the bank charge, but generally, the sportsbook fee is no more than 5%. Another option is to go to a convenience or grocery store to purchase an international VISA gift card. These are welcomed by the sites and provide none of your personal or banking information should that be a concern of yours.

Is using Bitcoin to bet on Wimbledon safe?

Bitcoin is by far the safest method for depositing and withdrawing. Not only do the sites not associate a fee with Bitcoin (and other crypto uses), but they also allow you to process your payments faster. Whether depositing or withdrawing, you can see the funds transfer in less than 24 hours most times. By being on the blockchain, you have one of the most secure methods to fund your account and if a security risk is still in your head, you can always change your wallet address after adding or removing funds.