Tim Tebow, BALCO chemist on witness list in banned drug case

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was a major believer in the practice ways of Ian Danney.

Tebow praised Danney, his exercise trainer in Arizona, for helping him with a muscular trauma in 20-16, calling it”Ian’s magical” in a publication written by Tebow this past calendar year. The former Heisman Trophy winner raved about one among Danney’s work out apps –“Danney Ball” — at a neighborhood news video comprising Danney’s Performance Enhancement Pros firm in Scottsdale.

However, Danney’s business techniques between highprofile athletes have come under scrutiny after two distinct athletes filed separate suits against Danney that prohibits him of committing or putting them together with prohibited performance-enhancing drugs.

Plaintiffs in both situations need Tebow to emphasise, plus yet one lists him within a anticipated watch at trial in Arizona, together with former NFL player James Harrison and Patrick Arnold, the chemist at the core of the BALCO sports doping scandal a lot more than 15 decades ago.

Tebow is”anticipated to testify concerning the Defendants’ illegal actions, including, but not be restricted by: procuring medications and prohibited chemicals to disperse PEP customers — including people spread by Danney into Mr. Tebow,” in accordance with some plaintiff’s filing in Arizona state court accessed from USA TODAY Sports.

She’s seeking damages from Danney for neglect between a forbidden substance, in addition to other claims , for example sexual attack.

Agents for Tebow did not return messages seeking comment.

“Mr. Danney is chasing all legal remedies to obtain dismissal of the remaining claims of this litigation which the Court has to discount,” Lopez said in a email.

In another litigation in California, Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Corey Liuget has accused Danney of putting him using a forbidden growth hormone peptide with no approval, inducing Liuget to become suspended by the NFL this past year. Landry has gone outside from the NFL after getting frozen three days for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing medication policy.

Tebow isn’t recognized to have violated any medication policy, also Danney said at precisely the exact same residue that he failed to offer Tebow with”any prohibited substance”

From the Arizona case, Johnson, that competed being a catalyst, tested positive for the prohibited stimulant Nuvigil at August 20-16 as a portion of analyzing by U.S. that the Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

After telling USADA which Danney was her origin with this particular controlled substance, a mediation panel at 20 17 unearthed she had produced adequate evidence to show that she’d got the Nuvigil from Danney. The panel said”these facts raise questions regarding where Mr. Danney got a prescription drug such amounts” but said the questions weren’t material for her instance. The weapon issued a 21-month suspension to its breach.

In her suit, she said she depended on Danney to direct her at the medication’s usage and used it to help fight exhaustion. Danney said in a court that Johnson”took the Nuvigil up on the help of her doctor who was authorized to prescribe the drug “

In a second current court filing at the Arizona instance, an e mail from Johnson’s attorney explains to Danney’s attorney why Harrison had been a relevant opinion in the instance.

“James Harrison was a long time client and friend of lan Danney’s who had been present and functioned together with Gea Johnson and detected her occupation roles within a time period of years,” said that the e mail out of attorney Bill Gilbert. “He knows the innerworkings of lan Danney’s ventures, and also the prohibited activity that lan participated for the reason which generated the fear and anxiety that directed him to protest against Gea Johnson once he realized that she had been reporting his prohibited activities to USADA.”

Johnson’s suit refers to a former sexual connection with Danney she strove to get rid of and says she sexually attacked her at 20 17 in apparent retaliation from that which she’d told USADA. Danney denied that in court records in a case that’s turned controversial.

Danney, a former bobsledder, met Johnson at 2001 as she coached to the 2002 Olympics, according to her suit.

She refused wrongdoing every and every time but had been suspended two years back for the 1997 breach. USADA diminished comment.

Arnold has been sentenced to 3 weeks from prison in 2006 because of his function at the Bay Area Laboratory cooperative (BALCO) scandal. He had been famous in making imperceptible performance-enhancing drugs.

Back in June, Johnson’s attorney wrote in court filings that Arnold functioned for Savind, a business that for quite a while supplied health supplements to Danney’s nutritional supplements firm, Optimum EFX.

“Mr. Arnold is anticipated to testify to this financial and psychological damages suffered by Gea as a result of facts alleged in this situation,” Johnson’s attorney said last month at a court filing. “On information and belief, he’s likely to testify, without restriction, seeing Gea’s excited utterances” following having a distinct alleged attack against her from Danney at 2017, that Danney also prohibits.

In Danney’s defense, his lawyers have chased communications between Johnson and Arnold throughout pre trial evidence-gathering. Danney’s lawyers said at a July court that”Mr. Arnold corresponded with Plaintiff concerning ways to attain money from Mr. Danney.”

Both suits are led for trial .

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