Thursday, December 04, 2008

College Football Pick'em Week 14 Results

Alright so last weekend was a monster weekend in college football and it all kicked off on a Thursday night with a Thanksgiving Day game. You really couldn’t ask for more. Well, maybe a few closer games, but that’s another subject. Its rivalry football, and that means you got to blow out your opponents. Sadly I was blown out last week with my picks in the Walker-Sports College Football Pick’em. Check out the carnage bellow.

Oklahoma 61 vs. Oklahoma State 41: The Oklahoma Sooners needed to win and win big in this game in order to keep their hopes of a national title run alive. The final score does not indicate exactly how close this game actually was; the Sooners had their hands full till the midway point of the second half when they finally blew the game open. In the end, Oklahoma was favored by seven and a half points, and their easily covered the spread.

Georgia Tech 45 vs. Georgia 42: First off, this is an insanely high score for a team that cuts its teeth running the triple option, but it obviously works for Georgia Tech. This game also proves that I am a slow learner. All year Georgia has burnt me in the College Football Pick’em yet I continue to go back for more punishment. Last week I did not think the Georgia Tech offense was quick enough to beat the Georgia Bulldogs, and I was wrong. The Georgia defense was undisciplined and they got gutted for 409 yards on the ground. Oh yeah, Georgia Tech also pulled the upset by beating Georgia thus nullifying the 8 point spread.

Florida 45 vs. Florida State 15: It was raining and it was nasty, and the Florida State Seminoles never stood a chance. The spread favored Florida by 17 points, and like they have all season long, Florida blew the spread out of the water. I was hoping FSU could keep it close, especially with the rain, but Florida showed they are the class of college football right now.

Alabama 36 vs. Auburn 0: More than anything the outcome of this game most likely sealed Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville’s fate. Auburn never had a chance from the first quarter on. The Alabama defense suffocated Auburn. The spread favored Alabama by a hefty 14 points, and they still managed to make light work of Auburn.

Pittsburgh 19 vs. West Virginia 15: If the Georgia Bulldogs are the biggest disappointment in college football this season, then the West Virginia Mountaineers have to consider a close second for that award. West Virginia has done nothing to impress well anyone this season. West Virginia was a three point favorite going into last week’s game, and they fell flat on their face yet again while playing Pittsburgh.


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