Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny Dealt to the Dodgers

Manny is on the move, and this time I am sure of it. Manny is going to the Dodgers as part of a three team deal.

The deal means Manny is going across the country. The Pittsburgh Pirates pick up Andy LaRoche and a right handed pitcher.

Manny Ramirez Deal is Off

UPDATE: It's official Manny is a Red Sox still.

According to sources close to the topic, it looks like the three team deal that would have dealt Manny to the Marlins is dead in the water. And with the trade deadline just under 2 hours away, it can be pretty safe to say that Manny will be a Red Sox till the winter. (Let's see how well that goes over up north.)

There is still time, but looks like the numbers just cant match up. Look
for the Pirates and Rays to go into a deal together. And the Marlins will stay put.

$20 Million To Sit at Home.. SWEET!

Okay so the Brett Favre thing has been going on since the begging of time. However, the Packers and their team president Mark Murphy may have put the most interesting offer yet to the ageing gunslinger. Murphy traveled to Mississippi yesterday and offered Brett $20 million not to play next season or hold a clipboard. $20 million to sit at home and never play again. That's right $20 million over 10 years to sit at home. Damn that's a sweet deal.

I'm not going to lie, while this idea is boarder line crazy. I have to say it's a good idea and more importantly it may be the best way out. Obviously the Packers don't want Brett on their roster, and they only want to trade him to a place where they won't have to see him. This has become the most annoying contract showdown in history. Plus they are o
ffering him $20 million to just hang out. I say take the money and run, he won't make that money under contract anywhere next season.

Griffey is Dealt, is Manny Next?

While most of the country was waking up, Ken Griffey was being traded to the Chicago White Sox. The deal will seen the not so young Kid to the Sox, and more importantly it will give him a chance to play on a World Series contender. Which is pretty impressive considering that he has only played in 15 post season games.

Now that Tex and Gri
ffey have been dealt all the focus is on Manny, and the Red Sox. This one is going to go down to the wire 4 pm today. Currently the talk is a three way deal between the Pirates, Sox and Marlins. With Manny ending up a Marlin. Which is pretty impressive considering that his $20 million salary is $2 million shy of the Marlins $22 million payroll.

Keep it locked and tuned in.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walker-Sports AFC North Preview

In our ongoing effort to cover the entire NFL we pick up our coverage with the focus on the AFC North. This is perhaps the most confusing division in the league. Confusing because teams go from worse to first in seemingly no time, and the fall from the top is just as quick.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Always consistent, always in the mix, always there. It seems like every year these guys are ready to make a play and be a contender. This year is absolutely no different. They have all the same weapons back again. Big Ben, Hines Ward, Willie Parker and company are locked, loaded and ready to bring it. A big addition during the off-season was drafting Rashard Mendenhall as a running back. While he won’t be a superstar this season, he will be able to provide Willie Parker a break, which will keep his legs fresh especially coming down the end stretch of the season. A big key for the Steelers will be the health of their defense. Mainly the health of Troy Polamalu is the big concern. Last season Troy was in and out of the lineup with injuries, and it hurt the overall continuity of the defense. Much like Bob Sanders in Indy, Polamalu is a key part to the Steelers defense. His ability to be at the line of scrimmage at the snap and then drop back into coverage and not miss a beat cannot be emphasized enough. If he can stay healthy and remain on the field then the Steelers will once again find themselves in the mix.

Cincinnati Bengals: This has to be one of the most difficult choices I’ve had to make so far. There are plenty of underlying issues with this team that could easily tear it apart well, before they ever take the field. Obviously I am talking about Chad Johnson who is currently at camp but not participating because of his bum ankle. The relationship between Palmer and Johnson’s has to be considered strained at best and the same could be said with Johnson’s relationship with Coach Marvin Lewis. What the Bengals do have going for them is T.J. Houshmandzada who has become one of the best receivers in the league and his numbers will continue to be up there next season. The problem with the Bengals offense is in their backfield. The two headed monster of Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry has failed to produce at the exponential rate that makes them a true threat.

Oh yeah… they still can’t stop anyone on defense either. So expect to see another 56-48 shoot out with the Browns.

Cleveland Browns: A lot of people have the Browns as the breakout team of 08. I see them playing more like the 49’ers did in 07 in the wake of a great 06 season. Bottom line is there will be a let down. The Browns will play a tougher schedule this season (the NFC East), and the rest of the league knows what to expect. Derek Anderson had a phenomenal year last season and established himself as the starting QB. However, he will have to continue to play at an exceptional rate if he wants to keep the job. Brady Quinn is still lurking in the shadows and you can bet that as soon as Anderson begins to flounder, that the fans will be chanting Quinn’s name. The Browns added Donte’ Stallworth at wide out, but he has largely been an underachieving player even in New England last season. It will be interesting to see if getting the paycheck will inspire him to play at the top of his game or will he continue to be lackluster. The Browns defense has undergone little change over the summer, and so they will continue to struggle there. Last year was a great story and this was a fun team to watch, but it’s just asking too much to have them repeat.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are in a rebuilding process so one cannot expect much from them in the upcoming season. A New head coach, probably a new starting QB (by week 5, I’m guessing) and some new faces on the O-Line. Not a good combination for one of the traditionally worse offenses in football. Add to that the Ravens defense is an aging group. They have added a couple young players over the past couple seasons, but unfortunately their talent level is not to the level that the Ravens are used to. If the Ravens want to avoid the disaster they experienced last season they will need their defense to play closer to their 01 level than 07. Also getting Flacco up to speed as quickly as possible will be in the team’s best interest.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Walker-Sports:AFC South Preview

Welcome back everybody, Walker-Sports is back to continue our previews. Our last edition on the NFC South certainly got a solid rise out of Panther nation. Did not realize there were that many Carolina Panther fans on the net. Nonetheless, today we are back and we are talking about the AFC South. This may be the toughest division in league and it will be an entertaining one to watch.

Indianapolis Colts: I don’t care that Peyton had his knee worked on 8 weeks before the season starts. He will be back and at 100% by the time opening day comes around and that is all that really matters. The Colts had a great year last season and that was with two Pro-Bowlers going down with injuries. This year they should have everyone back and ready to play at their highest level and they will need it. Their division is stacked and it’s going to take a lot out of the Colts to win it all. However, they have everything to play for. The energy with the new stadium is good for two maybe even three wins this season. Add in the fact that this is likely head coach Tony Dungy’s last season and you can chalk that up for another two wins.

Bottom line is the Colts can win this division. The key will be avoiding the injury bug.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags have been knocking at the door since about 2005 and this season they will be oh so close to breaking through. Matter of fact if the Jags can sweep Indy (and it’s very possible) I have no doubt that they will win the division and more importantly get a buy in the playoffs. David Garrard stepped up huge last season when he was awarded the starting job during training camp. He made his coming out party in the playoffs last season against the Steelers. I have no doubt he will build on that going into the 08 season. Garrard also has some amazing help in the backfield with him. Fred Taylor is coming off a Pro-Bowl season and despite his injury prone past he will have another great season. Even if he is a bit slow to it, Jacksonville is blessed to have another great back in Maurice Jones-Drew, the toughest little man in the game. Don’t believe me? Just ask Shawne Merriman what this guy can do.

Houston Texans: This is the Texans year. I know that sounds strange, but watch they will make the wild card this season. Last year they showed great improvement, and those young players are finally getting it. The key to the Texans success will depend on them getting stability at the quarterback position. Last season Matt Schaub got the start but injuries sidelined him midway. Sage Rosenfels is there as well, but I can see the Texans dealing him pretty soon especially if Schaub can just be steady. The Schaub to Johnson connection can be dangerous if developed properly. On the other side of the ball, the Texans don’t look so dumb now picking up Mario Williams with the first pick. Williams has matured into a Pro-Bowl caliber player and O-Tackles across the league will have their hands full trying to contain him.

Tennessee Titians: The Titians made it to the playoffs last season, but in 08 they will e the only team in this division to miss out on the post season. This is the make or break year for Vince Young. He showed a lot of promise his rookie season, but failed to advance on that in 07. Now it is year three and it is time to put up. Young is already responsible for Norm Chow going back to the college ranks now we get to see if he is a balla on the field or a coach killer (my guess is the later). Now granted the blame cannot be completely places on Vince, he has no one to throw the ball to. The Titian receivers are amongst the worse in the league. Not to mention the running back situation is not ideal. LenDale White is another 07 draft pick that has failed to live up to expectations (see why that Mario Williams pick was so good now?) and is in danger of eating himself out of a job. The Titians defense will keep them in plenty of games this season and they will probably have a close to .500 record but they just won’t have enough talent to get into the post season.

Brett Favre:A Nation Held in Crisis Day...Too Damn Many

As the Brett Favre saga continues to drag along but there has been a breakthrough. Brett faxed his reinstatment letter to the Packers today. That means the ball is in Green Bay's court. Either they have to release Brett (which they dont want to do) or put him on the active roster. It looks like Dan Patricks prediction that Brett will be at Packers camp Wednesday morning is about to come true.

All I know is this situation just got a litter uglier, and there is no easy way out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily Erin Andrews:When Did the LPGA Get So Hot?

Okay so I have to give a shout out and a thank you to Golf Girl on this one, but the ladies of the LPGA are just flat out beautiful. Don't believe me? Take a look at who is competing in the upcoming British Open.

Way More Interesting Than Brett, It's Walker's Rants

Wow, what a weekend, and I’m not even completely sure what happened considering that I watched all of 15 minutes of television, but that doesn’t matter, I am still an expert at my trade, and you can better believe that I am still angry and ready to do some ranting. So let’s kick get it started Walker’s Rants are a go!

I cannot handle any more Brett Favre and this will be my last mention of him….

The Sox should trade Manny, but they can never get rid of him…

I want to be a Cowboy…

I am so happy that training camps opened up this weekend, Lord Football is here…

Well at least the U.S.A. can pound Canada…

Devin Hester is not worth 4% of a teams salary cap…

I like that players are going over seas to become star players…

The tires they gave the NASCAR guys were terrible, no excuse for that poor quality…

Congrats to all inducted into the baseball Hall of fame this past weekend…

Chad Johnson will be a distraction, again…

Could the falcons actually go 1-15 this season?

Virginia will crack the Top 25 at some point this season…

Margarito is a straight baller…

I hate ESPN Radio, always ruining a great thing…

Who is the face of the Chargers? I say Rivers and that could spell some trouble…

The drought in Philly is over way to go picking up an Arena league title…

Jim Zorn… I just feel sorry for you…

The Carolina Panthers will suck this season and miss the playoffs…

Mark Cuban smokes up I like him even more…

A coin tosses to determine who gets the first snap at Bears practice. Yeah there’s a team that’s going places…

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hawks Lose Josh Childress to Greece, Could This Happen Again?

Yes you read that headline correctly. The Atlanta Hawks have lost their talented swingman Josh Childress to the Greek basketball team Olympiaks. Childress agreed to terms with this team after they came to terms that was worth far more than the $2o million the Hawks placed on the table.

Granted this is a shocking outbreak in it's own right, but it
forces us to ask the question could this happen again and who could be the next to go over seas in search of better pay?

In the past going over seas to play ball was almost seen as a sign o
f failure. It meant that you skills just were not good enough to make it in the NBA. However, the world has change, with the the United States failing to win gold in an international competition since 1996 much of the world has caught up in regards to basketball skill. This means the level of competition in these countries are as good as what is seen in the NBA. Now granted I am hard pressed to believe that a LeBron James or a D. Wade is jumping the next plane to Europe. But it could be a very intriguing destination for an above average role player who can't completely get over the hump in the NBA.

factor that must be looked at is economics. A mid level player like Childress will always struggle to get a big contract and with the salary cap in place, it is hard to find extra cash floating around once the big names are signed. However, a player can go to Europe and more importantly get paid in Euro's and then convert them against the weak dollar to increase their earning. $20 million in Euro's is worth a lot more than $20 million U.S. dollars at this point. Because of this other mid level players may want to venture over seas and get more bang for their buck

At the very least, what Josh Childress did opens up an interesting barrel.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Candance Parker WNBA Brawl

Can't say that I have seen this happen before. Nonetheless it is strange/interesting to see. I have to say though, the knee jerk reaction from the announcer is a bit excessive.

Walker-Sports NFC South Preview

After short break Walker-Sports is back and we are picking up right were we left off, talking about football. This time we are looking at the NFC South. Now I’ll be the first one to throw this out, but this may be the worse division in the league. Sorry fans, but I’m just not impressed by this division. Nonetheless let’s take a look and see if we can find some good here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: There’s still an outside shot these guys could land Brett Favre. Well that’s only if Jason Campbell does not get a hangnail and the Redskins don’t panic and sign him first. However, even if Favre doesn’t come to Tampa the Bucs can have a successful 2008 campaign. Jeff Garcia looks to be the starting QB in 08, but Tampa has about 5 QB’s on the roster so that can change at any moment. More importantly the Bucs have Cadillac Williams who proved to be a stud in his rookie year. Last season he experienced a bit of sophomore slump but that should behind him. The key to the Bucs success will be their conditioning mainly cans this older team stay healthy for the entire 2008 season. If they can, Tampa will make another trip to the postseason.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints were devastated last season by injuries. The moment that Deuce McAllister went down with a knee injury everyone knew their season would be in jeopardy. Reggie Bush is a talented athlete but he is not an every down back. They need McAllister to come back healthy to run between the tackles and help change the pace in the running game. N.O. Also added Jeremy Shockey to their lineup this week, and he will be a valued addition to a lackluster passing attack. Marcs Colston is quickly becoming a top receiver but he is not there yet. Shockey will give Quarterback Drew Brees a needed weapon, and he will serve as a safety valve. The Saints will be a tough out.

Carolina Panthers: Jake Delhomme is returning after missing time last season with elbow surgery. The Panthers will need him to be on target and ready to go if they want to have success this year. Because of his age and the way his body is now breaking down that is why the Panthers have slipped to the third spot on this pole. DeShawn foster will handle the bulk of the carries, and I believe he is poised for a break out season, after being relegated to returns and spot duty much of last season. Steve Smith is still a threat on the outside although he will never be able to regain the gaudy numbers he put up a couple seasons ago. Despite that he is a still a great deep threat. The Panthers had an eventful off-season that saw them lose the bulk of their defensive line. That is something that will definitely hurt them in the upcoming season. The Panthers went to the Super Bowl because of their defense and if they want to taste any bit of success they will need to rebuild their defense.

Atlanta falcons: Well the Vick saga is finally behind them. That was followed up by the Bobby Petrino coaching debacle. Needless to say Atlanta has had their share of problems, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. This is a team with two second string QB’s and two second string RB’s on the offensive side of the ball. Honestly the defense doesn’t look much better. The best Atlanta can do is hold on tight, wait for next years draft and be glad that Mike Vicks contract is no longer on the books.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Open Saved Summer Sports, and in a Way Saved Walker's Rants

Okay never thought I would say this but thank God for golf. The Open honestly saved my summer sports experience and I could not be happier. Summer can be draining on a sports fan, but football training camp has started, and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Just hang in there a couple more days it is almost time to rejoice.

Oklahoma City Thunder? That’s terrible…

The Ashley Harkleroad layout is actually well done…

Danica Patrick is great for Indy car…

Greg Norman proved you cannot teach old dog new tricks…

Greg Norman put on an amazing performance this weekend, and I’m so happy to have been able to witness it…

Jason Taylor is a Redskin, still not changing my prediction for the Skins…

They don’t need to do anything to change the All-Star game its fine the way it is…

Congrats Chris Long for getting your deal signed and getting to camp on time…

Padraig Harrington the two time Open champion that will never get the credit he is due…

There was seriously a soccer brawl in the U.S? That’s just sad…

The ESPY’s may be the dumbest idea in sports history…

Never thought I’d actually be sick of Brett Favre…

ESPN 980 sucks never let your radio station get sold to the empire…

James Posey is not worth all that money, lets be honest…

Jeremy Shockey will help the Saints offense and I think he will enjoy life on Bourbon Street…

The Virginia Cavaliers will beat USC and make a Bowl game this year…

Chad Johnson has already declared that he will cause some trouble this season. Watch out Cincinnati…

The Olympics are right around the corner… yay… I think…

How bout that made it through an entire Walker’s Rants and didn’t have to mention baseball. Got to love that…

Giants Deal Jeremy to the Saints

Another day and another trade takes place in the NFL. This time New York Giants Tightend Jeremy Shockey is heading to New Orleans in exchange for a couple of future draft picks. There have been rumors about this deal since really the Super Bowl. But it looks like the Saints offense just got another upgrade.

Shockey missed most o
f last season due to injury, that included the major turnaround the Giants experienced and their Super Bowl victory. It was pretty obvious that Shockey would not be a Giant for long when he was all but MIA during the latter half of the season. The tell tale sign was also seen on Super Bowl Sunday when Shockey was spotted hanging out in the owners box living it up rather than being down on the sidelines with his teammates.

Shockey can be a lot o
f things both good and bad. But one thing is for sure, when he is on and dialed he is can be a devisating weapon in the passing game. Drew Brees will enjoy throwing passes his way. Combine Shockeys playmaking ability with Reggie Bush and a returning Deuce and the Saints could have a solid offense. Especially when considering the weak NFC South.

Danica Patrick Gets Into It With Another Driver

Danica Patrick is quickly becoming the bad girl on the IRL. Once again Danica is making headlines for her altercations off the track rather. Saturday, Danica herself in Milka Duno's pit area and she was right in the drivers face giving her an ear full. Apparently Danica has been watching a few too many clips of Tony Stewart.

Nonetheless her actions are actually good for the sport. Indy car is faceless and at least she gives the sport some reason to get some publicity.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Washington Redskins Sign Jason Taylor

The Washington Redskins opened training camp earlier today, and they are off to a rocky start. Let's look at the bad news first. D-End Phillip Daniels hurt his knee in the morning session, and was carted off. The reports are he will likely miss the entire season. Not exactly the best of news for a team that was already short at the defensive end position.

However, there is help, major help on the way. The Redskins have come to terms with the Miami Dolphins on a deal that will bring Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins. Both teams are hoping to
finalize details on the deal later tonight and get Taylor into camp as soon as possible and have him up to speed and ready to go come opening day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walker-Sports AFC East Preview

As we all eagerly wait on the upcoming football season, let’s continue our look around the NFL, today we will switch conferences and take a look at the AFC East. There’s a lot going on in this division, but it’s pretty straight forward to guess what the outcome of this conference will be.

New England Patriots:
17-1 pretty damn good unless that one lost came in the biggest game of the year. Everyone knows the story of the Patriots, and you can believe they will use the disappointment at the end of the story as fuel to climb back to the top of the mountain in 08. The Patriots will go to battle with the usual cast of characters. Their offense will have the same quick pace and explosive scoring ability as it did last season. I doubt they will break scoring records like last season, but they will not struggle to get into the endzone. Look for the Pats to change it up the attack plan just a bit this season. They will move Moss around and get him into the slot and let Welker play the outside. While this will cut into Welker’s numbers it will open up more opportunities for Moss. It will be hard for a defense to get a corner and a safety on him when he comes out of the slot where a nickel back or a linebacker would typically be the first line of defense.

On the defensive side the Pats lost some talent in the secondary with the departure of Ashanti Samuel. However, they were very active in free agency and have found very good replacements and in typical Patriots fashion it will cost the franchise a lot less cash. The biggest pickup in the off season has to be drafting Jerod Mayo at linebacker. Mayo will make an instant impact which the Patriots need since their ageing linebacking core was actually the wink link on their defense last season.

The Patriots will be ale to tear through this weak division and once again take home the title. Division Title that is.

New York Jets:
The Jets barely fall into this second spot, and it does not mean they will have a successful all around season. The Jets have questions at QB and they have a bunch of new faces on the offensive line. They are some very talented faces and a solid mix of veterans and young guys. The upside is if the line can gel together, the Jets can potentially make a stable offense, and that could be enough.

Two seasons ago the Jets began to put together a solid defense and while they backtracked a little last season, they will look to rebound in 08. Their defense is good enough to keep them in a lot of games this season, especially when you look around the rest of the division.

Buffalo Bills:
The Bills could easily be a huge surprise in 2008, especially if Trent Edwards can completely grasp the system and the league. Last year Edwards burst onto the scene and he showed lot of promise and there is no doubt he will build and grow this season. If he can progress, the Bills have the weapons on offense to make some noise. Marshawn Lynch was a stud in the back field and he will only improve now that he has a better understanding of the blocking schemes and the tempo of the game. Lee Evans is a deep threat receiver who had a down year last season due to erratic play at the QB position. If Edwards can settle down and deliver the ball then Evans could feast from the improved play and have a breakout year.

Miami Dolphins:
They went out and drafted the cheapest number one draft pick available. But Jake Long should be able to anchor the line for a long time to come. Too bad no one has a clue who will be under center. What the Dolphins do have going for them is Ronnie Brown. He is a tough runner who can get solid yardage on every carry. If Miami can keep him healthy during the season he will help to jump start what was a terrible (say it like Charles Barkley) offense last season.

The one thing Miami has going for them entering next season is the Big Tuna. That’s right Bill Parcells has taken over and he is already making his presence felt. Parcells put Jason Taylor on notice and he has the Dolphins on notice from front office to towel boy. If nothing else, Parcells running the show will insure that everyone puts their best foot forward. He will make the Dolphins raise their level of play unfortunately that level just wont be good enough.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walker-Sports NFC East Preview

Football season is right around the corner. The Washington Redskins report to camp this weekend, so that means we can start talking gridiron and I could not be happier. So as we begin our tour around the league, sorry it won’t be like our BCS tour, the logical place to begin is the NFC East since Walker-Sports does originate in Washington D.C. and the Skins are on their way to camp.

Dallas Cowboys: Yes this team fell short last year, yes their QB spends too much time in the tabloids with his idiot girlfriend, and yes they are everyone’s favorite team to hate. Despite all that, they are the best team in the NFC East 2008 season. The Cowboys bring back the bulk of a squad that went 13-3 last season. Julius Jones is gone which mean teams will see more of Marion Barber III which could be trouble for opposing defenses. Felix Jones was drafted to help take some of the workload off Barber and once he learns the pro game he will look to make an impact with his quick burst.

The buzz around the Cowboys this season will be generated around Adam Jones as he looks to return to Pro-Bowl status after a year suspension. Jones will help to sure up a shaky secondary that also features Roy Williams and Terrence Newman. Jones’s biggest impact will likely be seen on special teams where his skills are often over looked. But as long as he is able to make a solid contribution on defense then it could be the Cowboys defense that leads them to the post season success that has eluded the franchise for the last 12 years. The Cowboys have the best line backing core in the league and they will be able to put a lot of pressure on QB’s which will alleviate a lot of pressure on the secondary as they work to gel together.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles had a rough season in 07. Once again injuries kept this team from getting on track. However, coming down the stretch they were as good as any team in the league. McNabb is back (somehow) and he has a lot to prove and he should come out with a chip on his shoulder. Lucky for Donavan he does not have to go it alone, he has arguably the best back in the league behind in Brian Westbrook. These two will once again link up to be one of the most dominate duos in the league.

On the defensive side of the ball the Eagles have what can be considered the best secondary in the league, which should give them plenty of liberty to blitz at will. So they will look to be aggressive once again.

I’m going go ahead and say it, it is now or never for the Eagles. This team has been together more or less since 2000 and although they went to one Super Bowl, that is not the results that a team of this caliber should have. If they miss the post season again then this team should be dismantled, anything short of a Super Bowl appearance and this team should make serious changes, and that means you Donovan.

New York Giants: Yes the Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champions and no one is happier than me that they knocked the Patriots off, that being said that was one of the best and biggest surprise runs in football history they went on to get there. And don’t worry they had plenty of luck along the way. The Giants lost some talent on the defensive line, and it was their D-Line that led the team to the championship. Those holes will not easily be replaced. More important than anything the Giants will have a huge target on their backs because they are the Super Bowl Champions and everyone will want a piece of them. Now just because they are third in the NFC East does not mean they won’t make the post season. Just being the defending champs, playing in the NFC East and having that horrible schedule will just be too much to overcome.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins got to keep their name a little while longer and tat was the only thing that went right for this team during the off-season. The Joe Gibbs era has come to an end as he makes his return to NASCAR and after a process that was very similar to selecting a Pope the Skins landed Jim Zorn, probably the must unlikely candidate on the market. So Zorn is in, but the question has to be asked; for how long? The burning question around the beltway is will Zorn e given a chance to coach, or is he just a placeholder till Cowher comes to town. The sooner that question is answered the faster we will be able to judge this Redskins team.

On offense the Skins will run Zorn’s version of the West Coast Offense which we can assume is similar to the Holmgren version but no one is sure since Zorn has never called a play. More importantly the change means QB Jason Campbell has to learn yet another system making it his fifth in about seven years. He has never played in anything close to the West Coast Offense and he will need to pick it up quickly if he wants to guide his team. Luckily for Washington they already have the personnel that are well suited to execute Zorn’s system. Small speed receivers Moss and Randle El will be able to work well with quick slants ins and outs. Chris Cooley is a great TE who will enjoy working in space and he should see plenty of work. Oddly enough the one weak link may be Clinton Portis. Clinton took a lot of strides last season and the West Coast Offense could be a great fit for him since the blocking will be similar to the one he enjoyed while in Denver. The downside is his hands can be sketchy and that’s not good since he could potentially see a lot more passes.

Daily Erin Andrews:Girls of The PAC 10

Well it's time to wrap up our journey around the BCS and exploring some of the grat tailgate parties. Today we are out on the left coast and hanging loose in Pac 10 country. No defense, quick passes and great parties. You gotta love it.

Top 10 MLB All Star Game Moments

With this years All Star game in the books, even if it did take about 3 days to complete the game. But hey at least it didn't end in a tie. But let's take a look back at some of the great All Star game moments. Let us know what were some of your favorite moments in MLB All Star Game history.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Josh Hamilton Wow...

Last night we saw the MLB Home Run Derby and while Justin Morneau won the contest, Josh Hamilton was the big story. 28 homers in round 1 and one of the greatest power displays I've ever. seen. Granted I am not a big baseball guy, but just watch this, Simply amazing.

Brett Favre Breaks His Silence

Check out Brett's interview, and let us know what you think.

Brett Favre Breaks His Silence, and So Does Walker-Sports

So the whole Brett Favre issue has dominated the sports headlines for the last three weeks, and for the most part Walker-Sports has tried to avoid the entire situation, partially because it was a difficult issue for us to talk on and partially because we were just sick of the story. Well now that Brett has broken his silence, Walker-Sports are ready to step forward and state their case.

Brett Favre blew it on this one. There is no other way to put it; he was the one who knew he was unsure about retirement back in March. He more than anyone else at this point in his career has the ability to control his career and its outcome, there is no reason he should allow someone else to dictate choices to him. Yet, that is exactly what he is claiming by saying the Packers made him choose too early.

For the last three years Favre has taken his sweet time in making a decision about returning to football. Every year he did that he held the Packers hostage as they were forced to hold on their plans for the draft and the future of the organization. The Packers have given Brett more chances than anyone else, and this year Ted Thompson decided it was time to stand up for the Green Bay Packers. And I say good on him.

The Packers needed to make a plan for the future and yes Brett Favre is a hell of a QB and probably the Packers best option still, but he is not the long term solution. Green Bay needed to get moving toward their future. It’s understandable that Brett had plenty of apprehension about retirement, but it is selfish of him to make the Packers work on his timeline.

Sadly, somehow the ultimate team player forgot that it’s about the team and not about him.

Monday, July 14, 2008

After a Short Tour, Walker's Rants Are Back

Alright after a little bit of time off Walker’s Rants are back. We spent the last week on the road, going on a short tour with the D.C. Slayers’ and currently we are broadcasting from Fayetteville North Carolina so stop on by and grab a beer with us. Now we may have been a little quiet but you can guarantee we got something to say, and I’m looking at you Brett Favre.

Driving to Jacksonville sucks…

The Packers are idiots for allowing Brett to get away so easily…

I hate the Home Run Derby…

Bench clearing brawls are a lot of fun…

It’s sad when Canseco getting knocked out gets more publicity than the heavy weight champion knocking someone out…

How is Billy Packer out at CBS? Now that’s an announcing switch worth getting upset about…

I can honestly say I won’t watch more than 1 maybe 2 innings of the All Star game…

Brett stay at home and try to salvage the legacy, you’re too good for this…

Kyle Bush is good for NASCAR…

Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman will make a solid team…

Yankee Stadium about to torn down, fenway and Wrigley you’re on deck…

I need football season to start…

Wade Phillips will lose his job at the end of the season…

Aaron Rogers will never be able to live this down. He better win a Super Bowl this year…

Three teams that will disappoint you this football season, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, New York Giants…

U.V.A. will beat USC in the season opener…

An SEC team will not win the National title this year…

Three teams that will surprise you this upcoming season; New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets…

Daily Erin Andrews:Girls of The Big 12

The Big 12 is known for the intense rivalries and smash mouth football. In Big 12 country football reigns supreme. That also means they know how to throw down in Big 12 country and have a good time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daily Erin Andrews:Girls of The Big 10

Today we move on the to the Midwest and we're exploring the Big 10. 3 yards and a cloud of dust may be the standard out here, but they have moved well beyond that when it comes to throwing down in the stands.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Walker-Sports ACC Preview:Coastal Division

Welcome back to part two of Walker-Sports ACC preview. In this section we will take a look at the Coastal Division. Of the two divisions the Costal is without a doubt the tightest, and will prove to be the most competitive. It could also make for some interesting results come November once all these teams have tangled and a couple upsets go down.

ACC Preseason Coastal Division

Virginia Tech Hokies: The Hokies have been a terror to the ACC since the day they arrived in the league. They have played in 3 out of 4 ACC Championships. There is no doubt the ACC made the right move bringing these guys in. This year the Hokies are likely the only legitimate threat to the Clemson Tigers if the two can meet in the ACC Championship game. However, this year will take a little more effort than Beamer and company are used to. The Hokies lost several key players on both sides of the ball including star running back Brandon Ore and linebackers Xavier Adibi. The Hokies will also continue their battle at quarterback that began last season between Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor. Lucky for the Hokies they have the best of both worlds with these guys, Glennon being a scrambler and Taylor a drop back passer.

No matter who is at the helm at QB you can bank that Virginia Tech will play solid defense and great special teams. That will make them a top contender in the ACC and a possible factor in the BCS.

Record: 10-2

Key Games: East Carolina, Nebraska, Florida State

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Change was the theme of the off-season for the Yellow Jackets. Paul Johnson’s option offense scared off a couple players, but they will be stronger because of it. Josh Nesbitt will be charged with running the offensive this season, and he has the tools to make it happen, if he stays healthy, a groin injury has sidelined him for much of the spring.

What the Rambling Wreck will do very well this year, is attack opposing offenses. The Yellow Jackets have one of the top ends and one of the top tackles in the league, Michael Johnson and Vance Walker will test any

offensive line. The D-Line alone will keep the Yellow Jackets in most any game they play this season.

Record: 7-5

Key Games: Florida State, Mississippi State, Georgia

Miami Hurricanes: Don’t go crazy with this one, the ‘Canes fell into this spot by accident, not because they have done anything special. Miami will be pretty much all freshmen or first year players. Lucky for them their freshmen tend to be better than an average teams seniors.

The Hurricanes are moving in the right direction, and they appear to be doing it the right way. That meant getting rid of a lot of players and coaches. That will lead to disappointment in the short term, but if the Alumni can hang in there and just trust in their coach, they will find themselves back on track, especially with this talented group of freshmen.

Record: 7-5

Key Games: UCf, Virginia, Texas A&M

Virginia Cavaliers: Al Groh must go, was the chant heard round Charlottesville after an embarrassing opening lost on the road to Wyoming. However, a 9-4 campaign seemed to make many Cavalier fans forget Groh’s shortcomings and he even received a contract extension. However, after a meltdown in the Gator Bowl and an embarrassing off season that saw seven players kicked out of school perhaps Groh’s job should still be on the line.

Despite all the setbacks the Cavaliers are looking to employ a more wide open attack and actually toss the ball downfield some this year, Combine a revamped passing game with the return of Cedric Peermen and Mikell Simpson at running back and the Cav’s could have a decent offense, but don’t hold your breath.

Seven wins this season would be a phenomenal achievement.

Record 6-6

Key Games: Miami, East Carolina, Clemson

North Carolina Tar Heels: Butch Davis is entering his second year as head coach in Chapel Hill, and while that

does mean something, Davis alone is not enough to put the Tar Heels back on the winning track. The Heels will be much better than their 4-8 mark of their last year, however due to a tough schedule; the improvement may not be seen in the win column. Out of conference games against Rutgers, Notre Dame and UConn can mean trouble for the Heels.

The bulk of their success will depend on how their backfield gels together. Greg Little is the sophomore who moved to tailback from receiver late last year and he will carry the load this season. T.J. Yates is supposed to be the starter at QB comes August, but he has not thrown much at all since shoulder surgery in December. If he is unable to go the Tar Heels will depend on backups Paulus and Sexton to step up and run the offense.

Record: 5-7

Key Games: UConn, Boston College, North Carolina State

Duke Blue Devils: I won’t lie this is just hard to do because, I don’t want to be too tongue and cheek, and Walker-Sports is not about sugar coat anything, so sorry Blue Devil fans. David Cuttcliffe has challenged his team to improve their fitness, and their team speed. To this point the team has responded well. However, Duke simply does not have the athletes to compete at the high levels of the ACC. Nonetheless, the Blue Devils will be an improved team.

Record: 2-10

Key Games, James Madison, Northwestern

ACC Championship Game: Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

Clemson wins ACC Title and Tommy Bowden goes to the Orange Bowl where the ACC can hopefully regain some respect on the national level.

That’s it for me, hope you enjoyed the preview feel free to drop a line with your comments. This is going to be a special year in college football, there’s a lot of variables out there, and a lot of new faces on the scene so buckle up and get ready for what will be a hellUVA a ride.