Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 Final Four: Hard-Nosed Basketball

Today is a special day at Walker-Sports because once again we have the honor of welcoming a new author into our fold. Today we take a moment out to welcome in Brent Bjornsen of Theacereport.com. Brent aka Scout is joining Walker-Sports to bulk up our basketball coverage. And he could not have arrived at a better time with the Final Four right around the corner, and the NBA playoffs lurking just around the corner. So try to take it easy on him on his first time out.

Jim Calhoun. Jay Wright. Roy Williams. Tom Izzo.

These are the men leading the teams that will compete this weekend in Detroit for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Two semi-final games on Saturday and then the final on Monday night. One of these four coaches will help his team hoist the wooden plaque that has been labeled as perhaps the worst championship trophy that exists.

Still, there is something intriguing about this year’s Final Four. Three of these coaches have already won a National Championship, while the other (Jay Wright) is making his first trip to the Final Four. Story lines abound, as Jim Calhoun is being questioned in his recruiting tactics, Roy Williams is trying to get the monkey off his back and win the Championship everyone (including President Obama) is expecting, Tom Izzo is playing the underdog role for perhaps the first time in his tenure at Michigan State, and Jay Wright is just happy to be able to play for a title.

If you tune in on Saturday and Monday (which you should), you won’t see the NBA talent we’ve seen on the court in years past. Sure Ty Lawson, Hasheem Thabeet, AJ Price and perhaps Scottie Reynolds will eventually make appearance in The Association, but they won’t be the superstars Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and others were. What you will see are hardnosed teams willing to grind it out on the floor for 40 minutes in order to move on.

Connecticut, Villanova, Michigan State and North Carolina. The only team of those that is even close to a high-powered offense able to score 90 in a game is UNC. Even they have a defensive efficiency rating in the top 20 in the nation (according to KenPom). Each of these four teams plays solid defense, and you know what they say about defense and championships.

There won’t be a prediction made here, but just an exhortation to watch and enjoy collegiate basketball with some grit thrown in. Last year’s finale was exciting, thrilling, and pretty much as good as it will ever get… But be prepared this year for a low-scoring hit-you-in-the-mouth kind of Championship. After all, it’s the kind of season we’ve experienced all year.

New Zealand Teams Playing All the Rugby in Super 14

Another week has gone by, and with the 6-Nations completed in Europe we can once again turn our attention to the young Super 14 season that is shaping up in the Southern Hemisphere. Lucky for all you Walker-Sports fans, we access to the rugby geniuses over at Heavens Game, to help break down the 2009 Super 14 rugby season. This time the boys over at Heavens Game are breaking down the New Zealanders efforts in the Super 14 fixtures.

As we approach round 8 of the 2009 Super 14 it is easy to see which teams are easy on the eye to watch, for the most part they are the kiwi teams.

Before looking at the tries scored table it wouldn't have been too hard to work out who would be on top, most people would have guessed The Waikato Chiefs would be up there, but The Auckland Blues on top of the charts with 26 tries scored also? Unfortunately for Blues fans, they also top the tries conceded chart with 29 which goes a long way to explaining their likely non attendance in this seasons finals.

Queensland have been portraying themselves as the great entertainers however they lie in sixth position on tries scored, so a little work on the finishing may be in order.

In all four of the top five positions in the tries scored column are occupied by teams from the land of the long white cloud. The moral of the story here is that if you want tries, go see a kiwi team play, apart from the Crusaders as they are the misers in defence and average in attack.

Tries Scored in 2009 Super 14

26 Blues
26 Chiefs
21 Sharks
20 Hurricanes
19 Highlanders
17 Queensland Reds
16 Stormers
16 Bulls
15 Crusaders
15 Waratahs
14 Lions
13 Brumbies
12 Force
9 Cheetahs

Tries Conceded in 2009 Super 14

29 Blues
23 Cheetahs
22 Lions
20 Brumbies
19 Hurricanes
18 Chiefs
16 Force
16 Highlanders
15 Queensland Reds
14 Bulls
14 Sharks
13 Waratahs
11 Stormers
10 Crusaders

Monday, March 30, 2009

Guitar Hero Metallica featuring College Basketball Coaches

Bob Knight and Metallica belong together. Yeah, you read that correctly. Check out this great little clip putting some NCAA coaching legends and the rock legends. This is just great.

UVA Names Their New Basketball Coach

The Virginia Cavaliers basketball program has gone through some long times recently. They suffered through a 10-18 season this past year, marking the worst season in 30 years. Coach Dave Leitao turned in his resignation on March 16th after the dismal campaign. Since then, the Cavaliers have been searching for a new head man, and today they found their man.

Tony Bennett will be announced as the new head coach of the Virginia Men's Basketball team.
Right now we are waiting on an official announcement but according to sources close to the program Bennett will be announced as the new coach tomorrow at a press conference.

Bennet comes from Washington State where he went 16-13 this past season. Before that he took the Cougars to consecutive appearances in the NCAA Tournament, including a trip to the Sweet 16 in 2008. Needless to say no UVA coach has done that in the past ten years.

Bennett, 38, played for his father, Dick, at Wisconsin-Green Bay. He served on his father's staff as an assistant at Wisconsin and later at Washington State. Bennett was named his father's successor and led the Cougars to their first NCAA tournament appearance since 1984 in his first season in 2006-07.

Bennett will have his abilities tested at UVA when he takes over a program that is currently in shambles. While there are a few bright spots thanks to the Cavaliers young freshmen tandem in the back court, the rest of the team Bennett inherits will be rather bare bones.

Twitter's Impact on the NBA

So Twitter is the new social media craze that is sweeping the United States and the rest of the world for that matter. While bloggers have utilized Twitter for almost three years now, many of the sports figures that those bloggers follow are now getting involved in the Twitter craze. By now many of us have seen the the many Tweets of Shaq, who seems to be the Godfather of athletes on Twitter. Well as of today, another popular NBA personality has gotten bit by the Twitter bug, and this time it bit back.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $25,000 by the NBA Monday morning because of a tweet he left earlier this week. Thanks to Twitter, Cuban has found a new medium to speak with his fans and more importantly criticize NBA officials. unfortunately for Cuban, David Stern's office has eyes everywhere, and that includes social media.

Cuban used Twitter to complain after Friday night's game that Denver's J.R. Smith was not called for coming off the bench to taunt Antoine Wright after he missed a shot near the Nuggets bench.

Cuban said in another posting Sunday that he "can't say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does."

And people say spending time on Twitter doesn't pay off. Once again David Stern is proving to be smarter than the rest of us.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gillispie Out at Kentucky

After stumbling down the stretch and missing the NCAA tournament, there have been plenty of rumors about Billy Gillispie's future at the University of Kentucky. There is no way that anyone in Lexington was happy with an early exit in the NIT. Apparently Wildcat nation has had enough. Walker-Sports has learned from some sources close to the program that Billy Gillispie has been removed of his duties as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

We will have more on this story as news emerges throughout the night. From what we know the reason for the quick boot was not entirely because of his teams performance on the court. Gillisipie has been very difficult for media and alum to get close to. In the fishbowl areana that is Kentucky basketball you have to be open to talk and talk a lot. In the end, Gillispie was not willing to play

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John Cena Lays the Smackdown on A-Rod

No, that is not a raciest term, but it is more than fitting when talking about WWE, John Cena and Alex Rodriguez. Professional wrestling superstar John Cena is busy making the media tour for his movie 12 Rounds and of course not even the potential World Wrestling Champion cannot escape questions about A-Rod. Amazing how that Rodriguez guy manages to make everything about him, even when he is no where near the situation.

Once asked about steroids and potential punishments, WWE star John Cena had some harsh words for Alex Rodriguez and other professional athletes who may be caught using steroids. Cena had the following to say about steroid users, "The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts."

Now while I agree with John Cena that the government should not pull any punches when dealing with steroid users, its just the source who is making the statement that makes me laugh a bit. The WWE boast a product that is notorious for steroid use. All the big names in the industry have admitted to using steroids or some sort of illegal narcotic at one point or another. Not to mention the fact that the "Wellness Policy" the WWE has put in place is a bigger joke than the MLB testing, maybe Cena should avoid talking steroids. Especially when he stands 6'0 275 pounds of pure muscle, not exactly a normal build for a man of that stature.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walker's Rants Back in The Saddle

After a little break, and a trip to Ireland, your favorite weekly blog post is back. Walker’s Rants have returned from vacation, and we are ready to blow the doors off the hinges with our hot fire.

Curt Schilling retires from baseball; does that mean I won’t be subjected to his horrid blog entries?

The NCAA tournament may not have the major upsets, but that does not mean it has been a boring tourney. Friday night (OSU vs. Sienna, FSU vs Wis.) was one of the best nights of college ball I can remember…

Okay so Lance Armstrong broke his collar bone, I got to say I just don’t care. 1) I don’t care about the Tour de France no matter who is racing in it. 2) Lance is only doing this comeback tour now to keep smoke off his ass for being a steroid user like everyone else in the sport is.

It is no surprise that T.O. did not show at the first day of training camp. However, it was a voluntary workout, and well that means he didn’t have to go…

Congratulations to Todd Clever for becoming the first American to start a Super 14 game, no small feat by any means…

The Broncos need to figure out a trade to get Cutler out of town. Nothing against Cutler, but the Broncos burnt that bridge with him, and there’s no reason to try to salvage the relationship by sabotaging the 09 season…

It’s funny how Americans downplay the WBC. Somehow I do not think it’s an accident that we downplay the WBC and we also happen to suck in playing the WBC…

So apparently Gilbert Arenas has decided to grace Washington Wizard’s fans wish his presences this weekend. Never thought, I’d actually be disappointed to see him…

The early release of a partial NFL schedule is just stupid. All or nothing baby…

The NFL should not lengthen their season. Part of what makes football so great is that it is short and simple. Every game matters, and any screw up in penalized…

While the Broncos need to move Jay Cutler trading him to the Jets would be a horrible move. The Broncos needs to bring a third team into the deal so they can get a QB in return…

Ichiro may just be the best player in the Major leagues right now…

The Knicks may not appreciate what Patrick Ewing did, but he is doing just fine down in Orlando…

The Detroit Lions will take an offensive tackle with their number one pick in the NFL Draft…

It’s going to be fun to watch the young USA 7’s squad when they take the pitch in Hong Kong in a few days…

Congratulations to Ireland for bringing home the 6-Nations Championship…

Xavier is not an accident, and the scary part is they have a legit chance to slip into the Final 4. That actually makes me sick…

I wonder who will be the new head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers time is ticking and they need some serious help…

Jimmy Rollins To Do Playboy

Jimmy Rollins is going to do a shoot for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. According to sources, Jimmy Rollins will do the shoot with his girlfriend. Don't worry Phillie fans, Rollins will not be posing nude after all it is Playboy not Playgirl. For what it's worth Jimmy Rollins girlfriend will not be nude either. The two will be posing as part a fashion layout for the magazine. Both will be wearing swim suits as well as other wear.

English Rugby Have The Best Future of All

Continuing with our recent rugby trend here at Walker-Sports, I am more than happy to invite in one of the experts from Heaven's Game to discuss some of the hot issues in international rugby today. Today the boys from the other side of the pond at Heaven's Game are talking about the future of English rugby, and I have to be honest with you, I think they nailed this one on the head.

Two decent halves of rugby have given English rugby fans real hope that their team has turned a positive corner.

The reality might not be quite that positive yet, but there are real signs of exciting times ahead. I have seen enough to convince me that if they can replace Shaw and Vickery adequately before the next world cup they are more of a chance of progressing to the pointy end of the tournament than either Wales or Ireland.

England are still a bit of a way off a competitive win over a Tri Nations team, but they have reached two rungs below these teams in the ladder. They have achieved a position where they are competitive with Wales and Ireland and through no lack of attractive play, not better than them at the moment but competitive.

You get the feeling that Ireland and to a lesser extent Wales are coming to the end of a cycle of players whereas England appear to be near the beginning.

Discipline is an issue for England as is leadership, but if I were an English rugby fan I would be placing a small wager at a betting shop on them picking up the Web Ellis trophy in Eden Park rather quickly.

Martin Johnson has much work to do, he could probably do without too many of his players going to South Africa with The Lions, that will be draining and he will be forced in the summer of 2010 to rest a lot of players from their summer tour then. Not an ideal situation as he will be starting his preparation for the RWC the following year.

The next 18 months will be a bit of a roller coaster ride for England but you get the feeling that it will be an enjoyable one.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rugby Stars In a Night Club Brawl

According to sources from the AFP all the action from this past weekends 6-Nations matches was not contained to the field. Sources are reporting that a fight broke out in Art Cafe a local hot spot, where French stand out Sebatian Chabal got into a confrontation with Italian star is Martin Castrogiovanni.

Witness state that Italian prop Castroviovanni left the seen with a bloody nose, while Chabal was unharmed. What makes the incident all worth while is the fight had nothing to with France's blowout of Italy earlier in the day. The fight was started when Chabal (also known as the Caveman) was accused of eyeing Martin Castrofiovanni's girlfriend.

The bearded Frenchman never even took off his sports coat during the altercation. Both men were separated by teammates, and Chabal left the scene. French players have apologized for the incident

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Shaq Challanges LeBron

The best part of NBA basketball has nothing to do with the game, it is all about the pre-game intro. We have all seen Kevin Garnett with his big clap, and we all know about LeBron James and his chalk toss. Well the Phoenix Suns with the help of the Big Daddy, Shaq, took it to a new level this past week when they broke out the bowling pins.

The Suns pregame ritual was a response to LeBron James working his magic with the camera.

After it was all said and done, Shaq took to the media calling out LeBron and challenging him to an intro off. The winner is picked by the fans, let the best intro win.

While all of this has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, I have to say I love it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Alexander Ovechkin Goal Celebration

Alexander Ovechkin is quickly becoming the most popular and most hated player in the NHL, in the short term that is great for the league. His amazing goals and big hits bring publicity to the league which is something the NHL desperately needs. Adding to the publicity craze is Ovechkin's recent run in with flamboyant analyst Don Cherry who swears the young star is too flash and too over the top. Pretty impressive coming from a guy who wears suits that would make Dion Sanders blush.

After scoring his 50th goal of the season on Thursday night, Ovechkin decided to have a little fun, I wonder what Cherry has to say about this.

2009 NCAA March Madness Live Blog Walker-Sports Sytle

It's day two if the 2009 NCAA Tournament and after a solid performance on opening day, we are ready for another great day of basketball action. Unfortunately right now we are not getting too much action from the opening days. But have no fear, we will be in touch as the day goes on.

North Dakota St. is making the most of their tournament experience it looks like. They are giving Kansas all they can handle.

Great 8-9 game between OK State and Tenn. Oddly enough it always seems those games leave a lot to be desired. Maybe it's just me though.

It looks N Dak St is losing some of their steam with 2 mins to go. Nonetheless they have nothing to be ashamed of, they have looked great so far.

Wow what an end to the Tenn vs. Ok. State

Sitting at 18-20 on my picks so far off to a solid start, but that Illinois game is still bothering me, wish I knew bout those injuries

Cornell is doing a great job hanging in there with Missouri only down 4 heading into the half not bad at all

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 NCAA March Madness Live Blog Walker-Sports Sytle

Whats up everyone? After some time off, we are back and ready to have some fun. Today we kick off our first installment of live blogs for the 2009 March Madness NCAA Tournaments. This should be fun.

Currently we are watching the 8 vs 9 game featuring Butler vs. LSU.

What will make this years Tournament and picks fun for me personally is I did no prep work. That's right, spent the last week in Ireland playing rugby and read my first bracket at 8 AM today. So who knows what to expect.

Taking a little trip to watch the Memphis vs. CS Northridge (I have no idea who that is).

It amazes me at how accepting and lenient bosses are when it comes to March Madness

Is it bad that I have Uconn winning my bracket and I have little faith in them? In all fairness It was my hatred of UNC and lack of faith in OU that made me go Uconn.

CS North may be the best competition Memphis has faced since playing Xavier back in November

It's refreshing to hear Jim Nance's voice. Always love his work.

Memphis just does not look good

CS North is not going quietly into the night I like it.

Butler has battled back, and they are proving why they are a good team.

Memphis has caught my attention for all the wrong reasons however.

Between the Butler game and the CS North game we are off to a good start to the 2009 NCAA Tournament

Looks like Butler couldn't pull it out.

Butler goes down and Memphis stands strong after an early scare. I got to say I was doubtful of Memphis before the tourney and today's game just confirmed my fears

Why do I keep thinking that Northern Iowa will be the team to pull the 12 vs 5 upset this year when they knockoff Purdue?

Okay I could have been completely wrong with that prediction. Purdue seems more than able to destroy Northern Iowa.

Moving on to the Maryland game, Guess I should support one local team.

Lets go Radford stand up for Virginia and beat North Carolina.

I didn't even know Radford was a Division I team.

Maryland basketball is hard on the eyes.

I'll be so happy when Tyler H leaves UNC

At the conclusion of day one of the NCAA tournament, I went 14 of 16 on my picks. Not bad, but I am happy with that. Missing the Illinois pick is a bit of a drag though, I had them going a few rounds.

The Future of Italian Rugby

As we prepare to enter the final week of this year's 6 Nations Tournament (Go Ireland), there are a few other questions about the the state of European Rugby that could be asked and debated. Thanks to our good friend Jeremy over at Heaven's Game, we are able to bring the conversation to you the fans at Walker-Sports. Today Heaven's Game is discussing the state of Italian rugby, something that is oddly close to my heart. In many ways the Italian rugby program reminds me of the U.S.A. Eagles program here in the States but that is another conversation for another day.

The headlines have been scathing about Wales abject performance in Rome despite their victory. On the face of things the result was hardly unexpected. Many changes to combination's in international rugby is a dangerous risk against a team in Italy that is always capable of a very good performance. Just ask Australia after their match in November 2008.

The Welsh management will be relatively happy with the result behind closed doors. They have tested their squad strength in a competitive, hostile environment. They have seen that when under pressure their big name players were able to produce the quality they needed and that some of their squad players need more game time.

Throughout the match I could not help but think how disappointed I would have been if I were an Italian Rugby fan. Despite having large chucks of possession and territory the team was showing little adventure. This was personified on the stroke of halftime. Italy had Wales pinned on their goal line The Azzurri did not have the confidence to test Wales on the edges at centre and wing. They chose an attempt at a drop goal which they missed.

Before the game Italy would have talked about needing to score tries to beat Wales as the Welsh will just about always get one themselves - such is the quality in their backline.

Italy need to find a rhythm in their game that allows them to express their talent. How they do this is the tough part. Whenever their players meet international teams whether in The European Cup/Challenge Cup or in the Six Nations they are mostly under pressure.

Italy should start searching out games with Romania and Spain once again if for no other reason than to allow their players to express themselves in a competitive environment which for the most of the game they will be in control. If you add this type of encounter on top of two Italian sides competing in The Magners League then we will see a swift improvement in Italy's ability to turn pressure into points and not rely on the boot for glory.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is There Anything Alexander Ovechkin Can't Do?

There is no question that Alexander Ovechkin is the best hockey player in the NHL right now. He is on his way to winning his second consecutive league MVP, and hopefully for Washington Capitals fans, Ovechkin is ready to lead the Caps deep into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While all of those things are well and good, it is this latest clip that proves Alexander Ovechkin has truely arrived as a celebrity and hero. If you live in the Washington D.C. area, you have heard the catchy jingles from a local car dealership. While having a deal with Nike or Adidas is well and good, it is the Eastern Motors commercial that shows true greatness, and today Ovie has reached that milestone. Check him out.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Where Has the Atmosphere Gone in Rugby?

Once again in our on going effort to bring you the best content from around the world, we are happy to welcome our dear friends from Heavens Game back into the yard. As always, Heavens Game keeps us up to date with all the latest happenings in international rugby. This week the topic of conversation is Super 14 Rugby.

We are, at the time of writing 3 matches into Round 4 of the super 14 2009 competition. There has been some splendid rugby, some very tough rugby and some very poor rugby played by all teams so far much like any other competition in world rugby or for that matter world sport.

The simple facts are that not every game can be 34-33 with a try in the last seconds defining the winner and importantly the rugby fan knows this. Hell any sports fan knows this.

So why then are the crowds in this years super 14 so poor?

Is it the global financial crisis? Possibly. Is it a below par marketing campaign leading into the tournament? Possibly. Or is it the new rules? More likely.

All the stats point to more points, ball in play longer etc.. etc... etc... There is also a hell of a lot more kicking.

The sheer volume of the crowds excitement at The Sydney Football Stadium in the Reds v Waratahs match when Lachie Turner broke the trend of returning a kick with a kick by choosing a good angle and pinning his ears back was palpable.

Kicking has always been a vital part of the game of Rugby and long may it remain so, but not at the expense of moments like Turner's.

The law changes in Rugby are pushing the game towards a more friendly TV viewing product of that there is no doubt, but, having a full stadium is also part of the viewing experience.

Atmosphere translates into the lounge room, it translates into the commentators voices as they too feel the passion of the crowd and at the moment the super 14 is devoid of atmosphere.

TV and its money is important, but not so important that the fabric our game should be altered to the detriment of the excitement of the fan attending the game.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Roy Williams Cut From the Dallas Cowboys

Continuing with the business of the day, the Dallas Cowboys have cut pro bowl safety Roy Williams. Much like the move to axe T.O. earlier today, Williams being cut does not come as a surprise to many.

Roy Williams missed the majority of last season after breaking a bone in his arm. Before that Williams had already been reduced to being a two down safety, as he had been removed from the Nickel and Dime packages. While being a devastating, Williams was one of the worst cover safeties in the NFL, and as a result he was a liability on third down.

What's Next For T.O.

The news hit the Internet like a tornado this morning. First reported by ESPN and later confirmed by every news outlet in the country, the Dallas Cowboys have cut troubled wide out Terrell Owens. While the cut has been rumored for weeks now, many assumed that Jerry Jones would never actually pull the trigger on the deal, today we found out Dallas Cowboys owner has the grapefruits to make moves. Now, that T.O. is gone the question is what is next?

Terrell Owens is a Hall of Fame caliber receiver. Don't believe me? Look at the numbers, they are ridiculous. Last season Owens had more touchdown passes alone, than 15 other teams entire receiving cores. All together Owens accounted for 69 receptions 10 touchdowns for 1,052 yards. On the field T.O. is worth every bit of the $34 million dollar contract. However, obviously it is the off the field issues that keeps Owens on the hot list.

When looking at the potential suitors for Terrell Owens, it is almost easier to look at the teams that will not take the troubled receiver.

Here is a list of teams T.O. will not play for in 2009.

Dallas Cowboys: Well this one is obvious.
Philadelphia Eagles: Again pretty obvious that T.O. will not make a return to the city of brotherly love, not as long as Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are still there.

Kansas City Chiefs: While the Chiefs need a deep play threat, new head coach Todd Hailey and T.O. did not get along during their time together in Dallas, so you cannot expect them to mend their fences now.

New England Patriots: Yes the Patriots like to take troubled players. The problem is T.O. and Moss do not like each other. Cross another team off the list.
Minnesota Vikings: Brad Childress was in Philadelphia during the T.O. experiment, and these two flat out don't like each other.

Now that we know the places that Terrell Owens will not suit up next season, now let's look at where the star player could end up relocating to.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens were one of the 15 NFL teams that failed to have a 1000 yard receiver. They need an upgrade, and remember T.O. flirted with the Ravens once before.

New York Jets: The Jets are in the post Brett Favre rebuilding era. Adding a big play receiver would be a step in the right direction.

New York Giants: The whole situation with Plax has the Giants in disarray. One thing that is certain, is the Giants need a big play receiver, their chances of a repeat went down the toilet the moment Burress shot himself.

Washington Redskins:
Skins fans have been clamoring for a big receiver for years now. Dan Snyder loves to make big splashes in the news. After all his favorite NFL owner is Jerry Jones. Don't be surprised when T.O. lands in Washington D.C.

The next few weeks leading into the NFL draft and this off season will be very interesting as T.O. is shopped around to find a new home. Look for Owens contract negotiations to go along the same liens as the Manny contract talks went in MLB. Meaning in this economy and with T.O.'s history of wrecking teams, the list of potential suitors could be very short. In addition at 35 years old and 13 seasons already under his belt, Owens is not buying green bananas, and the likelihood of any sort of a long term deal has to be seriously doubted.

All I can say is get your popcorn ready.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Walker's Free Agency Rants

NFL free agency opened this past Friday and teams have been frantic signing anything that is not nailed down to the floor. Sadly for us, the phones have been quiet here at Walker-Sports but we are still holding out for that special call. Till that time, we are ready to rip off another solid edition of Walker-Rants.

$100 million for a defensive player, a defensive tackle at that. I never thought I’d live to see this day…

The Philadelphia Eagles are self destructing right before our eyes. It truly is the end of an era…

A-Rod went to Katie Couric for career advice. Really has she made the best choices as of late?

Glad to see Avery is coming to the Rangers. I always loved booing him when he came to the Phone Booth in DC…

IF San Fran pays big money for Kurt Warner big money, they will regret it. He’s not so good when he doesn’t have all world receivers around him, remember his experience with the Giants…

It feels good to open the papers and see Ireland on top of the 6-Nations Table…

Maurice Clarett is blogging from prison and taking some college courses. So now he has time to hang out and go to class. If he had just done that in first place, he wouldn’t be in this situation…

I love that Shaq has put together a great month on the court, and now he is calling out every big man in the NBA for no good reason…

Don Cherry shut the hell up, and learn to wear a real mans suit…

Blake Griffin is the truth, and his talent will project out into a NBA career. Think more David West than anything else…

Of course the Giants want Plax back now they missed out on all the free agent receivers available…

Two mock drafts and counting, Walker-Sports have this entire NFL thing on lock you can believe that…

It’s a shame that a lot of mid major teams are going to miss out on the Tourney this year, but there are some damn good major conference teams that flat out earned it…

Jason Taylor got cut over off season workout plans? I can’t believe that when Portis never spends his summers in D.C.

I’m just sick of Manny…

The Ravens traded in their future for Ray Lewis. Not cool…

Why is the Mountain West conference still bitching about a BCS playoff? It’s not going to happen get over it!!

Seriously why is Tom Brady getting married new to anyone? If you’re a true sports fan, you should not care…

I hope Starbury destroys the Celtics just because that would be funny to me…

Despite some setbacks, I still have the Washington Capitals making the Stanley Cup Finals…