Friday, November 28, 2008

Tasty Leftover Daily Linkin Logs

I have a goal of posting a draft review today. It may or may not come to fruition because I'm also making holiday travels late tonight (a midnight bus to be exact), but if I can crank the review, I will. Beyond that, the next few draft reviews may be entering the murky holiday time. At most, I'll post two between now and next Monday. I apologize, but I'm sure you all will be busy as well.

In an unrelated note, Northeastern Hockey is now ranked 4th in the Nation in both the USCHO and USA Today polls, tops among Hockey East teams. Northeastern is set to face #7 Princeton this weekend in the RPI Holiday Tournament in what could be considered a national statement game. Additionally, they are entered in the Dodge Holiday Classic, set for the weekend after New Years where they could face current #1 Minnesota (they could only meet in the championship for the four team tournament) in what could be a preview for the NCAA Tourney. Needless to say, its an exciting time for Husky Hockey which hasn't been this competitive since the mid 80s.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

College Football Pick'em Week 14

The college football season is winding down, very quickly. There are only a few weeks left for teams to take care of unsettled business and make there way to the promise land. This is also Thanksgiving week, which is a special time to enjoy your families and all of that. It also means there are tons of big rivalry games getting ready to go down. So this week’s edition of our College Football Pick’em will focus on the rivalry games.

Once again our big game of the week will take place in the Big 12, and for the third time this season, it will feature the Oklahoma Sooners as they take on instate rival Oklahoma State.

The Oklahoma Sooners looked like gangbusters last weekend in Norman against Texas Tech. The Sooners exposed the holes in the Texas Tech defense, and ran the score up. This was really the first time the nation got to see just how high powered the Sooners attack can be. Sam Bradford is one of the best quarterbacks in the country that has largely flown under the radar thanks to the efforts of Tim Tebow and Graham Herald. However, Bradford has put up Heisman like numbers throwing for over 3,700 yards and 42 touchdowns. In addition the Sooners have a fantastic running attack that has chewed up over 1,000 yards on the ground. Plainly put, the Oklahoma Sooners are Juggernauts on the offensive side of the ball. Their lowest point total on the season has been 35 points (in a win over TCU and a lost to Texas). On the defensive side of the ball the Sooners have shown improvement as the year has gone along. They currently rank fourth in the Big 12 on total defense. However, any defensive stat on OU tend to be a little skewed because of their tendency to give up last minute touchdowns in blow out games. Nonetheless this is a very talented defensive group that will get after the quarterback. Last week’s game in Norman was huge for the Sooners, and even head coach Bob Stoops said it was the best atmosphere he had seen in Memorial stadium since arriving in Norman. However, this week’s game against rival Oklahoma State is far more important. Oklahoma must win and win big if they want to leap Texas in the polls and go to the Big 12 Championship game. The NCAA may not have playoffs, but for Oklahoma they are in the middle of a four week playoff run where a lost means the end of the season for all intents and purposes.

Oklahoma State is very familiar with their role as spoiler in this series. The locals call this game the Bedlam, and it has been exactly that for the last decade, no team has been more responsible for crushing the national title hopes of the Oklahoma Sooners, than Oklahoma State. In 2001 and 2002 the Cowboys have knocked off Oklahoma, not to mention several other heartbreakers in 2006 and 2004. Long story short, the players at Oklahoma State get what this game is all about, and Mike Gundy knows how to get his boys fired up to play in the big game. However, there is more to this game than the Cowboys being the lowly step brother of the Oklahoma Sooners. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are loaded, and very good. A win on Saturday will lift the Cowboys to the 10 win mark for the first time in 20 years, and they have the players to get them there. The Cowboys will have to relay on their potent passing attack that is led by Zac Robinson at quarterback and Dez White at the receiver position, the two forgotten souls when people do a roll call of the Big 12 elite. Zac Robinson will need to manage his emotions and manage the game on Saturday to guide the Cowboys through. The Oklahoma defense has stiffened up, and they held pass happy Texas Tech to just 21 points. Robinson will need to keep his team in short yardage situations, and avoid getting into third and long and having to force passes. The home crowd will be behind him, there is no doubt about that, now the Cowboys just need to go out and perform.

The spread has the Oklahoma Sooners favored by seven and a half points. This is a rivalry that while historically lopsided has become very close in the last decade. Typically I get very nervous for the Sooners around this time of year. In addition I also become nervous when Bob Stoops has to get his guys fired up for a big game. But, I am still riding the high of last week, and believe the Sooners are peaking at the right time. Oklahoma will win the game and cover the spread. But don’t expect it to resemble the blowout we saw last week in Norman.

Now onto some other big games on tap for the weekend:

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech: Despite the disappointing season the Georgia Bulldogs have had, this game still has plenty of implications for both teams. To begin with Georgia Tech is still fighting for a shot at the ACC title game. In addition Georgia can still improve on what bowl game they are eligible for with a win. The spread has Georgia favored by eight and a half points. I think they can handle that and win the game. The Georgia Tech option attack is not quick enough to fool the Bulldogs.

Florida vs. Florida State: The Florida Gators may be the hottest team in college football; they showed that by dropping 70 points on lowly Citadel last week. Florida State is in the midst of an ugly season that could still yield a trip to the ACC Championship and a BCS game. Kind of impressive actually considering how bad this team is. The spread as the Gators favored by 17 points on Saturday, but I’m going to throw a random fact at you. The home team in this rivalry is 15-5 against the spread in the last 20 meetings. Saturday’s game is at Doak Campbell Stadium home of the Seminoles. I know it’s a long shot, but I like Florida State to cover the 17 points, but Florida wins the game.

Auburn vs. Alabama: A classic southern rivalry. Really this is the only thing worth looking at in the state of Alabama, but that is another story. Alabama is the top ranked team in the country and eyeballing a big showdown with Florida in a couple weeks for the SEC championship. Auburn has limped its way through the season, and more than likely Tommy Tuberville already has his bags packed for Clemson South Carolina. Auburn has won six straight in this series, and that streak comes to a crashing halt on Saturday. The spread has Alabama favored by 14 points. They will win the game and cover that spread.

Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia: The back yard brawl. Last year Pittsburgh came up with what may have been the upset of the season when they knocked off then second ranked West Virginia and cost them a shot at the national title. Not many people know about or care about this game, but is a great one to watch. Two schools separated by two hours, and a mountain, and they really do hate each other. The spread has West Virginia favored by three and a half points. I like the way Pat White is playing right now and he will be able to carry WVU over the hump and beat Pitt.

Oregon vs. Oregon State: The Civil War, again another rivalry game that not many get a chance to see. Mainly because typically when this game takes place most of the country is asleep or wrapped up in FSU vs. Florida. However, this year it is a huge deal. Oregon State has a chance to go to the Rose Bowl. I know that just sounds strange. Oregon State came out of now where and they have the opportunity to steal a Pac 10 title from big bad USC, but they need to handle business one last time at home on Saturday night to complete the magical season. The spread has Oregon State favored by three points. From what I have seen of Oregon this season they are just too inconsistent for me to rely on. That is why I am picking Oregon State to win the game and the Pac 10. Too bad no one wants to watch a rematch of Penn State vs. Oregon State in the Rose Bowl.

College Football Pick'em Week 13 Results

Alright so some of the big games on last weekends schedule did not exactly turn out the way we wanted them to. Mainly they turned out to be blowouts. That happens sometimes in college football. However, what is important is the stellar record I put up last week while picking games. I have to say it is something to be proud of.

Oklahoma 65 vs. Texas Tech 21: I won’t lie, I have been waiting for this one all year, because I have always been skeptical about Texas Tech, but when I’ve gone against them I have gotten burned badly. However, if you stick to your guns long enough, good things happen. The spread favored Oklahoma by seven points; I said take the Sooners, with the points and the over. If you listened to me you covered on all grounds, big win.

Penn State 49 vs. Michigan State 18: This game decided the winner of the Big 10, and who would travel west to represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. This really was not much of a contest as Penn State ran away from the start and the only real question left on the day was how much would PSU win by. There was a hefty 14 point spread on this one, but Penn State cover the spread and got the win.

Utah 48 vs. BYU 24: BYU had one goal on the season, perfection. Well, they blew that goal back in September with a lost to TCU. That put them in the spoiler position, and what better way to become the ultimate spoiler than beating cross state rival Utah in the Holy War. The spread had Utah favored by seven points, and apparently Vegas knew something I did not know, because Utah rolled to the easy victory covering the spread.

Cincinnati 28 vs. Pittsburgh 21: The Cincinnati Bearcats are going to a BCS game and appear to be Big East champions. Now that is something that I never thought I would say. They did it by knocking off rival Pitt, and in doing so they covered the five point spread. Well done.

Florida State 37 vs. Maryland 3: Maryland had a chance to stake claim to a trip to the ACC title game. However, FSU came in and just smacked them in their own back yard. The spread actually had Maryland favored by a point, not really sure what the odds makers where thinking with that one. Guess they only watched two Maryland games this season. Florida State came out and took care of business, by winning the game and covering the spread.

Ohio State 42 vs. Michigan 7: Keep your chin up Michigan fans, better days are ahead. They have to be. This season was a complete disaster, and you can point the finger at just about every associated with the program. Ohio State is likely out of a BCS game and had little to play for this season other than smacking Michigan and that’s exactly what they went out and did. The spread had Ohio State by 21, and they ran away with that like it was nothing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Walker's Rants, Thanksgiving Style

Let me begin by wishing an early happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I hope you get to spend some time with family and love ones as well as enjoy some good food, friends and football. Really add a beer to that equation and you have the formula to make any day a good day. With that being said let’s kick off another edition of Walker’s Rants.

Andy Reid made the best and worst decision by benching Donovan McNabb on Sunday. It’s time for a change there, blow up the Eagles and start over again from scratch…

The UVA vs. Clemson game may have been the most boring football game I’ve ever had to sit through, and it has nothing to do with the Virginia lose…

Firing Eddie Jordan will not save the Washington Wizards season, but it was a good move. Even though half the team is hurt, Jordan maxed out his potential with this team back in 2006…

Once again the U.S.A. Eagles managed to fall flat on their face during overseas test matches. And Coach Melville has the audacity to question player’s commitment because they could not take the 6 weeks away for the proper prep time. Seriously!?! Where the hell did he think he was coaching at?

Texas Tech was exposed to be exactly who we thought they were on Saturday night…

I’m actually fearful for the future of NASCAR…

Texas will be screwed when the whole BCS dust settles…

How about them Caps? Injuries are ruining what was supposed to be a special year. Let’s hope they can get this cleared up and get back on track…

Mike Vick pleads guilty, but the real question remains, does anyone really care?

The Detroit Lions will be a playoff team within two seasons, maybe even next year depending on how they are allowed to clean house. Just wait and see…

I’m actually getting excited for the Del La Hoya fight…

The sports God’s must hate Philadelphia, or at least use it as their court jester. I mean why else would they allow the Phillies to win a World Series title, and then allow the Eagles to self destruct in front of our eyes?

I hope everyone has a special Thanksgiving, I know all of us here at Walker-Sports will…

Oklahoma State is going to live up to this hype this weekend, and end the Sooners BCS run…

I can’t wait to read the BS article that Jason Whitlock comes up with complaining that his Ball State team got now BCS love…

UVA basketball is 6-1 and I still don’t know who the head coach is…

I can’t wait to go on tour in Ireland this spring; it’s going to be huge….

Monday, November 24, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll: It's About to Get Ugly

The college football landscape got a bit of a makeover on Saturday thanks to Oklahoma pounding Texas Tech. The results have already been shown in the BCS standings, but now it’s time to figure out what the shake up did to the Walker-Sports College football standings.

1) Alabama: The Iron Bowl is right around the corner, but for all the obvious reasons this years edition of a great Southern rivalry is not as exciting. What Alabama needs to do is make sure they stay focused. First they must focus on Auburn and pour everything they have into that game. Once the final whistle is blown they can look around the corner to Florida. But they have to take it one step at a time, as there is still a lot of work to do.

2) Oklahoma: The Sooners put together their best performance of the season on Saturday, and it could not have come at a better time. National television against the second ranked team in the country and the Oklahoma Sooners destroyed the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Sooners offense looked dangerous and their defense smothered Texas Tech. While Saturday was great, the Sooners must put it behind them and now focus on Oklahoma State. Handle business there, and this whole BCS/Big 12 mess should sort itself out and the Oklahoma Sooners will end up exactly where they deserve.

3) Florida Gators: Some people will say, Florida got screwed by ending up third in this poll, but at the end of the day, they are in the best position of any team in the top 25. While they are sitting in the third spot, Florida controls its own destiny. Yes the Gators still need to get by in state rival Florida State next weekend, and God only knows which FSU team will show up. But once they are done with that, it’s pretty much assured that the Gators will match up against Alabama for the SEC title. If Florida wins that game, then they is in, it’s pretty simple.

4) USC: It’s going to be very funny to me when USC finishes the season in the top five in the country and fails to win the Pac-10. Nonetheless, the Trojans have put together a good season, but that one lost on a Thursday night looks like it will bite them in the ass. I bet you that Pete Carroll and company are wishing the Pac-10 had a conference championship now.

5) Texas: The Longhorns are getting screwed. No other way to put it really. Texas has done everything right, but they will need a lot of help to get back into the mix of things. The way Oklahoma destroyed Texas Tech actually hurt Texas because Texas lost to the Red Raiders. It also does not help the Longhorns that they lost to the Red Raiders just a few weeks ago. Teams that lose early are rewarded, while those who lose late are punished.

6) Utah: The dream season remains in tact and after winning in their big game against BYU. It is set and done that that the Utes will be a part of the BCS one again. This will make them a two time BCS party crasher. It has been a great season, and they will enjoy playing the Bearcats in a game that Utah should win.

7) Boise State: America’s favorite BCS busters are still in the mix and alive and well. Boise State has worked its way into the top ten in the BCS rankings and if they can hold on against Fresno State they too will be BCS dancing once again. If the chips fall correctly, Boise State could get a shot at an ACC team, and if that is the case they will be celebration their second win in a BCS game.

8) Penn State: Joe Pa could not have written a better exit plan for his storied career. Penn State has dominated the Big 10 all season, and after destroying Michigan State, PSU is on their way to the Rose Bowl. Everything has just fallen into place for Penn State, now let’s hope that Joe Pa does the right thing and steps down after his big game.

9) Ball State: I feel like a broken record saying this, but this has been a great year for Ball State and they have done everything right. However at the end of the day, they fail to have a marquee victory over anyone. And the result is Ball State is left out of the BCS Bowl games.

10) Missouri Tigers: The more I look at the Tigers just hanging out in the Big 12 North, the more they scare me. Missouri will play the Big 12 Championship in their back yard, and I keep getting these visions of them playing spoilers. If they knock of Texas, Texas Tech or Oklahoma, the BCS computers may explode.

11) Ohio State: The best part about this ranking is we will not have to watch Ohio State be the whipping boy for another SEC team in a BCS game. That alone makes this season better than either of the previous two years.

12) Texas Tech: Texas Tech fell back into their old ways and old habits on Saturday night. The Air Raid offense was grounded, and the Texas Tech defense looked like Swiss cheese. Texas Tech can still factor into the Big 12 race but they are likely out of running for a BCS Championship.

13) Georgia Bulldogs: It just wasn’t the season for Mark Richt and his boys. They get in state rival Georgia Tech this weekend. Other than that, they will play in a New Years day game, which is great, but it will seem extremely anti-climatic.

14) Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have had a great season, and things could get even better by next week this time. Oklahoma State has the opportunity to play spoiler when they take on the red hot Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma State has a history of kicking the Sooners when they are at their best, pulling the upset this time could prove to be as sweet as a trip to a BCS game.

15) Cincinnati Bearcats: Look who showed up and won the Big East. I have to admit that I did not see that one coming. Now the biggest question in Cincinnati is where their head coach will end up as he is high on the Tennessee Vols wish list. The way he handles the next few weeks going into his BCS game could prove to be very important to the Bearcats welfare.

16) TCU: Great year played some great football. Their two losses came against two BCS teams, really TCU did everything they were supposed to do, but just did not have enough in the tank. This is the life that is college football.

17) Oregon State: One win away from the unthinkable, a trip to the Rose Bowl. Truly Oregon State upending USC and taking their spot in the Rose Bowl would have to go down as one of the all time great moments in college football. However, before the Beavers can pack their bags for southern Cal, they must take on in state rival Oregon in the Civil War battle. You can bet the atmosphere will be crazy for this game.

18) BYU: When the season opened, the Cougars wanted to go undefeated and make it to a BCS game. When the hopes for a BCS season went down the tubes early in the season, the goal then became beat Utah. Well after Saturday, that goal will go unfulfilled as well. In the end of the day, BYU had a good season, but they fell well short of any expectations they had for themselves.

19) Oregon: The Ducks have hung around this spot of the poll all season and truth is told they have had a solid season; this is a team that knew they were going into a transition year of sorts. Not to mention they have gone through about 300 quarterbacks thanks to injuries. Nonetheless, the Ducks have a chance to play spoiler on Saturday when they travel to take on Oregon State and if they can do that, the season will not seem so bad.

20) Michigan State: So close but yet such a long way to go, that was the story all season for Michigan State. The Spartans were crushed both times they matched up against the elite of the Big 10. That is what happens when a team has a one dimensional attack. Good teams know how to stop it and leave you looking for answers.

21) Northwestern: This has been an amazing season for Northwestern. No many saw this team working their way into a bowl game but that is exactly what they have done. I tip my hat to them on a great season.

22) Boston College: Maybe they are the best team in the ACC; at this point I am not even sure what that means. The Eagles have a chance to play for an ACC Championship, and no matter who stumbles into that game, the Eagles have a chance to win.

23) Ga. Tech: Talk about a great first year. Paul Johnson leaves Navy comes to Ga. Tech and he has his option offense rolling at full speed already, and he has yet to bring in all his players. Ga. Tech has over achieved this season, and that is not a bad thing.

24) Florida State: Bobby Bowden will do whatever it takes to make sure he sticks around long enough to pass Joe Pa on the all time wins list. Why else would FSU be playing up to this level this late in the season?

25) West Virginia: Pat White had his best game of the season on Saturday, but it was far too little too late to save the season.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Walker-Sports

It's a Celebration Bitches. On this day three years ago, Walker-Sports was born. The fact that w have made it this long is impressive, and surprising. Nonetheless, we have been through our ups and downs. The site has undergone a name change, background changes, new writers new specials and countless other actions. However, we have always had one goal in mind, to bring the best quality sports entertainment to our readers, and I hope that we have been successful in doing that.

We would like to extend a thank you to all of those who have contributed to the site over the years, it can be difficult to keep a site like this up and running all the time, but with your contributions it does make life a little bit easier. We'd also like to extend a big thank you to all the readers out there. Without you, we would not be here today. Please keep coming back, leave your comments and tell us what's on your mind. Even the best content in the world is worthless if there is no one around to read it. Thank you all for your support and help over the years.

It is fitting that on the third annaversary of Walker-Sports the staff is currently at the place where it all began. Scott Stadium Charlottesville Virginia, at a University of Virginia Football game, celebration the Recipe for Disaster (pictures to come soon). If you're in the area drop us a line here and come out and have a drink with us.

Thank you all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Linkin Longs:Hammering Hank

As always we welcome in Justin from the Bad News Bloggers with his Daily Linkin Logs. Always fun, always entertaining.

If you didn't already know, Hammerin' Hank...wait, no Hal Steinbrenner will be taking (officially) the place of George (or perhaps simply Larry David) as Yankees Chairman (and partial owner).

Hal has actually been more involved with the team, namely from a financial aspect (he's got the brains), while brother Hank has been more focused on the baseball side of things. There's no doubt that Hank will take the place as family "Boss" when his father passes.

And it's almost a sad day for baseball. And in a Charles Wilson-esque utterence (former GM CEO), George once declared "What's good for the Yankees is good for baseball." And to some extent that's true (and perhaps the Red Sox too). George hasn't passed yet, but you can sense, between Hank and Hal, that his fate is sealed and Baseball will lose another figure. But what Steinbrenner has done, overseen baseball's most powerful franchise reach a climax in popularity, both in the city and the game, is something that may in fact be "Hall of Fame" worthy.

And it didn't take Hal long to act. After offering C.C. Sabathia a contract (projected to be upwards of $137.5 million), Hal threatened not to take flack from anyone:
"We've made him an offer. It's not going to be there forever," - Hal Steinbrenner
And with that, the new Yankees era seems an awful lot like the old one. The Yankees won't play second fiddle (or 2nd choice) to the Dodgers or anybody.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

College Football Pick'em Week 13

We are getting down to crunch time in the college football season, and teams are fighting for their post season lives. Saturday is going to be a huge day for college football. One game could very easily decide the national title as well as the Heisman Trophy. With all of that at stake, lets not waste any time, let’s dive right into this week’s edition of the College Football Pick’em.

There is not doubt that the biggest game of the week takes place in Norman Oklahoma when the Oklahoma Sooners meet up with the red hot Texas Tech Red Raiders. The winner of this game will likely have their ticket punched for a trip to the Big 12 Championship game as well as a chance to play in the BCS Championship game.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have become the darlings of college over the course of the last month. They went from being the forgotten step child of the Big 12 South that ran a quirky offense to become a powerhouse knocking off two of the best teams in the South and the best team from the Big 12 North. Now if the Red Raiders want to complete this magical run through the Big 12 and prove their dominance they need to take out the standard bearer for excellence in the Big 12 South, Oklahoma. For Texas Tech they are fighting against history. Never in school history have the Red Raiders knocked off Texas and Oklahoma in the same season. While the Texas Tech defense is much improved this season, and held Oklahoma State and Texas to just 26.5 points a game earlier this season, they are about to embark on their most difficult test of the season. Oklahoma has a balanced attack with their ability to run the ball and with Sam Bradford leading the passing attack. This means the front line of Texas Tech will play an all important role in Saturday’s game. They must stand their ground against the rush, and not allow the Sooners to create gaps where their backs can gash the Texas Tech linebackers. In addition it will be up to the defensive line to generate pressure on Bradford. The Texas Tech secondary showed show weaknesses against Texas when defending the deep ball. In order to prevent that from happening against the defensive line must pressure Bradford and keep him on the move so he cannot get a clear shot at his deep threats. On offense, the Red Raiders are a well tuned machine. . The Texas Tech “Air Raid” offense will have to run with complete accuracy on Saturday to give their team a chance to win. The Red Raiders do not to find themselves in a shootout with Oklahoma because the Sooners are the one team who could keep pace with them. In addition, Texas Tech does not want to play catch up inside the hostile confines of Memorial Stadium in Norman Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Sooners must put everything on the line Saturday night. I am actually calling this a must win game for the Sooners, because of the fact that the Big 12 Championship and a trip to the BCS Championship is on the line, but because Bob Stoops legacy is on the line. The knock on Stoops lately has been he fails to perform in the big games. There may be no bigger game than this one, it is without a doubt the biggest game in Texas Tech school history, but it could easily go down as one of the biggest games in Oklahoma history as well. Sam Bradford and company will need to be precise in their attack on Saturday. Texas Tech has gotten phenomenal pressure from their defensive line all season, this has allowed their linebackers to drop back into coverage and really confuse opposing quarterbacks. It was costly picks that cost Texas the game against the Red Raiders earlier this season. In addition to being precise with their passing attack, the Sooners will need to run the ball well. An effective running game, will force the Red Raiders to stack more players into the box. This will open up more passing lanes for Bradford. It will also give the Sooners the option of using some place action pass sets to open up the secondary deep down the field. In addition a solid running game will allow Oklahoma to control the clock. There is no better way to stop Graham Herald and Michael Crabtree than simply keep them off the field. On defense, Oklahoma needs to sell out. They need to get to Harold early and often and disrupt the passing attack.

This game has the potential to go down as one of the great games of the season. And that is saying a lot considering the show that Texas Tech put on earlier this season against Texas. Heading into Saturdays game the Sooners are favored by seven points. With the spread that high it does make me a little leery. However, I do understand the thought process behind it; Oklahoma is at home and while Texas Tech has played well to this points, all their big games have been in Lubbock. I like the Sooners to win the game, and cover the spread, and please bet the over on this one also, because it will be a shootout.

Now a look at the other big games on tap this week.

Michigan Stave vs. Penn State: The Big 10 title is on the line in this one and Beaver Stadium will be electric as the fans may be getting one of their last looks at a Joe Pa coached team. Michigan State has had a miracle season, seemingly coming out of now where to put their mark on the Big 10 and possibly the national scene as well. Right now the line is set with Penn State favored by 14 points. While that may be a lot of points, PSU has what it takes to cover the spread. Michigan State is just too one dimensional on offense to come into Happy Valley and walk away with a win. Penn State wins the game and covers the spread.

BYU vs. Utah: This was to be the biggest game in history for these two teams. Both entered the season with dreams of going undefeated and making an appearance in a BCS game. However, thanks to TCU only Utah still has that dream in tact. BYU and Utah are both very talented teams, and going into Saturday nights game, the spread favors Utah by seven points, however, I am smelling an upset. BYU spent their entire season building toward this game, and even though a BCS bid may not be on the line for the Cougars, you can bet they would love to spoil the Utes season. Take BYU to win the came and cover the spread.

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati: Yet another conference title is at stake in this match up. The seemingly forgotten Big East is up for grabs and the two top teams will lock horns on Saturday night to decide who a sacrificial lamb will be for a Big 12 or SEC runner up. The Cincinnati Bearcats have played amazing football all season, but their biggest opponent on the field Saturday evening will not be Pitt, it will be remaining focused and avoiding the distractions around them. Right now there are plenty of rumors swirling that their head coach could be moving south this winter to take on the Tennessee job that will be vacated at seasons end. The spread has Cincinnati favored by five points, it will take all they to remain focused and get a win, but I think with the hometown crowd behind them the will do exactly that. The Bearcats cover the spread and win the game.

Florida State vs. Maryland: I am not sure how this happened, but somehow, the Maryland Terps wiggled their way back into the ACC title hunt and they have the opportunity to control their own destiny. Saturday night they get the Florida State Seminoles coming up to College Park. The Terps have beaten Florida State before. Last week I thought Maryland was left for dead and done for the season, now they appear to have some life. The spread has Maryland favored by one point, but I don’t like it. Too close to call. So I am going with Florida State to win and obviously cover.

Michigan vs. Ohio State: This is traditionally one of the biggest games of the year, and one of my personal favorites. However, there is no doubt this year the game is more of an after thought for most people. Ohio State is out of the national title picture and Michigan is out of every post season scenario. The spread has Ohio State favored by 21 one points, and that is huge. But this Michigan team is horrible, and their head coach is more concerned with reading blogs like this one, than going out and managing his team. Ohio State wins and covers the spread.

Adam Pacman Jones is Back in the NFL

It has been reported that Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Pacman Jones was released from his alcohol treatment center earlier this week, and now he was simply waiting to hear from the NFL to find out if he would be allowed to play again. It appears that Adam will not have to wait long before being reinstated, but actually getting back onto the football field may take some time.

Roger Goodell announced on Wednesday that he was going to reinstate Adam Jones this week. Upon hearing that news, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was too excited to contain himself and leaked the news to the press. Adam Jones will be back on the Dallas Cowboys roster by the close of business Thursday.

However, according to Dallas officials (mainly Jerry Jones), the troubled cornerback will not return to the field to play till after the Cowboys Thanksgiving game. This will give Adam Jones a couple weeks to get his game legs back, as well as adjust to any changes in that may have been made to the defensive scheme while he was away from the team. What is important about him being reinstated now is 1) he can no beginning receiving paychecks from the Dallas Cowboys, even if he will not participate in the next two games. 2) By being reinstated now, it will give Adam a two week period to get back up to speed with things, before the Dallas Cowboys enter their brutal home stretch of games in the month of December.

There is no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys defense will gladly welcome Adam Jones back into the fold. Now the hope is that he can keep his nose clean and remain out of trouble, because his cannot have many more chances left in the bag.

College Football Pick'em Week 12 Results

Another week and another average showing in the College Football Pick’em Poll, can’t say I am thrilled about that, but it will do. This has been an up and down season for me when it comes to college football, but in the last two weeks it appears that things are coming together for me. This pretty much just goes to show you that I am clutch under pressure. That being said, let’s take a look at how I finished up last week.

Florida 56 vs. South Carolina 3: Okay so I look like a fool on this one, but I warned everyone before making the pick. The spread had Florida favored by 23 points, and I said it would be extremely difficult for South Carolina to cover those points especially against a red hot Florida team. However, I wanted to go out on a limb and try something different. In the end Florida rolled.

Georgia 17 vs. Auburn 13: For all intents and purposes Tommy Tuberville it out at Auburn and he was unable to get his team to make a final stand against the Georgia Bulldogs. The spread had the Bulldogs favored by nine points, and even though I was leery of the pick, for some reason I went against my instincts and picked Georgia to cover. What I learned from this is one check my instincts and two never bet on a Georgia game.

Oregon State 34 vs. Cal 21: Oregon State is in the middle of a special season. Going into last Saturday’s game they were favored by three points and they knocked that out the park easily. Always feels good, when I can flex and show my knowledge about West Coast football.

Maryland 17 vs. UNC 15: So I predicted the Maryland Terps were getting way to go into the tank and pack everything in for the rest of the season. Maryland proved me wrong, by going out and thumping one of the top teams in the ACC. The spread had UNC favored by three points and they lost the game and lost the bet. Thanks for nothing Tar Heels.

Cincinnati 28 vs. Louisville 20: The Cincinnati Bearcats have a legitimate chance to win the Big East and play in a BCS Championship game. While they may not look like the other conference leaders (with the exception of the ACC) they are going about and handling their business well. The spread had Cincinnati favored by three points, and they took care of business, soundly beating the once high scoring Louisville Cardinals.

Texas 35 vs. Kansas 7: The Texas Longhorns are fighting to stay alive in the hunt for the BCS Championship race. Saturday they took on the Kansas Jayhawks who were the darlings of the Big 12 a year ago. The spread had Texas favored by 17 points, and I was very tempted to take that bet. However, in the end I shied away from taking another underdog, and it is a good thing. Texas covered the points and got the win.