Friday, January 29, 2010

NFL Pro Bowl Odds and Predictions

Okay, let's be honest no one really cares who wins the Pro Bowl, and if you're seriously betting on this game you need help. Seriously, get help if you're honestly intrigued by the action on this game.

Normally this is where we would break down the two teams, and their strong and weak points. This is an all star game, both offenses are good, even though David Garrard is quarterbacking for the AFC. Isn't he the same guy Jaguar fans are begging Tim Tebow to replace? The defenses aren't allowed to blitz or disguise their coverages, and yeah, Ochocinco will be handling kicking duties. That being said, there's nothing to break down.

The spread is sitting at -3 favoring the NFC. Do yourself a favor keep your money in your pocket and put it on the Super Bowl next weekend. That 6 point spread looks great, trust me.

US Rugby Chat Season 2 Episode 2: Eagles Need to Look East

We are back once again talking US Rugby with our good friend Jeremy Beynon of This week Dumont and Jeremy challenge the accepted norm in US Rugby that all things good are on the west coast.

Well worth a listen.

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Johan Hedberg Makes a Crazy Save and Pays the Price

Once again the world of the NHL has provided us with an interesting video. However, I have to admit this one is actually pretty funny. One thing is for sure, hockey players know how to have a good time, and they enjoy what they are doing while on the ice, that's always a fun thing to see.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chad Ochocinco To Kick at the Pro Bowl

Roger Goodell and the NFL are doing everything within their power to make the 2010 Pro Bowl more relevant to football fans. This is why they moved the game to the off week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. While reaction to this move has been somewhat muted, the NFL may have caught another break to make their annual all star game a little more interesting. Chad Ochocinco wants to pull double duty on Sunday, and we say let him do it.

In a phone conference with the media this week, Chad Ochocinco stated he wants to kick for the AFC during the Pro Bowl. That's right Esteban Ochocinco wants to make a comeback. We saw his debut during the preseason when Ochocinco took over kicking duties for the injured Shayne Graham. During that game against the New England Patriots, Ochocinco kicked the game winning extra point as well as pinning the Patriots deep with a deep kickoff.

"Yesterday was punting, today was kickoffs, tomorrow will be field goals," Ochocinco said of his lobbying effort. "I don't know. We'll see what happens."

"It shouldn't be a problem," he said. "If they're going to let me do it, I'm going to do it early in the game before they get serious and they start to play for real."

At least someone out there gets what the Pro Bowl is really about. Let the man kick and give the fans some entertainment. What's the worse that can happen?

Walker Sports NFL Mock Draft: Before the Senior Games

I know the 2009 football season is not over yet, and there's still the Super Bowl to be played in a few weeks, but it's never too early to start planning for 2010. The first step is the NFL Draft. The combine is just over a month away, but the top seniors in the country are gathering and prepping for the senior bowl. Thanks to some of our correspondents and draft experts, we were able to put together an early Mock draft. Remember all of these picks are subject to, and will change over the next two months.

St. Louis Rams Ndamukung Suh DT: The big man from Nebraska is a can't miss draft pick. He's a game changing player the likes we have not seen since Warren Sapp entered the draft. Suh will be a big step in the right direction for rebuilding the Rams.

Detroit Lions Gerald McCoy DT: This is one time the when getting the second pick may not be a bad thing. Gerald McCoy can pretty much do everything Suh can. In fact he probably possess more potential than Suh.

Tampa Bay Bucs Eric Berry S: It's not often you see a safety taken this early in the draft, but the 2010 NFL Draft is all about defensive backs. Eric Berry can flat out play, and he is a can't miss prospect. The Bucs can thank Lane Kiffen for shaking up the Vols program enough to shake Berry loose and get him to go pro.

Washington Redskins Anthony David OT: Some experts have Jimmy Clausen going in this spot, stating that new coach Mike Shannan wants to built his own quarterback. The problem is the Jason Campbell factor. Campbell put together a solid season despite the Redskins record, and his young receivers are finally growing into their own. The end result is keep Campbell and fix the glaring problem of no offensive line.

Kansas City Taylor Mays S: Yes, that's two safeties taken in the top ten. Taylor Mays is a physical marvel. He put together three All-American seasons before an injury plagued senior campaign. That being said, he is big, fast and a hard hitter. It doesn't take long before the Rodney Lott comparisons come out.

Seattle Seahawks Jimmy Clausen: QB: If the Redskins pass on taking the first quarterback in the draft, then look for Seattle to begin their post Matt Hasselback era. He's not getting any younger and they Seahawks need to address that issue at some point. Seattle could chose a running back with this pick as well.

Cleaveland Browns Joe Haden CB: Haden may have the best all around talent of any corner coming out this year. Sure Cleveland has a pair of young corners in house already, but talent like Joe Haden is hard to pass up.

Oakland Raiders Sam Bradford QB: Okay, there are plenty of 'what ifs' associated with this pick. First, Al Davis still runs the Raiders so no one has a clue what he's thinking. Second, picking Sam Bradford also goes with the idea that Tom Cable will be gone and Mike Leach will be calling the plays. Oh yeah, the Raiders also need to find a way to offload former first one pick JaMarcus Russell.

Don't be surprised if the Raiders go with Russell Okung if Tom Cable is still the coach, he'd love to get a big time offensive linemen.

Buffalo Bills Russell Okung OT: The Bills need a quarterback, and if Bradford drops you can rest assured they will snatch him up. If he's not available, you cannot go wrong with building your line and trying to keep your stand in quarterback upright.

Jacksonville Jaguars Rolando McClain LB: Okay so this spot was originally reserved for Tim Tebow, but judging by his performance thus far this week, he has likely played his way out of the first round, and maybe the league.

With Tebow out of the picture, the man who terrorized The Chosen one in the SEC Championship game is once again available. Rolando McClain is considered the smartest defensive player Nick Saban has ever coached. That is a huge compliment considering the complexity of his defenses. There is no doubt McClain will be able to slot right into the Jacksonville defense and make and impact.

Denver Broncos Dez Bryant WR: Brandon Marshall will not be a Bronco next season. It's a miracle he lasted in Denver as long as he did this year. Dez Bryant was screwed out of his last season at Oklahoma State. He hasn't played in almost a year and he is ready to show why he was one of the best wide outs in 2008.

Miami Dolphins Dan Williams DT: This man is an anchor in every way possible. Think of what Albert Haynesworth is when he actually tries. That what you get with Williams. The Dolphins could use a wide out and if Bryant were to fall they'd take him, but if he does not there are plenty of others available in the later rounds.

San Francisco 49'ers Bryan Buluga OT: Mike Singletary likes to run the ball. Bryan Buluga gives him a massive offensive tackle who will be a staple for a long time to come.

Seattle Seahawks: CJ Spiller RB: Seattle has a rare opportunity to draft the backfield of their future all in one draft. Tennessee had a shot at this a few years back when they got LenDale White and Vince Young in the same draft. If the Seahawks pick up CJ Spiller they get the stud running back they have been missing since Sean Alexander hit the wall in 2007.

New York Giants Brian Price DT: What the Giants really need is a middle linebacker but there is not one available at this position. I could the Giants trying to move this pick or bundle it. Who knows exactly.

Tennessee Titians Derrick Morgan DE: The Titians are still adjusting to life post Haynesworth. Bringing in Morgan gives them a true pass rusher on the end, which could really change the look of that defense.

San Francisco 49'ers Carlos Dunlap DE: Despite some of the off the field issues, Dunlap can play football. Like other problem children head coach Mike Singletary has dealt with, Dunlap can be kept in line. The 9'ers could use a quarterback but I don't see them picking one up right here.

Pittsburgh Steelers Trent Williams OT: The Steelers have no had a power running game is some years. Big Ben is getting destroyed on the field, and there is no way he can keep up at the pace he is going. Enter Trent Williams to provide some stability on a very weak offensive line.

Atlanta Falcons Patrick Robinson CB: The Falcons struggled defending the deep ball last season. Patrick Robinson suffered a few injuries this past year that slowed him, but he has all the tools you want to see from a top quality corner.

Houston Texans Earl Thomas CB/S: The Texans need help on defense. They also need a kicker, but only Oakland blows a first rounder on that. Earl Thomas can play corner or safety and he is good against the run and the pass.

Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham TE: Ignore the fact that Gresham was injured all of last season. The kid can play. Add him into the mix of Ocho Cinco and possibly Brandon Marshall and you have a passing attack that will scare even the strongest secondary.

New England Patriots Everson Griffen DE: He's out of the Pete Carroll system and he can play defensive end or linebacker. The perfect fit for Belichick.

Green Bay Packers Donovan Warren CB: He went to Michigan, and he is a lock down corner. That worked out well last time the Packers went down that road. Now if Charles Woodson can teach Donovan Warren everything he knows, Green Bay will be in good shape.

Philadelphia Eagles Mike Iupati OG: The Eagles offensive line got eaten up by the Cowboys on three occasions this past season. They need help and they need it soon.

Baltimore Ravens Syd'Quan Thompson DB: It's a typical story, the Ravens need a receiver, and they will once again elect to pass on one in favor of defense. At least somethings are consistent in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals Sergio Kindle OLB: Did you see the Cardinals two playoff games? They need all the help they can get on defense.

Dallas Cowboys Bruce Campbell OT: The Cowboys offensive line has been dominate but they are also aging quickly. Bringing in Campbell will help to drop the average age of this unit bellow 34 years old.

San Diego Chargers Terrence Cody DT: This is a mountain of a man at 375 pounds. If the Chargers stick him in the middle of their line, it will take a stick of dynamite to blast him out of there.

New York Jets Perrish Cox CB: Stick anyone on the other side of Revis and they will get a chance to make plays. A lot of young players would shy away from that challenge, but Perrish will not.

Minnesota Vikings Jared Odrick DT: It looks like Brett Favre may not be the only old man leaving Minnesota. Defensive tackle Pat Williams is talking retirement as well. Restocking with Jared Odrick insures they Vikings will not miss much.

New Orleans Saints Ricky Sapp OLB: Sapp would be a welcome addition to play along side Jonathon Vilma.

Indianapolis Colts Jerry Hughs DE: Undersized and quick. It's the defensive player the Colts love.

Heavensgame Rugby Rundown For the week of Jan 24

Continuing our partnership with our favorite rugby web site, we are proud to introduce you to Meghan, one of the correspondents for Rugby Rundown. Catch up on all the latest news in the international rugby world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tim Tebow in a Controversial Super Bowl Commercial

Tim Tebow has not taken a meaningful snap on the football field New Year's Day in the Sugar Bowl, but that has not kept him from making headlines. This time it is his off the field actions that are putting Time Tebow into the spotlight. CBS, who is airing this year's Super Bowl is catching criticism for a commercial it approved that features Tim Tebow and his mother.

The ad in question is sponsored by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. It is believed that commercial will focus on Pam Tebow's pregnancy, with her fifth son Tim, and how she became very ill. Many doctors told Ms. Tebow to terminate the pregnancy but she chose otherwise. The end result was giving birth to and raising one of the all time great college football players in Tim Tebow.

Several women's groups have come out and expressed concern about the ad, stating that it is an anti-abortion ad. It is the belief of these groups that the ad would be offense to some women. At the very least it is believed the Super Bowl may not be the right place for such an advocacy ad. CBS responded by saying they have eased their restrictions on airing advocacy ads, and would be willing to allow any ad to be aired if it was tastefully done.

Now, I am not here to debate if it is appropriate for CBS to air these type of ads during the Super Bowl. They cannot be worse the the abundance of Viagra and other male enhancement ads we have become accustomed to viewing during the Super Bowl. I am also not here to debate Tim Tebow's stance on abortion. For what it's worth, Tim Tebow and myself fall on opposite sides of the abortion issue, but I stand up and applaud his efforts for making this commercial.

It has nothing to do with the issue at hand, it just feels good to see an athlete stand up for something they believe in, even when seemingly the rest of the world is against them. In today's endorsement driven athletic society far too many athletes have become shells, abandoning beliefs for the corporate dollar. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods avoided making a stance on anything as if it were the plague, they thought it far too risky they would miss out on a sale.

In Tim Tebow we knew we had a special athlete and now we are seeing we have a special person. While Tebow's conservative Christian views may not suit everyone, we should be proud at his conviction. His ability to stand up and hold to his beliefs. Sadly the simple action of standing up is becoming a lost art with today's athlete.

This is why I stand beside Tim Tebow. I may not agree with your stance, but I do agree that you're standing, and for that you will always be welcome here on the pages of Walker Sports.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Massive Brawl at the Hockey Game

Continuing our trend of unique sports videos, we have an especially entertaining clip for you this time. Check out this massive brawl at the junior hockey game. Now, I'm a big hockey fan, love the Washington Capitals, and I've seen my share of big time hockey brawls, but this one may just take the cake. To make things even better, it's a bounce of kids.

Check it out.

Jamie Milligan Scores a Crazy Long Goal

We don't talk a lot of soccer here at Walker Sports because frankly we just don't care. For the post part, it's a boring game. And that's coming from an American sporting blog that actually enjoys international sports. Nonetheless, every now and then there comes a soccer clip that is too good to pass up. Check out this goal from downtown. Great shot and great touch displayed by Jamie Milligan.

Oh and check out the celebration music played after the goal is scored. Can't say you hear that too often.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Conference Championship Sunday always makes for one of the best weekends of NFL football of the year. This year should be no exception as all the ingredients are there for some great football. Three powerhouse teams, and one upstart underdog. Not to mention there are dozens of story lines worth mentioning. For us, the biggest story line is getting off this losing streak at the bookers table.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets +8: No one gave the Jets a chance, but here they stand. And they are hungry, and they may be the hottest team in the playoffs right now. The Jets defense has been dominate over the last three games. While Revis may have been snubbed for defensive player of the year honors, he has continued his high level of play on the field. Last week he had one of the all time great interceptions when he picked off Philip Rivers while on his back. The interception would be the play that changed the game.

The Jets will need more of Revis' great plays as it will be his job to keep the Colts Reggie Wayne in check. The chess game between Peyton Manning and Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be one for the ages. Ryan will keep the pressure turned up and try to bring as many different looks at blitzs at the Colts as possible. On the offensive side of the ball, New York needs to control the clock and use their massive offensive line to keep the Colts on the sidelines. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the playoffs has been the emergence of the Jets running game. Yes, the Jets led the league in rushing yards per game throughout the season, but they have been able to maintain that level of production into the post season, and that is not always easy for teams to do.

In a weird twist of fate curtesey of the football gods the Indianapolis Colts are set to face the same team they tanked against just over a month ago. If it had not been for Indy sitting their starters in late December the Jets would not have had a chance to reach to the post season. Now the pressure is truly on for the Colts to prove they can handle the Jets, and finish the job by making the post season.

The have made it clear all season their goal is to make the Super Bowl, but tanking the final two games of the regular season, Indianapolis put all their eggs into one basket. If Indy should fail to make the Super Bowl, the 2009 season will go down as one of the all time great disappointments.

This is not the typical Indianapolis team we have become accustomed to over the past few years. This team does not possess the high flying offense we once associated with Peyton Manning and company. The Colts are comfertable playing a slowed down and putting together a solid victory. This is strange considering the lack of a true rushing attack. Sunday the Colts will have their hands full when their receivers meet the toughest secondary in all of football.

The spread on this game is sitting at 8 points and favoring the Jets. This is not surprising considering that no one thought the Jets could make it to the AFC Championship. The Jets defense will keep this a slow paced and ugly game, and that is great for Jets fans, and nerve wracking for Colts followers.

Winner: Colts win the game, but the Jets cover the 8 points.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints -4: Brett Favre

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heavensgame Rugby Rundown

Thanks to our good friends over at, Walker Sports is proud to introduce our latest feature to all of you, Rugby Rundown. A weekly video installment catching you up on all things rugby. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and make sure you don't miss a moment of the best rugby updates on the net.

US Rugby Chat Season 2 Episode 2

Season two of US Rugby chat is rolling along and once again we are joined by Jeremy Beynon of, and this week's special guest Evan Haigh.

Evan is The coach of Old Puget Sound Beach in the US Super League, he is an Australian who has settled in Seattle.

He chats about the rugby in the Pacific Northwest, rugby in British Columbia and a lot more…

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Monday, January 18, 2010

LeBron James to Skip the Slam Dunk Contest

For the second time in less than a year, LeBron finds himself in a slam dunk controversy. For those of you who remember, it was this summer that Bron Bron found himself getting dunked on at a Nike camp pick up game. Now King James have found himself in a new bit of hot water. This time the controversy surrounds the upcoming 2010 NBA Slam Dunk contest.

For those of you who saw last years Slam Dunk contest, it was something special. Little man Nate Robinson walked away with the hardware for the second time in his career. However, the biggest news of the night came out when LeBron James, who was in attendance, announced to the world he would compete in the contest in 2010. Well the NBA released a list of participants for the 2010 contest in February, and guess who's name is nowhere to be found? LeBron James.

That's right, King James is a liar, he is not slated to compete in this year's slam dunk contest. But don't worry NBA fans, you still get to watch, defending champion Nate Robinson, along with; Eric Gordon, DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown, and Gerald Wallace.

Yeah this should be exciting....

Olympian included in USA squad

With the new year well under way, it means the IRB Sevens World Series is back in full swing. This February will make a stop in Las Vegas Nevada for the U.S.A. Sevens. USA head coach Al Caraveli has named his squads for the next two tournaments, and thanks to our sevens experts at have you covered for everything sevens. Also if you're in Las Vegas for USA Sevens, drop us a line.

The USA squad for the third and fourth of the IRB Sevens World Series in Wellington and Las Vegas has been revealed.
The team will also be heading to Fiji this week to participate at the International Sevens at Suva’s Rugby Festival.

The Eagles have already played this year participating at the Mar del Plata Sevens earlier in January.
Coach Al Caravelli welcomes back captain Kevin Swiryn to the squad, following his recovery from a long term injury. Swiryn was a key performer for the USA last season and adds some valuable experience to the young Eagles.
Another important returnee to the squad is Paul Emerick, who despite playing overseas for Parma in Italy, has been released for the three tournaments.
Mark Bokhoven and Loughborough University’s Zach Test, who both suffered nasty injuries at the Dubai Sevens and George Sevens respectively, have also been given the all-clear to return to the squad.
Crossover athlete
Another interesting newcomer to the Squad is Bennie Brazzell, a former Olympic track and field star and NFL wide receiver, who is new to rugby. Brazzell reached the final of the 400m hurdles at the 2004 Olympics in Athens after a distinguished College career that saw him become a five-time track and field national champion and a 14 time All-American.
Brazzell was part of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals squad in 2006 making the injured reserve list. Leonard Peters, another former NFL player, is also included and has settled into the side since first making the team at the World Games in July.
The USA play Australia’s Western Force in Suva in the Pool stages and will also meet face the Army and the Police who qualified for the event with big wins in the this season’s Suva Sevens Series.
At the NZI Sevens in Wellington, the USA tackle England, Kenya, and Tonga in the pool stages. A week later they host the USA Sevens where they have been drawn against Fiji, South Africa and North American rivals Canada.
USA Squad for Suva/NZI Sevens/USA Sevens
Kevin Swiryn, Marco Barnard, Mark Bokhoven, Bennie Brazell, Nick Edwards. Dimitri Efthimiou, Paul Emerick, Matt Hawkins, Ata Malifa, Nese Malifa, Leonard Peters, Mile Pulu, Trevor Richards, Shalom Suniula, Zack Test.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

LT Jinxes the Chargers and Cost Them The Playoffs

The NFL Gods can be very fickle, and it is very possible that the Chargers star running back LT, could have angered them by making his own version of the Super Bowl Shuffle. At the very least, he had to have angered a few dance choreographers with these horrible move.

Chicago Bears Defensive End Gaines Adams Passes Away

In a bit of tragic news, ESPN's Adam Schiefter is reporting that Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams has passed away. Adams passed away after being taken to the emergency room last night in Greenville South Carolina. Adams was 26 years old.

An autopsy will be performed Sunday by the Anderson County forensic pathologist.

Gaines Adams was the #4 overall pick in the 2007 draft and went to the Tampa Bay Bucs. He also had a successful college career with the Clemson Tigers.

As always we will have more news as it comes in.

Friday, January 15, 2010

College Coaching Rumors: Derek Dooley To Coach Tennessee

According to ESPN and Mark Schlabach, the Tennessee Volunteers have found their next head coach. The Vols are turning to Louisiana Tech Tech head coach Derek Dooley coach Tennessee.

Derek Dooley has a great track record in college football where including two separate stints in the SEC one at Georgia as an assistant and another under Nick Saban at LSU. Most recently Dooley was at Louisanna Tech for the past three seasons where he racked up a 17-20 record. There is no doubt the move to Tennessee is an upgrade for the young coach, but it is one he is ready for.

Hardcore UVA fans will recognize Derek Dooley from his time as a walk-on wide receiver with the University of Virginia. He played three seasons for the Cavaliers and earn an ACC Championship with the school in 1989. This past year Dooley saw his name surface as a potential candidate to replace Al Groh.

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More NFL Odds and Playoff Notes

With the NFL Playoffs kicking into high gear, there are plenty of picks going on around and predictions on who will move on the Conference finals and ultimately the Super Bowl. While, we have plenty of our own predictions at Walker Sports, sometimes we like to go outside the office for some help, and of course we have to get our lines from somewhere.

What will your Super Bowl pick be? This year, there seem to be a lot of teams to choose from.

Are you an NFC fan? In that case, you've got the New Orleans Saints, who won their first 13 games of the season but lost the last three, at 4/1 to go all the way, which makes them, you could say, the Super Bowl pick of the oddsmakers from that conference.

Then there are the Minnesota Vikings (6/1), who could ride the arm of the remarkable Brett Favre, not to mention an intimidating defense, to their first appearance in 33 years.

Don’t forget about the Dallas Cowboys, who just won their first playoff game since 1996, with Tony Romo playing brilliantly, and are priced at +650. Do they give you enough confidence to be your Super Bowl pick?

If not, maybe you’ll want to go back to last year’s champs, the Arizona Cardinals, who are just coming off one of the most thrilling games of the year and also the highest-scoring post-season contest of all-time, as they beat the Green Bay Packers 51-45. When they snuck up on people, they were a great Super Bowl pick last year - what about this time around?

NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions and Odds

The NFL playoffs are in full swing, and if last weeks Green Bay vs. Arizona game was any indication, we are in for one hell of a ride this upcoming weekend. Last week the Wild Card round brought a few surprises, mainly I went 1-3 with my NFL picks, horrible. Seriously, how could I forget that Kurt Warner doesn't lose in the playoffs? Anyways, this week I am back and making predictions for the NFL playoffs, and this time you can rest assured, I am going to redeem myself, and my money from last week.

Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints:
Last week the Cardinals proved they have not lost the playoff magic that took them to the Super Bowl last season. Arizona put on a show in the desert and broke a few NFL records in the process. However, the biggest surprise of the game came when the Cardinals defense came up with the winning play. Now the Arizona Cardinals travel to New Orleans where they will take on the Saints in the Super Dome. If last weeks game was any indication, the winner of this playoff game could be the first to 60 points.

The New Orleans Saints may enter the postseason as the coldest team in the NFL. They backed their way into the number one seed in the NFC by losing their last two games and receiving help from the Chicago Bears. The Saints rested plenty of players over the last month of the season, and it is assumed they will all be back on the field on Saturday night. Now the question is can the Saints regain their swagger that took them to a 13-0 start.

While all the NFL playoff games this weekend look enticing, this one has the potential to be the most exciting. Neither the Cardinals or the Saints have shown a willingness to play defense over the past few weeks. Both teams have explosive offenses, that like to score points in bunches. The spread is set at 7 points and favoring The Saints. In a strange twist of fate, the winner of this game won't be the team who has the most explosive big plays, but most likely the team that can control the clock and and maintain long scoring drives.

Winner: The Arizona Cardinals pull the upset and win the game. Also take the over its sitting at 57 points, you know these teams can eclipse this.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts -7: The Indianapolis Colts find themselves in familiar territory. They enter the playoffs at 14-2, Peyton Manning is the leagues MVP for a record 4th time, and they appear to have all the necessary parts to make the Super Bowl. SO why is everyone doubting that the Colts can get it done? Because we have seen this movie before and it never ends well if you are an Indianapolis Colts fans. Indy rested their starters the final two weeks of the season, and they lost both games. Much like the New Orleans Saints, the Colts have gone nearly a month without winning a game. Peyton Manning and company claim they are an experienced playoff team, and they know how to turn up the intensity for a playoff game. The Baltimore Ravens will put that philosophy to the test.

Last Sunday the Baltimore Ravens put a beating on the New England Patriots, the likes of which we have not seen in years. Tom Brady and company went into the off season with their tail between their legs, and the world saw that the Baltimore Ravens still have plenty of fight left in them. Baltimore's defense looked amazing against the Patriots. They brought loads of pressure directly up the middle and rattled Tom Brady all day. He was so affected by the pressure that Brady was responsible for four turnovers. The downside of the Ravens play was their offense. Yes Ray Rice had a field day rushing the ball, but Joe Flacco was good for 4-11 and just over 40 yards on the day. At some point he will be called on to make a play, the question is can Flacco answer the call?

The spread for this game favors the Indianapolis Colts by 7 points which oddly enough seems like a fitting spread. The Colts will have a bit of rust to shake off, but if they can avoid the early blitz from the the Ravens, Indianapolis should be able to settle into a comfortable grove and simply put pace the Ravens.

Winner: Indianapolis wins the game.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings -3: BRETT FAVRE Okay, got that out of the way. Brett Favre is back in the playoffs and this time it is with the Minnesota Vikings, which is still a bit strange to see. The Vikings are another team that came out strong at the beginning of the season, but really struggled through the month of December. What's the biggest problem facing the Vikings? Their rushing attack has diapered. Andria Peterson has been a non factor for the past month. This should be a huge concern for Minnesota. If they cannot move the ball on the ground it means the Mall of America Arena becomes the house of Favre, and he is going to chuck the ball the field 30-40 times. While that could be a good thing, it could also have disastrous results as we all know how turnover prone Brett Favre can be.

Who would have thought the Dallas Cowboys would be the team entering the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs as the hot club, but it's true. The Dallas Cowboys are red hot and frankly they can thank their entire team effort for their recent success. The Cowboys defense has been the best in the NFL over the last four weeks. Their front eight have been aggressive at the point of attack, and are putting amazing amounts of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. On the offensive side of the ball, Tony Romo has shaken the December slump rumors, and if he can deliver a win on Sunday, all the past post season loses will be forgotten.

The spread at this game is sitting at 3 points and favors the Vikings. One has to think at least two of those points come simply because the Vikings are the home team. The key to this game will be both teams rushing attacks. If Minnesota can get Peterson going on the ground, it opens up their complete arsenal of weapons. If the Cowboys get their 3-headed rushing attack going they can dominate the clock and control the game. Right now the Cowboys are playing some great football, and I love the way their defense is flying around the field and making plays.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys pull the upset and win the game.

New York Jets vs. San Diego Chargers -8:The New York Jets were gifted their final two games of the regular season and earned their way into the playoffs as a result. Lucky for them, they have made the best of their opportunity to this point. Last weekend the Jets went on the road and put on a defensive clinic in earning a win. This week they will need to step up the intensity if they want to slow down the high flying Chargers offense. New York relies on their defense to make plays and their shut down corners will have to be on their toes to keep the bigger San Diego receivers at bay and out of the endzone.

This may be the San Diego Chargers last chance at greatness, and lucky for them they have the best team they have had in decades. Philip Rivers has played like a man possessed since mid October. Quietly the Chargers have transformed from running team to a passing team, and that has not been a bad thing. However, the Chargers will need to find their running game if they want to be successful on Sunday. LT, does not have to return to his old form, but he will need to put in a solid effort to help punch some holes in a stout Jets defense.

This game has the largest spread of the four games with San Diego being favored by 8 points. The Jets have a very good defense, and they have featured a punishing rushing attack thus far in the playoffs. However, they have skated by on a bit of luck and are playing with house money right now. The Chargers desperately want to prove a point, and the first step comes on Saturday by dominating the Jets.

Winner: San Diego Chargers win the game and cover the 8 point spread.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

College Coaching Rumors: Skip Holz to Accept USF Coaching Job

Just a few weeks after firing their longtime coach Jim Leavitt, USF appears to have found their new coach. According to sources, Skip Holtz is the man tabbed to take over the South Florida program in the wake of their current coaching controversy.

Skip Holtz is the son of legendary coach Lou Holtz, but the younger has made a strong name for himself by placing the East Carolina football program on the map over the past few seasons. Holtz name has been tossed around a lot over the past few off seasons as he coaching prestige continued to grow there was always speculation he would bolt for a big conference. At USF Holtz has the opportunity to coach in the Big East, and participate in a conference that is always wide open.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Urban Meyer's Reaction to Lane Kiffen Leaving for USC

It is no secret that newly hired USC head coach Lane Kiffen and Florida Gator's head coach Urban Meyer have not gotten along in their one year together in the SEC. Lane Kiffen came to Tennessee and he had Urban Meyer in his sights and he tweaked Meyer at every opportunity. Now with the word coming out that Kiffen is returning to USC, people were curious to see what Urban Meyer's reaction would be to this news.

Check out Meyer's reaction to the word that Lane Kiffen is heading west. You have to think suddenly Urban Meyer's health just got a little better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The NCAA Needs to USE Pete Carroll As a Precedent for New Sanctions

With Pete Carroll leaving USC for the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL, there are plenty of conspiracy theories circulating about what prompted Carroll to make the move. An overwhelming number of fans believe Pete Carroll is leaving USC due to possible pending NCAA sanctions that will be levied against USC's football program. If the NCAA is prepared to levy sanctions against USC, it is our belief the NCAA needs to take this opportunity to implement new precedents for how they punish programs and coaches who have violated NCAA rules.

If the USC football program faces sanctions from the NCAA, the punishments will affect USC football, but Pete Carroll will get a free pass because he is no longer a part of USC football. This is a scenario we have seen countless times in college athletics. A coach comes in, allows for violations to occur under their watch, and then the coach hops ship before the rulings come down from the NCAA. Sure the coach is thought to be a bad person, but they always find another job, and emerge virtually unscathed. Meanwhile the program they coached is sent into purgatory for the foreseeable future.

You don't have to take our word for this, simply look at John Calapari at the University of Kentucky. Two of his former schools have faced NCAA investigation, most recently the University of Memphis, neither time has Calipari been held responsible for what happened, other than some media scrutiny, at those programs under his watch. In fact Calipari was rewarded by essentially being promoted and earning better coaching jobs at more prestigious institutions.

While Calipari, Tim Floyd and company move on to new opportunities the schools they leave are left to pick up the pieces. In actuality the people who suffer most at these schools are the athletes who are stuck in their scholarships and now they lose the opportunity to earn higher honors.

So the question remains what is the NCAA to do with coaches who run corrupt programs and then split?

Band them from coaching in the NCAA for a specific number of years. Say 3-5 years or seasons. Yes, keep the coaches out of the ranks of the NCAA for 3-5 years. That doesn't mean they cannot coach, they just cannot coach college football, basketball etc. If the coach is good enough let them go to the NBA or the NFL but for the determined amount of time, that coach should not be allowed to handle a college program.

While, this idea does not solve the problem of corruption at college athletics, it does help to properly direct the punishment. The incoming freshman who is just trying to make it should not be punished and forced to leave his dream school, when the coach who allowed the corruption is able to get a pay raise and new benefits at a new institution.

Now is the perfect time for the NCAA to begin using these new sanctions. With USC under investigation, the NCAA could use this new ruling to punish Pete Carroll in a symbolic manor and also set a precedent. Pete Carroll is obviously out of college football for a few seasons with his move to Seattle. So suspending him from coaching in the NCAA would not hurt him, but it establishes a precedent for the NCAA.

Now is the time for the NCAA to take action and try to take some control of the programs they oversee.

US Rugby Chat Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome back everybody! Dumont and Jeremy from Heavensgame are back for their second season of US Rugby Chat. After a brief break for the holidays the boys are back and talking rugby.
This week, they take a look at the year ahead for US Rugby, starting with the women’s tests this week coming in Florida moving onto The Churchill cup, tours and The RSL.

Click here to listen

Don’t forget you can download this podcast on itunes, just search for US Rugby Chat.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark McGwire Admits Steroid Use

After 10 years of speculation, former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire finally came clean about his past and steroid use.

In a statement made to the Associated Press, Mark McGwire finally put himself on the record and came clean.

"I wish I had never touched steroids," McGwire said in a statement. "It was foolish and it was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had never played during the steroid era."

Really this news comes should come as no shock to anyone, but it does put the issue to rest. It also means that come spring training, McGwire can just move forward and fill his duties as the Cardinals new hitting coach, and avoid the media storm asking the what if questions.

Mark Sanchez Comments on Pete Carroll Leaving USC

Pete Carroll is moving north out of L.A. and leaving the USC Trojans. Just over a year ago, Coach Carroll had harsh words for his then starting quarterback Mark Sanchez when he chose to go to the NFL. As they always say, what goes around comes around. Sanchez, now the starting quarterback for the Jets, had a few words of advice for Pete Carroll as he prepares to return to the NFL.

Daily Erin Andrews: Check out Derek Jeter's Ex-Girlfriends

With news emerging yesterday that New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is getting married this fall to Minka Kelly, that made a few of us look back at some of the ones who got away from Jeter. Minka Kelly must be one special lady win her man from some of these chicks.

Check out some of Derek Jeter's Ex-Girlfriends.