Thursday, October 28, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 9

The college football season is rolling along and one thing is becoming apparent, no team wants stick around the top of the polls for more than a week. From the early outlook of things, this week could yield more of the same results. However, we are not here to examine polls, we're here to pick winners, so let's get to the task at hand.

Florida State. -3.5 v. North Carolina State: We have ourselves another Thursday night ACC game, if history is any indicator, these things are blowouts. Nonetheless the Florida State Seminoles are on the road to take on a surprisingly good NC. State team. Tom O'Brien is finally experiencing the type of success he was expected to bring to Raleigh four years ago. However, despite some success early in the season the Wolfpack have struggled against quality opponents in the ACC, and that's pretty sad. They blew a game at home to Virginia Tech, and most would agree that FSU is a better all around team than the Hokies. Florida State is finally trying to put their mark on the expanded ACC for the first time in a decade, and a quality win on national television on Thursday night will do exactly that.

Winner: Florida State covers the 3.5 points, plus take the over to hedge your bet.

Georgia -3 v. Florida: I don't care what they want to call it, this will always be the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and I will always remember my times walking along the river and enjoying a few adult beverages. While this is always an intense game, this year it takes on a few added wrinkles. Georgia started the season off as poorly as a team could. But they have rebounded nicely and are poised to take control of a weak SEC East. In Gainsville life in the PTE (Post Tebow Era) has been harsh to say the least. Florida is in the midst of their worst stretch in the Urban Meyer era, and things will not get easier this weekend. Georgia's Mark Richt is out for revenge, and he knows a win in this rivalry game will help all those fans forget the 1-4 start.

Winner: Georgia picks up the win and covers the 3 points.

Missouri +7.5 v. Nebraska: Missouri has shot into the national spotlight after knocking off the top ranked Sooners last weekend, but there is no time to celebrate for the Tigers. Saturday they take on a suddenly re-energized Nebraska Cornhuskers team, that lit up Oklahoma State last week. This game has the makings of a Big 12 classic, and with a trip to the Big 12 Championship on the line things could get ugly. This is not your traditional Nebraska team they want to spread things out and use that to open holes for quarterback Taylor Martinez. Those spread formations could prove to be Nebraska's downfall this weekend. Missouri is very strong upfront both on offense and defense. They can plug gaps and generate pressure on defense. On the offensive side of the ball the Tigers did not give up a sack, or a QB knockdown against Oklahoma last week, so that tells you how stout they are against the pass rush.

Winner: Nebraska is the better team and will win the game, but at 7.5 points, that's just a bit too much for the Cornhuskers to cover. Missouri covers the 7.5

Oregon -7 v. USC: BCS spoiler alert. Oregon finds themselves atop many of the polls and judging from recent history, that is not a safe place to be. The Ducks have an offense that is playing at a blistering pace. They reached the over (60 points) last weekend by themselves. It's tough to imagine a team running and scoring at the pace Oregon is right now. That being said, the Ducks have played the 102nd ranked schedule in the country. Outside of a disappointing Stanford team, Oregon has be untested in 2010. Going on the road to Southern Cal will prove to be a new experience for Chip Kelly's bunch. USC had nothing to play for this year due to suspensions. After dropping two games earlier in the season, the Trojans are left to play the role of spoiler, and who better to upset than the team that embarrassed them last season. Matt Barkley is playing at an exceptional pace, and if he was on a BCS eligible team he would receive the national run he actually deserves.

Winner: I love my Ducks, and I think they can hold on to win the game, but it's going to be a close one. USC will stick around and cover the 7 points. The over for this game has jumped to 70, but it could still be fun to play.

Auburn -7 v. Ole Miss: Cam Newton is the best player in college football, if you cannot agree to that then you're on the wrong website. Newton is simply playing at another level right now and as a result the Auburn Tigers could finally make a run toward the National Championship game. While Ole Miss has shown some flashes this year, they are a team in transition. If Auburn can avoid the letdown after winning a huge home game last weekend they should be in good shape.

Winner: Auburn wins the game and covers the 7 points.

Wild Card, Baylor +7 v. Texas:
There's no real reason to put this game on the board, other than I wanted to highlight the fact that the Baylor Bears are going to a bowl game, and that's nothing something you see everything. Even more impressive is the Bears have an outside chance to knock off Texas. Remember this is the same Baylor team that was a few pen strokes away from being left without a conference during the realignment debacle this summer.

Winner: Texas wins the game, but why not make a moderate bet and Baylor can keep it interesting and cover the 7.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 8 Results

Last weekend was another exciting week of college football action. Auburn and LSU delivered the thriller we were hoping for, and the Big 10 is proving to be one of the wildest and most unpredictable conferences in the country. In regards to picking winners I had another average week going 2-2 thanks to Michigan State pulling a backdoor cover in the fourth quarter. Let's take a look at how it all went down.

Wisconsin +6 v. Iowa: Okay, I am finally ready to admit it, Wisconsin is a good team, and they are for real. They knocked off Ohio State two weeks ago, and then went on the road and beat up on a solid Iowa team. That's not an easy two week run. The Badgers play solid defense and they have a power running game that will brutalize any opposing team. Thanks to that lethal combination the Badgers are good enough to stand tall with any team in the Big 10.

Wisconsin goes on the road and pulls out the big win thus covering the 6 points.

Nebraska -5.5 v. Oklahoma State: That's how you bounce back from a disappointing loss. Nebraska was man handled by a bad Texas team. Saturday the Cornhuskers stepped up and proved they are the best team in the Big 12 North. Nebraska quarterback, Taylor Martinez, showed he has the poise to bounce back from being benched and had the best game of his young career.

Winner Nebraska comes through with a big win and covers the 5.5 points.

Auburn -6 v. LSU: This game had everything you could ask for in a classic SEC matchup. I have to give credit to LSU head coach Les Miles, he coached a great game. However, at the end of the day, the only thing he was missing was the best player in college football. After the Superman like performance we saw over the weekend is there any doubt that Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is the best player in the country? Newton rushed for over 200 yards on Saturday including the game winning score. More importantly that touchdown put Auburn up by seven points, and delievered a nice cover.

Winner: Auburn comes through with an impressive victory and covers the 6 points.

Michigan State -6.5 v. Northwestern: Going into the fourth quater Northwestern had this game wrapped up, with a solid 10 point lead and an easy cover. Then it happened. Michigan State went on yet another miracle series that are becoming all to customary this season. On a fourth and long, the Spartans faked the punt and converted for the first down. A play later they were in the endzone and Northwestern was dead on their feet the rest of the game. Despite the impressive comeback, Northwestern was still good enough to deliever the cover if they could have converted a few first down in the final minutes of the game. Instead they go four and out from inside their own 30 yard line. When Michigan State got they ball back they tried to run out the clock, all that did was lead to a touchdown after a powerful run up the middle on third and long.

Winner: Michigan State backdoors their way into a cover thanks to sloppy tackling by Northwestern and covers the 6.5 points.

The Rugby World Cup is Coming to NBC Sports

Ruggers around the world are gearing up for the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand. Without a doubt it will be a once in a lifetime experience for many rugby fans. While the Rugby World Cup is a big deal in many countries, it is still catching on here in the United States. As a result many fans may not be able to, or have the means to travel accross the world to New Zealand. For those Americans who cannot make the trip, NBC Sports has inked a monumental deal that will bring the World Cup to households throughout the country. The deal will give many ruggers access to an event they have only heard about or seen clips of on YouTube.

This is great for rugby, and great for fans.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron James' New Nike Commercial and Image Rehab

It's hard to think of an athlete who did more to damage their image, and their career without actually breaking a rule, or breaking a law, as LeBron James managed to do this summer. By now everyone knows the story. James, reached the end of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, and proceeded to go on a nation wide tour taking meetings with every NBA franchise and every media outlet who would speak to him. The culmination of the process was an one hour special LeBron and his management team purchased on ESPN that became known as "The Decision." During the special LeBron told the world he was. "Taking his talents to South Beach."

This was perhaps the most overdone, outlandish and ridiculous free agent signing in sports history. And with it LeBron James went from being the man who was going to save to the NBA, to the poster child for everything that is wrong with professional sports today. The backlash from the fans and media was everywhere, and since then LeBron James has seemingly been unable to do anything correctly.

For what it is worth, it has not helped out that LeBron has taken to Twitter to address his enemies with such statements "This is the year of the hater." and "I'm keeping a list." In reference to those who spoke ill of his "Decision."

Nike, never one to back down from controversy, or more importantly a money making opportunity has decided to jump full into the LeBron James troubles and have created a new commercial starring the NBA star. It's hard to tell exactly what this commercial will do for LeBron's tattered image, but one has to think, it is a start.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll: Who's No. 1 Now?

For the third week in a row the topped ranked team in the country takes a tumble. However, here in Walker Sports land our number one team is holding strong. However, that does not mean there is plenty of shake ups throughout the rest of the poll.

1)Boise State Broncos: The Broncos are suffering in the BCS Polls thanks to a weak schedule. We won't punish a good team for something they cannot control.

2) Oregon Ducks: After their complete destruction of UCLA on Thursday night it's becoming apparent that the Ducks may really be the best team in the country. A trip down south this weekend to take on USC will tell us a lot about this program.

3) TCU Horned Frogs: The Horned Frogs are churning along and preparing for a crash course with Utah on Nov. 6.

4) Utah Utes: If the Utes can get by the Horned Frogs on November 6th they will be able to throw their hat into the BCS Title hunt.

5) Auburn Tigers: How good is Cam Newton? Simply an amazing display on Saturday in a big time game. The race for the SEC West title is going to crazy.

6) Alabama Crimson Tide: Believe it or not, but Bama is is a perfect situation to make a run for the national championship game. They still have a huge showdown with Auburn at the end of the season that could decide everything.

7)Michigan State Spartans: How good is this team? This week it was a fake punt that sparked the fourth quarter comeback and kept the Spartans perfect.

8) Arizona Wildcats: Arizona is a solid program, and thanks to the cluster that is the Pac 10 they can still factor into the hunt for the Rose Bowl.

9) Stanford Cardinals: A very similar situation to the Arizona Cardinals.

10) Wisconsin Badgers: Great win on Saturday. Going into Iowa and picking up a clutch win that will reshape the outlook of the Big 10.

11) Missouri Tigers: Amazing win, knocking off the top ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

12) LSU Tigers: Tough loss to a very good Auburn team. However, they kept it close and they lost to a good team, so the Tigers were lucky not to fall too far in the polls.

13) Ohio State Buckeyes: Some how the Buckeyes are still managing to be a factor both in the Big 10 and in the national title scene. How long they can hang on, has yet to be seen.

14) Nebraska Cornhuskers: A great job by the Cornhuskers, bouncing back after a devistating loss last week, and knocking off an undefeated team. Nebraska is still the best team in the Big 12.

15) Oklahoma Sooners: We said it last week, the Sooners are at their best when they can fly under the radar. Sitting atop the BCS poll, there is no where to hide, and as a result the Sooners were prime for an upset.

16)Florida State Seminoles: The Seminoles are not a complete team, but they are the best team in the ACC, and that is good enough to earn a spot in a BCS game.

17) Arkansas Razorbacks: This year has not gone the way the Razorbacks would have wanted, however with some help they are still in contention for the SEC West.

18) Iowa Hawkeyes:
Tough loss last weekend at home. Most likely the Hawkeyes are out of the hunt for a Big 10 title, but they can play the roll of spoiler.
19) Mississippi State: This year in the SEC East everyone is still in play.

20) Miami Hurricanes: The Canes are overrated but somehow they manage to hang on. It's going to be interesting to see how they finish out the season.
21) Virginia Tech Hokies: Working hard to climb their way back into the national spotlight. The Hokies are hot and they have what it takes to challenge for the ACC title.

22) Oklahoma State Cowboys: Once again a Mike Gundy team proved unable to come through with the win in a big game. Looks like another typical year for the Cowboys.
23) USC Trojans: Talk about the ultimate spoiler story. USC is playing for pride, and with their game on Saturday against the Oregon Ducks they have a chance to seen the entire rankings into another free fall.

24) Baylor Bears: Congrats for to the Bears for having their first winning effort in over a decade. Baylor has six wins and they are bowl eligible for the first time since 1994.
25) Nevada: Hanging on to save Boise States season.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brock Lesner KO in the First Round

Going into Saturday night Brock Lesnar was considered the hottest thing going in the MMA world. Lesnar was so good and so dominating in his first six bouts, that he had taken to calling himself the "Baddest Man on the Planet." A title once held by none other than Iron Mike Tyson. Saturday night Brock Lesnar entered the octagon to take on Cain Velasquez in what would be Brock's third and final defense of his heavy weight title.

Check out the highlights from Saturday's matches including Cain's stunning upset of Brock Lesnar.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Highlights: UFC 121</a>

Friday, October 22, 2010

College Football Pick'em Week 8

Back for another week of picks, and looking to get on a hot streak to warm up these cool fall days we are having here in Washington DC. Last week was solid, but I know we can do better. For what it's worth a lot of the lines this week are very difficult to get a solid read on, but that won't keep me from picking winners.

Wisconsin +6 v. Iowa: The Wisconsin Badgers are on a tear. Their only loss on the season came at the hands of the undefeated Michigan State Spartans. Oh and by the way, Wisconsin just knocked off Ohio State last weekend. Iowa has flown under the radar to a large degree, and chewed up some lower level Big 10 competition. Now the Hawkeyes have a big test, and it's time for them to show the nation they are for real. One thing I really like about this game is Wisconsin is coming off a huge emotional win last weekend, and now they have to go on the road to a hostile environment. This has all the makings for an upset.

Winner, Iowa holds home court and wins the game and covers the big 6 points.

Nebraska -5.5 v. Oklahoma State: Two weeks ago everyone was talking about how Nebraska was finally back, but that was a long time ago. Nebraska was man handled last weekend by the Texas Longhorns, and as a result everyone is jumping off the Cornhusker bandwagon. Out in Tulsa Oklahoma Mike Gundy has put together an undefeated season, and for the most part they have done it with little or no attention. Now the Cowboys need to prove they are for real, and they will have their work cut out for them. Oklahoma State has struggled to stop anyone on defense, and they are known to get into a shootout style game. That will prove to be a difficult situation against a Nebraska team that is looking to bounce back in a big way.

Winner Nebraska comes through with a big win and covers the 5.5 points.

Auburn -6 v. LSU: Talk about a showdown in the swamp! LSU just finds a way to win, I have to admit it is pretty impressive when you look at some of the situations they have worked their way out of. However, on Saturday the Tigers will face their biggest challenge to date in Auburn. War Eagle is on the war path, and they have all their guns blazing. Just ask Arkansas who was bum rushed off the field last weekend in a 64-43 barn burner. One thing is for sure Auburn may have the best player in the country on their team in Cam Newton, and that is good for for two touchdowns right there.

Winner it's going to be difficult for Auburn to go on the road and get a SEC victory, but War Eagle is on a roll. Auburn wins and covers the 6 points.

Michigan State -6.5 v. Northwestern: Northwester has been a sneaky team this year, they refuse to go away quietly. It is unlikely they will factor into the Big 10 title hunt, but they are ready to play the roll of spoiler. Michigan State is suddenly thrust into the national spotlight because they are the soul surviving Big 10 team. Talent wise the Spartans are far better than Northwestern, however Michigan State is not as good as advertised.

Winner, Michigan is too talented to lose to a scrappy Northwestern team. However, it is Northwestern's perseverance that helps them back door in and steal a cover. Northwestern covers the 6.5

RFD's College & NFL Lock Picks of the Week

The RFD appears to have righted the ship last weekend by picking up a few wins. Now the big question is can they duplicate last week's efforts? This week the boys all stayed within the confines of the NCAA, including two of the memenbers enjoying some old fashion football in the Big 10.

Bloomer Snatcher: Hanging out in the Pac 10 once again he likes Arizona State +3.5 on the road against Cal.

War Eagle: Returns to the college football ranks and likes aterno -9.5 against the Gophers.

Black Dragon: Looking to get back on the winning side of things, back out in the Big 10 once again taking Iowa -5.5 against Wisconsin.

Current Standings
Black Dragon 3-4
Bloomer Snatcher 6-2
War Eagle 4-3

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 7 Recap

Last weekend was a wild one in the college football world. For the second consecutive week we had the number one team in the country go down. We had two SEC powerhouses playing in a shootout that would make any WAC jealous, and we saw the re-emergence of the Trojans. Exciting football on the field leads to great action in the sports book.

USC -3 v. Cal: Cal is not a very good team, and it looks like USC found their legs once again. A dominating performance by Lane Kiffen's bunch on Saturday. Maybe just maybe the Trojans have rediscovered their pride and they are playing to prove a point to the rest of college football.

Winner USC wins the game and covers the 3 points.

Iowa -3.5 v. Michigan: Once again it is painfuly obvious that Michiganis a one trick pony. Deneard Robison put the Wolverines on the map this season, and they are only as good as his next performance on the field. Saturday the Hawkeyes banged up Robinson and forced him to the sidelines early. After that it was all Iowa in another solid outting and a conviencing 10 point win, and a cover.

Winner Iowa wins the game and covers the 3.5 points.

Auburn -4 v. Arkansas: During the week I had a coversation about this game with a friend and we both agreed that Auburn has won a lot of ugly games this year and as a result they had a difficult time making covers. This lead us to a disccusion about the over/under (set at 46) to which we summized that this could be a classice 17-10 SEC slug fest, or things could get out of hand and the game ends up being a 34-28 shootout. I'm pretty sure neither of us invisioned a 65-43 blowout. I was completely wrong on the cover, since Auburn was able to handle the 4 points with ease, but if I'm going to be wrong at least let it happen during a game like this. On a side note if Cam Newton can keep putting up numbers like he did last week, he will be a shoe in for the Heisman.

Winner Auburn wins the game and covers the 4 points.

Ohio State -4 v. Wisconsin: Okay, I have finally learned my lesson, Wisconsin is a good team. Sure they were in the comfy confines of Camp Randell Stadium in Madison, but they dismantled what many thought was the best team in the country. Ohio State looked lost on offense, and for once they looked soft on defense. It's difficult to pinpoint what went wrong for the Buckeyes, but needless to say they cannot afford another meltdown like last week's.

Winner Wisconsin wins and pulls the upset covering the 4 points.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walker Sports Rugby Challange

Anyone who visits this blog knows how much we love rugby, and last week Walker Sports founder Dumont Walker got to showcase his love for the sport to a wider audience, thanks to the help of Washington Post Live' Ivan Carter.

Ivan wanted to showcase a new segment on his show called Ivan one-on-one. The idea is Ivan travels around the Washington DC area and takes on local personalities at anything they want to do. Dumont decided to take Mr. Carter up on the opportunity and he invited the Washington Post Live crew out to a training session with the Washington Rugby Club. What ensued was two hours of pain and suffering by all.

However, from Dumont Walker, and on behalf of Walker Sports, we;d like to thank Ivan Carter and Washington Post Live for coming out and hanging with the Washington Rugby Club. The boys on the club had a blast, they'd be happy to bring on any other new comers, or challengers.

Alex Ovechkin Parties At a DC Night Club

Alex Ovechkin is arguably the best player in the NHL today. He led the Washington Capitals to the best record in hockey last season, and with the 2010/11 campaign just under way, he appears poised to do it once again. One thing we do know about Ove is for as great as he is on the ice, the Russian superstar can be legendary off the ice. He has no problem hanging out with is boys, and enjoying a few "shots Vodka."

A few weeks back Ovechkin told local DC media, that it was time to go to work, and his days of staying out all night and partying were over, because hockey is serious business and the Caps have work to do. Well thanks to one reader, it looks like Ove may not be as strict on his no fun policy as the NFL is.

Check out Alex Ovechkin partying at a DC night club with his boy DJ Tiesto.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Keion Bell's Amazing Dunk

Sure we are in the middle of one of the all time great college football seasons, but when late October rolls around, midnight madness tips off on every campus in the country. While preseason basketball is important, midnight madness is primarily for the fans, and as a result we get to see plenty of extravagant light shows etc. Out on the West Coast, we got to see Pepperdine kick off their 2010/11 basketball season with a bang.

Stealing the show and going viral across the net is 6'3 junior guard Keion Bell put on an aerial display for the fans. Check out as he clears 7, people on his way to the rack.

Walker Sports Top 25 Poll: Who's No. 1?

Another week has come to a conclusion in the college football season and what has become apparent is this is going to be one wild ride to the finish. Currently there are 10 undefeated teams in division one football. More than half of those teams come from BCS conferences and should they run the table they would have a legitimate argument for playing in the BCS Championship game. Add in TCU, Utah and Boise State and you have a group of Non-BCS teams that also have a rightful claim to the title. What this means for football fans is we have plenty to talk about from now through New Years.

1) Boise State Broncos: We all knew it was a a possibility that Boise State could play in the national title game, now with the top ranking in the country, it looks like they are a lock.

2) Oregon Ducks: It's true the Ducks may be the most talented team in the country. Think about the shootout the Ducks and the Broncos can have if they meet in the post season.

3) TCU Horned Frogs: Horned Frog fans should not worry, judging by recent history TCU could find themselves in the top slot any week now.

4) Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners are at their best when they fly under the radar. Despite their top five ranking many have not seen Oklahoma play, and they fail to understand how talented this team really is.

5) Utah Utes: It's going to be a great game when the Utes and the Horned Frogs get together.

6) Auburn Tigers: Once again the Tigers found themselves in an ugly game. This time it was a shootout with Arkansas. 60 points is a ton of points to put.
7) LSU Tigers: Is LSU really that good, or are they just lucky? Saturday's monster match up with Auburn will answer a lot of questions for us.

8) Alabama Crimson Tide: Alabama could be the most recent of example of losing early and you can keep yourself in the BCS mix.

9) Michigan State Spartans: Michigan State may have the easiest path to No.1 if they can navigate the Big 10.

10) Iowa Hawkeyes: With Ohio State taking a fall, the Hawkeyes find themselves back in the Big 10 title hunt.

11) Arizona Wildcats: It's tough to tell if the Wildcats are really that good.
12) Stanford Cardinals: There's a long way to go before we crown a Pac 10 champion and the Cardinals can still factor into that race.
13) Wisconsin Badgers: Great win knocking off the Buckeyes. Maybe this isn't your fathers Wisconsin team.

14) Ohio State Buckeyes: It was a short lived time at the top. The Buckeyes still have to be considered the front runners in the Big 10.

15) Nebraska Cornhuskers: Embarrassing loss against a scrappy Texas team on Saturday.

16) Florida State Seminoles: They aren't a great team but they are good enough to win the ACC. I think that's still worth sometihng.
17) Arkansas Razorbacks: Wild West shootout against Auburn. Once again Ryan Mallet falls short on the big stage. Looks like he is not who we thought he was.
18) South Carolina Gamecocks: Leave it to Spurrier to be his own worse enemy. The Gamecocks had a great opportunity to tie the game and play in OT, however Spurrier wanted it all and called a pass play. The result was a pick.
19) West Virginia Mountaineers: Big win on Thursday night. That is the high profile effort WVU needs if they want to turn any heads.

20) Missouri Tigers: Undefeated, it looks like the Tigers may be legit. All questions will be answered Saturday when they take on Oklahoma.

21)Oklahoma State Cowboys: Another Big 12 team amongst the ranks of the undefeated. Looks like the Cowboys are primed to trip up Bob Stoops and the Sooners yet again.

22)Mississippi State Rebels: If you go into the Swamp and knock off the Gators even in the midst of a down year that is impressive.

23) Miami Hurricanes: Could this be the year we finally get the Miami v. Florida State match up we've wanted since the ACC realigned

24) Texas Longhorns: Maybe the Longhorns are not as bad as we originially thought. Anytime you go into Nebraska and shut down that high powered offense that's something to be proud of.
25) Virginia Tech Hokies: The Hokies may be the hottest team in the country. After dropping their opening two games Virginia Tech has strung together an impressive list of victories.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 7

A new week is upon us, and I'm looking to bounce back after going 2-2 in consecutive weeks. Things aren't getting any easier with teams in the middle of their conference schedules, and many of the races are wide open. Nonetheless, that won't keep me away from picking winners.

USC -3 v. Cal: The Trojans are not themselves this season. Maybe it was all the off the field distractions during the off season. Maybe the kids are not motivated after the sanctions came down and the two year bowl ban was put into place. Most likely the problems can be attested to the coaching change, but I'm not here to bash Lane Kiffen. At least not right now. Despite some recent struggles, this is a talented USC team that needs to bounce back with a solid win. The guys in this program understand the tradition, and they have a lot of pride in the jerseys they are wearing. There is no chance the Trojans roll over for a third consecutive week.

Winner USC wins the game and covers the 3 points.

Iowa -3.5 v. Michigan: The Wolverines were exposed last week for what they really are, an average team with a great talent at quarterback. Now that Superman finally had his cape clipped by Michigan State last weekend, it will be interesting to see how Denard Robison handles the loss and can he bounce back. The Hawkeyes, are a solid team, it's difficult to tell if they are truly contenders in the Big 10, but they do have a stingy defense which allows them to remain competitive in every game. One stat of note for the Hawkeyes, they have given up the fewest plays of 7 yards or more in the country, including no third down conversions from that distance. That is one to keep in mind when Iowa tries to keep Denard Robinson from breaking loose on Saturday.

Winner Iowa wins the game and covers the 3.5 points.

Auburn -4 v. Arkansas: This game features two of the best quarterbacks in the country. Despite a late game meltdown against Alabama, Arkansas' Ryan Mallet has played some great football this year. He has a host of talented receivers around him and a coach who lets him throw the ball down the field. Auburn has been a complete surprise to me this season. They are undefeated, and Cam Newton is proving to be a dark horse in the Heisman Trophy race. While Cam leads the offense it is the depth and the talent on the defensive side of the ball that has won Auburn so many games this season.

I've learned my lesson in dealing with Auburn, they are a good team but they struggle to put teams away. That's why I like Auburn to win the game, but I have Arkansas covering the 4 points.

Ohio State -4 v. Wisconsin: A classic Big 10 battle brewing here. Wisconsin has aspirations of challanging for a Big 10 championship and in the confines of Camp Randell they are a hard team to beat. In typical Wisconsin fashion, the Badgers are big and physical and they run the ball very well. For Ohio State they are slowly progressing into the 21st century and opening their playbook up. That's easy to do when you have Terrelle Pryor running the show. Pryor is slowly becoming a well rounded quarterback who can toss the ball around the field with some success. However, he still has 4.3 speed and can break the pocket and dash a sleeping defense. Wisconsin is a good team and they are built to win the Big 10. However, Ohio State is a great team and is built to win the National Championship. The Buckeyes team speed will prove to be too much for the Badgers to slow down.

Winner Ohio State wins and covers the 4 points.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

RFD's College & NFL Lock Picks of the Week Recap

It was not a good week for the members of the RFD. All three members found themselves on the losing end of their picks. Sometimes even a lock is not a lock. On the bright side there is always next week, and you can bet that our boys are ready to get back at it, and set things straight. Let's take a look at last weeks results.

Bloomer Snatcher: Navy -4.5 and a road cover... Never leave what has been good to you. Next week you can bet I'll be eatting fish tacos and hanging back in the Pac 10.

War Eagle: Saints laying "whatever" against the Cardinals. Never bet the NFL, it's just too tricky this season.

Black Dragon: Auburn to cover the 6.5 up at Kentucky. Never bet on Auburn, they are good, but they are not that good.

Current Standings
Black Dragon 3-3
Bloomer Snatcher 4-2
War Eagle 3-3

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 6 Recap

After looking over last week's results I think it's safe to call me Steady Eddy, or Even Steven. Last weekend marked the second consecutive week I managed to go 2-2 with my picks. In the grand scheme of things I guess that's nothing to be upset about, but it sure would be nice to finish on the upside of things next week.

Michigan State 34 v. Michigan 17: The Spartans have something magical going their way this season. For what it's worth they manged to bottle up superstar quarterback Denard Robinson and hold him to 300 total yards. As I mentioned last week, stop Robinson and you stop the Wolverines.

Michigan with the easy cover on the 4.5.

South Carolina 35 v. Alabama 21: Well, this was the shock of the week. Alabama was riding a 19 game win streak, and seemed poised to waltz through the SEC. However, in the end the schedule proved to be too tough, and Steve Spurrier had one last trick up his sleeve. Bama is still a good team and they will win plenty of covers the rest of the season don't worry.

South Carolina pulls the upset and blows Bama's 6.5 point cover.

Arkansas 24 v. Texas A&M 17: Arkansas once again proved to be a cash cow on the weekend, bringing me my only other win outside of Michigan State. The Razorbacks appear to have righted the ship after their late game collapse against Alabama. Now it will be interesting to see if they can get themselves back into the race for the SEC West title.

Texas A&M keeps it close, but Arkansas comes away with the 6 point cover.

Auburn 37 v. Kentucky 34: I learned two things last weekend that I am finally able to admit to the public. Auburn is good and Cam Newton is a legit quarterback. Second, Auburn wins ugly games and as a result they are a dangerous team to gamble with. Kentucky made this one interesting and it took a last minute field goal just to get Auburn the win. Sadly 3 points was not enough to earn a cover.

Auburn wins the game, but failed to cover the 6 points.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brumbies Respond To the All Blacks and Show Off Their Own Skills

A few weeks ago we brought you a video of a few of the New Zealand All Black players showcasing their ball skills during a training session. The video was an internet sensation amongst the rugby community as the All Blacks showed why they are currently the class of the rugby world.

Now what good is a YouTube video without a good response, and now we have one coming from the Brumbies in Australia. A few of the guys get together to show the All Blacks are not the only ones with exceptional skill. With moves like this, there's no way these guys will miss out on a chance for international selection.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll: It's a Buckeye Rising.

Going into the weekend most thought there would not be a large shakeup within the top 25. Sure there were a few SEC games featuring ranked opponents, but no one truly believed they would shake up the standings, and possibly the BCS. Turns out they were wrong. It was a weekend of upsets across the country, and as a result we have a new look top 25 poll.

1) Ohio State Buckeyes: They have the leading Heisman Trophy candidate, and they have a favorable schedule. It’s going to be tough to knock the Buckeyes from their perch atop college football.

2) Boise State Broncos: The stars are aligning for Chris Peterson’s bunch. Even if they are ranked third in the AP Polls, the Broncos are in the home stretch of their schedule and will continue to bludgeon teams till their showdown with Nevada.

3) Oregon Ducks: This is a strong year for the Pac 10, but if teams keep knocking each other off and Oregon can stay the course they could find themselves in more than just the Rose Bowl.

4) Nebraska Cornhuskers: The Big 12 is wide open this year. With the emergence of a star quarterback, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking to finish the job they started last season.

5) TCU Horned Frogs: TCU is the forgotten child of the non BCS teams. Not as flash as Boise State, and they lack the pedigree of Utah. Hopefully they can showcase just how good they are this season.

6) Oklahoma Sooners: If anyone is going to stop the roll Nebraska is on, it is going to be the Sooners. For the first time in the BCS era we could finally see the marquee Oklahoma v. Nebraska matchup in the Big 12 Championship. Now let’s hope the Sooners can avoid their typical late season collapse to Oklahoma State.

7) Utah Utes: Could there seriously be three non BCS conference teams this year? If there are will that finally be enough to break the BCS? If that is the case, what better team to do it than the original BCS Buster, Utah.

8) Auburn Tigers: They don’t make it easy, but somehow the Auburn Tigers win games. It’s tough to believe the Tigers are a true contender for a National Championship or a SEC Title, but they could stick around long enough to become a serious thorn in someone’s side.

9) LSU Tigers: This team is successful despite their head coach. A solid win over the weekend against a down Florida team, get your kicks in while you can.

10) Alabama Crimson Tide: Can’t say I saw this one coming a loss to South Carolina shocked the system and rocked the poll. Bama is still a good team, and they can still compete for the SEC and a National Championship with a little help.

11) Arkansas Razorbacks: With Alabama falling Arkansas throws themselves right back into the mix in the SEC. Now can Ryan Mallet finally deliver the performance we have been waiting for all season? Or was he just a media hyped sensation?

12) South Carolina Gamecocks: Apparently the Old Ball Coach has a little magic left up his sleeve after all. South Carolina did something no SEC team has been able to do in almost two years and knocked off Alabama. Now the Gamecocks finds themselves in the driver’s seat in the SEC East, and facing a potential rematch with the Crimson Tide.

13) Michigan State Spartans: Finally we are believers here at Walker Sports. The Spartans dominated Michigan and proved Ohio State is not the only team in the Big 10.

14) Iowa Hawkeyes: The Hawkeyes have a way of sneaking up on teams late in the Big 10 season. With key matchups still on their schedule they could weasel their way into the BCS picture once again.

15) Arizona Wildcats: A little bit of reality set in with Oregon State handing the Wildcats their first loss of the season.

16) Stanford Cardinals: Who would have thought the Stanford Cardinals would knockoff USC 3 of the past four years. Yup, that just happened.

17) Wisconsin Badgers: It’s tough to see this team as a threat to anyone in the Big 10, but that does not mean they will be an easy out.

18) Nevada Wolfpack: This team knows how to run the ball. Running the ball effectively and keeping it away from Kellen Moore and the Boise State offense is key to knocking off the Broncos. Who would have thought there would be a reason to get excited over late season WAC football?

19) Florida State Seminoles: Yes the Hurricanes are unpredictable, but what the Seminoles accomplished on the road Saturday night was impressive. That could be a building block for Jimbo Fisher.

20) West Virginia Mountaineers: Once again the Mountaineers are emerging as the best in the Big East. That being said, they may only be the third best team in the WAC or the Mountain West. Think about that.

21 Miami Hurricanes: The Hurricanes are a mess. Yes Jaccory Harris was injured for much of Saturday’s contest and without a doubt that hampered the Miami offense. However, it was apparent that yet again Miami was not prepared to play in a major game.

22) Missouri Tigers: The Tigers are making big strides in what many thought would be a rebuilding year for the program. Now the question becomes, can the Tigers compete with Nebraska for the Big 12 North?

23) Air Force: Does anyone know how to stop the triple option? The correct answer is only with time, which is why this team will struggle in a bowl game.

24) Florida Gators: There is no easy way to replace Tim Tebow. Gator fans are finding that out this season. It will be a struggle for Florida to remain in the top 25 this season. Helping them along the way is a weak SEC East.

25) Michigan Wolverines: Finally the real Wolverines stood up. It’s not that Michigan is not a good team they just lack the all around talent to truly compete. Right now Michigan is a one trick pony running with Denard Robinson every play. If Michigan wants to take the next step, they need to find another offensive weapon.

Friday, October 08, 2010

RFD's College & NFL Lock Picks of the Week

Our lock picks just keep coming here at Walker Sports, and after a poor showing last week, it's time for Black Dragon to get back on the wagon. Seriously, who bets on Wisconsin? War Eagle and Bloomer Snatcher did a great job improving their records and catching up to the slumping Dragon, and now they are in a critical week three show down. Can Bloomer hold onto his narrow lead? Or will the rest of the pack finally catch up to him. With that being said, let's get right to the picks.

Bloomer Snatcher: Moving away from his beloved Pac 10, Bloomer likes Navy -4.5 and a road cover at Wake Forest.

War Eagle: The War Machine is so confident in his pick this week that he likes the Saints laying "whatever" against the Cardinals. It just so happens they are laying 7.

Black Dragon: After starting off the season at a blistering pace things have slowed down. Now it's time to get back on the winning path. This week Dragon is rolling with Auburn to cover the 6.5 up at Kentucky.

Current Standings
Black Dragon 3-2
Bloomer Snatcher 4-1
War Eagle 3-2

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 6

The weather outside is turning here in Washington DC, its' an odd mix of Fall and Summer, and that means we are entering the meat of the college football schedule, and not a moment too soon. I mean the MLB Post Season is nice and all, but it can't really compare to a good college rivalry. Plus betting on baseball is boring (sorry Pete Rose). We're all about the hot action that you can only get from college football. Now let's pick some games.

Michigan State -4.5 v. Michigan: Earlier this week I went on a whole spiell about how Michigan State is in the midst of a magical run. This was just a few days after I declared them the most overrated undefeated team in football. So what we can learn from all of this is I have no clue how to read the Spartans. Despite that, I'm going back to well one more time to place a reasonable wager on a Michigan State game.

While Michigan State is enjoying the fruits of their miricle run, the Wolverines are also enjoying a much needed rebirth thanks to the legs and arm of Denard Robison. The young quarterback has lit the college football world on fire with his ability to scramble, throw and make amazing plays. The last time I saw a player captivate the national spotlight this quickly his name was Michael Vick. Now I'm not saying Robinson has all the physical attributes that Vick possessed when he played at Virginia Tech, but he does generate that same buzz, and as a result the Wolverines are once again a much watch game.

The spread for this game has Michigan State favored by 4.5 points which at first looks seems pretty fair. The most intriquing part of this matchup is it is difficult to tell if either of these teams are truly any good. Michigan State passed their first litmus test last weekend when they knocked off Wisconsin while Michigan really has yet to play a quality opponent yet, they have been pushed by the likes of Indiana, UMass, and Notre Dame. For that reason I am shying away from the Wolverines this weekend. This would be a great bet if you can tease that line a little bit.

Winner Michigan State wins the game and covers the 4.5.

Alabama -7 v. South Carolina: Alabama is the best team in the country right now, and while they blew out a young Florida team last weekend, they are capable of making an avergae team look good, as we saw a two weeks ago against Arkansas. Saturday the Crimson Tide will take on a very pesky Gamecocks team that got off to a great start but seem to be losing steam as the season progresses.

This game will be won or lost in the first quarter, and it's not often that I'll say that. If Bama is able to get off to a hot start they will fluster the Gamecocks. More importantly they will fluster the Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier. For whatever reason Spurrier and his quarterback have not gotten along well at all during his time in Columbia and Spurrier is not afraid to use a short hook on the young man. If Alabama goes up early, Steve Spurrier will start the quarterback rotation, and that never really works for him.

Winner Alabama wins and covers the 7.

Arkansas -6 v. Texas A&M: Once again I find myself contradicting a previous opinon but, that's okay. Yes Arkansas gave a game away to Alabama a few weeks ago, but they are still a very talented team. Ryan Mallet is still a top caliber quarterback even if he does not perform well under the spotlights. More importantly, Texas A&M is not very good. After the way they melted down last Thursday against Oklahoma State it became very apparent the Aggies are not who we thought they were. Turnover prone, undiscplined, under prepared, simply put they are not a good team. Plus that Makes consecutive times that Texas A&M has jilted me. Not again.

Winner Arkansas wins the game and covers the 6

Auburn -6.5 v. Kentucky: Who would have thought that Auburn could fire a coach in Tommy Tubberville and within two season they would be back on top of their game and ranked in the top 10 nationally. Well believe it, Auburn is legit. They are winning games with the help of a great defense, and Cam Newton is a Heisman Darkhorse. My point with all this War Eagle love is Auburn is good, and they can play with any SEC team out there.

Winner Auburn wins the game and Covers the 6.5

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll Week 5 Results

Somethings you simply cannot avoid in life. If you're a gambler that means no matter how good of a hot streak you are experiencing, eventually you have to come back down to earth. Currently I am experiencing one of those moments. After starting the season off red hot, going 12-2, I have finally cooled off, posting a 3-2 record last weekend. This is to be expected because when teams go into their conference schedules the rivalries heat up and the spreads get tighter. Nonetheless, I will continue plugging on with fresh picks coming up later this week. For now let's take a look back at the week that was.

Miami 30 v. Clemson 21: The Hurricanes look to be the class of the ACC, as many expected they would be. Clemson has found themselves in a few tight games this year but with their star quarterback battling injuries (you have to think protecting that MLB contract is at the back of his mind) it was going to be an uphill battle for Clemson to mount any sort of of sustainable offense. Despite that, Clemson made their best efforts to keep in close. In the end, the 'Canes just had too much.

Winner: Miami Hurricanes win and covered the 3.5 points.

Oklahoma 28 v. Texas 20: The Longhorns did a great job to bounce back from their disastrous defeat two weeks again to UCLA. Many expected Texas to fold up shop for the season with all hopes of a serious post season run gone down the drain. Instead they managed to stay in the game and give Oklahoma hell for four quarters. The Sooners are a sneaky good team and they will be fun to watch as they navigate their way through the Big 12 South this season.

Winner Oklahoma wins the game and covered the 4 points.

Oregon 52 v. Stanford 31: It's not often a team can lose their starting quarterback and tailback during the off season and actually improve, but that's what the Oregon Ducks have done. LaMichael James might be the best running back in the country and he showed it Saturday night. The only downside to this game (other than the fact that I missed it) is the Stanford Cardinals are far better than the score indicates. The Cardinals abandon their rushing game far too early and put the game into Andrew Luck's hands.

Winner Oregon and they easily covered the 7 points.

Alabama 31 v. Florida 6: I think the cat is out of the bag, Alabama is good. There you go, you heard it here first, Nick Saban has a heck of a football team. Florida came out with all the right intentions, but they simply did not have the fire power to compete with the buzz saw that has won 29 consecutive conference games. I'm not sure that Alabama is a lock to win a national title as the winner of the previous three meetings of these teams has been, but I do know they will factor into the national championship scene one way or another.

Winner Alabama wins the game and blows away the 8 points spread.

Michigan State 34 v. Wisconsin 24: Sometimes teams face adversity and they are able to band together and make the most out of a bleak situation. It appears the Michigan State Spartans are doing exactly that. They have managed to take a pivotal win over Notre Dame, their coach suffering a heart attack and transform it into the makings of a magical season. On the other side of the ball, we once again have the exact same Wisconsin team that we always have, underachieving.

Winner Michigan State rolls to victory and covered the 2 points.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Tiger Woods Amazing Golf Shot

The US team was unable to retain the Ryder Cup today while they were over in Wales. However, not all was lost. Tiger Woods, actually played like Tiger Woods today, good for him, bad for the rest of the PGA.

However, the moment of the Ryder Cup may have come on Saturday when Tiger was battling to get out of the rough. Sure it was a horrible shot, and Tiger drilled a photographer with his ball. But check out the quality of this photograph.

On a side note, check out the guy to the right of Tiger with the cigar... what's up with that?

Walker Sports College Football Top 25 Poll: I Love My Ducks

1) Alabama Crimson Tide: Nick Saban’s group looked great on Saturday. When you play a good team and you beat them soundly, it says a lot about how well your team is clicking. If history is an indicator Alabama is primed for another national title run.

2) Ohio State Buckeyes: I’m very curious to see how this team navigates the Big 10. There’s a lot of good teams on their schedule and no one will give them an easy out.

3) Boise State Broncos: Some polls have the Broncos dropping to fourth. No one here can justify dropping a team who went out and won 59-0 on Saturday. If Oregon is as good as we think they are they will have their time and their say about playing for a national championship.

4) Oregon Ducks: Great win on Saturday night. Oregon is scary good, and because of the Alabama game on Saturday night, no enough of America has seen how good the Ducks are.

5) Nebraska Cornhuskers: It looks like we could be in for a flashback to the old days with Nebraska and Oklahoma playing for the Big 12 Championship.

6) TCU Horned Frogs: Everyone has forgotten about this mid-major team, but they are good. Perhaps the Horned Frogs need to paint their field purple to get some attention.

7) Oklahoma Sooners: Texas was no match for the Sooners, but that’s not much of a surprise. It’s good to see that rivalry finally swing back in their direction.

8) Utah Utes: Watching the Utes, I can’t wait till this team gets to the Pac 10.

9) Arizona Wildcats: It’s hard to believe that the Wildcats are legit. It’ll be interesting to see how their record looks once the Pac 10 season is over.

10) Auburn Tigers: It’s still hard to believe that Auburn is this good. I’m still not sold they are a real contender.

11) LSU Tigers: The Tigers are lucky they only dropped one place in the poll. It took a penalty flag to save them from complete disaster against Tennessee.

12) Arkansas Razorbacks: This is a perfect example of if you lose early you can still hold your place in the poll.

13) Florida Gators: Saturday night was not the Gators best moment in the national spotlight. It’s going to take some time to rebuild in the post Tebow era.

14) Iowa Hawkeyes: They destroyed a bad Penn State team, but that’s not saying anything.

15) Miami Hurricanes: Are the Hurricanes really that good? Or are they simply feasting on a bad ACC?

16) South Carolina Gamecocks: The SEC is weak, the Gamecocks can make a run for a December trip to Atlanta, and then who knows.

17) Michigan State Spartans: Maybe, just maybe this team is for real. That was a great win on Saturday over a talented Wisconsin team.

18) Wisconsin Badgers: Talk about a team that let down a nation, or at least the Walker Sports gambling nation. After Saturday’s results, the Badgers look like your typical Wisconsin team.

19) Michigan Wolverines: It’s tough to be sold on this team. Sure Denard Robinson is the best player in the country, but that doesn’t mean the Wolverines are a good team.

20) Stanford Cardinals: Now that was a reality check Saturday night. This is still a good Stanford team, and with the Wild West that is the Pac 10, they can still factor into the Pac 10 Championship race.

21) Air Force: Still hanging around. That triple offense attack, just confuses opposing defenses and they don’t know what to do.

22) Nevada: I love the way this team runs the ball, and brings the ground game back to prime time college football.

23) Missouri Tigers: Can the Tigers really challenge Nebraska for the Big 12 North?

24) Florida State: Beating up on a horrible Virginia team does not mean that FSU is good, but they are much improved from last year’s bunch.

25) Northwestern: I know this is strange to me as well.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Pick'em Week 5

The seasons are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and we are entering conference play in the college football season. If you like football, this has to be your favorite time of the year. Last week I went 2-2 on my picks, respectable but not good enough. This weekend I'm looking to right the ship and get back on the winning track. It won't be easy because inner conference games always seem to throw an extra twist into the mix, but that's a challenge I am up for.

Miami -3.5 v. Clemson: Despite their record it's pretty obvious this season has not gone as Randy Shannan had planned for his Miami Hurricanes team. Once again the Canes have plenty of talent, but they seem to lack the ability to step up and compete when the bright lights are on. This is something that a Miami football team never had a problem with in the past. The Canes lived to play under the bright lights of The Orange Bowl.

Oklahoma -4 v. Texas: This is a great rivalry that is flying under the radar this season. Texas is coming off a horrific home loss to UCLA last weekend, and they will not factor into the BCS. However, Oklahoma still has a lot to play for. Even without the BCS this year's Red River Shootout will go a long way to deciding who will play Nebraska for the Big 12 North Championship.

Oklahoma is a sneaky good team, that is flying under the radar, and when the Sooners do this they have their best seasons. After last week's meltdown in Austin, it's clear that the Texas Longhorns simply are not as good as many thought they were. Texas will bounce back from last week but they do not have the necessary talent to keep up with Oklahoma.

Winner Oklahoma wins the game and covers the 4 points.

Wisconsin -2 v. Michigan State: This may be the best game on the weekend. Wisconsin is off to a blistering start this season. In typical fashion the Badgers are using a heavy dose of power running to motor their offense. John Ray is an absolute monster coming out of the backfield. Due to the Badgers ability to run the ball they can use play action passes all day to set up down the field plays.

Michigan State is undefeated on the year, and that's no small feat. Their coach suffered a heart attack after pulling an amazing come from behind victory against Notre Dame two weeks ago. Going into Saturday's game the Spartans will have their head coach back when he sits in the box. Michigan State is going to need all the help they can get if they want to find a way to get by the Badgers. To this point, Michigan State has played well, but they are without a doubt the most overrated undefeated team in the country.

Winner Wisconsin easily covers the 2 and wins the game.

Alabama -8 v. Florida: The winner of the last two times these teams met has gone on to win the national championship. Saturday's game most likely will not decide the national championship, Bama could still make a play for the BCS Championship even with a loss to Florida. The Gators have found some help in multi-threat player Trey Burton who lit up the scoreboard last weekend with six touchdowns. Florida will need him to be every bit the second coming of Tim Tebow if they want to keep this one close.

Alabama survived a tough game last weekend against Arkansas. However, the rediscovered their best player Mark Ingram. It's amazing what the services of a Heisman Trophy winner can do for a team. Bama is a power running team, and if they rely on their on Saturday they will be able to neutralize Florida's offense by keeping them off the field.

This game shapes up in a similar fashion to last week's Alabama. The difference is Florida is still trying to establish themselves on the field. Bama can turn the screws and put this game away early. Winner Alabama wins and covers the 8 points.
Stanford +7 v. Oregon: Its hard to believe that the most intriguing game of the weekend is taking place in Oregon. These two Pac 10 teams are playing at an extremely high level. Stanford has college football's most polished quarterback in Andrew Luck. Oregon has college football's most explosive running back in LaMichael Charles. This is a night game and the crowd will be rocking in support of their Ducks. Stanford is playing great football right now, and most likely they are the better team, but surviving the initial emotions and energy of playing in such a big game will be difficult.

7 points is a lot to lay in such a big game when both teams are so evenly matched.
Winner Stanford wins the game but Oregon keeps things close and covers the 7 points. Going out on a limb I also like the under (+/- 67).

Friday, October 01, 2010

I Love My Ducks

It's no secret that when it comes to Pac 10 football, we love the Oregon Ducks here at Walker Sports. Well truth be told, we love the Oregon Ducks fans more than the actual team. We're big fans of Oregon super fans Supwitchugirl. You may remember these guys from last year's hit song,

Now our boys are back and they are ready to cheer on the Ducks as they get ready for their big game against Stanford Saturday night.