Monday, October 25, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll: Who's No. 1 Now?

For the third week in a row the topped ranked team in the country takes a tumble. However, here in Walker Sports land our number one team is holding strong. However, that does not mean there is plenty of shake ups throughout the rest of the poll.

1)Boise State Broncos: The Broncos are suffering in the BCS Polls thanks to a weak schedule. We won't punish a good team for something they cannot control.

2) Oregon Ducks: After their complete destruction of UCLA on Thursday night it's becoming apparent that the Ducks may really be the best team in the country. A trip down south this weekend to take on USC will tell us a lot about this program.

3) TCU Horned Frogs: The Horned Frogs are churning along and preparing for a crash course with Utah on Nov. 6.

4) Utah Utes: If the Utes can get by the Horned Frogs on November 6th they will be able to throw their hat into the BCS Title hunt.

5) Auburn Tigers: How good is Cam Newton? Simply an amazing display on Saturday in a big time game. The race for the SEC West title is going to crazy.

6) Alabama Crimson Tide: Believe it or not, but Bama is is a perfect situation to make a run for the national championship game. They still have a huge showdown with Auburn at the end of the season that could decide everything.

7)Michigan State Spartans: How good is this team? This week it was a fake punt that sparked the fourth quarter comeback and kept the Spartans perfect.

8) Arizona Wildcats: Arizona is a solid program, and thanks to the cluster that is the Pac 10 they can still factor into the hunt for the Rose Bowl.

9) Stanford Cardinals: A very similar situation to the Arizona Cardinals.

10) Wisconsin Badgers: Great win on Saturday. Going into Iowa and picking up a clutch win that will reshape the outlook of the Big 10.

11) Missouri Tigers: Amazing win, knocking off the top ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

12) LSU Tigers: Tough loss to a very good Auburn team. However, they kept it close and they lost to a good team, so the Tigers were lucky not to fall too far in the polls.

13) Ohio State Buckeyes: Some how the Buckeyes are still managing to be a factor both in the Big 10 and in the national title scene. How long they can hang on, has yet to be seen.

14) Nebraska Cornhuskers: A great job by the Cornhuskers, bouncing back after a devistating loss last week, and knocking off an undefeated team. Nebraska is still the best team in the Big 12.

15) Oklahoma Sooners: We said it last week, the Sooners are at their best when they can fly under the radar. Sitting atop the BCS poll, there is no where to hide, and as a result the Sooners were prime for an upset.

16)Florida State Seminoles: The Seminoles are not a complete team, but they are the best team in the ACC, and that is good enough to earn a spot in a BCS game.

17) Arkansas Razorbacks: This year has not gone the way the Razorbacks would have wanted, however with some help they are still in contention for the SEC West.

18) Iowa Hawkeyes:
Tough loss last weekend at home. Most likely the Hawkeyes are out of the hunt for a Big 10 title, but they can play the roll of spoiler.
19) Mississippi State: This year in the SEC East everyone is still in play.

20) Miami Hurricanes: The Canes are overrated but somehow they manage to hang on. It's going to be interesting to see how they finish out the season.
21) Virginia Tech Hokies: Working hard to climb their way back into the national spotlight. The Hokies are hot and they have what it takes to challenge for the ACC title.

22) Oklahoma State Cowboys: Once again a Mike Gundy team proved unable to come through with the win in a big game. Looks like another typical year for the Cowboys.
23) USC Trojans: Talk about the ultimate spoiler story. USC is playing for pride, and with their game on Saturday against the Oregon Ducks they have a chance to seen the entire rankings into another free fall.

24) Baylor Bears: Congrats for to the Bears for having their first winning effort in over a decade. Baylor has six wins and they are bowl eligible for the first time since 1994.
25) Nevada: Hanging on to save Boise States season.


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