Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Derek Anderson Press Conference Meltdown

There must be something in the water down in Arizona. That can be the only explanation for why every time the Arizona Cardinals play on Monday night they A) Meltdown and look horrible against whatever team they are playing B) Someone from the Cardinals organization melts down when they read the podium during the post game interviews.

It was a few years ago on a Monday night that Arizona head coach Dennis Green gave us the memorable "They are who we thought they were." quote that has lived on in every montage of coaching meltdowns.

On Monday night it was Derek Anderson's turn to take the mic and give us a few memorable quotes. Needless to say, this season has not progressed in the fashion the Cardinals or Anderson would have liked. Hell Anderson was sitting at home just a few months ago, and now he is getting his doors blown off by the 49'ers. No wonder the guy is ready to blow off some steam.

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