Monday, November 22, 2010

Blake Griffen Earns Amare Stoudemire Respect

When Blake Griffen left Oklahoma for the NBA two years ago, he was one of my favorite players to watch. It's not often you see a bigman with the blend of power and athleticism that he posses. Sure D. Howard down is Orlando is doing this thing, but in regards to overall offense he is still lacking. While in many ways Blake Griffen is already a well rounded player, who has shown a great knack for running the court, reading passing lanes and even spotting up for the occasional 15 footer. To match all of that Griffen also has the ability to jump out of the gym.

On Sunday night Blake Griffen and the LA Clippers took on the New York Knicks who are now led by Amare Stoudemire one of the most athletic bigmen in the league. While both men put up monster numbers, Griffen had 44 points, 15 boards and seven assist, Stoudemire had 39 points and 11 boards, it was Griffen who stole the show with another jaw dropping dunk. This time the victem was Knicks rookie Timofey Mozgov.

The dunk was so impressive that Amare took a second to acknowledge Blake Griffen while standing at the free throw line. While it's not uncommon to see players from opposing teams acknowledge each other, it is interesting to see these two in particular. Before the injuries of the past few seasons Amare was a high flying big man who competed in the slam dunk contest and with Steve Nash by his side terrorized opposing teams. Now Blake has exploded onto the scene, and is showing no affects from the knee injury that sidelined him for all of last season.

The brief acknowledgement between the two was almost like the passing of the torch. Now the question is can Blake Griffen impress reigning athletic big man king Dwhight Howard?


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