Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alex Ovechkin Parties At a DC Night Club

Alex Ovechkin is arguably the best player in the NHL today. He led the Washington Capitals to the best record in hockey last season, and with the 2010/11 campaign just under way, he appears poised to do it once again. One thing we do know about Ove is for as great as he is on the ice, the Russian superstar can be legendary off the ice. He has no problem hanging out with is boys, and enjoying a few "shots Vodka."

A few weeks back Ovechkin told local DC media, that it was time to go to work, and his days of staying out all night and partying were over, because hockey is serious business and the Caps have work to do. Well thanks to one reader, it looks like Ove may not be as strict on his no fun policy as the NFL is.

Check out Alex Ovechkin partying at a DC night club with his boy DJ Tiesto.


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