Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll:

We are just past the midway point of the college football season, and we are begging to see the elite teams separate themselves from the pack. Two undefeated teams experienced defeat for the first time on Saturday, and those Baylor Bears are proving to be legit contenders in the Big 12 South.

1) Boise State Broncos: They just keep rolling along. Saturday the Broncos face their last major test against Hawaii.

2) Oregon Ducks: The Ducks put on another blazing performance last weekend when they took on USC. There is no doubt they have the best offense in the country. Now the question is can they jump Boise State for the top spot?

3) TCU Horned Frogs: TCU is strong and they are without a doubt the best team in the Mountain West Conference. They have a showdown with Utah coming up on Saturday, but right now TCU is playing like the most well rounded team in the country.

4) Auburn Tigers: This is by no means a disrespect to the Auburn Tigers they are a great team, and Cam Newton is the best player in the country. However, right there there is a traffic jam ahead of them. However, strength of schedule does help the Tigers and if they can hold court they will likely move their way through the jam.

5) Utah Utes: Saturday will make or break the Utes. If they can knock off TCU, Utah will skyrocket their way up the rankings. A loss knocks them out of contention for good.

6) Alabama Crimson Tide: There is no doubt that Bama is the best one loss team in the country. Having an upcoming game against Auburn just makes the Tides situation even sweeter.

7) Arizona Wildcats: This is a bit of a lofty ranking for the Wildcats. However they have to play Oregon in a few weeks. If they can get over that hurdle then maybe Arizona is legit.

8) Stanford Cardinals: Andrew Luck is the best pro quarterback in the country. It will be difficult for Stanford to factor into Pac 10 race having loss to Oregon already. However, should Oregon hold serve and play for a national title someone needs to step in and fill the Pac 10's spot in the Rose Bowl.

9) Wisconsin Badgers: The Big 10 is turning into the Wild West and the Badgers have just a good a chance as any to come out on top.

10) LSU Tigers: The Tigers are in a similar position as Alabama, but thanks to Les Miles, it's difficult for anyone to honestly believe that LSU has an honest chance to make a title run.

11) Ohio State Buckeyes: The Buckeyes are still very much alive in the Big 10 they just need to win out and let the other teams fall apart around them.

12) Nebraska Cornhuskers: One week after losing a disappointing game, the Cornhuskers bounce back and knock off the undefeated Missouri Tigers. Nebraska is still the class of the Big 12 North.

13) Oklahoma Sooners: Thanks to the emergence of Baylor the Sooners suddenly have a back loaded schedule.

14) Michigan State Spartans: The Spartans got man handled by a better Iowa Hawkeyes team on Saturday. Michigan State was finally forced to leave the state of Michigan and they were exposed.

15) Iowa Hawkeyes: Iowa is a good team. They've suffered some tough losses, but that does not mean they are not the class of the Big 10.

16) Arkansas Razorbacks: The Razorbacks are fading, but they are still a good team. It would take some serious help for them to factor back into the SEC West race, but you cannot rule them out completely.

17) Mississippi State Bulldogs: Better than advertised.

18) South Carolina Gamecocks: The Gators picking up a big win over Georgia on Saturday hurt the Gamecocks more than anything else. It looks like the Old Ball Coach will be left out in the cold once again.

19) Virginia Tech Hokies: The ACC is falling apart and the Hokies are doing just enough to hold serve. Don't be surprised if they find themselves playing in yet another Orange Bowl.

20) Oklahoma State Cowboys: The Cowboys have a nice triple threat offense and a schedule that is set up for their taking.

21)Baylor Bears: Yes, this is for real. Baylor is a real team and they control their own destiny in the Big 12 South.

22) Nevada: They are good, just not great.

23)Florida State Seminoles: Horrible loss on Thursday night. The Seminoles have a long way to go before they can reclaim their past glory.

24) Oregon State Beavers: Can the Beavers finally prove to be the spoiler to the Oregon Ducks?

25) Syracuse Orangemen: Someone from the Big East had


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