Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Erin Andrews: Erin Andrews Strips Down on Dances With the Stars

First of off let me apologize for the quality of this video, but it is the best I could find on short notice. Our favorite sideline reporter Erin Andrews was at it again last night on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. The biggest twist in this week's episode is what Erin Andrews is wearing. She is nearly naked when she takes to the stage to shake her money maker.

On a side note, for someone who was so mortified by being exposed to the world just a few months back, she seems to have no problem stripping down and showing everything to world when a paycheck is involved.

Kai Kamara Misses Easy Soccer Goal

The World Cup is just around the corner, and plenty of fans are predicting this could be the year the United States breaks through and leaves their mark on the international scene. While that may be the case, I can assure you one guy who we won't see playing for Uncle Sam's Army or any one else come June.

Kai Kamara plays for the Kansas City Wizards of the MLS, and is a perfect example of why no one likes American Soccer. This has to be one of the most embarrassing moments ever on a field.

Bango the Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Hits a Monster Dunk

This is one monster dunk from a crazy Mascot. You got to love this.


Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft Round 1 Recap

Round one of the 2010 NFL Draft is in the books. We will recap the entire draft in it's entirety once it's done. In all honesty, I don't think it's fair to give out draft grades on a single round. The teams who had multiple picks obviously look better. However, I can provide you some notes I made based on the first round. Consider this a bit of Walker's Rants NFL Draft Style

-The Denver Broncos had a great first round. Trading down and snagging two lower first round picks was a great move. They now have a receiver to replace Brandon Marshall, and they have a special athlete in Tim Tebow. Sure plenty of people doubt his potential and his skills, but I for one believe Tebow will be a quality NFL starter.

-The Dallas Cowboys managed to blow their first round draft pick. The Cowboys have plenty of needs with their aging offensive line, and their thin secondary. Unfortunately they used their first round pick on a diva wide receiver in Dez Bryant. Good luck with that one.

-Buffalo got a hell of a pick in C.J. Spiller he is a great NFL talent. Too bad, a speedy running back is not what the Bills need to elevate their franchise.

-The Washington Redkins actually seem to have a clue for once, but addressing a legitimate need with their lone early draft pick.

-The Broncos may have reached when they drafted Tim Tebow, but it was no where near the reach the Jacksonville Jaguars took in drafting Tyson Alualu with the 10th pick. He wasn't on anyone's first round draft board.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alexander Ovechkin Snow Controversy

Thanks to living in DC I have the opportunity to watch an athlete at the peak of his game and he happens to be the best athlete in his sport. Of course the person I am writing about is the Washington Capitals Captain Alexander Ovechkin. He is the best player in the NHL and right now he is guiding his team through the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

However, while in hostile territory in Montreal, the Great 8 managed to stir up some controversy thanks to a bit of a pre-game skate around. Before opening face off Ovie saw fit to spray a lil snow on one of the elementary school kids who were invited on ice.

Of course the Canadians hated Ovi's actions, but really who cares? They are just bitter cause the Capitals are the hottest thing in the NHL today.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Erin Andrews: Erin's Still Dancing With The Stars

Okay so reality TV is not our thing here at Walker Sports, but when our girl Erin Andrews is in the mix, we can be persuaded to watch a little Dancing With the Stars. Oh yeah, Chad Ocho Cinco is on there as well, but who really wants to see him dancing around in tights? We are all about Erin Andrews doing the Foxtrot or whatever ever they call the dance she is doing this week.

Check out some clips of our girl as she blows away the competition.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jonathan Dwyer and Anthony McCoy Fail NFL Drug Test

Every year around this time we hear about some NFL prospect who fails a drug test while at the NFL Combine. This year is no different. Anthony McCoy of USC and stud running back Jonathan Dwyer both failed drug test back in February.

For the Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer the failed test may not be as bad as it seems. Dwyer tested positive for amphetamine, but it is unlikely the test will affect his draft status (late first round, likely second round). One NFL source said the positive test was triggered by a prescription medication that Dwyer has NFL clearance to use for a pre-existing condition. If this is the case, it is unlikely that Dwyer will see his draft stock affected in any major way.

“The NFL knew this going into the Combine,” the source said. “Every NFL team is aware of the medication he takes and the confirmation from all the [NFL] doctors involved. Some NFL players take the same medication.”

Anthony McCoy may not be so lucky. It is reported that the senior tight end tested positive for marijuana. McCoy's representation disclosed the positive test to NFL clubs early in hopes that coming clean would not affect his second day draft stock.

NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is is just a few days away many NFL teams are hoping to find the missing piece that will put them over the edge. Some teams have already addressed their needs via free agency, as a result it's time for us to change our mock draft. With the draft so close, this will likely be our final mock draft heading into the draft.

St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford, QB:
The Oklahoma QB has solidified himself as the top quarterback available in this year's draft. The Lions got their lineman with the previous two years drafts and now it's time to get their franchise quarterback.

Detroit Lions Ndamukung Suh, DT: Suh is a can't miss draft pick. The Lions have made a lot of strides to build their defense, and Suh is a player who can will be a long time fixture on the defensive line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoy, DT: The debate between McCoy and Suh will rage on till Thursday night. Nonetheless, Gerald McCoy gives the Bucs a rock in the middle of their lineup.

Washington Redskins Russel Okung, OT: Bringing in McNabb ends all questions about the Redskins using their top pick on a quarterback. Now the Skins needs to protect their franchise QB. Okung is the best left tackle who is ready to play right now.

Kansas City Chiefs Bryan Buluga, OT: The Chiefs can go in a lot of directions with this pick, but they need to sure up their offensive line if they want to make any serious progress in the 2010 season. Bryan Buluga is talented tackle. He can slot in right away and thanks to great coaching in college you know he is ready to play.

Seattle Seahawks Trent Williams, OT: The Seahawks ahve two first round picks which give them plenty of options. Williams most likely end up being the best offensive lineman available in this draft. Trent Williams can fill the holes left in the Seattle offensive line from the mass exodus of 2008.

Cleveland Browns Eric Berry, DB: The Browns wanted to get a defensive back with their first round draft pick. If Eric Berry can fall into the Browns lap they would be beyond foolish for not taking him.

Oakland Raiders Anthony Davis, OT: Al Davis loves the freak show athletes and Anthony Davis is the best example of a freak athlete in this year's draft. Sure he has plenty of downside, but I doubt that will be enough to keep the Raiders away from the big man.

Buffalo Bills Jimmy Clausen, QB: To be honest the Bills need a new team. They can begin the rebuild process by bringing in Clausen. For what it's worth Clausen looked good in his Pro Day workout and he has answered all the questions thrown at him to this point. Now one is left, can he play?

Jacksonville Jaguars Rolando McClain, LB: McClain has the potential to be one of those special linebackers. Dare I even say Ray Lewis potential. He has the knowledge of the game to be the same type of field general Ray is for the Ravens.

Denver Broncos Dez Bryant, WR: If there is one pick I am not sure of it is this one. The Broncos traded away Brandon Marshall earlier this week and have a glaring need at receiver. Now the question becomes, do the Broncos want another disgruntled receiver on their team? The more I see of Dez Bryant the more I worry about his ability to be an elite NFL receiver.

Miami Dolphins Sergio Kindle LB: The Dolphins pass rush needs a shot in the arm and Sergio Kindle can provide that injection. While Kindle is not the complete linebacker he is a great edge pass rusher.

San Francisco 49'ers Joe Haden, DB: Joe Haden is a solid defensive back who can play multiple positions. Bringing him in gives the 49'ers a lock down corner.

Seattle Seahawks CJ Spiller, RB: With their second pick in the first round the Seahawks will acquire the type of scat back that new head coach Pete Carroll loves. Spiller can provide an explosive burst out of the backfield, and he is solid in the return game.

New York Giants Derrick Morgan, DE: The Giants rotate up to 8 defensive linemen during a game. Morgan gives them yet another weapon with his ability to get to the quarterback.

Tennessee Titians Dan Williams, DT: The Titians missed Albert Haynesworth last season. While there are rumors they could bring the big man back, drafting a talented defensive tackle who possess a positive attitude seems like a much better option than bringing in Big Albert.

San Francisco 49'ers Mike Iupati, OT: Mike Singletary wants to run the ball, and bringing in Iupati gives them a reliable tackle to build around.

Pittsburgh Steelers Kyle Wilson, DB: The Steelers secondary was torched last season on several occasions. Kyle Wilson is not the biggest or the fastest DB available, but he certainly gets the job done.

Atlanta Falcons Brandon Graham, DE: The Falcons have to find some sort of a pass rush if they want to climb back to the top of the NFC South.

Houston Texans Ryan Mathews, RB: The Texans went through plenty of running backs last season and none of them really worked. Ryan Mathews is a hard runner who can maintain a heavy workload.

Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham, TE: Sure Gresham has not played in a year, but he is a special talent. If his legs are completely healed he will give the Bengals a great threat in their passing game by running the seams of the field.

New England Patriots Jared Odrick, DT: Ordrick is a versatile defensive lineman who can play 3/4 or 4/3. The Patriots will have a good time moving him around and confusing opposing teams.

Green Bay Packers Maurkice Pouncy, C/G: It's time for the Packers to rebuild their offensive line. Sure the Packers O Line played better in the second half of the season, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Philadelphia Eagles Sean Weatherspoon, LB: I love the way Weatherspoon has developed over the combine season. He can make an immediate impact on what has become a shaky Philadelphia Eagles defense.

Baltimore Ravens Terrence Cody, DT: It's time for the Ravens to revamp their interior defense. Terrence Cody is not the best prospect and he could eat himself out of the league within a few seasons. However, if he gets on a training regimen he could become a scary force especially playing next to Ngata.

Arizona Cardinals Jerry Hughes, LB: There's no question that the Cardinals need help with their defense. The question is will Jerry Hughes be able to make enough of an impact?

Dallas Cowboys Charles Brown, OT: It's past time for the Cowboys to begin rebuilding their offensive line. Charles Brown has a lot of question marks surrounding him due to his lack of playing time at USC. However, he will not have to come in and start right away in Dallas.

San Diego Chargers Devin McCourty, CB: The Chargers have other needs, especially in their backfield. But there are plenty of available running backs to draft in the second or third round. With McCourty the Chargers get a reliable corner who can replace some of the talent lost via free agency.

New York Jets Brian Pierce, DT: Rex Ryan loves defense and Brian Pierce is a big space eater. Kind of like Rex.

Minnesota Vikings Patrick Robinson, DB: Thanks to plenty of injuries in the secondary last year the Vikings now have to use a high draft pick on a corner.

Indianapolis Colts Kareem Jackson, DB: It's time for the Colts to reload in the secondary. In Kareem Jackson, Indy gets a corner with sound fundamentals and who understands the game.

New Orleans Saints Ricky Sapp, OLB: Sapp has fallen hard thanks to some horrible workouts, but there is a chance the Saints to reach for him here.

Keven Garnett Ejected From Celtics Playoff Game

The Boston Celtics are a veteran team who overcame a lot just to make the NBA post season this year. The years are piling up on the Big 3 are have struggled for the past two seasons now. Despite all of that the Boston Celtics fought their way into the post season, and it looks like for one member of the Celtics they are ready to fight to the bitter end.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Inter Milan Defender Maicon Scores an Amazing Goal

Yes I know the Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing (Lets Go Caps!) and the NBA playoffs tipped off as well. Oh by the way, the NFL Draft is less than a week away. What that all means is there are plenty of legit sports related stories out there to write about here on Walker Sports. However, after a long day of rugby I don't have time to write about those (I'm off to watch the Caps). So instead I leave with you this soccer highlight.

Yup that's right its a highlight from Friday's game in Italy where Inter Milan defender Maicon shows he knows how to juggle a soccer ball. For what it's worth, it's a pretty cool goal.

I mean what did you expect it's soccer.

Believe you belong'...strides for US Rugby Sevens

The 2009/10 rugby sevens season is in full swing, and one of the biggest stories of the year has to the vast improvement shown by US Sevens team. There is no doubt the Eagles have made major strides this season, and the entire sevens world is on notice. One person who is watching is Dallen Stanford, longtime writer for our favorite rugby sevens site UR7s.com has some commentary on the improving Eagles. Check it out.

The USA have emerged as one of the most improved team’s of the season making history during the last two IRB Sevens World Series tournaments in Adelaide and Hong Kong.

Most successful US side yet

Al Caravelli’s men have enjoyed occasional victories over the top sevens teams in the world, having reached a handful of quarter-finals and a semi-final in recent years. But it took a special performance from the Americans in the Adelaide IRB Sevens tournament that saw them make their first ever Cup final.

“One of our keys to success has been continuity. Last season we used 35 players on the circuit through the 8 tournaments. So far we have only used 21 players with two tournaments remaining” - Caravelli told UR7s.com

Since head coach Caravelli officially took the reigns in the 2006/2007 season he has taken the USA side from Shield to Cup contenders in only a matter of years.

As we know there is no full-time professional rugby in the USA yet, which means Caravelli’s squad members either train on their own or play overseas inbetween tournaments.

Several of the regular sevens players have not been released this season from overseas clubs with Caravelli being forced to look at home for his next batch of stars.

Talent Identification

The key for the USA is continued talent identification - which includes getting players to start playing rugby at an earlier age.

When I spoke to Caravelli he was travelling from Denver to Dallas, and had just been in Chicago for this purpose. He reminds one of George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air’ traveling more than 365 days a year!

“It is both talent identification, and Kyle (Caravelli’s son) is getting a start for Cal against UCLA, so I get to see him play” added the USA 7s head coach.

I was recently was asked to announce/commentate a few of the Westlake High School matches in Austin Texas. The level of play has been outstanding with several players destined for higher honours if they continue with rugby. Other programs are seeing great success with the Austin Area High School (AAHS) drawing players from several different high schools.

As we know the athletes that will take part in the 2016 Olympic Games could be anyone of these young players…

The cross-over athlete has already produced dividents for Caravelli with Leonard Peters the most successful transition player to date. A few other players have tried to take to rugby with limited results. Sprinter and NFL player Bennie Brazell scored an excellent try in his few minutes on the field during the Las Vegas IRB Sevens but he has returned to Football. Expect many more talented individuals to emerge from this bracket.

Targeting England

The Adelaide tournament showed that the USA can produce consistent sevens over a three-day tournament. The win against England was phenomenal, as was the Wales encounter.

“We had targeted England in Adelaide. In our previous three outings against them we had given them 52 turnovers. My message to the team was to keep ball possession, be hard on defense, and eliminate penalties. Everyone knew their role which was vital” - said Caravelli.

He continued “I knew we had beaten England when at the end of the first half we got a penalty in our 22.

Instead of kicking for touch and being happy with a half time lead, we played patient sevens and scored a vital try. Five English players were laying on the ground, and we now had the belief that we could beat anyone”.

Rarely have America pulled away from Argentina in a match - especially with this one in the Cup semi-final. Samoa has been unbelievable this year, and well deserved titles in Australia and Hong Kong. The other most improved team has been Australia who find themselves in 4th position on the IRB points table.

Adelaide IRB Sevens:
USA 24 England 21
USA 0 Australia 36
USA 29 Niue 7
USA 12 Wales 10
USA 28 Argentina 12
USA 10 Samoa 38

In the famous Hong Kong sevens the United States overcame a tough Portugal side, with captain Kevin Swiryn finishing off 5 superb tries against Thailand to ensure a Cup quarter-final spot by the narrowest of margins! Argentina’s points difference was 42, with the USA one point ahead at 43.

Even though the USA fell to Australia and Samoa - these matches were better contested and certainly not one-way traffic. Fiji has traditionally been a tough contest with the pacific islands out-scoring the Americans.

Hong Kong IRB Sevens:
USA 17 Portugal 10
USA 62 Thailand 0
USA 12 Fiji 38
USA 7 Samoa 24
USA 12 Australia 21

Looking ahead

With only two tournaments remaining the USA lie in 9th position (32 points) on the World Series points table. A top 10 finish would be excellent, but even better would be finishing in 8th ahead of Argentina, who currently have 38 points.

It seems like the USA have been slow starters in the IRB Series.

“We unfortunately don’t have the tune-up tournaments like Singapore or the Gold Coast before Dubai kicks off” remarked Caravelli.

“It all comes down to finances, and I have been told USA Rugby is putting this into the RWC for 2011”.

Players stolen by 15s program?

The sevens program has either improved current American rugby players, or unearthed them to the 15s coaches. This is especially an area of concern I feel as there are only a small number of experienced rugby players in the States. With the Churchill Cup approaching in June, it will remain to be seen if Caravelli has access to his full squad.

Of course this problem will be at its worst with the 2011 Rugby World Cup almost here. The 2010/2011 IRB World Sevens Series will see many new players making their debut - especially in countries like the USA where it is common for players to play both 7s and 15s for their country.

This won’t happen in larger rugby playing nations as the players are more specialized. In South Africa for example we know that coach Paul Treu has contracted his squad for the entire season just for sevens. Occassionally a player may be called up for 15 man duty (like Stormers fullback/wing Gio Aplon and Cheetahs center Robert Ebersohn).

The USA will assemble on May 8th at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista, San Diego ahead of the England and Scotland tournaments. Due to rugby being included in the 2016 Olympics the training squad of around 18 players will be fortunate enough to stay on-site at the OTC.

“Believe you belong” was the phrase Caravelli finished off our conversation.

Former Sevens stars… Where are they now?

Chris Wyles (Saracens - England) scored a brilliant try for his side in their 30-19 win over the Sale Sharks this weekend.

Takudzwa Ngwenya (Biarritz - France) produced the moment of the year by running in an 80 meter solo effort - which included beating Shane Williams - giving his team a nail biting 29-28 victory over the Ospreys.

Todd Clever (Lions - South Africa) The first American player to play in the Super 14 competition - has enjoyed a massive season for the Lions starting at 8th man for most of the year.

My next article will look at the USA Collegiate Sevens Championship, interviewing tournament director Dan Lyle.


Friday, April 16, 2010

1000 Post?!? Aint I GREAT!!!

Okay, I'll admit this post has absolutely nothing to do with sports, it' is completely self absorbed and all about Walker Sports, and how great we are. That's right we are better than you, and if you don't like it leave.

In all honesty the only reason I am even writing this post is to celebrate Walker Sports 1000th post. Little did we know a few years ago that this blog would survive this long, or grow in such a manor. For the continued growth, we thank you. Keep coming back as we will continue to do our best to get better, and keep growing.

Aint I great?

Dana White Ready to Cut Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva may be the best MMA fighter in the world today, but if you saw his last fight in the octagon, it would be difficult to grant him with that label. Just a few weeks ago Silva danced and mocked his way around the ring and won one of the ugliest fights in MMA history.

The fight was so bad that UFC president Dana White left the ringside before its completion and refused to award Silva the belt. Now how does Dana White punish what may be his most gifted fighter? Give him an ultimatum, fight right or go home. That's right controversy sells, and Dana White is already building the controversy for a fight that won't take place for another four months at least.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Patrick Kerney Retires From Football

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Patrick Kerney announced today that he was retiring form the NFL after 11 seasons. Kerney split his 11 seasons between the Atlanta Falcons and finished his final few season as a Pro-Bowl defender for the Seattle Seahawks.

For the majority of his career Kerney went under the radar. He is best known for being your hustle defensive player. Never one to overpower with his size, Kerney relied on his skills and technique to cause havoc in the backfield.

Amongst his teammates, Kerney was best known for the exotic measures he took to heal and recover his body. He spent many hours each week inside a $1,2000 hyperbaric chamber and sprawled on silver-lined "earthing" sheets that are purported to speed the recovery of tissues.

Immediately before regular-season games, he would amp up the settings on the electric stimulation machine he used in the locker room to fire up his adrenal glands.

Kind of ironic that injuries would be the cause of his retirement.

Despite only being 33 years old, Kerney should be financially stable. He is recently engaged, and signed a big contract with the Seahawks in 2007 that guaranteed him $19.5 million.

Dog Poops on Field: Commentary on Baseball?

Okay so this video has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It's a dog running around on a football field and it takes a dump. Its minor league baseball, and to be honest I don't have a clue where the game was being played. Nonetheless some people think this video is funny for whatever reason. Who am I to deny our readers.

Dillon Baxter Long Touchdown Run Sparks Comparison

The 2010 USC football season is barely in its infancy with the first days of spring ball wrapping up this past weekend. However, that has not stopped the cameras and the media from clamoring about a possible star in the making out in La La land.


Freshman running back Dillon Baxter technically should still be in high school, but despite his young age he is making headlines around the USC campus for all the right reasons. His performance at spring practice was so outstanding this weekend that Baxter had new Trojans head coach Lane Kiffen comparing the young man to former USC great Reggie Bush.

After watching the video, Lane Kiffen may want to to quell some of his lofty praise. While Baxter's run was impressive, one must remember this play took place towards the end of practice. And the guys falling all over themselves in the secondary are actually walk-on players. Not exactly he was breaking some off for Taylor Mays and company.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phil Mickelson Wins Third Masters

Phil Mickelson has been through a lot over the last month. His wife Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago, and as a result she has been absent from the PGA scene for just under a year. Since the announcement of his wife's diagnoses Phil Mickelson has not been the same. It has been obvious by his play that his mind has been other places, and no one could blame him for that.

At this year's Masters, Phil Mickelson was able to to put aside all the personal problems he is experiencing in his life, and he was able to put away the distractions Tiger Woods brought to the Masters, and he simply went out and played golf. That's all he needed to do, and it worked for him by earning Phil Mickelson his third green jacket.

The scene on the 19th green between Amy and Phil Mickelson was incredibly touching. Phil has the reputation of being a bit of a phony on the golf course. He signs autographs and acts nice to fans while having a bit of a chip on his shoulder in the clubhouse. On Sunday Mickelson put all of that to the side, and he was simply a man enjoying an amazingly touching moment with is wife.

It is moments like these that make sports special, and these are the moments that make us all fans.

<a href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=30d4fd4c-6b48-47f6-bb12-b7426a3869cf&amp;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_articles" target="_new" title="Masterful Mickelson">Video: Masterful Mickelson</a>

Matt Cooke Gets Knocked Out By Evander Kane

As a Caps fan it brings a smile to my face to see a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins get knocked out. In one of their final regular season games, Pens forward Matt Cooke started a fight he couldn't finish. Evander Kane of the Atlanta Thrasers throws a wicked right cross and Cooke found that out first hand. This is just a brutal shot.

Friday, April 09, 2010

UR7s 'Best of Adelaide/Hong Kong VII'

With London 7's in full swing over in the UK, we felt it was a good time to take a moment and look aback at the Honk Kong and Adelaide 7's. Thanks to our good friends over at UR7s.com we have compiled a best of list. And thanks to some exceptional performances by the US Eagles, there are a few familiar faces on this list.

After each of the back-to-back legs on the 2009/10 IRB Sevens World Series, Robin Heymann will be picking a side from the players he feels have delivered the most over the two tournaments. It's time to select a VII from Adelaide and Hong Kong.

Agree or disagree we want to hear your thoughts so please leave some comments. Who did we miss out? Who have you enjoyed watching so far this season? Let us hear your views Sevens fans...[email protected]

Best of Adelaide/Hong Kong VII

1. Matt Hawkins (USA) - Came of age in the last few tournaments, continuing his good showing in Vegas. Al Caravelli rates him rightly as his most valuable forward and his power and stamina are right up there with anyone else this year. Deft off-loads and sensible head under pressure in the Eagles' charge to Adelaide final.

2. DJ Forbes (New Zealand) - Will probably be criticised for again including Forbes, but his performances leave no argument. Leads from the front in every sense and has that mystical ability to always be on the shoulder of likes of Baker, Cama, and Lawrence all day. Incredibly ruthless at the breakdown as always.

3. Simaika Mikaele (Samoa) - It might be getting boring lavishing praise on this unstoppable Samoan forward line but they are making it impossible for me not to include them. Mikaele, perhaps stirred on by the supreme form shown by colleagues such as Fa’osiliva, was magnificent in Australia and Hong Kong, showing boundless energy and courage. Key ties in big games too.

4. James Stannard (Australia) - In a team that has an average age of 20, Stannard’s wise head is a reassuring. The zippy playmaker has played his heart out all season, often the unsung hero in a squad bristling with talent. Terrier-like breaks and never afraid to get stuck in physically, a player who you would be happy to know was in your ranks.

5. Zar Lawrence (New Zealand) - Not always guaranteed of a starting berth this year, but the vastly experienced 28-year-old Lawrence is still a valuable part of Gordon Tietjens’ furniture. At first receiver he unselfishly sets the kiwis pattern with flawless distribution. Still has an eye for the line and unerring desire in ‘D’.

6. Kevin Swiryn (USA) - Right back into the swing of things on the IRB Sevens. The versatile American skipper led his side to a hugely productive couple of weeks on tour, scoring twelve tries in the process. It’s not just his try scoring prowess though that has impressed. Possess brilliant hands, strength, and athleticism. All action stuff.

*Kurt Baker (NZ) unlucky to miss out, but yellow cards counted against him.

7. Mikaele Pesamino (Samoa) - The Upolu man increases his tally this season to a breathtaking 47 tries. One feature I have noted is his ability not only to cause havoc against minnows but his knack of influencing big matches - the mark of a great player. Remarkable performance in HK final; one moment it looked like his hamstring was shot, the next he is subjecting the Kiwis to another defeat.


Marco Barnard - A spiky performer and a la Matt Hawkins, wears his heart on his sleeve. Burrowing at the breakdown and sniping runs keep opposition guessing.

James Rodwell - Aside from Ben Gollings, England’s most experienced player had a quite and disappointing December and February. But came storming back in Aus and HK dominating the re-start, great support, and bounding runs.

Liam Gill - Just 17 years of age but Gill just gets better and better for Australia, after coming into the squad as injury replacement in Vegas. Scoring tries and showing impressive maturity by his desire to make things happen in the midfield. Real prospect.

Andrew Turnbull - Head and shoulders ahead of the rest of his team, Turnbull has scored some special individual efforts in recent times. Scintillating try against NZ, putting the after-burners on past Tomasi Cama.

Niumaia Rokobuli - No doubt that Fiji miss Seremia Burotu but Rokobuli was at times unstoppable in Hong Kong. Classic Fijian forward. Height and power combined with speed and and hands of a half-back - standard!


Monday, April 05, 2010

Tiger Woods Speaks to Media at Augusta

The Masters is set to begin on Thursday morning, but all attention was focused on Augusta National a few days early when Tiger Woods stepped up to a press podium and answered questions for the first time since the wheels came off of his personal life back in November. Typically Woods speaks to the press on Tuesdays when at Augusta, but due to the extraordinary circumstances he spoke to the press a day earlier. It also helped that today is the opening day of baseball season, and the NCAA Men's Basketball championship is being played later tonight. The thought was these events would help to bury Tiger's presser, but that was not the case. The whole world watched as Tiger answered questions for the first time.

<a href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=9d484242-d65a-4123-a579-87b331eea87d&amp;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_articles" target="_new" title="Tiger meets the press">Video: Tiger meets the press</a>

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bob Huggins Comforts Injuried Player

I'll be the first to admit, by no means am I the biggest Bob Huggins fan. However, during last night's Final Four game against Duke, the West Virginia coach earned some of my respect with the way he handled a very delicate situation.

Late in the second half of a game that the Mountaineers were trailing, WVU star De-Sean Butler went down in a heap after colliding with a Duke player. From the moment he went down, it was obvious Butler was in serious pain.

Huggins stated he never coached a better combination of person and player than De-Sean Butler. As Butler lay struggling on the ground, Huggins made every effort to comfort the injured player. He also showed some of his hot temper and unleashed a brief tirade on official John Higgans, "They [the Blue Devils] don't foul, right, John? They don't foul. All-American laying here and they don't foul."

Watch the compassionate side of Bob Huggins.

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Donovan McNabb Traded to the Washington Redskins

Unbelievable news on a Easter Sunday. The Philadelphia Eagles have traded franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. This news comes from Foxsports.com NFL insider Jay Glazer.

The terms of the deal are for the Eagles to receive a second-round pick, 37th overall, in this month's NFL draft, and either a third- or fourth-round pick next year.

McNabb is the Eagles franchise leader in every major passing statistic. He also lead the Eagles to four NFC Championships, and one Super Bowl appearance. In addition he made six Pro Bowls while quarterbacking Philadelphia for 11 seasons.

This move cements the fact that Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell will be traded or moved sooner than later. Campbell's status with the Redskins has been in question for the last year. The Redskins only gave him a tender offer good for one season earlier this year. Despite the fact that McNabb is in the final year of his contract one would imagine the Redskins would make every effort possible to sign him to a long term deal.

An interesting twist in all of this is the Eagles were willing to let go of a franchise quarterback for virtually nothing. They were also willing to give their quarterback to a division foe who the Eagles will play twice a year. With Kevin Kolb the heir to the McNabb throne, and Mike Vick waiting in the wings, this very well could be one of the worse deals in NFL history.

From the Redskins perspective they gain McNabb's services for at least one season. However, he will be 34 next season and it is no secret that McNabb does struggle to stay healthy for the entire season. In regards to what it cost to sign McNabb by Redskin standards he was very cheap. They have never cared about draft picks anyways.

One thing that is for sure, the NFC will be one wild division next season, that is for sure.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Brian Kelly Rips Notre Dame Saying Notre Dame's Offense Sucks

Brian Kelly has not been at Notre Dame for season, hell he's never coached a game. But that has not stopped the new Fighting Irish coach from ripping his team during spring practice. Caught on tape just this week Kelly admitted his team needs work on both offense and defense. He also questioned their work ethic and desire.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

LSU New Purple Field is Turning Heads

When I first got a hold of this earlier today, I figured it to be an April Fools Day joke. A good part of me is still hoping that is the case. However, after a bit of research it seems there may be some serious legs to this story. LSU is ready to throw it's hat into the world of wacky fields by replacing their turf with a new purple look for their season opener against Mississippi State.

By now we are actually used to Boise States 'smurf turf'' and Eastern Washington announced last season they will introduce their red field. So the idea of odd color fields is nothing new. However, LSU would be the first BCS Conference school to make the move to the unique turf.

"It's now time to expand the traditions that surround our football program," LSU head coach Les Miles said. "LSU is going to take the lead in what we think will become the wave of the future and that's field turf in the colors of your school. The installation of the purple field turf will add to the excitement of a Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium and this team will enjoy the opportunity to play on what will be the finest surface in football."

"This wasn't just a knee-jerk reaction," Marcus Davidson, Assistant to the Associate in the Office of Athletic Branding, said. "It was a perfect storm of factors. Not only will field maintenance be easier for our grounds crew, but being able to project purple and gold to a national television audience is an opportunity for branding that will make Tiger Stadium the greatest place to watch a sporting event in the world. With the purple turf, the only place that compares is the Roman Coliseum, and to my knowledge, that doesn't even exist anymore."

For what it's worth the purple field doesn't look nearly as bad as that blood Mary pitch Eastern Washington is planning on using. And yeah, it is a hell of a marketing idea.

Naked Rugby Sevens Finds a Home

Once again we have to give a big shout out to our friends over at UR7s.com for doing the research and finding this tournament. I think we have found our next Walker Sports summer tour. We will be holding open auditions for our co'ed team beginning in May.

A UK Rugby club in Cambridgeshire has this week confirmed they will be hosting the first naked Rugby Sevens tournament.

Hosted at Somersham RFC, the event is the brainchild of local businessman, naturist and rugby player Luke Atmerear

“I am delighted to have found a club who have embraced my idea so closely.”

Mr Atmerear has campaigned for years to host an event such as this.

“I thought of the idea while on a naturist holiday on the Isle of White some four years ago, the majority of the clubs I spoke to wanted nothing to do with the idea, but with the support from the guys and girls at the East Anglia Naturist society we now have a exciting new event in our social calendar.”

Chairman of Somersham RFC, Rory Underwear added,

“Like all small rugby clubs funding is tight and we feel that being the founding partner of naked rugby could be a great way to raise our profile and some much needed cash.

“Oh they are an open minded bunch, I’m sure their wives will be please not to have to wash the kit!”

The format of the tournament is 7-a-side mixed touch rugby followed by a traditional British BBQ and party.

“I feel I am only scratching the surface of the potential of naked rugby, not only will the naturists in East Anglia enjoy it, but I am sure there are a few lads and ladesses in the traditional rugby fraternity who might fancy a change.”

The tournament is being held at the Somersham rugby club on the 26th June 2010 for more information please contact Luke Atmerear [email protected]

NFL Pro Day New Record 40 Yard Dash TIme


A previously unknown athlete today ran what may have been the first sub-four second 40-yard-dash at a “pro day” workout for professional football prospects.

Joseph “Boo” Wheatly, 24, sprinted at the end of an annual southern California Pro Day, stunning the assembled crowd of athletes, agents, pro scouts and fans. Wheatly’s run caused an audible reaction. The sound was followed about a second later by an aftershock of wild celebration among his fellow athletes, and the murmur of phone calls and texts as pro football scouts rushed to report what they had seen.

Sources among the timing crew and several scouts who had hand-timed the sprint confirmed Wheatly clocked in at 3.9 seconds.

“That’s just ridiculous,” one scout said. “No way I’d believe my watch if it says that. But when everybody’s watch says it, when we saw what we just saw, what else is there to say?”

With the performance, Wheatly is already a wild card heading into next month’s pro football draft. The 40 is often considered a football prospect’s best measuring stick.

Wheatly was a member of the football team at Mesa Junior College last year but battled eligibility issues for most of the season. He was eligible for only one game, where he had seven receptions for 142 yards.

“We first saw Boo running for our track team. You could see there was potential there; we liked his size and thought we could develop his football skills,” head football coach Rich Martinez said by phone.

Wheatly, who stands about 6-foot-7, said he grew four inches over the course of several months following a nondescript high school athletic career. He joined Mesa and then decided to dedicate himself to making a Football Bowl Subdivision program. It was during this training that he felt it coming together, he said.

“I finally got the right shoes! My old ones were a joke,” he said.

Wheatly said he originally started with a traditional sprint training program suggested by his track coach. He’s tweaked it with an additional emphasis that takes full advantage of his long stride. And he’s added drills on the sand and in the shallow water of southern California’s beaches to help with his burst and explosiveness. He’s in the weight room three times a week.

Wheatly didn’t receive much interest from Division I schools, but while working out in southern California he caught passes from other top prospects. These connections got him on the invite to participate in Pro Day — ostensibly to help warm up the quarterbacks.

Speculation is strong that Wheatly could be a top-10 pick, with league sources saying one team has already arranged to fly him in for a personal interview.

While the scramble has just started to see which team might pick Wheatly, it appears Nike is the shoe company which has won the Boo draft. Wheatly trained and ran his historic 40 in, as you may have imagined, swoosh-adorned Nike Air Max running shoes.

Related Content: Nike Air helps athletes worldwide clock “unbelieveable” 40-yard dash times. Source of air revealed. WATCH HERE

April Fool’s Day jokes celebrating the human potential in sport on FoxSports.com today. Gotcha.

-Thanks to our good friends over at Fox Sports for this one. Thanks guys!!