Thursday, April 01, 2010

LSU New Purple Field is Turning Heads

When I first got a hold of this earlier today, I figured it to be an April Fools Day joke. A good part of me is still hoping that is the case. However, after a bit of research it seems there may be some serious legs to this story. LSU is ready to throw it's hat into the world of wacky fields by replacing their turf with a new purple look for their season opener against Mississippi State.

By now we are actually used to Boise States 'smurf turf'' and Eastern Washington announced last season they will introduce their red field. So the idea of odd color fields is nothing new. However, LSU would be the first BCS Conference school to make the move to the unique turf.

"It's now time to expand the traditions that surround our football program," LSU head coach Les Miles said. "LSU is going to take the lead in what we think will become the wave of the future and that's field turf in the colors of your school. The installation of the purple field turf will add to the excitement of a Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium and this team will enjoy the opportunity to play on what will be the finest surface in football."

"This wasn't just a knee-jerk reaction," Marcus Davidson, Assistant to the Associate in the Office of Athletic Branding, said. "It was a perfect storm of factors. Not only will field maintenance be easier for our grounds crew, but being able to project purple and gold to a national television audience is an opportunity for branding that will make Tiger Stadium the greatest place to watch a sporting event in the world. With the purple turf, the only place that compares is the Roman Coliseum, and to my knowledge, that doesn't even exist anymore."

For what it's worth the purple field doesn't look nearly as bad as that blood Mary pitch Eastern Washington is planning on using. And yeah, it is a hell of a marketing idea.


Bloomer Snatcher said...

"All Econo Lodge's to feature jacuzzi and wet bar!"

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