Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Psyic Octopus Predicts Spanish Win in World Cup

The World Cup has captivated sporting audiences from around the world both on land and in the sea. It has also caught the attention of our newest Walker Sports contributor. Please welcome Jenny Poole a local blogger from Found By a Friend. She has caught World Cup fever, and after hours of research she has found the perfect scheme for predicting games.

Whether you indulge in daily horoscopes or can't fathom superstition in sports, well, if you are paying any attention to the 2010 World Cup, you’ve probably caught up on the hubbub with Paul the Psychic Octopus and his Germany win-loss predictions. He has been predicting Germany's soccer matches since 2008, and in this World Cup has correctly predicted all of Germany’s outcomes.

To predict a match, Paul chooses one mussel out of two cubes, each labeled with the country’s flags. The cube that contains Paul’s chosen snack is said to be the winner of Germany’s next World Cup match. As fate has it, Paul has chosen Spain as the winner of Germany’s semi-final match on Wednesday.

Now I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but in order to actually believe in Paul the Psychic Octopus you must overlook a few truths. Let's look at his accuracy of 80% of the time - not 100%. If you told me that tomorrow, when I walk into work there's an 80% chance that I’ll still be employed... well that 20% chance of getting canned would be plenty to cause this gal to lose a little sleep! Regardless of what any psychic animal says the outcome might be.

If this seems like not enough, let me put it in stronger terms: when Spain and Germany met in the European Championship in 2008, Paul failed to predict the correct result in the 1-0 win by Spain. Hmm... perhaps Paul can be considered sort-of psychic. Or psychic-except-when-Germany-plays-Spain...

Regardless of what Paul is saying these days, I think fans on all sides of this match should sleep well. This game is still a total toss-up.


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