Monday, August 16, 2010

Legendary Shots Crew Crazy Trick Shot From a Roller Coaster

Once again the Legendary Shots Crew from Alabama are up to their old tricks (shots). If you remember back to just a few weeks ago, it was this group of teenagers that set the record for the world's longest shot made. Now the group is out to outdo themselves once again, and they may have.

"We were basically thinking, 'How can we top that?'" 17-year-old Carson Stalnaker said. "What can we possibly do next?"

What could they do next? How about hitting a shot from the "Stratus Fear" a terror tower ride at an Alabama amusement park.

Because of the way the ride works, the Legendary Shots Crew were only able to attempt two shots per trip up. In the end, they hit their lone shot when the tower was only halfway into the air. That would not stop the kids from attempting the trick 25 more times from the top of the tower.

Imagine sitting on that thing for 25 plus trips in one day. I hope they skipped the caramel apples while at the park.

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