Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mark Ingram Golf Trick: Watch Out Tiger

Mark Ingram is entering his junior year at Alabama, he is a key member of the defending National Champions, and he is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Things are good in Mark Ingram's life, and if he, along with the rest of his 'Bama teammates, can live up to the hype things will get even better.

However, just to show you how great of an athlete he is, Ingram is now going after Tiger Woods. Don't worry this has nothing to do with Tiger's off the course antics. This is strictly business. While hanging out with the ESPN the Magazine crew, Mark Ingram decided to show off some of his golfing skills, proving he is more than a one sport athlete.

Notice the swing on his drive from the tee. Not bad at all for a non golfer. Charles Barkley would kill for that.

Just incase you forgot, here is the original Nike Commercial that helped propel Tiger Woods into the spotlight. (man we miss that Tiger)


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