Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Detroit Lions Player Runs Over a Kid

So it's no secret to any NFL fan that the Detroit Lions have struggled at everything related to playing football. However, with the emergence of Matt Stafford, and Calvin Johnson as well as a rebuilding defense, there is some reason for hope up north. One thing to remember is like any coach will tell you, change is slow and it takes time. You can't fix all the wrongs in one night or one season.

One item the Lions may want to put on their 'fixxer upper' list is pre-game intros. Sure this is a basic part of the game from high school football on, but sometimes you have to start fixing things from the ground up. Just ask Louis Delmas who plowed over a poor unsuspecting kid who was out on the field to welcome the team with other area youth.

After the game Delmas spoke with the Detroit Free Press and addressed his pre-game altercation, and a potential groin injury he may have suffered. (no it was not from running over a kid)

“I don’t know if that was the adrenaline running through my veins or (it) being a game-day situation. I felt good, though.”

That was Delmas talking about the game and how his groin reacted.

Delmas on flattening the youngsters:

“Any kid that I hit, I’ll tell him I apologize and if they want me to sign something I’ll go ahead and sign. I’ll even give him a hug.”

One thing that is for certain that kid is now a Minnesota Vikings fan.


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