Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chad Ocho Cinco Has New Touchdown Celebration

Okay so Chad Ocho Cinco has made a name for himself with his elaborate TD celebrations. For the most part they are pretty entertaining, and most of us here at Walker Sports see them as a good thing for the NFL. Now with T.O. moving to Cincinnati you can believe that he will force Ocho Cinco to up the anty on his celebration tactics. However, the winner for best TD celebration in 2010 may not come from either of the Bengals wideouts, or even from the NFL. Check out Tiger-Cats receiver Dave Stala from the CFL. He shows some fancy footwork and puts together one helluva celebration.

Seeing how Ocho Cinco is such a big soccer fan, you have to see this as Stala's version of calling out 85.


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