Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jared Allen Cuts his Mullet

As I was sitting around earlier today, I heard a story come across the radio, and the overly excited sports talk show host told the story of one Jared Allen, the Pro Bowl defensive end from the Minnesota Vikings. However, this story had nothing to do with Allen's exploits on the field. The entire segment focused on Jared's hair, or a lack there of. That's right it was all about his super mullet and Jared Allen's haircut.

Seriously!?!? They are dedicating radio segments and entire blog post to Jared Allen's mullet? I'll give the man credit his mullet was impressive. And it can be a big deal when a person cuts their hair. But we're talking about NFL football. It's about hitting, and violence, pain. Not haircuts and fashion statements.

Has the 24 hour news cycle and the blogosphere brought us to this? We are talking about one of the baddest men in the NFL and the only story we can think worthy of covering is about the mans hair. Damn, I miss the old days when football was about football and nothing else.


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