Thursday, January 04, 2007

The NFC is Terrible

The 2006 NFL Playoffs begin Saturday, and whoever emerges from the AFC Championship Game will win the Super Bowl. The NFC is horrible. Whoever represents the NFC will be the lesser of six evils. Even the so call powerhouses of the NFC have struggled entering the Playoffs.

The Chicago Bears have the best record in the NFC. They also are the most suspect team in the conference. Rex Grossman was pulled in last week’s game. This means the Bears have two weeks to settle a QB controversy. A contending team needs a serviceable QB to be a serious threat. Neither of the Bears QB’s are this. Too bad Brian Griese will not be the answer Bears fans are looking for.

Sean Peyton completed the turnaround of the century, transforming the Saints into a playoff team. N.O. has a talented offense that can strike from any position. Their defense is young and hungry. Or they were hungry. After a fantastic start, the Saints became complacent towards the end of the season stinking it up three of the last four weeks of the season. It will be interesting to see if they can shake off the haze and make a push for the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants quite on Tom Coughlin. Despite that, somehow the Giants stumbled their way into the playoffs and will play division foe Philadelphia. Even a win probably wont save Coughlin’s job, so don’t be surprised if Shockey and company start pack for South Beach early if they get down quick.

Jeff Garcia is the real life Rocky story for the Eagles. He put the team, the city, and his career on his shoulders and willed them into the playoffs. Garcia’s determination will be good enough to get the Eagles past the pitiful Giants. That’s as far as they will go, unlike the movies this Rocky story will not have a happy ending. The little man that could only has so much in the tank.

The Seattle Seahawks have not played an impressive game since last years NFC Championship; don’t look for that to change anytime soon. I’m not sure what it is about this team, but they just don’t have it. They played in a bad division, and failed to impress against the sub par competition. They have no standout wins to their credit. Don’t be surprised when they make an early exit.

The Cowboys backed into the playoffs losing three of their last four, including two consecutive losses. Parcells isn’t happy, and that means no one else in Big D is happy. Defense is the name of the game for the Cowboys. They can’t stop anyone. If Roy Williams can learn to cover a J.V. wideout, then the Cowboys still have enough offensive talent to contend with anyone in the NFC.

None of these teams are stellar, and none of them could beat Baltimore or San Diego. That being said, someone has to win the conference. Look for that to be New Orleans if they can shake their complacency hangover, maybe an outside shot for the Cowboys if they can revive that defense that was so stout at the beginning of the season.