Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Bruins and Fans Stand Strong in Memorial of Boston Marathon Bombing

We have not spoken about the Boston Marathon bombing here at Walker Sports because it's difficult for us to add anything else to the conversation that has not already been said.  Obviously that was a horrible attack on our country and our freedom, and those held responsible should be met with the swift hand of justice.

However, this is a sports blog, and one thing we are firm believers of here at Walker Sports is the power of sports. They have the ability to bring us together, unite us, and help us through difficult times.  At their best sports do not see race, religion, color, or background. This are simply good, and every now and then you get to see the human spirit at it's finest.

Last night the Boston Bruins returned home to play for the first time since the bombing.  What took place during the pre-game ceremony and the national anthem in particular left this writer with shivers going up his spine, and speechless.  Truly a beautiful moment.