Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stephanie Rice Hot Bikini Pics Too Hot For Olympics

With the Olympics just around the corner, much of the world is doing their best to catch up on who's who, and who they should be cheering for come August.  While there are plenty of specials to help get different Olympic athletes names out there, a few athletes have taken it upon themselves to do their own marketing.  And honestly what better way to marketing yourself than Tweet out a hot picture of you wearing a new bikini you received as a birthday present from designer Ellie Gonsalves?

Happy birthday Stephanie Rice, the heads of the Australian Olympic committee may not like this, but we think it's one helluva way to get your name out there.

Apparently Stephanie is no stranger to exposing herself on Twitter. A few years ago she posted a picture of her posing as a racy police officer.

The be fair however, Stephanie is more than just a pretty face.  She is a three time gold medalist, and the current 400m IM world record holder.  So look for her to be making even more noise come London 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary Doc Ellis and the LSD No Hitter

Chances are you don't remember why June 13 is special, and I can promise that you will never find any footage of this memorable day. But as more and more pitchers are tossing no hitters in the MLB, its important for us to remember one of the greatest no hitter performances of all time.

42 years ago today, Doc Ellis tossed a no hitter while pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Perhaps the most impressive part of this is, Doc was "tripping" on LSD while pitching the perfect game.  And you thought David Wells was hardcore for his perfect game with a hangover.

MLB has banned all footage and images from the game, but lucky for us we do have the re-enactment that I am pretty sure is accurate.

Bryce Harper Hates Clown Questions

Bryce Harper is lighting the MLB on fire, and making the Washington Nationals a league wide story.  However despite all of the early success, Harper is keeping a level head, and not allowing silly questions to distract him from the task at hand.  Check out Bryce Harper's reaction when a reporter ask the 19 year old phenom about a possible celebratory drink after the Nats pick up a win in Toronto.