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Daily Erin Andrews: The Aussies Know How To Do Golf

Let me begin by sending out a special thank you to Golf Girl's Diary for bringing this to my attention. I am a golf fan and I have told all of you in that everyone here at Walker-Sports is a fan of the sport. However, the new calender being put out by some of the ladies on the Australian Tour may take our love of golf to an all new level of excitement.

Check out some of the images and the girls who will star in the 2009 Aussie Golf Girl Calender. Oh yeah... all proceeds from this calender will go to charity so that makes it even better.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill Cosby Cuts Loose On Temple University

Everyone knows Bill Cosby, and as he has gotten older he has gotten a little rough around the edges and scared of people. However, his recent appearence on ESPN shows that he is still just as out there and strange as ever.

Check out Bill talking about Temple

College Football Pick'em Week 10

After last week’s disaster, I am saddling back up on the horse that bucked me and getting ready to do the unthinkable. That’s right I am ready to make some rock solid picks in this weeks College Football Pick’em. I know some of you are out there thinking that you got the best of me last week, well much like the success of the Philadelphia Phillies, it will only be short lived. I am back and I am ready to go this week, so let’s jump right into it.

There are a couple big games this weekend to pick from, but for me none are bigger than the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party in Jacksonville. The Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs will do battle once again, and you can believe that after the celebration Georgia put on last year, the Gators are looking for revenge.

The Georgia Bulldogs looked amazing last week in their dismantling of LSU. It was a game that while I thought Georgia has a good chance to win; no way did I predict them running away with it. Because of their success last week, the Bulldogs have put me in a difficult place picking this weeks game. It seems the Bulldogs have gotten over their sluggish starts and they have discovered their offense once again. This could be very crucial in a game that could very easily turn into a shootout. The Georgia Bulldogs came into the 2008 season with the mission of wining a national title. Winning on Saturday is the only way they can continue to chase that dream. Two loses while knock them out of the national title hunt for sure, and most likely it will knock them out of the SEC title hunt as well. Because of that, you can be sure the Bulldogs will be ready to attack when they take the field Saturday. The key to a Georgia Bulldogs victory will be the play of Knowshon Moreno. Granted we already know he is the best back in the country. He knifed his way through the Florida defense last year and racked up 188 yards and three scores. More importantly Moreno may be Georgia’s best weapon to keep the track team Florida calls receivers off the field. As long as he is pounding away on the ground Tim Tebow and company cannot work their magic.

The Florida Gators have been one of the most interesting teams to watch this season. They came out with the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and they are an all around good team. However they were a little sluggish coming out of the games. It took an early season lost to jump start this program, and now they are awake and watch out. The first team to catch Florida’s attention was LSU, who put a hit out on Tim Tebow. The Gators responded by dropping 51 points on the Tigers. What did we learned from that? Let sleeping Gators sleep. When teams have caught Florida’s attention, the Gators have become a team posed to prove a point. Saturday in Jacksonville you can bet the Florida Gators will be determined to leave their mark on the Georgia Bulldogs. Last year Georgia held a team celebration against Florida after scoring a touchdown. Every member of the Florida Gators remembers that including head coach Urban Myer. This year they will be out for revenge and they want to handle it on the field by scoring points. Last week the Gators flexed their muscles and dropped 63 points against lowly Kentucky. Look for them to exploit their speed advantage early and often. Tim Tebow will have a full bag of tricks and he will use everyone against Georgia. If the game begins to look tight expect Myer’s to put the game into Tebow’s hands and have him go out there and win it. Tebow has been fairly quiet all year compared to his numbers of last season. Do not be surprised if he comes out with a special performance on Saturday.

Right now the spread is sitting with Florida a six point favorite. Georgia has been a difficult team for me to predict all year as they have burnt me several times to this point. What the Georgia Bulldogs did last season against Florida has not been forgotten by anyone in Gainesville. This is already a rivalry game but the Bulldogs have made it personal. Look for the Gators to come out win the game and cover the six point spread.

Now a look at some other big games on the week:

Texas vs. Texas Tech: The fact that a No. 1 vs. No. 6 match up is not even the game of the week should tell you a lot about what I really think about this game. The Red Raiders are the biggest scam in college football today. The sad part is they really have improved from last year, but they are not the sixth best team in the country. Texas already had one shocker last week against Oklahoma State. Now they are on the road playing in their fourth difficult game in a row. The spread favors Texas by four. I think that Mack Brown's bunch has a little left in the tank. Look for their defense to be the key in this one and putting pressure on the Texas Tech offense. Texas wins and covers.

Oregon vs. Cal: Two teams that are scared of the Top 25. Both have made appearances and they have promptly lost the following week. This game is also extremely important for both teams depending on what USC does the rest of the way. Oregon is tied for first place in the Pac-10 while Cal is sitting in third place. If USC can weasel their way into the BCS Title picture then the Pac-10’s spot is the Rose Bowl is once again up for grabs. Oregon has had inconsistency at the quarterback position all season as they have gone through seemingly 20 different players to fill the position. Cal boasts a solid running game. The spread favors Cal by three, and I think the Golden Bears are finally on the upturn of their season. Expect Cal to win and cover.

Wisconsin vs. Michigan State: It’s amazing how things change in just a short amount of time. About a month ago this looked like an amazing top 10 match up. However, Wisconsin lost at the Big House and nothing has been right in Badger country since then. Wisconsin went on a four game losing streak that was finally broken last week when they got the win over Illinois. Michigan State has been a surprise in the Big 10 this season. They have a chance to win at least a share of the conference title. However, before they can do that, Michigan State has to take care of business against Wisconsin. The spread has Michigan State favored by four points, and for some reason, I don’t like those odds. Wisconsin is not a good team but they will make a bowl game and the quest to do that begins with an upset over Michigan State. Wisconsin wins.

Virginia vs. Miami: This is a game that one month ago should not have been on the board, but due to a sudden resurgence in Charlottesville it is now a very relevant game. The Cavaliers hold a two game wining streak over Miami and that includes a dominating performance by UVA last season closing down the Orange Bowl with a 48-0 win. However, despite last years performance Miami head coach Randy Johnson said he will not use last years lost as motivation for this year’s team. For Virginia coach Al Groh he is in the middle of one of the great turnarounds in college football. The Cavaliers are on a four game winning streak and things seem up heading into homecoming. Going into the weekend Virginia is a 2.5 point favorite. I like those odds and say bet the Cavaliers to win and cover (hope I didn’t just jinx them).

Tennessee vs. South Carolina: This game has little to no affect on anything in the SEC and national title, but I am throwing it on the board just because it could be the last time we have either of these coaches featured in the College Football Pick’em. Steve Spurier has hinted at his retirement since summer and with his son now calling plays one has to think the timing is just about right for the Old Ball Coach to give up the headset and hit the links. Philip Fulmer does not want to admit his head is on the chopping block, but Tennessee is horrible and his team gave up on him a long time ago. South Carolina is a six point favorite for Saturday’s game. I like them to win the game, but I think Fulmer may have just enough in the tank to get his boys to cover the six points. Make it a moderate play for Tennessee to cover.

College Football Pick'em Week 9 Results

Alright, so last week was horrible. There’s really no other way to put it. I’m not sure if I was out of it while making picks or what. But whatever it was, you can bet it was a one time occurrence. Never again will I perform that poorly in the Walker-Sports College Football Pick’em again. Just how bad was it? Well take a look.

Penn State 13 vs. Ohio State 6: The Buckeyes came out and they put on a show for the hometown crowd. However, it was not enough to knock off what is obviously the best team in the Big 10. Penn State got the cover and the win.

Georgia 52 vs. LSU 38: More than anyone the LSU Tigers made me looks as dumb as possible. LSU had a chance to play at home and lay a claim to the share of the SEC West (with a little help from Bama and Auburn). All they did was run into a Georgia team that I thought was good, but no where near that good. Georgia came away with an easy cover in this one.

Texas 28 vs. Oklahoma State 24: No excuses here, I should have had faith in my man Mike Gundy and his Oklahoma State squad. Not really sure what my motivation was, other than the fact that I was way too caught up in Texas' win over Missouri from the previous week. Unfortunately the spread was Texas -13, and those were just too many points to cover.

Texas Tech 63 vs. Kansas 21: I went with Kansas on this one and once again I was dead wrong. I’m still not convinced that Texas Tech is that good, but I do know that Kansas is that bad. No BCS for them this year. Oh yeah and they didn’t cover or pull the upset.

Alabama 29 vs. Tennessee 9: Yes, finally got one right on the week. Alabama came in a 6 point favorite and they took care of business. Thank you Nick Saban for allowing me to save a little face.

Florida State 30 vs. Virginia Tech 20: As a UVA fan I should have known better than to bet on Tech, but it seemed like a smart move at the time. In the end I failed to realize just how poor the Virginia Tech offense really is. It does not help that Virginia Tech lost both their starting quarterbacks. Throw in the fact that Bobby Bowden has his team back and you get Florida State rolling easily over Va. Tech and maybe on their way to an ACC title.

Walker-Sports College
Football Pick'em
Straight Up: 28-25
Against The Spread: 19-31

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Walker-Sports Presents Daily Linkin Logs

Okay, so here at Walker-Sports we love our fans and we want you to have everything you could ever want from a sports blog. That is why we are very happy to bring you the newest addition to the Walker-Sports family; Daily Linkin Log. This is brought to you curtesy of our bad boy neighbors at The Bad News Bloggers. Give it a read, check out what's hot on the net today and enjoy.

Sufficient enough for baseball (like last year in Boston...or last night in Philly - *sigh*). Another Selig screw-up as they probably could have played last night. Alas, no mistakes were made and they will (baring something blatantly ridiculous) play tonight.

The Philadelphia papers are all abashed with anger, frustration and downright disgust in regards to Major League Baseball's treatment of the Phillies, their fans and the game in general:
Its not sour grapes (yes it is), but this whole thing stinks to me. I feel as though I'm on the verge of the collapse and the lynch mob will then start to form around Allen Huber "Bud" Selig's house.

Houston Receiver Breaks Leg

Aghh man, this one is just painful to watch. Talk about doing everything right, laying out to make the big catch, and just catching the short end of the stick. This poor kid just got beat up by a wagon and it will cost him the rest of his season.

Is Greg Oden the Next Ralph Sampson?

NBA fans around the world have waited for Greg Oden to make his professional debut with the Portland Trail Blazers. Tuesday night, Oden took the court for the first time in his NBA career, and you have to think that the fans were disappointed.

Granted his stats were not impressive 0-4, 2 rebounds 1 blocked shot and 1 turnover. However, what Trail Blazer
fans have to be disappointed about is that Greg Oden injured himself during the season opener. That's right Greg Oden got hurt again. This time he hurt his foot after playing just over 12 minutes. At this time it is unclear as to how severe the injury to Oden's foot is.

However, i
f you are the Portland Trail Blazers you have to be concerned about the overall health and longevity of their one time number 1 pick. Greg Oden only played one year of college basketball at Ohio State. That season was cut short when Oden sat for the first half of the year with a wrist injury. Even upon returning to the court he was limited in what he could do. Oden missed his original rookie season in the NBA after undergoing micro-fracture surgery to repair an injured knee. And now he has another injury.

Even i
f it is a minor injury, this has to serve as proof that Greg Oden is a brittle player and his NBA career could be cut short due to a rash of injuries. If I was part of the Trail Blazers management, I would be concerned that they just drafted the next Ralph Sampson.

Ralph Sampson was a three time national player of the year at the University of Virginia and is widely considered one of the best college basketball players ever. He was picked up by the Houston Rockets and along side Hakeem the Dream they combined to create a massive front court with two seven footers. However, a lack of size and a rash of foot injuries would end Sampson's career before he ever made an impact on the league.

Right now Greg Oden seems to be on the same path as so many other big men turn disappointments. I am not writing him o
ff just yet, but I am warning, don't be surprised if/when it happens.

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The Real Reason Behind Lute Olson's Retirement

Lute Olson suffered a stroke according to his doctor who held a press conference earlier today. This news come in the wake of Olson suddenly announcing his retirement last week.

According to his doctor, the former head coach at the University of Arizona had a stroke at some point in the last year although he would not say when Olson suffered the stroke. It was caught during a MRI exam. According to the doctor the stroke left Olson depressed and with impared judgment. This could explain why Lute Olson originally came back to attempt to coach the Wildcats.

Unlike The World Series, Walker's Rants Will Never Be Rained Out

Woow another week and Walker’s Rants are alive and well. Not a whole lot to say this week in our intro, so let’s just kick and dive right into this thing. Besides, we all know why you’re really here it’s to see what Walker has to say.

When did the Indianapolis Colts get so old? Injuries have absolutely decimated that team. It is a good thing that Peyton Manning and company got their rings when they did…

Wow the NBA season is here already. Wake me up when May comes…

This time Ty Willingham deserved to lose his job…

I have no idea how Al Groh does it. Honestly. I still don’t think he is the right coach for the Virginia Cavaliers, but somehow he has them winning and controlling their own destiny. Amazing…

Jeff Fischer has to win an award for his efforts this season. No way did I see Tennessee coming out this strong and this good…

Oklahoma is flying under the radar, and I just have a sneaky feeling they are going play a factor in the BCS before it’s all said and done…

Why did the even start playing game five of the World Series? Complete waste of my night…

Look at it this way Detroit Lions fans, at least you’re not the Cincinnati Bengals…

Wade Phillips may have saved his job for the next seven days by calling the shots on defense during Sunday’s game. But he is going to need one more miracle to keep the Giants game close, and I just don’t think he has another one up his sleeves…

Are the Giants really that good? I see a team with a lot of flaws, but they find ways to win games, which is a quality that I like in a team. However, the blown snap in the Steelers game leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. My verdict is still out on the New York Giants…

Anyone who pays Manny for more than 4 years max is a fool…

Get out and vote, it’s your right. I don’t care who ya vote for but if you claim to care about this country and well being get out and take the five minutes to make it happen…

The Boston Celtics will not repeat as NBA Champions…

Winter rugby on the East Coast sucks. If I wanted to play in 45 degree weather with a driving rain and wind, I’d move back to Ireland

USF should not be ranked, and I realize we have them ranked on the poll here...

The Big East should forfeit their right to a BCS game they have done nothing to earn it...

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll:Texas Does it Again

The college football season just keeps rolling on, and things are getting tense. The Big 12 and the SEC appear to be ready to go down to the wire. However, there are plenty of other schools from around the country who are ready to put their stamp on the title hunt as well. Let’s take a look at where everyone stands in the Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll after another week of action.

1) Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns has their first true test of the season and they handled it well. Oklahoma State game at Texas with everything they had, but in the end, Colt McCoy and company proved to be too tough to bring down.

2) Alabama: On the road in the SEC, no problem for Nick Saban’s crew. Alabama made the trip to Tennessee and they put together a solid performance. With LSU getting knocked off, the SEC West should be all Bama’s for the taking.

3) Penn State: Great game on the road in a hostile environment that has dominated Penn State since the 1970’s. To this point it has been the Penn State spread offense that has been the talk of the town. However, Saturday night PSU showed they still have a dominate defense. The Buckeyes had no where to run and were shut down all day long.

4) Florida Gators: Kentucky was supposed to be a test and the Gators beat them 63-5. Do you think that Urban Myers was looking to get some extra love from the pollsters by running up the score? It wouldn’t be the first time he tried such an act.

5) Texas Tech: Texas Tech just might be real… maybe. Saturday they went on the road to Kansas and destroyed them. Granted, Kansas does not appear to be as good as we originally thought, but the Red Raiders are a team that must be respected. The schedule will not get any easier with top ranked Texas coming up next weekend.

6) Georgia Bulldogs: The Georgia Bulldogs are legit. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 52-38 thumping they put on LSU, the worst home lost the Tigers have ever suffered. Georgia is legit and they are going to make a strong play to win the SEC. A rematch with Alabama could be huge.

7) Oklahoma Sooners: The Oklahoma Sooners are doing everything right. But time is running short on them if they want to get back into the National Title hunt. As long as Texas is winning, the Sooners will continue to be locked out of the Big 12 title race and as a result the national title as well.

8) USC: I keep getting this sneaking feeling that USC is going to back their way into the BCS scene. USC was not impressive in their win over Arizona but then again Arizona is not ranked. Nonetheless, USC is still doing their thing and waiting for Oregon State to lose.

9) Utah: Not a whole lot to see here. Utah keeps trucking along and as long as they can avoid a pitfall Utah will keep their invitation to crash the BCS party in January.

10) Boise State: The kings of the WAC continue their reign at the top. Playing on random nights also helps to give this team plenty of national exposure. They will need to continue to impress and do it big time if they want back in on the BCS hunt.

11) Oklahoma State: A tough lost on the road for Mike Gundy and company. However, the Cowboys are still a stacked team. Saturday they get Iowa State and even though they dress like USC, they have a very long way to go before they can come close to playing like them. Oklahoma State will get their program back on track Saturday.

12) Tulsa: Undefeated and just rumbling along. Tulsa is a team that many have not seen, but they may run the best spread attack this side of Florida. Tulsa most likely won’t figure into the BCS scenario but they are a great team to watch and you can bet they’d give any WAC or Mountain West team a run.

13) Ball State: Much like Tulsa Ball State is just a good story. Jason Whitlock has been all about this team all year. Granted, that actually hurts this team in my book, but I can overlook that and see a good team in Ball State. Perhaps there should be an one off game were Tulsa and Ball State can meet up in since they will just miss out on the BCS but are far too good to play in their conferences respective bowls.

14) Missouri Tigers: Missouri snapped a two game losing streak by destroying Colorado. Mizzu is likely out of the Big 12 title hunt, but they are in prime position to make a repeat trip to play in the cotton bowl.

15) Florida State: Seemingly this team has come out of nowhere. Florida State has not done any very well all season, but they have not done anything poorly. Right now they have to be considered odds on favorite to win the ACC Championship.

16) TCU: TCU continues their winning ways with their beat down of Wyoming. The only blemish on the TCU record is a lost to a then top ranked Oklahoma Sooner’s team. It will be interesting to see where TCU lands when all the dust has settled.

17) BYU: Back to their winning ways, but t has to seem a little deflated with the hopes of a BCS game gone. One has to think that the BYU vs. Utah game will be huge with BYU’s goal to upset Utah’s season.

18) Minnesota: They aren’t very good but they are that bad. I liken Minnesota to a poor mans Texas Tech. They have avoided the dangerous chunks of their schedule and won the games they are supposed to win.

19) Michigan State: The Spartans knocked off their instate rivals Michigan on Saturday, but it seems as though everyone who plays UM has done that. Nonetheless, Michigan State has done enough to keep them in the upper part of the Big 10. It looks as though the Spartans will beat out Wisconsin for that trip to the Capital One Bowl.

20) Oregon: Welcome back Oregon Ducks! They’ve only gone through about 15 quarterbacks and there is a chance there are not even the best team in their own state. That hasn’t stopped them from working their way back into the top 25.

21) LSU: Horrible lost at home. That should seal LSU’s fate by knocking them out of the BCS and SEC title races. Now the Tigers will have to play for pride. Also I feel bad for Troy who gets LSU on Saturday.

22) North Carolina: This is a tough ranking for me personally. The Tar heels are a much improved team but I am not completely convinced they are a legitimate Top 25 team. They are alive and well in the ACC competition, so are 9 out of 12 teams. Time will tell with this squad.

23) South Florida: The Big East is horrible. South Florida is the highest ranked team and they are 1-2 in conference. If I was Tulsa I’d be clamoring right now to get the Big East BCS for themselves.

24) West Virginia: See #23 ranked South Florida.

25) Cal: The Cal Bears seem to make the random appearance in the Top 25 here and there, but they can never keep it together for multiple weeks. I have a feeling this trip to the Top 25 will not be any different.

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Mike Singlertary Sounds Off

Mike Singletary has been on the job as the 49'ers head coach for two weeks, and he is ready to put his stamp on his new team. The 49'ers were beaten down by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, and coach Singletary was not happy about his team performance on the field. After the game he let some of his emotions go and told everyone what was on his mind.

It is pretty safe to say that Mike Singletary has a plan for his team and he will stop at nothing to make sure it's executed.

Check out Singletary's rant here.

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Daily Erin Andrews: Who's Hotter?

It's Friday afternoon and we decided it would be a good time to revive an old favorite and have a little fun, hope yall agree.

Alright so it's no secret that we love Erin Andrews here. She's good at what she does and she looks great doing it. However, being a Washington D.C. based sports blog we have the privilege of having some amazing sideline reporters and announcers of our own. We have already shown you the lovely Lindsey Czarniak. And now that we have introduced her to the rest of the world, we have gotten plenty of emails here at Walker-Sports with all your opinions over who is the true first lady of the sidelines.

So take a look and tell us what you think.

Erin Andrews

Lindsey Czarniak:

Special Thanks To SportsViews

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a minute out and give a special thanks to one of our supportors. is responsible for helping out Walker-Sports and our College Football Pick'em. SportsViews is responsible for giving us those great links to all our sports "bets." So lend them a hand click on the link and go place some practice bets and see if you can beat Walker-Sports.

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College Football Pick'em Week 9

Week 9 of the college football season is upon us and we have a couple dynamite match ups to look forward to. We are into the second half of the season and already people are scared and clamoring about the BCS and wondering if they will get it right this year. Judging by the way this season is breaking down you can bet the BCS will screw it up. One thing that won’t get screwed up is our picks in this week’s edition of the College Football Pick’em.

The nation will be watching the Big 10 Saturday evening when the Ohio State Buckeyes host Penn State. But this is not your fathers or even your older brothers Big 10 match up. This game has the potential to be a high scoring affair with both schools running their version of the spread offense.

Ohio State may be one of the most difficult teams to predict in college football. While this team has a lot of talent especially Beanie Wells, they are experiencing some growing pains at the quarterback position. Pryor is not ready to step in and be Troy Smith just yet. His athletic abilities make him a great threat, but his inability to make reads downfield and his tendency to stay in the pocket too long and rely on his legs gets him into trouble. This can be seen in several of the close games OSU has played in recent weeks. Not everything is bad for the Buckeyes. Once again Ohio State has one of the best defenses in the nation. They are led by their line backing core that will be gear up come Saturday night. Penn State has not a met a defense with this much speed or this much intensity. It will be the defense that leads the Buckeyes on Saturday. Last week against Michigan State the OSU got their act together and put on a clinic. Buckeye nation needs to show up in week 9 the same way they did in week 8 and they will do just fine. Oh, and did I mention that PSU has not won a game in Columbus since the 1970’s?

Penn State is on a remarkable run. I am not sure how much Joe Pa actually has to do with this team’s success, but nonetheless he is being credited with the wins and that’s what really matters to him. The new spread offense they are running has had an immediate impact on this team and the rest of the Big 10 has yet to catch up. More importantly Penn State had their most impressive victory of the season last week when they came from behind and routed Michigan. The key to victory for the lions will be keeping the game up tempo. Spread the field and make Ohio State work to make tackles. Try to wear down that defense but keeping them moving laterally. Once they spread the field, the holes should open up in the middle especially on the draw plays.

This is a very tight game with the current line sitting at 2.5 with Penn State being the favorite. This game has the potential to go either way, and Penn State has been as hot as any team in the country this season. However, I am going with history on this one. The speed and power of the Ohio State defense will hold strong. Combine that with the intensity of the fans in the Horseshoe I like the Buckeyes to cover and win.

Now Time To Look at The Other Big Games on the Weekend:

LSU vs. Georgia: The battles in the SEC never get easy. The Georgia Bulldogs have their third test of the season. This time the Bulldogs are on the road deep in the heart of Cajun country. LSU is up to their old tricks and hanging around waiting for the rest of the SEC to trip up and then they walk into the Dome in Atlanta. LSU is a 2 point favorite here and I like them to stay strong and defend their home turf.

Texas vs. Oklahoma State: Texas just can’t catch a break and enjoy a week being the number 1 team in the country. They are still in the midst of the worst stretch in college football. Oklahoma, Missouri last week and now they have Mike Gundy and his Oklahoma State Cowboys. Texas is red hot right now and Colt McCoy is playing as well as anyone in the country. Oklahoma State is good and they are known for their upsets but they won’t be able to overcome the 13 point spread. Texas is the favorite to win and they will roll.

Kansas vs. Texas Tech: Yet another great showdown in the Big 12. Texas Tech has blown seemingly everyone (except Nebraska). However, Nebraska was the only real team they have played this season. Kansas is a very good team stuck in the middle of a great conference. Saturday against Texas Tech they have the chance to put their stamp on the Big 12 and regain some notoriety on the national scene. The Jayhawks played Oklahoma tough last week and they will do the same with Texas Tech. As of Thursday, the line is even on this game, but I am saying take the Kansas Jayhawks no matter what the spread moves to. Texas Tech is just overrated.

Alabama vs. Tennessee: Nick Saban put this Alabama team together in a hurry and they are good. Sadly for Tennessee fans the same cannot be said about their program. Somehow the Vols are only a 6 point underdog. I guess Vegas forgot that no one shows up to Tennessee games now days. This could be Philip Fulmer’s last stand and I want to believe that and take the underdog so I can have at least one dog pick this week, but I have no faith in Tennessee they have apparently given up on their coach and are just waiting around. I like Alabama to cover, win, and stay perfect.

Virginia Tech vs. Florida State: Once again these ACC teams will do battle and a trip to the ACC Championship could be swaying in the balance. The Hokies are coming off a difficult road lost to Boston College and they are looking to bounce back on the road against the ‘Noles. While Bobby Bowden has his team playing much improved football, I do not believe that Virginia Tech will lose two games in a row. Virginia Tech is a 6 point underdog but look for them to pull the upset.