Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL Draft Round 1 Recap

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books, and for those of us who thought this year's draft would be on the quiet side, boy were we mistaken. The surprises began early with Tennessee going outside of the box and picking up former University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker, and they continued with the Redskins actually making a smart draft day move and trading down. In addition to the trades and surprises, history was made with 12 defensive linemen taken in the first round. There's a lot to talk about, so let's dive right into things and recap the first round.

1) Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton, QB Auburn: Panthers owner Jerry Richardson signed off on paying the massive signing bonus that Cam Newton will earn next season, so the first hurdle is covered. However, what the Panthers are actually with this pick is still unknown. Cam Newton has a ton of upside, being that he's a physical specimen. He also has a lot of drawbacks and he's still a raw talent that will require some time before he is molded into a consistent NFL starter.

2) Denver Broncos- Von Miller, OLB Texas A&M: Most had Marcell Dareus slated for this pick, but in the end the Broncos felt Miller was a better pick. New head coach Jon Fox is bring a 4-3 scheme to Denver, and Von Miller has the ability to play strong side linebacker or defensive end. No matter where he plays, Miller will provide an instant upgrade for the Broncos struggling defense.

3) Buffalo Bills- Marcell Dareus, DE Alabama: This was a smart draft pickup that unfortunately head coach Chan Gaily may not be around to see the rewards. In an ideal world the Bills would haev taken a chance on Cam Newton, but with Newton off the board, there was not a quarterback available worthy of the third overall pick. Marcell Dareus gives the the Bills a legitimate pass rush option, something the Bills defense needs after being ranked at the bottom of the league in passing and rushing defense.

4) Cincinnati Bengals- A.J. Green, WR Georgia: The Bengals have a major need for a play making receiver. It appears that Ocho Cinco is out, and while Jordan Shipley is turning into a reliable option, he is not a big play threat. Now the question becomes who will throw these young receivers the ball?

5) Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Peterson, CB LSU: Far too great of a talent to pass. Peterson was the best player available in the draft, and the Cardinals would have been foolish to pass on him in favor of a quarterback. Chances are Peterson will make the move to safety in the near future, that will not stop his play making ability in the secondary.

6) (t)Atlanta Falcons- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: The Falcons traded the farm to get Julio Jones, but it's a good move for a team that is ready to win now. Julio Jones will pull attention away from Roddy White, and he has the size to be a reliable possession receiver across the middle.

7) San Francisco 49'ers- Aldon Smith, DE Missouri: The 9'ers were hoping Peterson would fall to them, but instead they had to move and steal Aldon Smith who the Houston Texans were eying. Though he only has limited playing time in college football, Smith made a big impact picking up 17 sacks.

8) Tennessee Titans- Jake Locker, QB Washington: This was the first surprise of the draft. We had Jake Locker going mid to even late second round. That was the general conciseness about Locker who saw his draft stock plummet after a sub par season. However, the Titans saw something in the Washington gunslinger. It's a bit strange that the Titans gave up on one running quarterback with a questionable arm, just to draft another one.

9) Dallas Cowboys- Tyron Smith, OT USC: Solid pick from Dallas. It's been nearly three decades since the Cowboys took a linemen in the first round and they could not have picked a better time to change that trend. The Dallas offensive line has been on the downside of their collective careers for some time now, and finally the youth movement can begin.

10) (t) Jacksonville Jaguars- Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri: Originally this pick belonged to the Redskins, but they made a smart move by trading down. The Jaguars missed out on taking Tim Tebow last year, but they have struck the jackpot with this pick. Now the question is how long before we get our first look at Blaine Gabbert as a starting NFL quarterback.

11) Houston Texans- J.J. Watt, DE Wisconsin: Smith they wanted, Watt they got. It's no secret the Texans are in desperate need of some upgrades on defense. Brian Cushing was a great start, but he needs some help.

12) Minnesota Vikings- Christian Ponder, QB FSU: This was the second quarterback surprise in the draft. I've been high on Ponder since watching his tape from the Senior Bowl. However, being drafted in the first half of the first round still comes as a shock. What the Vikings get is a quarterback who has taken a lot of snaps and played in some big game situations. He could be the long term solutions the Vikings have desired for so long.

13) Detroit Lions- Nick Fairley, DT Auburn: Take a look at the defensive line the Lions are building. Fairley and Suh side by side will strike fear into the hearts of any opposing offense. It's strange to say this, but the Lions are moving in the right direction and making smart draft decisions.

14) St. Louis Rams- Robert Quinn, DE UNC: The Rams were very high on Quinn. Some scouts have him as the highest ranked edge rusher available. There's going to be some rush that Quinn needs to brush off as a result of sitting out a season, but that should not affect his play.

15) Miami Dolphins- Mike Pouncey, C Florida: Once again the Dolphins are looking to solidify offensive line. There was some thought they would go after a quarterback with this pick, but they will most likely save that move for a later round.

16) (t) Washington Redskins- Ryan Kerrigan: The Redskins traded down to get this pick, and some would argue they should have made another trade and moved down once again. In the end, the biggest reward from this pick will be the additional second round pick. In Ryan Kerrigan the Skins get a reliable play maker, who should take some pressure off Brian Orakpo.

17) New Patriots- Nate Solder, OT Colorado: Solder is a bit of a project. Despite his impressive size, he struggled in the strength test at the Combine and at the Senior Bowl. However, if there is a team that can build him into a consistent player it is the Patriots and their coaching staff.

18) San Diego Chargers- Corey Liguet, DT Illinois: A bit of a head scratcher here. Liguet is the typical 4-3 tackle, and the Chargers run a 3-4. It's not the same, just ask Albert Hayneswerth. Chances are the chargers had Liguet at the top of their best available board, and just went with it.

19) New York Giants- Prince Amukamara, CB Nebraska: Amukamara fell a lot farther than he expected. And while the Giants were eying help for their lines, they could not pass on such a talented prospect as Prince.

20) Tampa Bay Bucs- Adrian Clayborn, DE California: There's a lot of questions surrounding Clayborn thanks to a condition known as Erb's Palsy which caused nerve damage in Clayboryn's right shoulder and arm. As a result the Iowa DE saw his numbers drop in 2010. Nonetheless the most important aspect of this pick is we all know that everyone is afraid of Da'Quan Bowers and his gimpy knee.

21) (t) Cleveland Browns- Phil Taylor, DT Baylor: Taylor's job is simple, replace Shaun Rogers. Granted that's a big hole in the middle, but Taylor is a big man and up to the challenge.

22) Indianapolis Colts- Anthony Castonza, OT BC: The Colts have not had an effect rushing attack in a long time, and bringing in Castonza helps Indianapolis in rebuilding an offensive line that has been battered by injuries. Hopefully the youth movement will bring some continuity to a non existent rushing attack.

23) Philadelphia Eagles- Danny Watkins, OG Baylor: Watkins is a fighter and he's tough as they come, that much should appeal to Eagles fans. Danny Watkins was a late comer to football and he only has limited playing experience. If he can adapt to the NFL game, the Eagles have have found a long time starter.

24) New Orleans Saints- Cameron Jordans, DE California: A solid athlete who has the ability to play end or outside linebacker in the Saints 4-3 scheme. The Saints did a good job of picking up a reliable play maker who will help out what was once a strong defense.

25) Seattle Seahawks- James Carpenter, OG Alabama: The Seahawks surprised everyone with they way they played last year, and Carpenter should fit right in with this team. His size and versatility have caused him to be a bit underrated but he has the ability to play wherever he wants on the offensive line, a skill that will be useful.

26) (t) Kansas City Chiefs- Jonathon Baldwin, WR Pittsburgh: The Chiefs are thing at the wide out position, and Baldwin should be able to walk right onto the field and start. We had Baldwin as the third ranked receiver available, so this was a good value pick.

27) Baltimore Ravens- Jimmy Smith, CB Colorado: Most shied away from Smith due to his off the field issues. The Ravens have a history of taking in troubled players and turning them into excellent contributors. If Jimmy Smith is willing to listen to Ozzie Newsome and Rey Lewis he will be just fine.

28) (t) New Orleans Saints- Mark Ingram, RB Alabama: Reggie Bush said it best last night on his Twitter page "It's been fun New Orleans." With Mark Ingram coming to town its official Reggie Bush is out as the Saints feature back. Many have compared Ingram to Emitt Smith, and the Saints are hoping the scouts are accurate.

29) Chicago Bears- Gabe Carimi, OT Wiscon: This actually worked out how the Bears hoped it would. They had pegged Carimi as their guy but the Bears did not expect him to fall. Gabe Carimi is a big boy who knows how to lock things down on the line.

30) New York Jets- Muhammad Wilkerson, DE Temple: For as good as the Jets defense was last season, they lacked serious depth on the defensive line. Wilkerson actually has the skill to compete for a starting job next season. His athleticism will make him a play maker and not your typical space eater in the middle.

31) Pittsburgh Steelers- Cameron Heyward, DE OSU: Many thought Heyward would fall into the second round, but the Steelers felt safe in making the reach for the defensive end. Chances are Heyward will not start right away which means he has time to adapt and grow into the role of NFL player.

32) Green Bay Packers- Derek Sherrod, OT Mississippi St.: The Packers need something to protect Aaron Rogers, especially with the defensive lines they will face in the NFC North. Sherrod is a solid tackle, but he has not played in a traditional offense, and as a result he has not had to pass block in the traditional sense.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

NFL Draft Round 1 Coverage

1(1)PanthersNewton, CamQB6'5"248Auburn8.1Video
2(2)BroncosMiller, VonLB6'3"246Texas A&M8.6Video
3(3)BillsDareus, MarcellDT6'3"319Alabama8.6Video
4(4)BengalsGreen, A.J.WR6'4"211Georgia8.6Video
5(5)CardinalsPeterson, PatrickCB6'0"219LSU8.6Video
6(6)Falcons (From Browns)Jones, JulioWR6'3"220Alabama8.4Video
7(7)49ersSmith, AldonDE6'4"263Missouri8.4Video
8(8)TitansLocker, JakeQB6'3"231Washington7.9Video
9(9)CowboysSmith, TyronOT6'5"307USC8.3Video
10(10)Jaguars (From Redskins)Gabbert, BlaineQB6'4"234Missouri8.4Video
11(11)TexansWatt, J.J.DE6'5"290Wisconsin8.3Video
12(12)VikingsPonder, ChristianQB6'2"229Florida St.6.5Video
13(13)LionsFairley, NickDT6'4"291Auburn8.5Video
14(14)RamsQuinn, RobertDE6'4"265North Carolina8.5Video
15(15)DolphinsPouncey, MikeOL6'5"303Florida8.1Video
16(16)Redskins (From Jaguars)Kerrigan, RyanDE6'4"267Purdue8.3Video
17(17)Patriots (From Raiders)Solder, NateOL6'8"319Colorado7.9Video
18(18)ChargersLiuget, CoreyDT6'2"298Illinois8.3Video
19(19)GiantsAmukamara, PrinceCB6'0"206Nebraska8.5Video
20(20)BuccaneersClayborn, AdrianDL6'3"281Iowa7.9Video
21(21)Browns (From Chiefs)Taylor, PhilDL6'3"334Baylor7.8Video
22(22)ColtsCastonzo, AnthonyOL6'7"311Boston College8.0Video
23(23)EaglesWatkins, DannyOL6'3"310Baylor7.6Video
24(24)SaintsJordan, CameronDE6'4"287California8.1Video
25(25)SeahawksCarpenter, JamesOL6'4"321Alabama6.5Video
26(26)Chiefs (From Falcons through Browns)Baldwin, JonathanWR6'4"228Pittsburgh6.9Video
27(27)RavensSmith, JimmyCB6'2"211Colorado8.0Video
28(28)Saints (From Patriots)Ingram, MarkRB5'9"215Alabama8.3Video
29(29)BearsCarimi, GabeOL6'7"314Wisconsin8.0Video
30(30)JetsWilkerson, MuhammadDT6'4"315Temple8.2Video
31(31)SteelersHeyward, CamDT6'5"294Ohio St.7.9Video

32(32)PackersSherrod, DerekOL6'5"321Mississippi St.7.3Video

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eddie O'Sullivan Names Player Pool for 2011 World Cup

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is just around the corner, and the U.S. Eagles took the first steps towards naming a squad that will make the trip to New Zealand in September. Head coach Eddie O'Sullivan has announced the pool of players who will come together in Chula Vista California and begin preparations for the tour. This pool consist of domestic players who are currently available for travel. O'Sullivan will have another camp once we are closer to the Rugby World Cup that will include the players who are currently playing overseas.



Chris Baumann (Glendale), Chris Biller (San Francisco Golden Gate), Will Brazier (Old Blue RFC), Ryan Chapman (Utah Warriors), Todd Clever (Suntory Sungoliath, Japan), Pat Danahy (Life), James Denise (New York Athletic Club), Tala Esera (Tama Laie Lions Rugby Club), Eric Fry (Las Vegas Blackjacks), Tom Katzfey (New York Athletic Club), Alec Parker (Gentleman of Aspen), Brendan Purcell (Old Mission Beach Athletic Club), Ben Nelson (Kansas City Blues), Phil Thiel (Life), John van der Giessen (Utah Warriors), Jon Vitale (Chicago Lions), Jesse Witkowicki (Old Mission Beach Athletic Club)


Matthew Byrd (Utah Warriors), Paul Emerick (Life), Tai Enosa (Belmont Shore), Colin Hawley (Olympic Club), Jordan Kohn (Unattached), Kelly Kolberg (Dallas Reds), Nese Malifa (Glendale), Folau Niua (San Francisco Golden Gate), Tui Osborne (Life), Mike Palefau (Utah Warriors), Mike Petri (New York Athletic Club), Mile Pulu (San Francisco Golden Gate), Volney Rouse (San Francisco Golden Gate), Andrew Suniula (Chicago Griffins), Roland Suniula (Boston Rugby), Shalom Suniula (USA Men’s Sevens/Brisbane), Zack Test (Unattached), Pate Tuilevuka (Old Puget Sound)

Unavailable due to injury: Troy Hall (New York Athletic Club), Taylor Mokate (Univ. of Oklahoma)

Selected but unavailable: Brian Daniels (Glendale), Matt Kelly (Chicago Lions), Samu Manoa (San Francisco Golden Gate)

Considered but unavailable: Cameron Dolan (Life University), Don Pati (Univ. of Utah), Danny Barrett (University of California - Berkeley), Seamus Kelly (University of California - Berkeley), Blaine Scully (University of California - Berkeley), Duncan Kelm (San Diego State Univ.), Ryan Roundy (Brigham Young University), Shaun Davies (Brigham Young University)


Eddie O’Sullivan (Head Coach), Dave Hodges (Forwards Coach & Technical Analyst), Matt Sherman (Backs Coach), Mike Tolkin (Defensive Coach), Dan Payne (Skills Coach), Fiore Screnci (Scrum Coach), Chris O’Brien (Kicking Coach), David Williams (Strength & Conditioning), Tristan Lewis (Team Manager), Kevin Battle (Assistant Manager), Dallen Stanford (Eagles RWC Team Media Manager)

NFL Draft Prospects Fail Drug Test at Combine

In what has become as much of a routine annual story as low scores on the Wonderlic exam, it is being reported that two prominent NFL prospects failed drug test while at the NFL Combine in March. Reports have circulated for weeks now that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet failed a drug test while at the Combine, and now it appears he has some company. Two defensive standouts have tested positive for marjuana according to multiple NFL sources.

Georgia defense end/linebacker Justin Houston, and Iowa defensive linemen Christian Ballard both failed drug test while in Indianapolis.

Justin Houston is an early entry into this year's draft, but is currently ranked as a first round draft pick according to our mock draft. However, Walker Sports has Houston slated to go to the New York Jets with the 30th overall pick, and that is a franchise that has a history of taking in players with a troubled past.

Balarad is projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft, and would be considered an up and coming player who would eventually transform into full time starter.

Neither men have police records, or any known history of drug use. Chances are these test will not have a major affect on either man's draft stock. Once again it seems that stories like this leak out each year as we near the NFL Draft.

The first round of the NFL Draft begins on Thursday evening and will continue on Friday and Saturday.

Daily Erin Andrews: Check Out Tony La Russa's Hot Daughter Bianca Tai

Tony La Russa is a Hall of Fame caliber baseball manager. Between his work with the Oakland A's and now with the St. Louis Cardinals, it's safe to say the man knows baseball. In addition it's a well known fact that La Russa has a strong tie to the NFL. He and New England Patriots coach Bill Belicheck are good friends and often go to the others games as wells as attending team trainings and speaking to players. Now Tony La Russa has a new connection to the NFL, and he owes it to his daughter Bianca Tai. It turns out that Bianca has had a dream to be on a NFL sideline as a cheerleader, and Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders are just the team to give an aspiring girl her big chance.

Mark Jackson Calls Out ESPN

ESPN pegs itself as the Worldwide Leader in Sports, and when you look at all the ways they interact with their fans it's difficult to dispute that. Generally ESPN keeps all their ducks in the row, and the different media outlets are in line with each other. However, from time to time a discrepancy arises, and that was the case over the weekend when NBA commentator and ESPN employee Mark Jackson aired his grievances with ESPN's The Magazine and their Player X column.

For those who are unaware, the Player X column features a different anonymous NBA who writes an article discussing various issues around the NBA. In April's Player X column the unnamed NBA called out NBA All Star Kevin Garnett, and labeled him a "Punk" and a "Coward."

Mark Jackson was not amused by the writers opinion, or ESPN's The Magazine editing staff for printing the article.

“I think it’s a cop-out, as a magazine, to give a source and not give the name,” Jackson said during Sunday'’s Celtics/Knicks telecast on ABC. “If you’re going to attack Kevin Garnett in that way, then put a name to it or don’t write it. It’s not fair to Kevin Garnett.”

It looks like there's some distress amongst the EPSN employees.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Latest NFL Mock Draft. Whos No. 1?

The NFL lockout is in full swing, but in many ways the business that is the NFL continues to march on. The Washington Redskins are holding player only workouts here in Northern Virginia, and most importantly teams are still moving forward with their draft day plans. Surprisingly there is still no clear cut No. 1 pick in this year's draft and as a result there has been plenty of movement on most peoples draft boards, and Walker Sports is no exception. Check out our latest NFL Mock Draft.

1) Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton, QB Auburn: The Auburn quarterback has plenty of questions marks, but he has performed well in his team workouts. The Panthers need a face for their franchises and if a new rookie agreement is in place Newton could be a bargain.

2) Denver Broncos: Patrick Peterson, DB LSU: There's a lot to fix with the Denver Broncos, but an instant upgrade on the defensive side of the ball is essential. While the Broncos could use an upgrade in the front seven to help boost their pass rush, Patrick Paterson is simply too talented a player to pass on. He's my personal favorite player available in the NFL draft, and he has all the tools to make an immediate impact. Peterson is big enough to move to safety, but has the speed to stay on the field during passing situations.

3) Buffalo Bills: Marcell Dareus, DT , Alabama: The Bills rush defense was horrid last season, giving up 169 yards per game on average. Dareus is listed as a defensive tackle but he actually played end most of the time in Saban's version of the 3-4. He has the ability to make a big impact upfront and slow down some of the speedy backs in the AFC.

4) Cincinnati Bengals: Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri: The Bengals have a mess at the quarterback position due to the Carson Palmer situation. One thing we know for sure, Cincinnati will have to make a move to secure that \0position in the long term. Blaine Gabbert has fallen in a lot of mock drafts, but I still like his upside. He has the mechanics of a drop back passer like Drew Bledsoe but he has the mobility of a modern QB.

5) Arizona Cardinals: Von Miller, LB Texas A&M: After Patrick Peterson Von Miller is the closest thing to a sure thing available in this year's draft. Everyone knows about Miller's exploits at the Senior Bowl and at the NFL Combine, he wowed and amazed at every drill. The Arizona Cardinals have an aging linebacking core that simply could not get the job done last season. Von Miller will be able to provide a DeMarcus Ware like impact and give the Cardinals a serious pas rushing threat.

6) Cleveland Browns: A.J. Green, WR Georgia: It's very possible the Browns could use this pick on a defensive player, but the possibility of being able to create their own big three is too great to pass on. A.J. Green has a big body and is not afraid to throw it around on the field. He has a proven track record of making big lays in big games. Combine his play making ability with with Peyton Hillis continuing to grow as a running back and Colt growing into the starting role and you have the foundation for a great offense.

7) San Francisco 49'ers: Prince Amukamara CB, Nebraska: The 49'ers have more picks than any team in the NFL in this year's draft, and that is a luxury they plan to take full advantage of. At the top of the list of priorities for San Francisco is a new quarterback, but with Gabbert and Newton gone, it's simply too much of a risk to take a QB with the 7th pick, they can wait till the 2nd round to fill that need. In Prince Amukamara the 49'ers find another piece to their defensive puzzle which is quickly coming together as an elite unit.

8) Tennessee Titans: Nick Fairley, DT Auburn: It wasn't long ago that the Titians had a devastating defense that was anchored by a nasty defensive tackle. That tackles name was Albert Haynesworth. In Nick Fairley the Titans get back to their roots as a defense first team. Fairly has a mean streak in him and he has the ability to take over a game at the line of scrimmage. Look no further than his performance in the BCS Championship game for proof.

9) Dallas Cowboys: Troy Smith OT, USC: Drafting an offensive tackle in the first round is not something the Dallas Cowboys are known for, but they may be forced into in this year's draft. Troy Smith is a solid enough prospect, though he is far from being a finished product at this state in his career. In an ideal world the Cowboys would draft a corner to sure up their defensive backfield, and for that reason don't be surprised if Dallas makes an attempt to move up in the draft to take take Peterson. However, if they cannot move, drafting Troy Smith allows them to fill the glaring holes on their offensive line.

10) Washington Redskins: Julio Jones, WR Alabama: For a number of reasons, the Redskins are a mess, they only have two pics in the first four rounds of the draft, they have no true starting running back or N0. 1 receiver, and their starting QB most likely wants out after being benched last season. A smart move for Washington would be to trade down and try to accumulate as many picks as possible. However, if that's not possible they will need another plan of action, and drafting Julio Jones is a step in the right direction. The big wide out from Alabama made plays his entire career in an offense that was not built for receivers. He should fit right in with the Redskins.

11) Houston Texans: Cameron Jordan, DE California: Yet again the Texans enter the draft seemingly only needing one piece to help them take the next step and becoming an elite team. Once again it was defense that let the Texans down. Cameron Jordan is a hybrid defensive end who can play in the 4-3 or the 3-4 which is highly important for a Houston team that is transitioning between schemes.

12) Minnesota Vikings: Da'Quan Bowers, DE Clemson: The Vikings need a quarterback to replace Bret Favre, but with no QB available to spend the 10th pick, Minnesota will turn to defense. When the Vikings were at their best the defensive line carried the team. Last season that units production dropped and the team suffered. Adding Bowers to the mix gives the Vikings a young athlete to the line who can compliment Jared Allen on the other side.

13) Detroit Lions: Robert Quinn, DE North Carolina: The Lions have taken major steps in the right direction over the past few years, and picking up Quinn is another step. Quinn can be a stand up linebacker in the 3-4 or he can be a traditional 4-3 end with his hand in the dirt.

14) St. Louis Rams: Corey Liguet, DT Illinois: It's difficult to say exactly what the Rams need, (they'll take a receiver if one is available) but adding a defensive linemen can never hurt. Liguet was a one year starter who showed an amazing upside. He's an athletic pass rusher that will be a great asset to a quickly developing defensive line.

15) Miami Dolphins: Mike Pouncey, G/C Florida: Mike's twin brother was a first round draft pick last year and anchored the Steelers offensive line. While Mike Pouncey is not that talented he is still a great pickup who the Dolphins can slot in as a starter for the next decade. Ideally Miami would like to get a quarterback, but it's too risky to go after Locker or one of the other prospects this high in the draft.

16) Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan, DE Purdue: Stand up or hand in the dirt, Kerrigan is effective either way.

17) New England Patriots: Anthony Castonzo, OT Boston College: You'll be seeing a lot of the Patriots in this year's draft since they have four picks in the first three rounds. It's also very difficult to predict exactly what New England will do with their picks. However, an upgrade on the offensive line is needed, and Anthony Castonzo provides a four year starter who is the type of heady player the Patriots adore.

18) San Diego Chargers: J.J. Watt, DE Wisconsin: The Chargers need help on the defensive line. If J.J. Watt is still available they will jump all over him. However, slipping all the way to 18th may be a stretch for the talented D-end.

19) New York Giants: Dave Carimi, OT Wisconsin: Eli has been the bright point of the Giants offense in recent years, but when New York is at their best they are a power running team. Dave Carimi played on a Wisconsin line that racked up yards all year long.

20) Tampa Bay Bucs: Akeem Myers, OLB UCLA: The Bucs are a team that is quickly improving, however they are still struggling at the linebacker position. Myers is not the most polished pass rusher available in the draft, but at this point, he may be the best option on the board.

21) Kansas City Chiefs: Aldon Smith, DE/OLB Missouri: This could be the surprise of the draft, and if the Chiefs connect with Aldon Smith it could be a home run. Smith has all the potential to be one of the elite pass rushers in the league. However, he has not played a lot of football, and missing all of last season with a broken leg only increases the numbers of questions around him.

22) Indianapolis Colts: Nate Solder, OT Colorado: It's been a long time since the Colts have had a reliable running game, anything they can do to rebuild the offensive line would be of help. Plus keeping Peyton Manning on his feet and off his back is always a good idea.

23) Philadelpia Eagles: Jimmy Smith, CB Colorado: There are lots of questions surrounding Jimmy Smith's character, but Andy Reid is never one to shy away from a challenged player. If The Eagles can channel Smith's energy he will be a great lock down corner.

24) New Orleans Saints: Mark Ingram, RB Alabama: A lot of people have Ingram slipping out of the first round, but I believe he is simply too talented to fall that far. The Saints have gotten by using a running back by committee approach, but they could use a workhorse back who can take the majority of the carries.

25) Seattle Seashawks: Ryan Mallet, QB Arkansas: One thing I know for sure, three quarterbacks will be taken in the first round of the NFL draft. One thing I do not know, is who that third quarterback will be. If teams are smart and ignore the smear campaign they will take Ryan Mallet. The Seahawks can likely get one maybe two more years out of Matt Hasselbeck, but they need to start planning for the future.

26) Baltimore Ravens: Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi St: This pick actually functions as two draft picks for the Ravens. Sherrod should be able to step in and play left tackle from day one. This will allow Baltimore to move Oher to the right side where he is more comfortable and effective.

27) Atlanta Falcons: Adrian Clayborn, DE Iowa: The Falcons need help on the defensive side of the ball. The Packers torched them in the playoffs, and an upgrade at any defensive position would be a massive help. Clayborn's numbers dropped a bit last season but he was still an all Big 10 performer, and he can make an impact at the next level.

28) New England Patriots: Cameron Heyward, DE Ohio State: The Patriots love versatile ends, and they will find a way to move Heyward around to maximize his potential. The Pats have a young defense that will only get better.

29) Chicago Bears: Marvin Austin, DE/OLB North Carolina: The Bears defense is not as strong as they were a few years ago. It's time to start rebuilding and bring the fear back into Monsters of the Midway.

30) New York Jets: Justin Houston, OLB Georgia: The Jets are still in Super Bowl mode and bringing in the freakishly athletic Houston will give them another pass rush option from the edge.

31) Pittsburgh Steelers: Aaron Williams, DB Texas: It's difficult to say the Steelers have a weakness on defense, but outside of Troy roaming around as a safety there are plenty of holes to fill in the secondary. Aaron Williams can play corner, safety or be a nickel back so he can fill a bunch of roles.

32) Green Bay Packers: Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Temple: The big boy from Temple can fill a hole at the five technique that is being created thanks to Cullen Jenkins becoming a free agent. The Packers rode their defensive line to the Super Bowl last year, and they can do it once again with the help of Wilkerson.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blake Giffen Dunks... All 214 of them

Blake Griffen has made a major impact in the NBA during his rookie season. He nearly got the Clippers into the playoffs, and perhaps more impressive he made the Clippers relevant for the entire season, not an easy task. What made Blake so famous was his thunderous dunks that we witnessed night after night. How often did Blake Griffen dunk? 214 times to be exact. That works out to be just over 2.6 dunks per ball game, not bad. Lucky for you we have video evidence of all 214 dunks, there's some quality stuff on here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back in Action

Sorry Walker Sports fans, due to some technical difficulties Walker Sports was forced off line for the past two weeks. However, thanks to some great support we are back up and running. You can expect new post going up tomorrow, and like always we will have wall to wall coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft, and the ongoing NFL and NHL playoffs.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Daily Erin Andrews: Aaron Rogers Has a Hot New Girlfriend

Aaron Rodgers is not wasting his off-season, after earning Super MVP honors, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was linked with Gossip girl star Jessica Szhor. However, in typical playboy fashion, Rodgers has ditched the Hollywood starlet and has moved on to greener pastures. Aaron Rodgers was recently spotted on a beach with new girlfriend Destiny Newton. Reports have the together for the past month. Looks, like they are having a good time.

Kobe Bryant in New Rap Video

It wasn't that long ago that every NBA superstar was working on a rap album. Luckily for most music fans, the majority of these albums were panned before ever hitting the shelves of an iTunes store. However, that has not stopped the Black Mamba, aka Kobe Bryant for throwing his hat back into the ring once again. The twist is this time the song is all in Chinese, and is actually written by Chinese hip hop group Jay Chou. The groups newest song and video prominitly features Kobe Bryant.

Remember, Kobe was the NBA star who had the plug pulle on his first album before the project was even completed. It looks like he has come a long way since those days.