Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily Erin Andrews: Check Out Tony La Russa's Hot Daughter Bianca Tai

Tony La Russa is a Hall of Fame caliber baseball manager. Between his work with the Oakland A's and now with the St. Louis Cardinals, it's safe to say the man knows baseball. In addition it's a well known fact that La Russa has a strong tie to the NFL. He and New England Patriots coach Bill Belicheck are good friends and often go to the others games as wells as attending team trainings and speaking to players. Now Tony La Russa has a new connection to the NFL, and he owes it to his daughter Bianca Tai. It turns out that Bianca has had a dream to be on a NFL sideline as a cheerleader, and Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders are just the team to give an aspiring girl her big chance.

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