Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mark Jackson Calls Out ESPN

ESPN pegs itself as the Worldwide Leader in Sports, and when you look at all the ways they interact with their fans it's difficult to dispute that. Generally ESPN keeps all their ducks in the row, and the different media outlets are in line with each other. However, from time to time a discrepancy arises, and that was the case over the weekend when NBA commentator and ESPN employee Mark Jackson aired his grievances with ESPN's The Magazine and their Player X column.

For those who are unaware, the Player X column features a different anonymous NBA who writes an article discussing various issues around the NBA. In April's Player X column the unnamed NBA called out NBA All Star Kevin Garnett, and labeled him a "Punk" and a "Coward."

Mark Jackson was not amused by the writers opinion, or ESPN's The Magazine editing staff for printing the article.

“I think it’s a cop-out, as a magazine, to give a source and not give the name,” Jackson said during Sunday'’s Celtics/Knicks telecast on ABC. “If you’re going to attack Kevin Garnett in that way, then put a name to it or don’t write it. It’s not fair to Kevin Garnett.”

It looks like there's some distress amongst the EPSN employees.

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