Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Erin Andrews: This Time it's a Wardrobe Change

Erin Andrews is looking good, and she is on the sidelines doing what she does best, check it out.

Has the NBA Turned into a Fashion Show?

Is this the NBA or a fashion show? A disturbing trend taking place in this years playoffs is players wearing the “warhawk” or a Mohawk. Now, I have no problem with players expressing themselves while on the court and to each person their hairstyle can be an individual voice of expression and that’s cool. However, the warhawk is anything but that. I’m not sure where this trend started but I am sure Souja Boy or some other idiot rap entertainer came up with this idea, and now every player under the age of 24 is rocking one.

That being said, the worse part of the warhawk trend is there is no substance behind it. If you want to express yourself, and wear something or make statements in order to show that you’re “hard” or “tough” then you better come out and play tough and knock some heads off on the court, and do work. These kids are coming out and couldn’t bust a grape. DeShaun Stevenson has talked more smack than anyone in the NBA in the last month and he has watched Lebron James run a clinic on him. The same can be said for his teammate Andre Blotch who rocked his warhawk in game 4 and came out with 0 rebounds and five touch fouls.

Sadly the warhawk trend is not confined to Washington D.C. Last night 76’er Samuel Dalembert rocked the hair to say he was a strong defender, and he and his boys got blown out by Detroit who just went out and played.

The bottom line is, if players aren’t going to knuckle up and play some ball then all this stupid self promotion has got to stop. Maybe they should start wearing pink dresses on the court at least that would explain why they play so soft in the face of adversity.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Boston Celtics are Feeling the Pressure

The Atlanta Hawks are doing the unthinkable; giving the Boston Celtics all they can handle. Last night in game four of their playoff series, the Hawks beat the Celtics with one of the most dominating fourth quarters in the history of the NBA. The Hawks win evened the series up at two games apiece, and suddenly the NBA’s superstar team, is wobbly on their feet, as they prepare to return to Boston and attempt to regain the control of the series.

The Atlanta Hawks went on a tear at the end of the season just to make the playoffs, and they are carrying that momentum with them into the first round. Chances are you have not heard of most of the players on the Hawks, or you saw them as journeymen bouncing from roster to roster. The other half of the roster is filled with a bunch of young gun players who have less than three years experience in the league. However, they are making the most of their first playoff experience.

With the series tied at 2-2 the momentum has to be on Atlanta’s side. They are playing with house money. Everyone expected the Celtics to roll through the first round of the playoffs and sweep the Hawks. The Celtics brought in two big name superstars and have been making claims about winning a championship since July. K.G. Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce are on 1000 commercials during the playoffs and David Stern has all but anointed them as the savior of the NBA. And now they have their back pressed to the wall.

Boston cannot afford to go lose game five at home, or else the Boston fans will begin to turn against their hometown team. Understand that as a city Boston was promised a threepeat. Red Sox World Series, Patriots Super Bowl and capped off by the Celtics return to greatness. Well the Patriots choked in the Super Bowl and the Celtics are on the brink of doing the same. If the Boston Celtics get behind the count, the crowd will never let them forget it, and the pressure will simply be too much to overcome.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Caleb Campbell, The NFL, West Point Academy and The War In Iraq

Caleb Campbell is a senior at West Point academy. Upon graduation he is obligated to spend two years serving as a member of the U.S. Army. It is the standard agreement that any West Point grad or any graduate of a service academy. However, what sets Caleb Campbell apart from his teammates at West Point is he was drafted by the Detroit Lions with the 218th pick in the NFL, and it appears that West Point is going to bend their rules for Campbell.

West Point has offered Campbell that will allow him to play in the NFL if he can make the Lions roster. Once on the roster he will work as a recruiter and a PR man for the U.S. rather than shipping out to Iraq. This new rule change from Army has created a stir of controversy with people on both sides of the line taking aim on Campbell and his descision.

Caleb Campbell entered West Point Academy in 2003/2004, the war in Iraq was just under the way, and many thought it would only be a matter of time before the war was over, and the troops where home. Sadly, that has not been the case. The war has dragged on, and if anything there is an increased need for troops to serve overseas.

When Caleb Campbell went to West Point he went to become an officer, and solider, he happened to play football as well. During his time in school he matured, and transformed into a good football player, good enough to get drafted in the NFL. I am sure that was not one of his original goals when he entered undergrad, because if he thought he was good enough to make the league, I doubt he would have chosen West Point, knowing of their post graduation obligations. However, he became all he could be on the field and was rewarded with the ultimate prize.

Thousands of men and women have been shipped off to Iraq, many of whom have no returned home, and the conflict there continues to brew. Caleb Campbell has a special opportunity with his new found status. He has the chance to serve his country in a far better way than he ever could by wielding a gun. He has a chance to recruit and work PR, for the organization that may need it more than ever. By not going to Iraq, he is not abandoning his country or his teammates, he is supporting them by spreading the word about the Army, and finding new soldiers when we need them more than ever.

It is a shame that he has to go through such an troubling process in what should be one of the greatest moments of his life. Nonetheless, life is never easy and sometimes you just have to be strong.

The NFL Draft May Be Over, But Walker's Rants Are Still Going Strong

Another week is in the books, and the NBA playoffs are hot. There’s some new talent emerging, and a couple of old faithfuls are ready to erupt and prove they will not go silently into the night. You know what else never goes silently into the night? Walker’s Rants that’s right, its that time again, so buckle up strap ‘em down Walker’s Rants are a go.

The Washington Wizards are done, and they are in need of a philosophy change…

Chris Paul is the NBA’s MVP…

Matt Ryan won’t be able to turn the Falcons around, but he will maintain a clean image…

Good luck to Chris Long as he begins his new career in STL…

The Pistons played the most important quarter of their laugh on Sunday and still need to do work…

Ken Griffey will never the credit he is due…

The Nuggets quite on George Karl, if I were him I’d do the same thing to the franchise…

How pissed are you if you’re Aaron Rogers and you just watched the Packers draft another QB…

The Suns and the Mavericks will have the longest off season ever after their first round exits…

The Washington Wizards have no heart, all flash no substance…

The Bears front office should be fired for going another year and not drafting a QB…

The NFL should have scheduled Giants vs. Colts in Yankee stadium, for the upcoming season…

There will be a major shakeup with the New England Patriots this off season, and Patriots nation won’t be happy…

Tony Stewart wants out of his Gibbs contract? If it’s granted that could be a major shakeup in NASCAR…

Congratulations to Dartmouth for winning the Ivy League Rugby championship…

The Washington Redskins finally got through a NFL draft, now what are they gonna do with it?

What do you do? Iraq or the NFL? One hell of a choice a young man is about the make…

The NBA's Best Kept Secret...Andre Iguodala

The Philadelpha 76'ers have a live wire, and an up and coming stud and his name is Andre Iguodala. Philly was left for dead at the midway point of the season, but under the guidence of Mo Cheeks, Philly is in the playoffs, and giving Detroit all they can handle. A big part of their success can be credited to what Iguodala has done on the court. The kid is a straight athlete and he can flatout player. Don't know who he is? Well you will very soon, Rasheed Wallace found out who he is the hard way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chipper Jones gets to laugh at the fat kid

The best part about sports isn't the winning, or the excitment of the game. Ask any athlete who has retired what they miss most and they will tell you it's the locker room (surprised its not the 2 a day practices?)There is just something special about being in the locker room with your teammates and having that feeling that you are part of something special. In many ways your teammates become family. And well, sadly for Atlanta Braves youngster Brian McCann, being part of the family means you gotta be the butt of the joke for big brother Chipper Jones, even when you're doing the right thing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet The Philadelphia Eagles Newest Cheerleaders

There's plenty to dislike about Philly sports, but even I can't hate on this. Three hot sisters all cheering together. Now thats just good old fashion fun.

Daily Erin Andrews: Bruce Pearl is a lucky man

You gotta love the excitment and enthusiasm that Bruce Pearl brings to Tennessee basketball. But he may have taken a bit too far with this move.

Kobe Bryant Jumps an Aston Martin and Now Others are Trying

One of the best videos on the internet without a doubt.

Erin Andrews is hot

No real reason for this post other than the fact that you get about 10 seconds of Erin Andrews on camera, and well everyone wins when that happens.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pacman is a Cowboy... we think

Pacman Jones finds a new home in Big D. Troubled defensive back Adam Pacman Jones may be shipping out to Dallas come the start of the 08/09 season. According to Jay Glazer of the Cowboys and the Titans have reached a deal to trade Pacman.

As it stands, the Cowboys will give up a fourth round draft pick in this years draft for the rights to Pacman. If he is reinstated by the NFL and plays all of the upcoming season, Dallas will send a 6th-round pick to Tennessee in 2009. However, if Jones is not reinstated, or fails to play in the upcoming season, then Tennessee owes Dallas a 4th-round pick in the 09 draft.

The Cincinnati Conflict: The Chad Johnson Saga Day 97

The Bengals and the Chad Johnson continue to play a game of chicken. Marvin Lewis has laid down the gauntlet. Now it is time for C.J. to give his response. This could be one of the worst move in Cincinnati’s less than impressive history.

Chris Paul is the leagues MVP.

Last night I was watching the Hornets and the Mavericks, and one thing became glaringly obvious to me. Chris Paul is the NBA’s MVP. There is absolutely no question about it. He has the New Orleans Hornets playing like gang busters, and all the Mavericks can do is sit back and watch, because they sure as hell cannot stop him.

Last night Chris Paul scored 32 points and dropped a franchise playoff record 17 assist, not bad for a kid who is barely a household name. Chris Paul led his team to the second best record in the Western Conference. Despite that he remained in relative obscurity, but now on the NBA’s biggest stage, he is having a coming out party, and it’s taking place at the Maverick’s expense.

The way Paul ran the floor last night was frankly beautiful. It was the way the game and a point guard are supposed to play. Yes he scored a lot of points but none of them were forced opportunities. He let the offense come to him, and simply used his speed to get to the basket. Paul understood that Dallas has no legitimate presence in the middle and he get into the paint to create plays at will. When he wasn’t hitting another tear drop lay up, Paul was finding the opening man from the double team. He did a great job of forcing Dallas to double him with a big man, and then he found Chandler or David West for the dunk or the open 11 footer. Frankly it was perfect.

For years Jason Kidd has been the golden standard for point guards, and on the court team management, but there is no question that the changing of the guard is occurring right before his eyes. Kidd cannot match up with Paul. He does not have the foot speed or the explosiveness to keep him out of the paint. Too often Kidd is left literally watching the future of the game pass him by.

After stealing the show in games one and two, the series is ready to shift to Dallas, where the Mavericks have to at least be competitive. I’m pretty sure this series is a lock for New Orleans, but look for Dallas to at least win game three in one last ditch effort.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Isaiah Thomas is out...sort of

According to a report from the New York Daily News there is yet another twist the the tail of Isaiah Thomas and the New York Knicks. Thomas was fired late last week as head coach of the Knicks. In March he was stripped of his title as team president. So what is left for Zeke? Apparently he has been reassigned to a new position where he is NOT allowed to be in contact with any of the players on the roster.

I'm not sure how many basketball related positions are available that involve not coming in contact with any players. I guess Zeke is about to the worlds best payed T-Shirt gun operator.

And with the First Pick, The Miami Dolphins Take...

The Miami Dolphins have found their man. With the number one draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins will take offensive Tackle Jake Long from the University of Michigan.

Five days before the NFL draft begins, the Miami Dolphins answered all of the reporter’s questions by signing Jake Long to a contract. Long’s contract includes $30 million in guaranteed money. Not bad for a guy who has never taken an NFL snap. We will have to wait to see if Long remains on the left side or if he is moved to right Tackle. Nonetheless, Long has the tools to be a great offensive lineman, and an anchor for Miami to build around. Long is big and strong and has solid footwork. While at Michigan he showed a great ability to make the initial block and then gets down field and finds a linebacker or a defensive back. The one knock on Long is he struggles with speed rush defensive ends. This was highlighted in last years game against Ohio State game, and is also the reason for the speculation that Long could be moved to right tackle where he won’t face as many speed ends. Nonetheless, Long is looking to get into camp as soon as possible and begin making the transition to become an NFL Pro-Bowler.

Washington Capitals take Game 6

The Washington Capitals went into the lions den and took care of business on Monday night against the Philadelphia Flyers. Game 6 in this series was on fire from the opening moment. Philly fans were jacked, and the players were pumped and ready to close out the series. Sadly, the Flyers needed to play longer than the opening 30 minutes, and they just were not ready to do that.

Philly jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead early in the second period, and this Caps fan was hurting bad and ready to hang it up for the season. Thankfully the Capital’s have the Smart Alex’s and they came through strong. Alexander Semin broke the drought. And soon after that the best player in hockey put his mark on the series. Ovechkin scored two goals in the third period and put the game away, forcing a game 7 Tuesday night in Washington D.C.

Philadelphia was hot on Monday night with the fans rocking their Orange Crush shirts, and they boo’ed Ove every time he touched the puke. However, the boos would eventually be directed at the Flyers themselves after they gave up a breakaway goal that put the Caps up 3-2. That’s when you felt the entire series shift and now the Verizon Center will be rocking and the fans will be Rocking the Red.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tim Duncan Comes Through in the Clutch

Alright, if you're like me you played some organized basketball growing up. For me, I was always the big kid on the court and I have been a power forward or a center. My game always resembled that of Charles Barkley in his later years than anything Air Jordan ever did. That being said, I can honestly say my lifelong three point percentage is 0%. I never had a play ran for me to take a three pointer, hell the only time I got to attempt one was a heave at the end of a quarter or a game.

Despite my lack of attempts, it was always my dream like everyone else to hit that bigtime game winning three pointer, and be the team hero. Because lets be honest, snagging the big rebound just doesn't have the same appeal. I can remember sneaking off after practice and taking some practice shots, or popping a thre threes during a pickup game, but I never got that opportunity during the game.

Saturday night, Tim Duncan did the unthinkable. The 7-footer was left open (for what seemed like an hour) on the wing and he did what all of us dream about. He took the shot and he drilled it. Going into Saturday's game, Duncan had not made a shot all season, but he managed to come through when it mattered.

The point of all this is: When you get yelled at by the coach for taking that three in practice because "You'll never take that in a game." Tell him you never know and you just wanted to be ready when the moment called.

Biggest Weekend Upset

While the Suns and the Spurs may have been the most entertaining game to watch during the weekend, there is no doubt the biggest surprise in the NBA Playoffs has been the Detroit Pistons dropping their opening round game to the Philadelphia 76'ers. Philly has been a team on a tear as of late, going on a win streak just to make the playoffs, and it looks like they aren't done yet. With a cast of players that I guarantee you have never heard of, the 76'ers took game one from Detroit, and with it stole home court advantage for the time being.

More importantly, at which point do we place the blame on Flip Saunders for allowing his team underachieve year in and year out?

Highlights from Celtics and Hawks Game 1

The Celtics game out the gate firing in game one of their playoff series with Hawks, and from the looks of things they will make quick work of the Atlanta Hawks. It looks like I'm going to have to amend my previous predictions. Simply put, the Hawks are just too young and too inexperienced to keep up with the Celtics. Look for Boston to sweep.

The Playoffs are here, and Walker's Rants are Ready

The playoffs are here and they are in full affect. And if you can’t get into this years NBA playoffs or the NHL playoffs, well then you need to pick another article to read. Walker’s Rants are here for the adrenaline rush and the intensity of the playoffs, and that’s why we bring it strong every week. Walker’s Rants are a go.

The Spurs and the Suns are going to give us a special 7 game series. Too bad the winner will be too tired to play in the second round…

The torch has been passed from Kidd to Chris Paul

The Capitals are in a dog fight, but they will come through…

Congratulations to Danica Patrick for earning her first win…

Flip Saunders most underachieving coach ever…

Darren McFadden will not be the player his team wants him to be…

Marvin Lewis is about to blow the entire Chad Johnson deal…

Chris Long will be the best player taken in the top 5 of this years draft…

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check out college lacrosse game…

Ovie is quickly become the best player in the NHL

If you need some marketing done for your website or blog hit me up, I’m open for business…

Alright, it’s springtime, so here is my obligatory baseball comment…

It’s time for the Wizards to shut up and start playing basketball…

It’s the playoffs the stars get the calls…

The Suns will regret the Shaq trade when they are sitting at home in before May 3 rd …

Pacman Jones gets dealt before 3 pm Saturday…

I hate the fact that NASCAR spends half its spring out west and not in the south where it belongs…

This years Super League playoffs are going to be great, expect to see the dawn of a new era…

Friday, April 18, 2008

Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

Alight so the NBA Playoffs tip off tomorrow, so I feel it is up to me to do a once over and give my assessments and predictions on the opening round.

(1)Boston Celtics vs. (8) Atlanta Hawks
The Celtics are a super team that was assembled to do one thing, win a NBA Championship. The great regular season record and all the hoopla don’t mean a thing, if KG and company don’t bring a championship to Boston. With that in mind, the Celtics are just too much for the up and coming Hawks to over. It will take an experienced team to de-thrown the Celtics as the kings of the east, and Atlanta simply isn’t that team.

Celtics in 5

(4)Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (5) Washington Wizards
There is no question this is the most intriguing series in the Eastern Conference. These two teams have met in for the last two years in the playoffs both times the Cavs came out victorious. Many will remember in the 06 Playoffs when Lebron James patted Gilbert on the chest and psyched him out causing him to miss two free throws that cost the Wizards the series. Last year when these teams met the Wizards were missing two members of their big three. This year the Wizards plan on a different ending. Wizards guards DeShaun Stevenson and Gilbert Arenas have already called the Cavaliers out saying they are not as good as advertised, and they cannot beat the Wizards three years in a row. Perhaps that is not the best tactic when you’re about the face one of the best players in the NBA.

This series will come down to how well Gilbert Arenas can play when coming off the bench. Yes, you read that correctly. Since returning from a knee injury Arenas has come off the bench and is averaging 20 points a game. There is no doubt he is the best sixth man in the league. However, if he gets into a gunning match with Lebron and tries to upstage him then the Wizards are doomed. Gilbert can drop 30 or 40 a night, but that is not what the Wizards need. They need Gilbert to play in the flow of the offense, and allow the team to continue the continuity they built during the season while their star was out.

Wizards in 7

(2)Detroit Pistons vs. (7) Philadelphia 76’ers
It’s another year, and the Pistons are at or near the top of the Eastern Conference. Surprise. Nothing has changed with the Pistons they are exactly who you thought they were. The 76’ers may be the biggest surprise in the east. Maurice Cheeks has coached his ass off to get this team into the playoffs. They are full of young stars that are on the brink of becoming super stars. Sadly this is not the year for their breakthrough. Look for Philadelphia to fight hard, but they just don’t have enough in the tank to keep up with the vets.

Pistons in 6

(3)Orlando Magic vs. (6) Toronto Raptors
The Orlando Magic are the next big thing in the NBA. Dwight Howard is Superman, and he is the truth. The Magic are an interesting team, with a ton of athleticism. Interestingly enough the Raptors are very similar in their make up. Chris Bosh is turning into a future All-Star. Hopefully the NBA will have many years of Bosh and Howard going head to head. Other than that, there is not a lot to this series, and look for Orlando to roll.

Magic in 5

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Steve McNair Hangs it Up

Today marks the end of an era… well sort of. It is the end of an era that many thought had passed several years ago. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair retired from the NFL earlier today, and with him gone the NFL has lost one it’s true warriors of the gridiron.

For those who watched McNair’s final season they saw a man struggling to make plays, and find the open receivers. However, if you think back a decade ago to when McNair came into the league, and you’ll remember just how great Air McNair really was. Before he became the lumbering veteran with the Ravens, he was the young gun gambler who could jump over you or run through you. Steve began his career as a runner, and was forced to transform into a passer when injuries took away his wheels. Steve McNair was one of the last hold over’s from the Houston Oilers. With his retirement the last of those wide open Run and Gun days go with him.

Too often people forget that McNair was the leagues MVP in 1999 and he took the Titians to the brink of a Super Bowl against the greatest show on turf. The second half of that game was dominated by McNair’s will to win. Sadly that would be as close to glory as he would come. The Titians gambled away their future to put together that Super Bowl Squad, and they were relegated to salary cap hell for the next four seasons.

McNair played hurt every week. For the majority of his career he was never able to show his true potential because he was too injured to practice. He only suited up once a week and he gave it his all. For a quarterback that’s a difficult process to go through. He never had time to build a relationship with his receivers. He just had to wing it.

It’s almost funny that Steve McNair and Brett Favre would retire in the same year. They both played the game in similar fashions. More importantly there is no doubt that they laid it all out on the line for their teams and their fans. One thing is for sure, there will not be another Air McNair.

Liberation for the New York Knicks?

The NBA rumor mill is churning, and for once it may actually mean some good news for Knicks fans. Yes, that’s right Isaiah Thomas may be out in NYC. He has already been relieved of his duties as team president. But now there are serious talks that Thomas will lose his job as head coach of the New York Knicks.

If this is true, it may finally be liberation day for the Knicks. I think it’s safe to say the Isaiah Thomas experiment was a complete failure and probably set the Knicks back 5 years. Sadly it doesn’t matter who comes in to replace Thomas, it will take at least 3 years just to undo the contract hell he put the once storied franchise into.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who-dey wants Chad Johnson

The Cincinnati Bengals are wondering what to do with Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson. CJ, has let it be known to ESPN, that he will not participate in any of the OTA workouts. I guess, CJ has run his mouth enough during the offseason and no one listened to him, so now he figures his actions will speak louder than his words. Hope he knows what he is doing.

Gilbert Arenas Shut Up!

The Washington Wizards are wrapping up one of the most up and down seasons in recent history. Somehow through all the injuries the Wizards were able to secure the fifth spot in the NBA playoffs. And who do they find there? The team that’s responsible for knocking them out of the first round the previous two years, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Two years ago these teams gave fans one of the most memorable series in playoff history in a back and forth effort with the Cavs emerging victorious. Last season the Cavs brought their brooms out and swept a gimpy Wizards team missing two of their best players. This year in round three may prove to be the most intriguing match up yet. The Wizards are getting healthier by the day, and the chemistry is growing stronger.

The Wizards have what it takes to advance to the second round, and probably would have, except for one thing. They opened their big mouths. Calling out Lebron James, and the rest of the Cavaliers is not the way you prep for one of the biggest playoff series in franchise history. Agent 0 has blogged it, and others in the organization agree with him. They cannot be beat three times in a row.

Yes, the law of averages is on the Wizards side, but sometimes you don’t want to wake the sleeping giant. If Lebron James wants to play like Jordan did, that means he will come out with a vengeance just to prove Gil and the Zards wrong. And if that’s the case, the Wizards will be back in D.C. before mid May and another season will be lost.

Final Brackets Set of Div. I and II College Championships

This weekend in Albuquerque, N.M. the USA Coast Guard is sponsoring the 2007/08 Division I and II Men’s and Women’s colligate championships. If you thought March Madness is intense, you have not lived till you see this tournament. 48 teams will come to New Mexico, all with the hopes of becoming a national champion.

In the Men’s Division I bracket there is no question that Cal Berkley are the overwhelming favorite. Cal enters as the number one seed in the tournament, and they have not lost a game in the United States in two years. However, traditional powerhouse BYU will do all they can to stop the Bears. Other teams in the group of 16 include: UC Davis, University of Tennessee, Arkansas State, Kutztown, Bowling Green State, University of Colorado, Air Force Academy Dartmouth, University of Utah, Army, Penn State, Cal Poly, San Diego State University, University of Minnesota, and St. Mary’s. All of these programs have strong rugby traditions, and they will be looking to make an impact on day one.

The Woman’s Division I bracket will see many familiar faces with Penn State and Stanford setting the standard at the top two seeds. In all there will be 10 returning teams from last years fixtures. They include: Navy, the University of Northern Iowa, West Chester University, Chico State University, Virginia, Brown and Texas A& M. Rounding out the field of 16 is U.C. Davis, Indiana University, University of Colorado, University of Florida, Cal, UCLA and Vassar.

Down a level at Division II, the Men’s bracket set up with the following: Middlebury College, Coast Guard Academy, Loyola Marymount, University of Northern Colorado, East Carolina University, Radford University, Utah Valley State College and University of Michigan. Traditionally, the Division II brackets are always tough, with many of the finalist moving on to Division I competition the next year, see Arkansas State.

The Division II Women’s bracket will be a wide open race with U.C. Santa Cruz looking to climb back to the top of the mountain as they did in 2006. Standing in their way is, Norwich University along with a crop of newcomers to the national championships. University of Minnesota-Duluth, Claremont College, East Carolina University, Shippensburg, Wayne State University and Western Washington University, all fresh faces, and looking to leave their mark.

While colligate rugby has been dominated by the traditional powers, it is still one of the most exciting sports to watch. The level of passion and enthusiasm the players bring to the field is as intense as any World Cup match up. If the United States wants to take the next step in becoming a worldwide power in rugby, this is where it starts. The youth will guide use.

These games will be live streamed at USA, check out the schedule listed bellow.

Friday, April 18th
2:00: St. Mary’s College vs. Air Force (DI Men)
4:00: Univ. of Northern Iowa v Stanford (DI Women)

Saturday, April 19th
9:00: Penn State v Univ of Florida (DI Women)11:30: Norwich v Shippensburg (DII Women)
1:30: Winner of Dartmouth/ BYU v Winner of SDSU/ Arkansas State (DI MEN)
3:30: Winner of Cal/Tennessee and Winner of Army/Cal Poly (DI Men)

Sunday, April 20th
8:30: Winner of TX A&M/ Cal and winner of Vassar/ Navy (DI WOMEN)
11:00: Winner of Coast Guard/ Loyola and winner of Mich/ Radford (DII MEN)

USA Eagles Find their Man

After an exhausting search that took nearly 8 months (and you thought the Redskins took a long time in finding a coach). The U.S. Eagles found the man to lead them into the future, and hopefully prosperity on the rugby field. Australian attack wizard Scott Johnson has been named the head man of the U.S. Eagles.

Johnson is a well experienced coach responsible for designing the Australian attack for many years, as well as the Welsh side that won the 2005 6 Nations. Johnson is known for being an innovative coach when designing an offensive scheme. He also holds the reputation for being a player’s coach. That could be very helpful with the rushed conditions the Eagles have to gel in.
Current Eagles captain Mike Hercus is very excited to work under the man that helped train such greats as Dan Carter. He is also looking forward to the way Johnson will look to open up the attack, and thus create a more exciting game.

”The creativity Scott brings in attack is exciting for the Eagles as we have always tried to play enterprising rugby.” Mike Hercus to ARN

Scott Johnson will assume immediate control over his team, and will have his work cut out for him if he wants to have the boys ready to perform in the Churchill Cup in June.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Call it a Comeback Walker's Rants Have been Here for Years

Finally Walker’s Rants have come back to the blog. That’s right, the hottest thing going on AGM is back once again, and ready to pick up right where it left off at, bringing the high heat, and ranting on any and everything that matters.

The Capitals are a team of destiny…

No team in the East is looking forward to playing the Wizards…

Tiger Woods is just fine, and he will win two count them two majors this year…

The NBA needs to create a 2 year minimum for players coming out o college…

It says a lot about the state of boxing when Kimbo Slice got the biggest pop during the Tarver fight…

I’m okay that the Sox/Yankees game got preempted for NASCAR…

This years NBA playoffs will be something to remember…

The Miami Dolphins number 1 pick will not save the team…

I can’t believe my cat broke my keyboard…

It’s good to see that the U.S. Eagles are going to play a full test schedule…

The Bengal’s should be disbanded as a team…

The Nationals need more than a new stadium if they want to keep people coming to games…

I have a bad feeling about the Summer Olympics…

Chris Paul is the NBA’s MVP…

The end of the Joe Pa era at State College is going to be ugly…

When did the Sox become the Yankees? That’s right I don’t care…

Gene Upshaw leaving the players union would be the worst thing for the league but great for the players…

None of the top five QB’s in this year’s draft board will be impact players in the league…

David Ortiz will never return to form…