Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anna Kournikova in One Hot Cat Fight

So tennis proved not to be Anna Kournikova's best career option. Lucky for her she has great looks, and she is a good pitchman. That's why she found herself in Las Vegas Nevada last weekend rather than Wimbledon like the rest of the great tennis players in the world. Why was Kournikova in Las Vegas last Saturday? She was doing her part and making an appearance at the Hardbat Classic, a table tennis tournament. Oh how the mighty have fallen... if only Ms. Kournikova was actually mighty at some point.

However, the worst part of Anna Kournikova's weekend was not playing ping pong with a bunch of guys ogling her. After the tournament was over, Anna Kournikova decided to hit the town (can't blame her). While out with her girls, Anna Kournikova was confronted by a woman in the booth next to her. The woman accused Kournikova of crowding her space, and then threw a drink on the one time tennis star. Not wanting to lose any more street cred, Kournikova sprung into action by attacking her fellow club goer. An all out cat fight ensued (don't worry we are searching for video).

Eventually the two were separated, and the woman was escorted out of the club. However, that was not before Anna Kournikova left the lady with scratches and cuts along her neck.

Looks like her tennis career may be over, but Anna Kournikova is ready for a night out at the club with Pacman Jones.

U.S. Rugby Chat Episode 4

Hello everybody, once again myself along with my good friend Jeremy from Heavens Game are up to no good and stirring up the pot that is U.S.A. Rugby. In this weeks podcast we are discussing U.S.A. Rugby's home city of Denver. As always opinions are aplenty.

Give us a listen and please tell us what you think. Also feel free to drop us a line for future topics you may want to hear on U.S. Rugby Chat

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gear Up For Fantasy Football

Okay boys and girls hopefully we all got our little bit of soccer out of our system and we can move on to the important stuff. I'm talking about the NFL and of course NFL football means fantasy football. Just like last year Walker-Sports is the spot to get all your fantasy football advice. We have some of the top fantasy football experts in the country writing here, and you can believe they will increase your fantasy football bragging rights and winnings. Don't believe me? Last year I never finished worse than third in any of my leagues, and this is from a guy who has been in the basement for years.

However, this year we are taking fantasy football to the next level. I'm talking Vegas baby fun in the desert. What better place to have your fantasy football draft day party then on the Vegas strip, the ultimate guys weekend. Thanks to our friends over at VisitLasVegas.com me and my boys are heading west in August and you should join us. VisitLasVegas.com will help you join us in Las Vegas by giving away a $100 gift certificate to Southwest Airlines. Go check them out get signed up and join me and the rest of the Walker-Sports crew for one unforgetable weekend. Trust me, The Hangover won't have anything on us.

Think about it, you know you want to. Plus meet us out in Vegas and myself and the rest of the experts may have a few fantasy tips for you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

U.S.A. Falls To Brazil

In a nearly completely random act, a good chunk of the American sporting public became soccer fans for 90 minutes today when the United States soccer team took the field again powerhouse Brazil. In what was dubbed by some as the biggest game in U.S. Soccer history, the United States nearly pulled off the great performance in international sports history.

The United States were left for dead just a week ago by all fourteen of their fans, and now a week latter they were at the brink of greatness. Perhaps the best part was for sixty minutes the United States gave Brazil all they could handle rushing out to a 2-0 lead. Impressive would be an understatement. In the end, Brazil turned on the gas and proved to have too much fire power for the American squad.

Despite giving up a two goal lead the United Stats soccer program finally took a step in the right direction with their performance today. By holding Brazil to a tight game they proved their win over Spain was not a fluke. The Americans proved to themselves and the rest of the world that they can play with any team.

Now they must step their game up heading into the 2010 World Cup. The rest of the world saw how good the United States can be and that means the United States will not sneak up on anyone else. It can be said that the U.S. surprised Spain, and for sixty minutes Brazil underestimated and were outplayed by the Americans. You can rest assured the United States will not surprise anyone come their next trip to South Africa in 2010.

The Confederation Cup was a great launching point for the United States, but they must step up and take their game to the next level. In the world of sports your only as good as your last performance on the field, and right now the United States are on a one game losing streak. Time it step it up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq to the Cleveland Cavilierss

Yes, you read that headline correctly. According to sources at ESPN, a deal has been completed that will send large and in charger center Shaquile O'Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Once again the big man is on the move to a new team. This time he will link up with the next great young gun LeBron James. First it was Kobe Bryant, then D- Wade and now LeBron James. Sorry King James looks like you will have to lug the 300 lb big man to the finish line on your own.

What does this mean for Shaq's legacy? I open that up to you the readers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chad Ocho Cinco an Unwanted Houseguest?

Carson Palmer's wife, Shaelyn, can rest easy. There's no way her husband, the Bengals' quarterback, is going to let Chad Ochocinco, the team's star wide receiver, crash at their Southern California home in July while the two work out together. Three's company? Hardly. Carson said Shaelyn got either a text message or e-mail from a friend, saying Ochocinco planned to stay with the Palmers in the days leading up to training camp. Shaelyn gave birth to twins -- a boy and a girl -- on Jan. 20. "As soon as I walked in the door from work the other day, she just gave me that look," Palmer said. "I'm like, 'Whoa, calm down. It's media stuff. It's Chad being Chad.'" -- Dayton Daily News

Who can blame Ms. Palmer for this one? I mean seriously Chad Ocho Cinco hanging around teaching the babies endzone celebrations. The first words the toddlers would say would be "Love me some me."

If the Palmers are smart they will keep Mr. Cinco away at least for now. The kids and all you know?

Friday, June 19, 2009

U.S. Rugby Chat Episode 2

My apologies for the delay folks, but we had to get some sweet artwork put together thanks to our friends over at Creative Confederation. However with the delay over, check out the latest Walker-Sports, Heavens Game collaboration. This time our U.S. Rugby chat has ruffled a few feathers and picked up a little bit of steam.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Leroy Smith: The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan L

Everyone needs someone to motivate them. All the great ones were inspired by someone. Leroy Smith is the man who made Jordan into M.J. Maybe LeBron needs to find his Leroy Smith if he wants to get over that playoff hump.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kyle Busch Destroys Trophy

Kyle Busch is known as a bad boy on the NASCAR circuit, and his actions on Saturday just added to that image. Busch won a Nationwide race this weekend, and then went rock star on the trophy he was given. Take a look.

Walker-Sports First U.S. Rugby Chat Podcast

As the Walker-Sports empire continues to grow, we are constantly looking for new grounds to break through on, and we are proud to announce that Walker-Sports has found a new medium to communicate with our fans. We are doing a podcast. That's right thanks to our dear friends over at Heaven's Game, Walker-Sports is ready to step into the audio realm.

Each week, (Tuesday's here in the States) Walker-Sports will sit down with Jeremy Beynon of Heaven's Game. Together they will chat about U.S.A. Rugby. So stop in check us out and get your fill of rugby, and Walker-Sports.

U.S. Rugby Chat, Episode 1

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Dallas Cowboys Looking at Pacman Jones?

Those who fail to learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it. It is an age old saying that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, has either never heard or simply chooses to ignore. What has the eccentric owner gotten himself into this time? The same as always, looking at and signing troubled players.

It what has to go down as a massively contradictory day, Jerry Jones made two interesting statements to the media on Monday. First he told ESPN that the Dallas Cowboys were not interested in troubled wide out Matt Jones. The former Arkansas Razorback was shunned by fellow alumnus Jones due to his lack of performance on the field, and his off the field actions. As a Cowboy fan, I read this to be a good sign. Jerry Jones had learned to avoid looking at the shiny object and he was back to focusing on winning games. Then the other shoe dropped.

Jerry Jones had another conversation with a group of reporters and informed them that the Cowboys were looking at troubled defensive back Adam 'Pacman' Jones. Jones said, "Would you beat me up if I brought Adam back?" when talking to a reporter on Monday afternoon. Obviously, Jones has something up his sleeve.

The sad part about all this is, Cowboys fans can only sit back and cringe as they watch their team dismantled. Oddly enough, I am not beginning to understand what life as a Raider fan is like.

Brett Rogers With an Impressive Knockout

MMA fights can be fickle at times. What do I mean by that? It means sometimes even when the card seems to be a lock, funny things can happen inside the cage. Brett Rogers proved that to be correct over the weekend when he knocked out Andrei Arlovski in just 22 seconds.

Arlovski has struggled as of late in his career, but in many ways he was still a legend of the MMA circuit. After this weekend's embarrassing outting, there is a good chance we don't see Andrei Arlovski in a cage ever again.

If that is the case, then simply enjoy this great display of power from Brett Rogers and watch one helluva knock out.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tiger Woods Back in Form, Wins at Memorial

As recentely as Thursday, I was in a conversation with someone who swore up and down that Tiger Woods had lost a step. After his surgery last summer, he lost some of his physical tools and to be honest he was not going to be same. I heard all the quotes and all the stats, 42nd in driving distance, and even worst in driving accuracy. Well to all those haters, out there, I give you Tiger Woods in full form, heading into the U.S. Open.

Tiger Woods began the day four shots back of the lead, and he promptly went to work. The crowds grew and roared as Mr. Woods battled his way into a four way tie for the lead. Then it happened. Back to back birdies on his final two holes.

On the final day, Tiger Woods hit all his fairways during the final round. He only missed five fairways all week. That was the best he has played since gracing us with his destruction of Augusta in the 1998 Masters.

The bottom line is with just a few days before the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods showed the world that he is ready to reclaim his thrown as the greatest golfer on the planet. The knee appeared to be good, and Tiger is roaring, things should be real interesting come the U.S. Open. My advice would be buckle up for the ride, because this could be one special summer.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kimbo Slice Is Coming to the Ultimate Fighter

MMA/fighting phenom Kimbo Slice had one of the quickest rises to stardom the MMA world has ever seen. He was the back yard brawler turned professional fighter, all that came to an end last October when Slice was knocked out by a virtual nobody in the MMA world. Since then Kimbo Slice has been in hiding, untill yesterday.

Kimbo Slice was under contract to the organization known as Elite XC, which went bankrupt shortly after Slice's October 4th lost. Since then Slice has been looking for a new gig. The obvious choice for a new promotion would be UFC. However, UFC president Dana White was adamant that Kimbo Slice would not fight for his organization citing that Slice was just a freak show.

It now appears that Dana White has changed his mind. White announced yesterday that Kimbo Slice would participate in UFC's reality series The Ultimate Fighter. By doing so, Slice will have an opportunity to win a one year contract with the UFC. The Ultimate Fighter has been UFC's best vehicle to mainstream MMA since it airs weekly on Spike T.V. and does huge ratings

It appears that while Dana White wrote Kimbo Slice off as a sideshow, he has now found a way to put the sideshow into a three ring circus and make it an even bigger spectacle. Once again it appears that Dana White is more than willing to jeopardize the integrity of his promotion if it means a few more headlines