Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kimbo Slice Is Coming to the Ultimate Fighter

MMA/fighting phenom Kimbo Slice had one of the quickest rises to stardom the MMA world has ever seen. He was the back yard brawler turned professional fighter, all that came to an end last October when Slice was knocked out by a virtual nobody in the MMA world. Since then Kimbo Slice has been in hiding, untill yesterday.

Kimbo Slice was under contract to the organization known as Elite XC, which went bankrupt shortly after Slice's October 4th lost. Since then Slice has been looking for a new gig. The obvious choice for a new promotion would be UFC. However, UFC president Dana White was adamant that Kimbo Slice would not fight for his organization citing that Slice was just a freak show.

It now appears that Dana White has changed his mind. White announced yesterday that Kimbo Slice would participate in UFC's reality series The Ultimate Fighter. By doing so, Slice will have an opportunity to win a one year contract with the UFC. The Ultimate Fighter has been UFC's best vehicle to mainstream MMA since it airs weekly on Spike T.V. and does huge ratings

It appears that while Dana White wrote Kimbo Slice off as a sideshow, he has now found a way to put the sideshow into a three ring circus and make it an even bigger spectacle. Once again it appears that Dana White is more than willing to jeopardize the integrity of his promotion if it means a few more headlines


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