Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daily Erin Andrews: No Peeping Toms Here

Something very interesting has taken place over the past few days and if you are a sports blog person, you know exactly what I am talking about. Our favorite sideline reporter Erin Andrews recently had her privacy violated in a horrible way thanks to some jerk with a camera. Now I know we have a lot of fun with Ms. Andrews, and we joke around about her looks, and we use her as an easy way to boast traffic here on Walker-Sports. However, in no way what so ever do we condone what this knucklehead did to Erin Andrews by invading her privacy and violating her personal rights. That crosses a line, and is a sick and immoral act. It is my hope that whoever did this disgusting act is found, arrested and punished.

That being said, I would like to thank all of our loyal and new visitors for the increase in traffic Walker-Sports has experienced over the past few days thanks to Erin Andrews. However, I can tell you right now, we do not, nor will we ever possess or show the video of Erin Andrews. This is not a voyeur site, and we do not tolerate assholes. So for those of you looking for a cheap thrill sorry, please move on.

To Erin Andrews, I am very sorry that you have had to fall victim to such a horrifying experience, and know that everything we do here at Walker-Sports is all in fun, and we hope to see you back on the sidelines some day soon.


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