Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monkeys to Help Guard the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are kind of light the Olympics Lite. As a result I guess organizers in New Delhi India figure they can have the 'Life' version of security guards. According to sources organizers at the Commonwealth games have employed 38 Langur monkeys to help guard the main event sites in hopes of scaring away smaller peskier monkeys.

The langurs, are giant, gray monkeys with black faces, and they will be on a leash and accompanied by a trainer. They'll be positioned outside various venues and tasked with keeping wild monkeys from causing havoc in and around the Games.

Stray monkeys causing trouble in the Indian capital is nothing new. They can be found in office buildings, hospitals, and other public buildings, and they have been known to be a pest. In 2007 New Delhi's Deputy Mayor was actually killed after falling from his balcony while trying to get away from a batch of stray monkeys.

Let's hope these Langur monkeys can remember to stay on task, and keep the patrons safe from their foolish cousins.


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