Monday, June 30, 2008

Walker's Rants Going into the Long Weekend

Summer is here, but it is a short week as we head into the July 4th weekend. Summer boredom is reaching an all time high as I was forced to watch soccer, baseball, and NASCAR on Sunday, not my idea of fun. The only beacon of light is that with July comes training camp at the end of the month. Now if I can just hold on till then. Good thing I’ always have my Walker’s Rants no matter what time of year it is.

The NBA Draft is painful to watch, but at least it moves quicker than the NFL’s…

O.J. Mayo disappointing Memphis fans since 2008

Mike Vick turned 28 last week. Think about what could have been…

I enjoy inner league play when it involves cross town or cross state rivals the rest bores me…

Germany fell short and now I consider Euro 2008 a failure…

Did anyone watch the Buick Open this weekend? That’s what I thought…

When’s the new Madden come out? I need a distraction will settle for the new NC2A…

It’s not too early to setup my fantasy football league…

Landis lost his appeal, now he can go bury himself as a bad sports reference…

Gilbert Arenas is not worth 100 million…

The Rays should make a move to get C.C.

Gallinari will be able to help the Knicks but they won’t keep him around long enough…

R.I.P. Uga…

Brandon Jennings goes abroad next year, and you never hear from him again…

Congrats to Inbee Park, why don’t we swoon over her like we do with Michelle Wie?

Walker-Rants Poll question, who will cry more this year Chad Johnson, or T.O.?

Tubing should be an Olympic sport because team U.S.A. dominated in this year’s 5-Nation event…

Sucks to be Tyson Gay great run, but not recording breaking…

U.V.A beats USC and sends to them OSU 0-1…

Daily Erin Andrews:A Salute to the Ladies in the Water

So yesterday I was checking out the Olympic Trials and I saw Katie Hoff and company do their thing in the water. And of course that got me thinking. We need to salute our ladies in the water, both past and present because these girls kick ass, and they're wearing a bathing suit while doing it, who doesn't like that?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Saturday the SEC got a little lonelier, as it lost one of its most famous faces. Uga VI the mascot for the Georgia Bulldogs passed away. Uga was 9 years old and passed due to heart failure. He will be greatly missed. Uga will be buried inside the Southwest corner of the Bulldogs stadium.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Erin Andrews:Wimbledon Just Got a Little Less Hot

Alright, so earlier this week we did a little look at the the sexy ladies who would be taking the court at this years Wimbledon. However thanks to a couple early round exits Wimbledon the tournament is not quite as sexy as it once was. Mainly I'm talking about the lost of Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. But have no fear Walker-Sports has you covered with some solid eye candy.

2008 NBA Draft Part 4:Time Give Out The Grades

Alight now we have had a chance to look over everything, break down the trades and let it all sink in. That means it's time to start giving out the grades. Let Walker Sports break it down and tell you if your favorite team will be a lottery team again or battling for a NBA Championship.

Atlanta Hawks: Grade A)Yes, I know they didn't have a pick in the 2008 draft and that's why they get an A. They traded their pick to the Suns and they got Joe Johnson. Atlanta put themselves on the map by taking the Celtics to the limit in the playoffs and most of that was due to Joe Johnson's work.

Boston Celtics: Grade B-)The Celtics has good draft, it was nothing special. It's hard to make a big splash when you just won the NBA Championship a week before. The picks they made can mature into some good players. Most importantly was the one made as a result of the trade with Washington. Bill Walker has the most potential, that is why they Celtics get a B- and not a minus.

Charlotte Bobcats: Grade C+)D.J. Augustin is an upgrade over Raymond, but I would have been happier seeing this pick get spent on a bigman. Another problem is if D.J. is not mentally strong Larry Brown and Michael Jordan could break him and then you just have a lost talent.

Chicago Bulls: Grade A)The Bulls picked up Derrick Rose. A star point guard who will lead that team into the future. When it is all said and done, Rose will land somewhere between Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Grade B)J.J. Hickson has the tools to develop into a solid player. But it will take time. Time the Cavs may not have with LeBron's contract wrapping up in a couple seasons. Better home J.J. comes thought quickly.

Dallas Mavericks: Grade D)Their first round pick was shipped to Jersey for J. Kidd, and well that just isn't working out. Their second round pick of Shan is pretty much worthless.
Denver Nuggets: Grade: I)The Nuggets traded their picks away for cash and future considerations. So we can't grade them til next year.

Detroit Pistons: Grade B+)If Walter Sharpe becomes what I think he can then he will be solid player. Look for him to follow in the mold that Maxiell did for the Pistons and that is a very good thing.

Golden State Warriors: Grade C+)The Warriors made their picks based on a lot of hope on future potential. Granted that is the name of the game, but I just don't like the idea of banking on Anthony Randolph becoming a stud player. Especially with the possibility of Baron Davis leaving.
Houston Rockets: Grade B)The Rockets made one trade too many on draft day. They should have stuck with Darrell Arthur, he would have been a great fit in the Rockets front line. However they traded Arthur for Donte Greene. Greene is good, but not great.
Indiana Pacers: Grade A) They made a lot of trades and it was a very good thing. Roy Hibbert will not be a star next year, and he may never become an All Star player, but he will be a consistent player and a strong presence in the middle for years to come. Throw in a back court that will feature T.J. and Brandon Rush you have to like that.

Los Angeles Clippers Grade B)Eric Gordon is the reason for this grade. He has the potential to become great, and they need all the hlep they can get in their back court.

Los Angeles Lakers: Grade C)The Lakers traded their first round pick and got Pau Gasol. If he had not been a bust in the playoffs I would have bumped their grade up. But Pau proved to be soft so the Lakers will suffer as a result.

Memphis Grizzlies Grade B+)The Grizzlies were a busy team last night but it could pay off. Darrell Arthur will be a solid big man who can play. Yes he has a kidney issue but it is doubtful it will big an issue during his career. The Grizzlies also picked up O.J. Mayo and yes there is a good chance he will be a good maybe even a great player. But something has just rubbed me wrong when it comes to him. This is why Memphis does not have an A.
Miami Heat Grade A)Great draft. Beasley, Chamers and Jackson. this is a great draft, so good that you have to wonder if the Heat have too much talent. Perhaps Wade is could still be on his way out of town.

Milwaukee Bucks Grade B-)The bucks picked up Joe Alexander and they already have Richard Jefferson. And well they just got rid of Yi who was a soft bigman. That being said, Alexander is a gamer and will do well.
Minnesota Timber wolves Grade B+)Kevin McHale may have gotten it right this time. Kevin Love is a good player who if he can stay in shape will be a solid pro. But I can't help but wonder what McHale was thinking when he traded for him. You have to wonder if he saw shades of himself in Love.
New Jersey Nets Grade A-)Good draft, got rid of Jeffersons contract. They also picked up Brook Lopez which was a steal at the 10th spot. In 2 years he will be completely matured and ready to be a solid contributor when LeBron comes to town in 2010.

New Orleans Hornets Grade I)The Hornets fall into the same catagory as the Nuggets. Lucky for N.O. they have a good nucleous of young players so the draft was not that big a deal.

New York Knicks Grade C-)Danilo Gallinari... yeah Knick fans booed I laughed and in the end no one will go home happy.

Orlando Magic Grade B)Courtney Lee is a good player. I think the Magic needed help at the guard spot and Lee will be a solid contributor there who can run and manage the court.

Philadelphia 76'ers Grade A)Good player up front strong and physical. He will be a solid pickup in Philly.

Phoenix Suns Grade B+)Robin Lopez could be a good pickup on a Suns team that is changing their focus to defense.

Portland Trailblazer Grade B+)Portland picked up more young talent and they are stocked. Personally I would have liked them to trade away at least one pick and get a vet in there to play with the kids, but eh... not a bad deal over all.
Sacramento Kings Grade C-)Thompson was a strange and I think a bad pick at 12 they could have done better. Sean Singletary could be the steal of the draft. He is a gamer, just a bit on the small side, but he knows how to work the ball up the court and get it to the open man or put it in the bucket if he needs to. However, he will need a lot of help.

San Antonio Spurs Grade C)The Spurs once again picked late and sadly this time there was no Tony Parker or Manu Ginobli sitting around. The Spurs will need to get young soon, but it won't happen this year.

Seattle Sonics Grade A-)Well they drafted an entire team, so that counts for something since they can run hockey shifts now. But much like Portland this is just a very young team that does not impress me much over all.
Toronto Raptors Grade B-)Their actual picks at the draft were not great, but getting Jermaine O'Neal could be huge if he can stay healthy.

Utah Jazz Grade Grade B)Koufos is big and strong just like Sloan likes them. He will add more toughness to an already solid front court. Sadly it will not be enough to put the Jazz over the top.
Washington Wizards Grade D)Walker Sports loves the Zards and GM Ernie Grunfeld but his pick of JaVele McGee was terrible. Somehow the Zards manage to pick up ever bum bigman in the world and put them on their roster. Another 7'2 guy who will never mature into what he should. The best move Washington made on the night was getting some cash in pocket.

2008 NBA Draft pt 4:The final results

Okay, so last night was busy with plenty of trades and front office action to keep fantasy geeks happy for years to come. However, what all those deals mean is our live coverage from round 1 is all basically wrong seeing that about half of the guys picked are already with a different team. So here is Walker Sports official recap of the 2008 NBA Draft.

Round 1

1) Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose

2) Miami Heat: Michael Beasley

3) Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Memphis): O.J. Mayo

4)Seattle Sonics:Russell Westbrook

5)Memphis Grizzlies (traded to Minnesota): Kevin Love

6)New York Knicks: Danilo Gallinari

7)LA Clippers: Eric Gordon

8)Milwaukee Bucks: Joe Alexander

9)Charlotte Bobcats: D.J. Augustin

10)New Jersey Nets: Brook Lopez

11)Indiana Pacers (traded to Portland): Jerrd Bayless

12)Sacramento Kings: Jason Thompson

13)Portland Trailblazers: (traded to Indiana): Brandon Rush

14)Golden State Warriors: Anthony Randolph

15)Phoenix Suns (
from Atlanta): Robin Lopez

16)Philadelphia 76'ers: Marreese Speights

17)Toronto Raptors (traded to Indiana): Roy Hibbert

18)Washington Wizards: JaVale McGee

19)Cleveland Cavaliers: J.J. Hickson

20)Charlotte Bobcats (from Denver): Alexis Ajinca

21)New Jersey Nets (from Dallas): Ryan Anderson

22)Orlando Magic: Courtney Lee

23)Utah Jazz: Kosta Koufos

24)Seattle Sonics (from Phoenix): Serge Ibaka

25)Houston Rockets (traded to Portland): Nicolas Batum

26)San Antonio Spurs: George Hill

27)New Orleans Hornets (traded to Memphis from Houston and Portland): Darrell Arthur

28)Memphis Grizzlies (from LA Lakers): Donte Green

29)Detroit Pistons (traded to Seattle): D.J. White

30)Boston Celtics: J.R. Giddens

Round 2

31)Minnesota Timberwolves (from Miami through Boston): Nikola Pekovic

32)Seattle Sonics (traded to Detroit):Walter Sharpe

33)Portland Trailblazers (from Memphis): Joey Dorsey

34)Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Miami):Mario Chalmers

35)LA Clippers: DeAndre Jordan

36)Portland Trailblazers (from New York, traded to Chicago): Omer Asik

37)Milwaukee Bucks: Luc Richard Mbaha Moute

38)Charlotte Bobcats: Kyle Weaver

39)Chicago Bulls: Sonny Weems

40)New Jersey Nets: Chris Douglas-Roberts

41)Indiana Pacers: Nathan Jawai

42)Sacramento Kings (from Atlanta): Sean Singletary

43)Sacramento Kings: Patrick Ewing Jr.

44)Utah Jazz (from Philadelphia): Ante Tomic

45)San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto): Goran Dragic

46)Seattle Sonics (from Portland through Boston traded to Detroit): Trent Plaisted

47)Washington Wizards (traded to Boston): Bill Walker

48)Phoenix Suns (from Cleveland): Malik Hairston

49)Golden State Warriors: Richard Hendrix

50)Seattle Sonics (from Denver): DeVon Hardin

51)Dallas Mavericks: Shan foster

52)Miami Heat (from Orlando): Darnell Jackson

53)Utah Jazz: Tadija Dragicevic

54)Houston Rockets: Maarty Leunen

55)Portland Trailblazers (from Phoenix through Indiana, traded to LA Clippers): Mike Taylor

56)Seattle Sonics (from New Orleans through Houston): Sasha Kaun

57)San Antonio Spurs: James Gist

58)LA Lakers: Joe Crawford

59)Detroit Pistons: Deron Washington

60)Boston Celtics: Semih Erden

Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 NBA Draft pt 3: It's Go Time!

Welcome to Walker-Sports live draft coverage (sorry we are on a late start)

1)Derrick Rose (No surprise)

Michael Beasley...Guess Riley got over his hangup

O.J. Mayo...The Twolves will be in mediocraty

Russel Westbrook...and they will continue to be young

Kevin Love...He will be a good replacement
for Pau Gasol if he can stay in shape... looks like he
lost some weight already good sign
for Memphis

Danilo Gallinari.... I guess D'Atoni is trying to recreate some o
f that international magic he had in Phoenix but this is won't work for the Knicks

Eric Gordon...could be a real good match especially i
f Brand can come back and contribute

Joe Alexander... they trade Yi to get another tall gamer who likes being outside?

D.J. Augustin... A bit o
f a surprise but I loved the way this kid played.

Brook Lopez...Good choice, they need to start building that
frontline and he can be a center to build around.

Jerryd Bayless...He dropped down a lot more than people thought a solid pickup

Jason Thompson...Very solid 4 but going at 12 is a bit ambitious

Brandon Rush...Another young buck up in Portland i
f they can get it together that is a helluva team

Anthony Randolph... He's big he's young he's a good athlete
fits the G.S. mold

15)Robin Lopez....The Suns
find another tall athletic big. Nice sub in when Shaq takes his half season off

Marreese Speights.... did not realize there was talent le
ft in fl, but could be a good fit in Philly

Roy Hibbert...Probably going to Indiana... I do believe we called this earlier today

JaVale McGee...He is a big which the Zards need but not sure he is the guy.

Trade on the board: Indiana gets Jarret Jack and Brandon Rush and Portland will get Jerrd Bayless and Ike Diago.

19)J.J. Hickson... I dont even remember this guy and I watch ACC ball. A big body but he is young being a
freshmen so he will need a lot of work

20)Alexis Ajinca....He's big and tall, but will prove to be a typical Euro big man guess Jordan and company blew another dra
ft (Kwame)

21)Ryan Anderson...Another big who will have an average career in the league. Likes to shoot the long range way too much

22)Courtney Lee...This is a good pickup. A talented guard who can score and get his own shot. A good pickup on a Magic team that needs guard help

23)Kosta Kou
fou...Huge kid big body. If he can get tough and handle the Jerry Sloan berrating he could be a good player... dont expect it

24)Serge ibaka....Wont lie dont know a thing about this kid.

25)Nicolas Batum....Don't know this guy either. The reason I don't like the NBA dra
ft you reach this point where it's a lot of Euros who I just have no scouted.

26)George Hill....Small guy out o
f a small school. He's done in SA doubt he will have to see the court early with Parker there.

27)Darrekk Arthur...
finally gets picked. Good for him he deserves it and he will be a great player up in Portland.

28)Donte Greene...Saw him play in high school, thought he was good then. Was not impressed with him at Syracuse and think he has a lot more work to do and is not NBA ready.

29)D.J. White...He had a good college career kinda wore down as it went along. He can be a good body in the Detroit
front court.

30)J.R. Giddens....Another guard to line up in the Boston backcourt

NBA Draft pt 2: Another Trade Coming Down

In what has already been an interesting and busy Draft day another trade has taken place before the first pick is made. The New Jersey Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a trade that will hopefully change the futures of both teams.

The deal will send Richard Je
fferson to the Bucks in exchange for second year player Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. Mostly the the effects from this trade will not be seen till 2012 probably. Yi is a poor mans Yao Ming and never wanted to play in Milwaukee, I would not be surprised if he stays in China after the Olympics because his stay in New Jersey will only last til the end of his contract. Bobby Simmons is nothing more than a cap casualty seeing that he is already a NBA journeyman who has had little impact on the league.

Richard Je
fferson is nearing the end of his career. (yes it was that quick) However, more importantly with New Jersey shipping him out, they relieve themselves of another massive salary. This is all done with the goal of landing LeBron James in two seasons when his contract is up and the Nets are playing in Brooklyn. Let's hope the Nets understand the gamble they are running.

2008 NBA Draft pt 1

The NBA Draft is just a couple hours away, the rumor mill is running at full tilt as teams scramble to get the best players to fit their scheme. In addition the first causality has taken place and a trade has been executed.

The Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers have agreed to a deal that will ship one
former All-Star out and hopefully spark a team that is in desperate need of a change. The Pacers are sending Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the No. 17 pick. The Raptors will also receive the 41st pick in the draft in exchange for Maceo Baston.

On the sur
face this is simply a trade of two injured players. O'Neal truly has not been the same since the Brawl in the Pallace in 04 and played through knee problem the past two seasons. There is no doubt that he has worn out his welcome in Indy, and a change of scenery could do him well. In addition landing the 17th pick in the draft means the Pacers have a chance to get a solid bigman such as a Roy Hibbert or Darrell Arthur to build around. T.J. Ford is a solid pg when healthy but neck injuries have slowed him since he came into the league.

The Raptors gain O'Neal who when paired with Chris Bosh could form a very potent front court. At the very least, they will be one of the largest in the Eastern Conference which could mean a lot in a size defecent conference.

This is a solid trade
for two teams one looking to start over adn rebuild, while the other is primed to make a push and become a legit player.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Soccer Player Gets Staples and Proves He is Tough

Today's Euro Cup Semi-final was chalked with action down to the last minute. However, one interesting moment took place when a Turkish and a German player collided with each other and both with need stitches in order to continue. What was even more impressive was the Turkish player option to get his wound on his head stapled together. Now as a rugger this is something that I have seen happen numerous times on the pitch, but I must say it was a first on a soccer pitch.

I guess soccer players are tough after all... well soccer tough...

Doc Rivers Wins a Championship and Loses His Shirt

The Celtics are once again world champions, and in the process of setting NBA history with 17 championships Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers began a new tradition, (that hopefully won't last long) the Gatorade Shower at an NBA game.

We all saw the video of Doc Rivers being drenched in orange Gatorade in the last moments of game 6, but what has been more interesting is the journey that Doc's shirt and the now famous Gatorade cooler have taken.

This week the shirt and the cooler were auctioned off on WEEI in Boston with the proceeds going towards the Celtics Shamrock foundation. To add an interesting twist to the story, the bidding on these items was kicked off by none other than Bill Parcells, the recipient of the first ever Gatorade shower back in 1985.

When all was said and done the items brought in $55,000 that will go towards a good cause. A
fitting ending for a piece of sports history.

Shaq; Turn in That Badge

The fallout from the Shaq freestyle is already being felt, but not from the source you may have been expecting. Kobe is still quiet on the manor, and the smart money says he will remain that way. However, there is one person ready to call the new B.I.G. out. That man is the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is demanding that Shaq turn in his badge.

Shaq has made it no secret that he has always wanted to be a sheriff. He has gone to drug training in Virginia, he is an officer in Miami and in Maricopa where he is a colonel under the self proclaimed toughest sheriff in the U.S.A. Now citing language used in his freestyle this past weekend, Arpaio wants Shaq to turn in his badge because he is a bad role model.

The obvious fallout from this situation is yet again the glory hog sheriff from Maricopa County has found a way to put himself back into the national spotlight. Remember this is the man who made a name for himself by making Mike Tyson wear pink underwear for those 2 days he was in jail on drug charges. Arpaio has made a name for himself by being over the top and abusing his powers to the fullest extent.

Now thanks to Shaq's horrible rap, Arpaio gets another 2 mins of fame and well Shaq goes on his merry little way.

Credit AP.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Erin Andrews:The Ladies of Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments around. It is also where some of the best looking athletes in the world will be competing. You know the usual suspects Maria, Serena and company, but here are a couple of new comers as well check them out and enjoy.

Michael Strahan Gets a New Gig

Retired New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan will not enjoy his retirement for very long. According to reports, the former Pro-Bowler will join the Howie Long and company on the pre-game set this season. This should not come as a huge surprise to anyone. Strahan was constantly on television while he played and did a good job with it. So it seems quite natural that he would follow in his former teammates Tiki Barber's steps and join in on the television game.

Shaq Diss Track on Kobe

Okay so I thought this whole Kobe vs. Shaq feud was over, but apparently Shaq has found pleasure in Kobe's meltdown in in this years playoffs. And of course what better way to to let your feelings known than through a battle rap. Well, I think that is what you call what this. One thing is for sure somewhere KRS-ONE is shaking his head and wishing he never invented the battle after hearing this track.

Shaq's skills on the court are declining, and I wish I could say the same for his rhyming skills, but let's be honest he never had them anyways.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Don Imus Go to Hell

I know Walker Sports has better things to do than worry about this guy, but once again Don Imus ceases to amaze us. His blatant racism is just brutal and the fact that people listen to this guy on a daily basis is amazing. Yes Adam Jones is anything but an upright character, and he has made more than enough dumb mistakes, but that does not give Imus any reason to degrade an entire race of people.

Take a listen and hear what he has to say this time.

Summer Sports Sucks, But Walker's Rants Can Entertain You

It’s that time of the year; summer boredom is ready to set in. The NBA season is over, there is no sign of football season, the Olympics eh... kinda weak. So that leaves you watching baseball highlights and let’s be honest those all look a like after about the third one. But have no fear, Walker’s Rants never takes and off-season and we always keep it entertaining.

Mmm, Wimbledon started, can’t say I’ll be watching that one…

Chalk up another win for the Germans as they march their way to victory…

Jevon Kearse, way to go jackass…

Penalty kicks are a terrible way to end a soccer game…

Tiger Woods simply amazing, hope that ACL heals up quickly…

Kyle Bush is very impressive right now on the Sprint Cup Circuit…

Team U.S. is named they will never be the original Dream Team, but I’d settle for 1996…

U.S.A. Rugby went 0-3 in the Church Hill Cup, unacceptable…

Chad Johnson will rip the Bengals apart this season…

There’s a lot of trade rumors swirling around the NBA Draft it could be interesting…

Curt Schilling is not a Hall of Fame player…

Willie needed to be fired but the way it was done was pathetic…

Michael Beasley’s work ethic will make him a bust in the NBA…

It was a bad shoe. I knew Big Brown couldn’t be that bad…

D.C. Slayers improve to 2-1 this could be a very big year…

R.I.P. George Carlin…

The College World Series has been impressive to say the least, watching a dog reach the top is amazing…

Barry Melrose is coaching; I guess ESPN has completely given up on hockey…

I’m getting to old to play rugby, but yet I still go out there each week. I must be sick…

USA Basketball Team Named

U.S.A. Head Coach, Mike K. has announced the team he will take into battle this summer. The goal with this team is to regain the glory that has eluded the Americans since 2004.

Kobe Bryant
Jason Kidd
Dwayne Wade
Deron Williams
Chris Paul
Michael Redd

Chris Bosh
Tayshaun Prince
Carmelo Anthony
LeBron James

Dwight Howard
Carlos Boozer

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 Russia vs. Netherlands

The second quarter final of the Euro Cup was as exciting of a game that you could ever see. Three goals were scored in the last 15 mins, two of those goals were scored in overtime. Russia poured it on during the overtime period and made the best of it and punched their tickets to the semi-finals. At the end of the game Russia simply outclassed the Netherlands, there is no other way to put it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Euro Cup 2008:Quarterfinal Game

Thursday saw a massive showdown in the 2008 Euro Cup with powerhouse Germany took on popular contenders Portugal. These were teams that were suspossed to meet in the semis but once Germany was upset by Croatia their destiny was altered. Despite that minor setback, Germany showed why they are still a team to be reckoned with and a threat to anyone who emerges.

Bizarre Scene on The Baseball Diamond

I've always thought baseball people were a bit over the top and obsessive. I mean look at they way they track the smallest o f stats, and the way they analyze every little detail, even when they don't matter. (Sorry home field advantage is not a game breaker in baseball) But, this scene in New York last night has got to take the cake for being over the top, and just strange.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Name is Adam

In news coming out of Dallas today newly acquired corner back Adam Pacman Jones is making it official he wants to drop the Pacman from his name choosing to only go by his given name Adam Jones. This is one of those cosmetic moves that many athletes make when facing adversity. Similar to when a person will cut their hair before going to court, the name change symbolizes a rebirth and a change in attitude.

Jones changing his name is a nice little gesture but it will mean very little i
f he is unable to change his actual actions. Understandably the Pacman Jones image was not working well for him. However, I highly doubt it was the name that caused him to want to make it rain at every opportunity he had. Let's hope for Adam's sake the name change will lead to a change in attitude in his personal life and better choices.

Daily Erin Andrews:Summer Means Beach Volleyball

Summer is here, that means beaches, ocean,
sunshine, cookouts and bikinis. Summer also means beach volleyball and man what a great sport. Here at Walker Sports we love beach volleyball and we respect these ladies and their talents, and we just hope they keep up the good work. If you're having trouble getting into the sport, check out some of these images and let us know what you think.