Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael Jordan Dunks at 50 Dunks on Little Kid

Michael Jordan has been retired from the NBA for almost a decade.  However, the competitive juices are still flowing.  Over the weekend, Michael was wrapping up one of the youth camps he runs, and while playing some 1-on-1 with one of the campers, Jordan got a little excited and took it to rack where he threw it down.

That's pretty impressive for a guy who's 50

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Paul Emerick Retires from Rugby

It is with heavy hearts, that Walker Sports has confirmed USA Rugby player Paul Emerick has retired from the game he loves. The announcement became official earlier this morning on Emerick's Facebook page.

The 33 year center/wing has been a standout in the U.S. setup for over a decade, where he featured in three World Cups, 53 total caps for the Eagles, and 17 tours with the U.S. Sevens team.  In addition Paul played professional rugby in Northern Ireland, England, and Italy.  He is fourth on the all time caps list for the Eagles.

He will leave behind an enduring legacy on the pitch.  Known for his fierce playing style, Emerick laid out some of the best hits and hard crash running Eagle fans have ever seen.  It is because of that hard nosed style that the Cactus as he's been called became a fan favorite.

His retire is the result of an ankle injury he suffered last November.  Although trying to rehab and get back out on the pitch was his goal, unfortunately the body did not agree with the mind. 

With his skill and knowledge, one can hope that Emerick will find a way to stay involved in the U.S. set up. He is too talented a guy to simply be lost to the program.  Best of luck Paul.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Eli and Peyton Manning Love Football on your Phone

Walker Sports is not affiliated with DirectTV although we'd take their money if they offered.  The point being this is not an ad for DirectTV but they have struck internet gold with this commercial.  Eli Manning, and Peyton Manning deliver their best off the field performance to date.  We've gotten a glimpse of their comedic timing when they hosted SNL, and they are once again showcasing it here. Football on your phone.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Listen Live to USA Sevens Coach Matt Hawkins

Listen live tonight as Matt Hawkins sits down with Walker Sport's Dumont Walker to discuss his new job, plans for the USA Men's team, and what the future holds.

Tune in 8 PM Est. and get the inside sco

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Matt Hawkins Named USA Sevens New Head Coach

After a month of searching and over 50 applications USA Rugby is ready to announce they have found their new coach for the USA Sevens team.  Walker Sports has learned the honor will go to current player Matt Hawkins. 

Matt Hawkins is a seasoned veteran of the USA Sevens program and current team captain.  Recently he's also served as a coach for San Diego St. and the Old Aztecs rugby club, helping to raise his coaching profile.  Hawkins also serves as a high performance coach with the Serevi Rugby Academy.

Matt brings a wealth of sevens knowledge and perhaps more importantly he is familiar with the struggles and adversities that American rugby players face.  This is often an overlooked concept but highly important when targeting and developing young players.

The big question that's left to be answered is will Hawkins become a player-coach as Serevi himself did with Fiji, or does this mark the end of his playing days?

Either way the Eagles have found their man, to lead them to the 2016 Olympics.


It has been confirmed that Matt Hawkins will be the new coach of the USA Sevens team, with Dave Williams stepping in as a manager.  In addition it appears Hawkins will have an advisory committee of Ben Gollings and Serevi.