Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walkers Rants Part 4

Here we are again week 4 of Walker-Sports rants. We have basketball, football, hockey (like I’d talk about that). So here we go, and lets see what I can come up with for this week.

The ending to the Cowboys vs., Redskins game was insane. Three last second field goal attempts in 20 seconds, its not every day that you get to see that…

The refs cost the Boys the game. That was a five yard face mask not a 15 yarder

The Steelers are reeling. 2-6. Looks like the drive to win a ring for the second hand will be postponed for 1 more season. Maybe the lost of Randle-El was bigger than they thought? Most teams don’t go through 3 punt return men in 8 weeks….

Chris Henry… bitch. He left Carson Palmer out to dry. Kind of how the whole Cincinnati Bengalis team has all season.

The Nationals found a manager… good job Jim Bowden and company. Now how do you fix that Soriano mishap?

Why am I talking about baseball in November?

Hockey… NHL… well its cold I guess….

Eton Thomas and Brandon Haywood get into a fight after practice…Now Brenda wants to get angry too bad his lazy attitude cost him his job in the off season…

Let’s face it LeBron punked out and walked out on his team. If that had been one the “NBA bad boys” we would have crucified him. He doesn’t deserve a free pass just because he makes some good Nike commercials….

College basketball season is here… Hope the Cavaliers are ready, because they are going right into the fire. Who opens a new stadium against the 10th ranked team in the country? Stupid…

UNC tops the pre-season polls…ummm yeah they have what it takes to go wire to wire…

Fantasy football is ruining my life….

When did Maryland football get so good? Man it sucks being the turn around game for a teams season (UVA)…

Texas and Auburn are out…Why do I have a terrible feeling that a 1 lost Notre Dame team makes the BCS Championship?

College football needs Steve Spurrier to be successful. It’s just not the same without seeing him on my TV every weekend…

Lets go Maze and Blue, Lets see if Lloyd Carr and get it together one more time and get by OSU this upcoming weekend… If not he might as well keep on going right out of town and find a new job…

walkers Rants Part 3

Here we are yet again, ready for another edition of Walker’s rants. It’s been a good week, so let’s see what I had to say about it.

That Tony Romo kid is pretty good. I’ll admit he out preformed my expectations. Now its time to see if he was a 1 hit wonder or the real deal.

Big Ben does not need to be playing football. I am pretty sure he sold his soul to the devil for that ring. Well least he got more of a deal than Johnny did with that fiddle of gold…

Oakland has two wins…. That’s unacceptable. I want to see a team hit that perfect mark 0-16 that will impress me more than going 16-0…

The Nationals need a manager and soon. What are they waiting for?

Gary Sheffield is an idiot….However, if being disgruntled means he will purposely cause eras in the field again, I am all about seeing that…

Red, you were a living legend amongst those in your sport. You were a living legend here in the community. I know I will miss seeing your Silver Mercedes cutting across town. You did more for basketball and American culture than anyone will ever know. I pray that you are in a happier place now, God Bless you.

The NBA season is here… Yay…..

If the Wiz kids can only lose by 3 to the Cavs and Gilbert only has 7 points, then it may not be a bad season in DC.


I am glad that refs are calling carries and traveling, because LeBron we all witnessed you traveled last year.

Well guess WVU wasn’t as good as I thought they were. But I still don’t think that Louisville plays for a Championship if they go undefeated…

Tuesday night football sucks…

Congrats to my teammates Tui and PJ for making their first starts for the U.S. Eagles 7’s team and scoring tries in their first game. With athletes of their caliber on the team, I know the USA has a chance to makes some noise in the world of 7’s

Walkers Rants Part 1

Welcome to the second edition of Walker’s rants. Yall know the drill by now. As you can guess I have plenty to talk about, so let’s not waste anytime and get right to the fun.

Three game winning field goals on Sunday to cap off upset victories…Yeah that went over real well for me in my office pool….

A 62 yard field goal, damn that’s really far. Too bad he is still a kicker and not a real football player….

Big Ben just can’t catch a break. I’m not even sure if Karma is with him, or working against him at this point….

T.O. is horrible. There’s no other way to cut it. He makes being a Cowboy fan near impossible….

Well here comes Tony Romo; if nothing else this should be interesting….

The Redskins have to do something with Mark Brunell; I cannot take another call dealing with Skins fans belching over his inabilities to play the game. I never thought I’d see a player get old right before our eyes.

This World Series is painful to watch….Its like watching the Tigers just give it away. Well the Cards aren’t exactly looking like superstars in the own right. More of a who wants it least attitude around this one…

Florida sitting atop the poll to start the season; that’s like giving them the kiss of death right now so they won’t win the championship

Charlie Weis, SHUT UP….

NBA season is around the corner; guess I’ll start watching come Feburary…

UVA racks up another win, too bad they still won’t make a Bowl game….

Maryland may win the ACC with a 6-6 record, now that’s just a shame. ..

USC takes a tough L, finally will you people admit they are not the same USC of the past few seasons and rank them accordingly?